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At what age can you wear diamonds?

How to choose jewelry according to age? And can age be a criterion for choosing jewelry? We ponder on the Zbird jewelry blog: should you rely on passport data when looking for your dream jewelry? Well, or just an everyday accessory in which you want to shine.

Jewelry by age: a myth or a guide to action

Let us immediately note that when talking about women’s jewelry, we will focus on age 20+. Still 10 or 15 years – periods of childhood and adolescence. And here there really are some nuances in choosing jewelry. Although times are now democratic, and there is no point in dictating your own rules to someone, children’s jewelry has its own specifics. We’ll talk about this in other articles. Usually, when talking about selecting jewelry by age, myths concern both 20-year-old and 40-year-old women. Some people are forbidden to wear something too big: diamonds that are too large, too expensive. And older girls are advised to avoid “small” accessories because: “what will people say”, “not status” etc. Let’s explain why both strategies fail. Decorations needed choose for YOURSELF. Not for age. What plays a role when choosing jewelry? Let’s list a few factors:

  • Appearance. And with modern cosmetology capabilities, appearance has little to do with age. It all depends on the woman’s grooming, physiological characteristics, hair color, skin tone, etc.
  • Health. Addition to the previous point about grooming. Skin, hair, hands, teeth, posture – health should be a priority.
  • Wardrobe, style. It’s clear here. This also includes individual taste.
  • Lifestyle, activity, work. All this influences the choice of jewelry.

All of the above points have little overlap with age. Therefore, putting the number first when choosing decoration is bad manners, if you like. This speaks of a reluctance to know oneself and one’s desires. And it definitely signals fear of society and stereotypes.

For example, according to myths about age and jewelry, at the age of 25, a large emerald or a provocative carat diamond on your finger can raise unnecessary questions. Of course, if you are a government employee, any luxury items will raise questions. But again, they will raise questions whether you are 25 or 55.

On the other hand, this is not the 20th century, when women had few rights and opportunities. Thousands of successful, young and self-confident women have learned how to make money, build a business and manage corporations. And it’s definitely not for glossy magazines to dictate that at XNUMX – big diamond will be bad manners. If you want and have the opportunity to show your (honestly earned success) – how can this be inappropriate?

Can jewelry make you old?

Yes. But here the whole image plays a role – earrings or a bracelet can be chosen very well, but not for the right outfit. The whole look can be great, but an old-fashioned haircut will let you down. Do you see how many factors there are? And in each case, age plays a minimal role. Just like when choosing a diamond, you can’t rely on clarity, color or size alone.

If it’s difficult with the image, it’s better to contact a stylist. He will select successful combinations and recommend stylistic techniques that suit your appearance.

If there are individual wishes to hide some features or emphasize them, the stylist will tell you how to play with these techniques. Earrings with what texture is better to choose, how massive a necklace and how bright a stone should be in the ring. All this can only be in the form of recommendations, and not banal templates and rules.

What is youth jewelry

This is a phrase that needs to be forgotten in the 2020s. You can find myths on the Internet that playful, too bright, funny jewelry is inappropriate on an adult woman. What if this is part of the worldview? If these are details with which a woman wants to say something to the world, to declare her character? And yes, diamond jewelry with an impressive price tag has been made in such a “youthful” and “frivolous” design for about 20 years now. Therefore, if you see an expert with similar advice or an article, run.

There is no jewelry for youth, nor jewelry for those who are “for”. For 30, for 40, for 50 and so on. There is a personality. With a unique appearance and character, habits and lifestyle: this is the main thing you need to start from when choosing jewelry. Well, the key thing:

What impression do you want to make when wearing certain things?

What matters is your feelings and whether the jewelry you wear matches your character. Then comes self-confidence, in your own beauty. Everything else is myths or outdated rules that are time to be broken.

Text: Anna Garashchenko
Photo: Zbird

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Wedding Cake – one of the main decorations of the festive table, with which many signs, hopes and, unfortunately, disappointments are associated. Remember and try not to repeat these mistakes. And then the wedding will be flawless!

When did diamond etiquette begin? What can you wear diamonds with and how to do it correctly? Today we paid special attention to these issues.

Diamond is one of the most majestic stones. The brilliance of its facets fascinates, its cold beauty delights, and its hardness amazes. It combines all the qualities that are present in a woman: beauty, inaccessibility and strength of character. Perhaps this is why the fair sex is partial to the king of precious stones.

The History of Diamond Etiquette

Diamond etiquette originated in the 17th century, and it was formed at the court of the French king Louis XIV. In those days, special cards were created for court ladies, where one could find a detailed description of the basic rules of behavior and wearing clothes. There was also a clause that stated that jewelry with diamonds was the privilege of married ladies.

The rules prohibited wearing diamonds during the day. They could only be worn after five o’clock in the evening. Behind the scenes, these rules continue to apply to this day. True, today unmarried girls are allowed to wear diamond jewelry.

When and how to wear jewelry

Today there are fewer restrictions, but conservatism remains, the fundamentals are unshakable.

Nature of the event

The main rule to follow is that diamond jewelry is not worn every day. These are evening stones for special occasions, chic with candles or artificial lighting.

  1. Social event. In the evening, wear a full diamond necklace, complemented by a ring or bracelet.
  2. Job. Silver or white gold earrings and rings with small diamonds or chips are acceptable. Large stones, massive necklaces, and dangling earrings are excluded, especially at business meetings or negotiations. For such events, a diamond pendant up to 15 mm on an elegant chain and a stud with small stones are enough. From the brooches, select a “twig” on the left side of the jacket (but you need to discard the chain).
  3. Party. Silver jewelry that imitates the sign of the Zodiac and stud earrings of the same style are suitable.

Diamonds are not worn on outerwear, but you can decorate a branded handbag, scarf, or scarf with them.

Age and marital status

Large diamonds in massive jewelry are intended for accomplished mature ladies.

For girls, pendants, pendants, bracelets studded with diamond chips, or dangling earrings are suitable. A diamond ring has a special meaning. In the Western world it is a symbol of engagement. It is worn either by those who are really getting married soon, or by those who want to create such an appearance.

Number of decorations

Royal stones do not tolerate “clustering”, so two or three small-sized diamond accessories are optimal in an outfit. Large decoration is present in the singular.


Discreet and expensive. A classic suit, a plain, dim blouse, and a laconic black dress are suitable for work. In the evening, an elegant dress with open shoulders or a deep neckline. The items accentuate the elegance of the stone and will draw the attention of others to the sophistication of the owner’s image.

The proximity of jeans, a colorful dress, a knitted sweater or sportswear, even branded models, is bad manners.

Top Diamond Jewelry

Domestic jewelry brands represent all types of jewelry in different price segments. The designer’s imagination will satisfy even the most picky clients.

How to wear

Traditionally, a diamond ring is worn on the ring finger of either hand. It is possible on the middle or index finger, but never on the thumb or little finger. The exception is the men’s diamond signet ring on the left little finger.

A second ring on a finger (with the exception of a wedding ring) is considered bad form.

Wedding rings

Lovers of the classics will love engraved models or chic vintage ones. For eccentric people, the modern style options are suitable, in which white stones are combined with a black diamond. This duet looks expensive and stylish.


A universal decoration, worn for a holiday or just because. A small stone in a miniature pendant is suitable for daily wear. The length of the chain is determined by the neckline of the garment. Can be complemented with stud carnations.

This set of jewelry smoothes out the severity of a business light pencil skirt and emphasizes the airiness of the blouse. The ensemble looks formal and feminine at the same time.


The most favorite accessory of ladies and some men. Several types of diamond earrings have been developed:

  • studs – “studs” with modest decor;
  • paths are classic, suitable for a celebration or every day;
  • rings – considered the oldest ear decorations;
  • hanging – solid or with pendants, worn with an evening or cocktail dress.

Beautiful earrings with a pin lock, but require caution when wearing. A shackle lock is more secure.

Earrings are chosen so that the hair does not hide them. That is, a short haircut or long hair laid up. A voluminous hairstyle will be complemented by a large diamond; medium and small stones are suitable for a smooth haircut.


The most popular option is a gold necklace in yellow, pink, white (or all at once). Diamonds in them are combined with other stones:

  • sapphire – for a blue or white outfit;
  • emerald – a piece of jewelry that has one large gem or several smaller ones is considered ideal;
  • pearls are the most aristocratic option.

Necklaces are made in floral or abstract themes. A strict product with geometric patterns and figures is worn at an official status event.

Bracelet and watch

Better than others, they emphasize the taste, style, and financial viability of a lady or gentleman. The case of chronometers with diamonds, including black ones, is made of gold of all colors, platinum, and titanium.
Watches with diamonds come from different brands, for example, you can buy Rado watches in the Integral series.

Youth line of watches and bracelets – made of silver, all shapes, styles, with a scattering of stones. It is advisable to wear the bracelet on your left hand.


It is not seen often, so it makes the owner stand out. The brooch is used to decorate the collar of a blouse, the edge of a scarf, a shawl, a cape, or a jacket. A diamond accessory completes the look, making it elegant.

Brooches are classified according to the type of fastening as follows:

  • pin – a practical, popular “flower” type, easily attached to a handbag or clothing;
  • hairpin is the only type used to decorate hair (along with clothes);
  • needle – attached to clothing with a special needle, it stands out for its sophistication and airiness, especially on a hat.

The brooch is worn on the left side. A large one with a large stone is suitable for a luxurious lady; an airy version suits a young lady.

For men

The most popular accessory is a watch. The range for representatives of the stronger half is not limited to them. Popular jewelry with black diamonds are bracelets, cufflinks, tie clips, and rings.

Carbonado is the ideal solution for everyone who considers shiny white stones frivolous and feminine. Although business ladies, wanting to demonstrate firmness, decorate themselves with a ring, brooch or watch with a black diamond. According to the Zodiac, this is the stone of Leo and Cancer.

Diamond products do not tolerate “competitors”, so jewelry with other stones in the same outfit is excluded.

What to wear with diamonds?

Diamond is a demanding and ambitious stone. He plays the lead role in the character, even if it is small in size. Therefore, the outfit should not be flashy. A plain dress with an elegant design will suffice.

It is worth remembering that clothes must be of high quality. Diamonds should not be worn under cheap outfits. The more carats of diamonds that adorn you, the more expensive the fabric from which the dress is made should be.

It is completely excluded to wear diamond jewelry under simple everyday clothes or a tracksuit.

How to wear diamonds for a woman

So, here are the basic etiquette rules on how to wear this gemstone:

  1. Large diamonds are appropriate for evening outings, but not for everyday wear, as this will be considered bad taste. As for small, modest jewelry, it is acceptable to wear it at any time of the day.
  2. Necklaces and pendants with such decoration are suitable only for dresses with a neckline. The exception to the rule is the small cross.
  3. The watch is appropriate to wear in the evening.
  4. Stones are not suitable for business events. They are worth wearing for holiday celebrations.
  5. Diamonds must be combined with other jewelry.
  6. It is also important to know how to wear a diamond ring. You should not wear more than one product on your hand. The total number of diamond products should not exceed 3 pieces.
  7. Delicate and miniature rings with several stones are suitable for the left ring finger, and massive models look impressive on the index finger.
  8. Young unmarried ladies are more suitable for thin accessories with a scattering of small stones. At the same time, they can wear a ring, earrings and a pendant at the same time.
  9. The bracelet should only be worn on the right hand. It is desirable that it fits tightly to the wrist and does not hang.

One of the rules of good taste is to wear a moderate amount of jewelry that is not too conspicuous.

Second hand diamond

Cut diamonds, like no other gem, have a trail of intrigue, crime, and blood. Only the “path” of exclusive copies is known. Why a ring or brooch appeared on the road and what is behind it is unknown. There may be several reasons:

  • thrown out in their hearts, under the influence of emotions;
  • the owner got into trouble, the stone absorbed the energy of the tragedy;
  • accidentally lost.

Having found a pebble, you should contact a psychic you trust. Perhaps he will discern the “aura” of the jewelry. If you are not sure, it is better to get rid of the jewelry. For example, take it to a pawn shop or consignment shop. For the same reason, you need to think carefully before buying such antique items.

A diamond passed down by inheritance is considered a powerful talisman. A pebble donated by relatives will not harm. It is safer to buy a new product.

Diamond setting

Diamonds in products are framed mainly with gold of all colors of at least 585 standard. The democratic segment is represented by 925 silver.


White, pink or yellow, in combination with gems of a similar class – emeralds, pearls, sapphire.

The price of jewelry depends on the massiveness of the frame, the number and size of stones. Products with one small stone are available – 1–290 rubles.

Elite options are more expensive. For example, massive earrings made of white gold with emeralds and diamonds – 104–247 thousand rubles, sapphire – 130–155,5 thousand rubles.


Silver products are laconic, as a rule, they contain one stone. They come with small diamonds or scatterings. Suitable for every day, there is a children’s and youth line. Silver engagement rings or vintage rings are interesting.

The cost of jewelry is affordable – from 590 rubles, the maximum price of most does not exceed 4900 rubles.


Rarely found in salons. Such things are piece goods, made exclusively to order.

Any diamond jewelry is the best gift for all women and many men. This is endless gratitude to the giver, joy, pride. But it’s also a hassle, because you need to match the royal gem in wardrobe, hairstyle, and makeup. If finances are limited, they start with silver. These jewelry resemble white gold, but are several times cheaper.

Having bought or received the first diamondine as a gift, the owner will, unnoticed, begin the transition to a new level, into the world of beauty and luxury.

How to choose an accessory

Jewelry stores offer many options for jewelry that make your eyes wide open. Products vary in price, shape, color, size, etc. To choose the most suitable model and not make a bad choice, you should follow some recommendations.

It is important to always remember that jewelry should only be purchased from trusted jewelry stores with a good reputation to avoid counterfeiting

It is also not recommended to purchase new items in other countries while on vacation, since if the diamond turns out to be fake, you will not be able to get your money back. The same applies to visiting fairs. Another sign of a good store is the issuance of certificates with information about the product upon purchase.

Types and carats

When familiarizing yourself with a product, always read the labels carefully. They should contain information about the following indicators:

  • weight (carat), 1 carat = 2 grams;
  • color (color);
  • purity (clarity);
  • cut

According to the weight of the stone, diamonds are:

  • small (0,29 carats and less);
  • medium (0,3 – 0,99 carats);
  • large (1 carat or more).

If you need a budget option, then you should take a closer look at products with a small diamond weight. The greater the weight of the stone, the higher its price.

Choose a color

The choice of jewelry color depends on the purpose for which you will wear it.

If this is an everyday option, then it is recommended to go with the universal white color. It goes with any clothes and doesn’t look too pretentious or flashy.

If you are planning to make a purchase for evening outings or festive events, then colored accessories are quite suitable.

The most spectacular shades are blue, wine, and pink.

Also, the product should be selected to match the outfit. If you are not ready to spend money on several decorations, then in this case you should also opt for the universal white color.

How to identify a genuine diamond yourself

The most reliable way to find out if a stone is real is to have it examined by a specialist. But there are also a few simple tricks to do it yourself:

  1. The diamond should shimmer with rays of different tones of gray. To do this, it is worth examining it under different lighting, including natural lighting.
  2. The surface should not fog up if you blow on it.
  3. Ask the seller for a tag with basic information about the product. If they don’t give it to you, then the conclusions are obvious.

These rules will help you make a successful purchase that will delight you for many years.

How to wear diamond jewelry

  1. Young girls should pay attention to small diamonds, for example, the classic round cut, while mature women are recommended to wear large stones.
  2. A ring with a small diamond is appropriate to wear on the ring finger. Rings with an ornate design and large gems look great on the index finger. And on the middle finger it is better to wear rings with stones of moderate size. A universal form of stone can be “Marquise”.
  3. There should be only one diamond ring on the hand, even if its size is not large.
  4. According to the rules of diamond etiquette, the bracelet with the king of stones is worn only on the right hand. It is desirable that it does not hang out and fits as tightly as possible to the skin.
  5. The necklace is recommended to wear with a dress that has a neckline, and the pendant will look good on closed clothes.
  6. Today it is fashionable to wear brooches. True, diamond jewelry is under no circumstances impaled on outerwear. This is considered a sign of bad taste (but only in the case of diamonds). This accessory should be worn on the left side of the chest, stepping back about 6 centimeters from the top button. The distance from the shoulder to the pinning point should not exceed 10-15 centimeters. A suit, dress or blouse should be of a discreet cut and neutral colors.

If you follow these simple rules, diamond jewelry will make your image irresistible and brilliant; the main thing is to choose one that suits your appearance and emphasizes its advantages! Moreover, this “king of precious stones” looks magnificent in any cut.

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