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At what age can you wear pearls?

This season, pearls have come back into fashion and designers generously used them in their collections. At the shows we saw mother-of-pearl beads, rings, bracelets, brooches and headbands. But catwalk combinations are often not suitable for everyday life. There is a fear that such jewelry will throw us 10-15 years, will make the image too high-status or ridiculous. The fact is that pearls are subconsciously associated with classics, grandma’s box and aristocratic jewelry. An evening dress or Chanel suit immediately pops up before your eyes, and your hands reach for jeans, shirts and sneakers. With all these stereotypes, pearls may never see their finest hour. Therefore, today we’ll talk about how to wear them correctly and debunk the myths that keep us from fashionable experiments.

5 “pearl” myths

There are many legends about pearls. Some say that it rained on the earth after the great battle of dragons, in others each bead is considered a small moon, and in others it is called the tears of a nymph. Such stories make you want to smile and the degree of their truthfulness is not important. But the myths that revolve around mother-of-pearl chips are another matter. They are misleading, annoying, and it’s high time they were debunked. This is exactly what we will do! • Myth No. 1. People dive for real pearls and they cost incredible amounts of money. In old films, special fishermen caught pearls. They swam coolly underwater and expertly held their breath. Just a romantic profession of real heroes. Some people think that only such beads are considered real. Therefore, the necklace should cost as much as a five-room apartment. And everything that is cheaper is a plastic fake. In fact, natural pearls have long been grown in special sea and freshwater farms. He “lives” in the same mollusks as before. Only the reason for its formation is different: now it is not a random grain of sand, but an organic implant. “Wild” mining has been stopped and divers earn money by performing shows for curious tourists. There are plenty of such farms on the coasts of Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Japan, Polynesia and Thailand. Therefore, the price of cultured pearls is quite affordable. Myth No. 2. The larger the pearls, the more expensive the product. Pearls are assessed by their luster, color, shape, thickness of the nacre layer, purity, size and similarity of the peas to each other. Now the trend is multi-colored and graduated jewelry, in which the central beads are larger than the rest. So, it is not at all necessary to meticulously check all the boxes and choose the largest or most brilliant necklace. Originality is in fashion. Myth No. 3. Pearls bring misfortune If you believe in every sign, life will turn into an esoteric hell. Black cats, mirrors and empty buckets will lose their chance for a peaceful existence. Previously, there were rumors that the tridacna mollusk weighing up to 200 kg was capable of eating people. It was rumored that the scoundrel grabbed the divers by the hands. This, of course, spells misfortune. But in reality, the tridacna is not aggressive and the valves of its shell close very slowly. So pearls remain a symbol of purity and a happy talisman. • Myth No. 4. Sea pearls are smoother and 100 times better than river pearls Depending on the growth conditions in the pearl oyster, both types of beads may have different shapes and defects. It is difficult to distinguish a good freshwater pea from its sea sister. Its reflection is a little sharper. And that’s all. • Myth No. 5. Pearls age you Coco Chanel would be angry at such a statement. Pearls and turquoise are traditional jewelry for unmarried girls. White threads will refresh your complexion. Well-chosen earrings and a ring will emphasize sophistication, while a bead on a chain or a neat mother-of-pearl necklace will add femininity. It’s great that high-quality and beautiful jewelry does not have to be expensive. The designers gave us complete freedom of choice. And pearls, in general, are ageless and timeless. The main thing is to be able to wear it. We’ll talk about this later.

Rules for wearing pearls

It’s time to stop calling pearls “grandmother’s jewelry” and finally learn how to handle them. Here are 7 tips that will help with this: 1. The denser the fabric, the larger the pearls. Mother-of-pearl threads are worn not only with evening dresses, but also with your favorite sweaters. At the same time, it is important to remember that large beads are suitable for voluminous and dense products, and miniature versions are suitable for flying fabrics. 2. Decide on the length. Pearl chokers look great with open dresses, shirts and V-necks. Beads 35-40 cm long are in harmony with any neckline shape. A necklace up to 47 cm can be worn with a business suit, overalls or evening dress. A necklace measuring 50-60 cm is “friendly” with a casual style and visually elongates the figure. Longer beads are acceptable for both “ceremonial” and ordinary looks. A double thread or pearl on a fishing line will successfully complement an outfit of jeans, shoes and a silk blouse. 3. Dilute and combine. Mix pearls with silver chains, pendants and intertwine different beads. This will make it more casual and less demanding on clothing. 4. Play with colors. Black, gray and pink pearlescent crumbs look more youthful than the white classics. But remember that jewelry should not blend in with your clothes. Do not wear pearls with bed-colored dresses or colorful outfits. 5. Exaggerate and don’t find fault with details. Sets in the style of Elizabeth II are suitable for a gala event, but will look strange in a club, cafe, cinema and public transport. Give up the idea of ​​wearing pearls as an accessory. Complement it with something brutal and grunge like a massive silver bracelet or thumb ring. Designers recommend that young girls abandon single mother-of-pearl threads and wear them in whole “clusters”. So many cool looks and combinations. Previously, for example, we would never wear pearls over a coat. Now that’s cool! 6. Don’t neglect accessories. Large pearl brooches, pins and hair ornaments are the undeniable hit of this season. 7. Don’t be boring. Look for original shapes. Don’t be afraid of eclecticism, layering and asymmetry. It’s time to choose unusual pearls and wear them as you please. The fashion for mismatched earrings signaled the beginning of jewelry permissiveness. Photos of amazing pearl bags, shoes, belts and straps constantly flash in street-style chronicles. These things do not age models. Perhaps the fact is that bold decisions simply cannot add age? After all, they are the lot of the young.


Don’t limit yourself to prohibitions and stereotypes. Amber, pearls and other jewelry are worn at any age. You just need to find your style and catch the feeling of comfort. Of course, you should not forget the generally accepted rules and put on a full parure at 9 am at the tram stop. A little prudence, a whirlwind of imagination and a little patience will help you find the perfect combination. And if any difficulties arise, we will help and advise! 😉 Also, beads with pearls will be an excellent accessory. for a formal suit. A summer version of office wear will be combined with a white necklace and, for example, a white gold ring with pearl inserts. A warm formal suit will be decorated with dark gray or black mother-of-pearl. By the way, pay attention to the extraordinary jewelry with baroque pearls. They will go perfectly with a business style, giving it a touch of playfulness and seduction. And, of course, do not forget that pearls will look most magnificent in festive outfits. Let it be a wedding dress or just evening wear for going to the theater. This look will look smart and luxurious with pearl accessories. And if you want to show everyone that you also earn good money, choose items with pearls and diamonds.

Who can wear pearls according to signs?

  • Unmarried beauties after 30 years It is advised to wear pearls only in light colors. It is believed that black pearls will put such ladies in a sad mood and develop self-doubt.
  • And the bride wear pearls to a wedding recommended even because it will not only emphasize all the luxury and charm of her image, but will also become an indispensable talisman for the rest of her life. This decoration will support the strength and energy of the young beauty during the holiday itself, and subsequently will become a good amulet for her family from envious people, ill-wishers, and bad people. Therefore, if your mother or grandmother decided to give you pearls for your wedding, then do not be alarmed, but accept this gift with respect: the jewelry will help you in the most difficult life situations.

How should married ladies wear pearls? In what situations will it help?

  • A woman who can boast of a “pearl” ring or bracelet will definitely be compliant, wise and flexible. These are the qualities that white mother-of-pearl will give to its owner.
  • Pearls will also help a married lady improve relationship with husbandif there are disagreements and frequent quarrels in the family.
  • Black mother of pearl will bring the owner financial independence and confidence in the future. And this is not strange, because real black pearl jewelry costs a lot.

In Asian countries, mother of pearl is considered a symbol of wealth and power. It is not surprising that all the ladies who want to earn a lot try to wear it there.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Pearl Jewelry

Smart girls know that stones need to be matched to each other in jewelry, not only from the point of view of “like it or not.” The inserts must also be in harmony with each other in terms of their energy characteristics. Let’s figure out how best to choose stones for jewelry in terms of compatibility with pearls, as well as which jewelry is considered fashionable today and which is not so fashionable.

From an esoteric point of view

. pearls goes best with the following stones: aventurine, aquamarine, amethyst, turquoise, diamond, garnet, heliodor, heliotrope, emerald, quartz, moonstone, opal, pink ruby, topaz, chrysoprase, cubic zirconia, zircon, jasper.

Complete incompatibility with beryl, serdonix and malachite.

Controversial combination with agate and jade.

But the presence of rauchtopaz or amber in the onion along with pearls will not bring any results at all no influence.

In ancient times in Europe it was believed that pearls in combination with topaz prolong the youth of their owner, so many people hunted for such jewelry. Perhaps there is some truth in this superstition.

What fashion dictates to us

From the point of view of fashion trends in 2024, today jewelers advise combining beautiful mother-of-pearl with diamonds in jewelry. A ring with an insert of a large white pearl surrounded by scattering looks very elegant on a delicate female hand. several diamonds. This finger decoration will not leave even the most strict girl indifferent.

White and black pearls look elegant and fresh surrounded by cubic zirconia bright blue sky color. For example, this combination will look interesting in gold on small women’s ears under a high business hairstyle.

For a wedding feast, jewelry with pearls and blue topaz. This ensemble captivates with its tenderness, lightness and modern design.

For a business meeting, a formal trouser suit or dress is suitable gray or black pearls in white gold with black diamonds. However, such a decoration should not attract much attention to itself – it is better to carefully hide it under a lock of hair, forcing it to peek out “with curiosity” from behind the strict hairstyle of its owner. This way your image will seem appropriately strict, but at the same time the note of femininity and attractiveness will not disappear.

If you are choosing a necklace with pearls, then mother-of-pearl in combination with topaz white or blue. A yellow or blue dress will be expressively emphasized by pink pearls with inserts of topazes of the same pink tone. Such decoration will cost a lot of money, but will attract a lot of attention and make your image the most unique and feminine.

Pearls are a gift from nature that can not only correctly decorate lovely creatures, but also help people in many areas of life, bring love, strengthen a family, and give wealth. But you need to study when, with what and to whom it should be worn in order to become the most unique and fashionable.

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