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Can a single woman wear diamonds?

The phrase that diamonds are a girl’s best friend comes from the Marilyn Monroe movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Its plot is known to everyone: two American cabaret performers go on a big cruise to Europe, to Paris, in order to experience the delights of this city with the money of the fiancé of one of them, but their sponsor withdraws his money and they have to perform in a cabaret. And the hit of this performance is Marilyn Monroe’s song about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. This was not always the case because For a long time no one knew how to cut diamonds. The first cuts of diamonds are recorded as diamonds only from the 13th century in England, and the cutting of a diamond into a brilliant one dates back only to the 15th century. We even know the name of the first Jewish jeweler, and diamonds were invented by Jews in the city of Antwerp, in present-day Belgium, in the former Holland. The first diamond was called the “Antwerp Rose”, it was registered at the end of the 15th century, from there begins the real mania for diamonds, the desire to collect and collect them. But still, all diamonds of the 16th-17th centuries are inferior in quality to emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other precious stones, and especially pearls, which were then much more popular among girls than diamond jewelry. The passion for diamonds truly triumphed only at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries., many of us read about the queen’s pendants from Alexandre Dumas in “The Three Musketeers”. Women wore the famous diamonds of the 18th century exclusively in their luxurious earrings and in jewelry around the neck, which were called esclavage, or in Russian sklavage – these are huge bows of diamonds that decorated the neckline. Diamond brooches in the form of flower bouquets, hair decorations – the so-called aigrette, or in Russian they were called diamond shakers, because they played strongly under the light of candles, were fashionable. Subsequently, the famous story of the necklace of Queen Marie Antoinette, when, with the help of one adventurer, a precious necklace was slipped to her and bills arrived that the queen did not want to pay, which became one of the reasons for the French Revolution. Then this story about wasted public funds thanks to the Countess de la Mode, who was an adventurer, a spendthrift, came to light. Then there were Catherine the Great also has famous diamonds, for example “Count Orlov”, the “Kohinoor” diamond is also famous, which is in the collection of the Queen of England, or a huge 86-carat diamond, which is kept in Istanbul in the famous Topkapi Museum. I can tell you a rather interesting anecdote: during one of my schools in Turkey, my students, seeing this diamond, were all terribly happy, except one. She, having her five and a half carats, was terribly upset when she saw 86 carats, turned her ring over to the other side and left there with a very sad face. I understand it perfectly, because 86 carats is difficult to beat, although the fashion for diamonds is huge now. By the way, Russian billionaires and Chinese women, who are now competing with them in luxury and wealth, like to buy exclusively colored diamonds, not white ones. Nowadays the fashion is for yellow, canary shades, pink diamonds, which these ladies buy in large quantities and in large carats.. The most selling diamonds for millionaires today are 20-25 carats, they are very successful, and this little thing that you have in your box should be used exclusively for cutting glass. So pass it on to the men who gave this to you. Liz Taylor said: “Never start your collection with small stones.” Many men don’t know what to give, and they give some fragments, thinking that this can satisfy a woman. The main thing a woman should know about diamonds (I just wrote about this in one of my recent bestsellers, “Etudes on Fashion and Style”), is that there is no love, there is only evidence of it, and diamonds are the best proof of a man’s love to a woman. Therefore, we do not need to constantly hear sighs: “I love, I love, I love.” Prove it! Love leaves, but diamonds always remain, they can be sold in difficult times of life. How should you wear diamonds? Firstly, diamonds cannot be worn until 17:XNUMX, this is considered bad manners. A self-respecting lady will never wear diamonds in the morning, only those who are not familiar with the rules of conduct can do this. Diamonds do not play in daylight, but only in evening light, so they remain exclusively evening stones. Another rule that many people forget today is: unmarried girls do not wear diamonds, they are worn only after marriage. Girls wear semi-precious stones, enamels, silver and pearls, and precious stones – sapphires, rubies, topazes, emeralds – are worn only by married women in the morning, and in the evening they wear diamonds. Today they are huge, and many oriental jewelry houses have appeared that sell diamonds that are amazing in their size. Not long ago, in the Rublyovka area, I was conducting a seminar for very rich ladies, and during a coffee break, one of my students disappeared and returned with a very beautiful ring, which contained a 35-carat yellow diamond. She asked me: “How do you like it, maestro?” The maestro replied that the thing is wonderful, but is it possible with jeans? She replied that she fit the line. And indeed, many Russian rich women prefer yellow diamonds because they seem more everyday and they can be worn during the day, unlike white ones, which are exclusively for evening. In Western Europe, many ladies who own unique diamonds from the Victorian era keep them in a safe and wear very high-quality fakes instead. They cost tens of times less than real valuables from Van Cliff, Boucheron, Shiny, Cartier, which, by the way, has three boutiques in Moscow, and only one in Paris. This shows how in demand diamonds are in Russia today. Of course, their size exceeds all possible indicators, but, unfortunately, no one gives 86 carats to their girlfriends yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if over time, thanks to the huge flow of petrodollars that has hit our country, our beauties will sparkle with such large stones. A sense of proportion is innate, as is taste. Those people who do not have a sense of proportion will always overdo it, that is, give too much. Of course, here you need to be able to stop, not everyone has this quality, but perhaps they will be more careful in choosing stones. In any case, if you are ever given a small stone, tell the man: “Honey, I understand how much you love me!” This will offend him, and next time he will give you larger stones. Alexander Vasiliev – world famous fashion historian Is it possible to wear such luxurious and majestic stones as diamonds every day, and how to do it correctly? These and many other questions are addressed in diamond etiquette. Today MIUZ Diamonds invites you to understand its rules and understand how relevant they are and whether they must be strictly followed at the present time. Diamond is one of the most expensive and exquisite precious stones. Its natural shine completely captures attention, fascinates with its beauty, and its strength and durability are impressive. Diamonds combine all the qualities that are inherent in women: charm, elegance, inaccessibility and strength of character. That is why they are called girls’ best friends, and girls, in turn, often express their love for jewelry with these minerals. It is no secret that diamonds were also considered the favorite gems of royalty and court nobility. Therefore, the emergence of “diamond etiquette” was only a matter of time. The history of diamond etiquette It was born and formed in the 5th century in France at the court of King Louis XIV. Then noble ladies received detailed cards describing how to behave properly and how to wear clothes. One of these rules said: diamond jewelry is a privilege only for married ladies. There was also a ban on wearing diamonds during the day. “Diamond time” came only from XNUMX pm. However, to the relief of many girls, now some of the rules of the old diamond etiquette have become irrelevant. For example, the ban on wearing diamonds exclusively by married girls has long been lifted. Previously, young girls before marriage wore jewelry with inserts of semi-precious stones or pearls. Nowadays, unmarried ladies can safely wear diamonds without fear of breaking any conventions. Also, most of our grandmothers and mothers, if they had diamond jewelry in their jewelry boxes, only wore them on holidays or “special occasions.” Modern lovers of jewelry do not adhere to such views and prefer to wear their favorite jewelry much more often, because in order to look luxurious, a reason is not at all necessary. Another outdated rule stated that a woman could not purchase diamonds on her own, and jewelry with this stone must be a gift from a man. But times are changing, and women are no longer considered the “weaker sex.” Confident and strong business women can afford to buy luxury jewelry themselves. However, this does not mean that girls cannot accept a stunning diamond ring, pendant or earrings as a gift from their loved one. How to wear diamonds and what to combine them with? It is generally accepted that a diamond is a rather demanding stone and should not be worn with simple clothing. Although in recent years, fashion has changed quite quickly and modern fashionistas can see diamonds in combination with everyday things, for example, jeans. If previously a diamond was considered exclusively an evening stone, now you can add jewelry with these stones to your look at any time of the day. They will look good both in the office and everyday walks, as well as at social evenings and events. 1) For every day. What could be more elegant than small, neat diamonds? Modest chic in jewelry is suitable for ladies of any age and position and will make your everyday look more feminine. In order to shine even on the most ordinary day, jewelry from the Snowflakes collections is the ideal solution. Minimalist studs with stones sparkling in the light will tell a romantic story about diamond snowflakes. The design of these jewelry contains several elements skillfully combined into a single composition, creating the illusion of one large shining stone. For a complete composition, you can also pay attention to a ring made of white gold and diamonds, which will highlight the subtlety and elegance of your fingers. Its design strikes a perfect balance between radiant luxury and understated elegance. Delicate and radiating noble chic, the Snowflakes collection is an excellent choice for everyday wear. 2) Evening luxury. If during the day you should prefer modest jewelry, then in the evening you can not limit yourself and wear more luxurious and pompous items from your jewelry wardrobe. At social events you always want to feel like a star, attracting the gaze of everyone around you. The Le Chic collection is your best option for an evening out. In it you can find excellent jewelry that makes you feel special. The main role in the design of these jewelry is given to the baguette cut. This shape makes diamonds sparkle dazzlingly in any light – and this is why even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of fine jewelry love it so much. Combining round and baguette cuts, these stud earrings sparkle in the spotlight and exude luxury. If you want to highlight your hands, then opt for a stunning bracelet with a large decorative diamond element in the center and a stunning path running along the piece. Chic rain earrings, encrusted with many luxurious baguette-shaped diamonds, are also ideal for a spectacular appearance. Long chains of precious stones flow down like a waterfall and highlight the beauty of your neck. Jewelry from the Le Chic collection will take its rightful place in your collection and will become a bright addition to your evening dress. 3) For perfect balance. What to do if you have something to do during the day, after which you need to immediately attend an event or family meeting, but you don’t want to change decorations several times? In this case, it is necessary to maintain a balance between rich sophistication and discreet chic. In the design of the Solo collection, jewelers managed to achieve exactly this effect. It features the king of all stones – the diamond. The jewelry in this collection looks sophisticated during the day and shines no less beautifully under artificial lighting in the evening. Luxurious and noble earrings with an English lock are encrusted with stunning round-cut diamonds. A beautiful symphony with them will be played by a necklace made of white gold, magnificent in its restraint and grace, with an attractive large diamond, which will highlight your neckline. Diamond jewelry is incredibly beautiful in its versatility. There is no need to wait for a special occasion or time of day to wear jewelry with these stones. Remember, every day can be a holiday, especially when you are adorned with exquisite diamonds from MIUZ Diamonds. Справка о компании The Moscow Jewelry Factory (MYZ) was founded in 1920 and is part of a group of companies that carries out a full cycle of operations – from processing raw materials to selling finished products, and also has its own retail network. During its existence, highly qualified specialists of the MYZ have accumulated vast experience in creating jewelry, which is passed on to the younger generation to preserve traditions and a unique style using modern technologies. The MIUZ Diamonds chain has more than 250 stores located geographically from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. In 2021, the company announces rebranding and announces a new name – MIUZ Diamonds:

  • MIUZ is the familiar abbreviation of the Moscow Jewelry Factory and the name that is familiar to our long-time audience. MIUZ is the personification of all the best that the brand takes with it into the new century.
  • Diamonds is an addition that symbolizes the main vector of the company’s development – expertise in diamonds of the highest quality, which the whole world wants to talk about.

The rebranding of MIUZ also affected the logo, the design of flagship stores and, of course, the collections themselves: the brand’s assortment includes more than 50 of them.

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