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Can an unmarried girl wear an emerald?

Emerald is an elegant and luxurious stone that is popular alongside minerals such as ruby ​​and sapphire. It has an attractive appearance, unique colors and eye-catching texture. Glitter and beauty are valued by jewelers, collectors and people accustomed to elements of luxury and grace.

History of emerald, origin of the name

The word “emerald” comes from Persian, which was subsequently transformed into different forms. The first mention is in the Bible. This stone was known in the Roman Empire and medieval Spain. In Rus’, emerald was called emerald until the middle of the last millennium. Over time, the crystal began to be endowed with magical properties. It was believed that it could make a person more balanced and calm, and at the same time add wisdom.

Emerald in nature – production, places of distribution

  • the largest stone located in the British Museum, “The Emerald of the Duke of Devonshire”;
  • to the “President” from the Malyshevsky mine, stored in the Diamond Fund of Moscow;
  • Colombian “Fura”, weighing more than 2 kg.

Ural emeralds

The Ural Mountains have long been famous as a place rich in various minerals and precious stones. At the famous deposit, the extraction of green treasures has been carried out since the middle of the last century. During this time, more than 15 tons of crystals were mined.

Ural emeralds are stones that are distinguished by their rich color and the absence of foreign impurities.

Emerald properties physical and chemical

Emerald is a hard, transparent crystal on the Mohs scale of 7,5-8,0. It can have any shade of green – from soft light green to grass green or with a blue effect. Color and saturation depend on impurities of iron, chromium or vanadium. It is important to note that the shade may vary slightly in different lighting conditions.

The stone may have small cracks or microchips, which are caused by the fragility of the mineral.

Modern technologies make it possible to produce synthetic emeralds, which are practically no different from natural stones visually, but have greater emerald hardness.

Is emerald a gemstone or not?

If a stone has the appropriate certificate, it can rightfully be considered precious. However, when crossing country borders, it is necessary to provide accompanying documentation. Otherwise, the export may be perceived as smuggling.

What does emerald look like – color and varieties

When answering the question of what color an emerald is, it is important to decide on the type of stone.

There are 4 types of stone:

  • natural emerald green or blue;
  • synthetic, similar in characteristics to the original;
  • imitation, which has nothing in common with natural stone;
  • ennobled. A stone with small cracks filled with oil. This is currently the most common option to use.

The most famous emeralds

The most famous stone at the moment is recognized as “God’s Gift”, which was found in Brazil. It weighs 11,5 kg or 57 carats.

Emerald application

Emerald is a fairly hard stone. However, it is most widespread in the production of jewelry. This is due to the difficult conditions under which the mineral is mined and the high cost of extraction.

An alternative material is beryllium, which has similar qualities, but is much more affordable. The lightweight and durable material has gained popularity in many areas, including the aviation industry.

Natural emerald how to distinguish

First of all, you should check the quality certificate that each natural material has. Secondly, it is important to understand that the cost of a product with a real emerald will be significantly higher than even with a high-quality fake.

Artificial mineral – nano emerald

Hydrothermal or nanocrystal is a synthetic gem that is not inferior in quality to natural gemstones. It has perfect color and there are no defects on the surface. Often such a stone is much more beautiful and elegant than natural one.

It is produced on the basis of natural raw materials. The crystal is grown in a mixture of aluminum oxide, beryllium, chromium and silica. The result is a beautiful and durable stone that looks impressive and attracts attention.

From fakes

Common counterfeit options are doublets and triplets. They consist of two or three elements glued together and placed on a glass base.

You can find out whether a stone is natural or fake using a reflectometer – a device that measures the light refraction of minerals.

From artificially synthesized

Natural stone has more defects, inclusions and microcracks. The color will never be perfectly transparent and uniform. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the cost of the product and the availability of a certificate.

Beryl and emerald

Minerals differ in their chemical formula. They can be distinguished with an ultraviolet lamp. Under it, the emerald glows brown or bright red, which causes an admixture of chromium in the composition.

A high-quality emerald is a stone that has a deep green color, without yellow or blue tints.

Minerals similar to emerald

Externally, emerald resembles fluorite or murine. In addition, tourmalines mined in Tanzania can be confused with emerald.

Inexperienced buyers may confuse emerald with demantoid. However, its cost at the moment is not lower than the production of the precious stone.

Emerald has magical properties

Humanity has long identified the magical properties of the precious mineral. In Greece, the stone is symbolized with health, strength, rebirth, and youth. In India, this stone is considered a symbol of love and mutual understanding. For Turks, emerald is associated with power and wealth.

It is believed that if you constantly wear jewelry with an emerald, it will help you gain health, recharge your energy, and achieve success in business and personal life.

Healing properties of emerald

The stone is an excellent helper in the fight against diseases of the cardiovascular system. It cleanses the blood, helps normalize metabolism and lose weight.

Emerald is a stone that matches your zodiac sign

Emerald, the significance of the stone is difficult to overestimate. This is a powerful amulet that is suitable for both men and women.

As for whether the emerald suits the zodiac sign of a woman or a man, Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius should pay most attention to jewelry.

Emerald processing

The most common cut of a gemstone is the shape of a rectangle with truncated corners or an octagon. Oval and pear-shaped stones are also popular.

If the stone has a disproportionate shape, it can be emphasized with a cabochon.

How to refine a mineral

Among the common methods of refining natural stone are:

  • impregnation with oil of natural origin without color;
  • use of synthetic oil with dye;
  • resin treatment;
  • surface coloring;
  • application of the thinnest film.

What factors influence the cost

The value of a gemstone is determined by taking into account the size, physical characteristics, presence of inclusions, correctness of shape, cut and other characteristics.

What is more expensive: gold, sapphire or emerald

It is important to understand that artificial emeralds are much more affordable than original stones. If the cost of gold or sapphire is determined in a fixed amount, then the price of an emerald is affected by its quality.

Popular types of emerald cuts

The octagon is very popular when creating jewelry. This form is especially relevant when making engagement rings.

Another interesting solution is the Princess shape, which preserves the original weight and enhances the natural shine.

Buying an emerald, what to look for on the tag

Before paying for the jewelry, you should carefully read the information on the product tag. It must contain information about:

  • manufacturer;
  • product name;
  • sample;
  • article;
  • production date;
  • features of the insert;
  • the fact of passing quality control;
  • cost.

Caring for emerald jewelry

Emerald is a precious stone that requires very careful care. It is important to avoid mechanical damage, falls, and strong impacts.

The jewelry should be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water.


Why do you dream about emerald?

A green stone symbolizes that green light will shine for a person along the entire path. To achieve your goals you will need to overcome a minimum number of obstacles.

A ring with an emerald in a dream means a quick profit.

Finding an emerald means unexpected money, and losing it means financial difficulties.

Which finger to wear?

Emerald is a stone that has very powerful energy. It should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. For unmarried ladies, such decoration will bring improvement in their personal lives, for married ladies – prosperity and harmony in the home.

For men, it is better to wear the jewelry on the ring or middle finger of the right hand.

How much does emerald jewelry cost?

The cost of the product is determined based on weight, color, transparency, color and origin.

A small gold ring with an emerald will cost 30 – 35 thousand rubles. For silver earrings you will need to pay at least 5 thousand rubles.

What does emerald look like?

Emerald is a stunningly beautiful deep green stone. When cut correctly and with the right accessories, it will attract attention and help you achieve success in life.

Emerald is a first-order gemstone, a variety of beryl, which is extremely popular among jewelers. Depending on the deposit, emeralds may vary in quality and price.

History and origin

The modern name “emerald” has come down to the present day from ancient times, having undergone significant metamorphoses. It is generally accepted that the highest quality emerald has the color of fresh young grass. It is almost a spectral green color with a very faint blue tint, which is seen in the best emeralds. Since time immemorial, it has been known that the emerald rewarded its owner with loyalty and unfailing love, as well as the ability to predict events. No wonder this stone is a talisman of mothers and sailors. Framed in gold, it protects against contagious diseases, spells, unrequited love and insomnia.

In the photo: Emerald mining in Colombia.

Place of extraction

Currently, more than a hundred emerald deposits are known in the world, including small and already mined ones. For many centuries, deposits were developed in Colombia. Main deposits of Colombia:

  • Muzo,
  • Cosques,
  • Peñas Blancas,
  • Polveros,
  • La Pita,
  • Gachala,
  • Chivor.

In different years, Colombian emeralds provide from 55 to 70% of world production. Today, high quality Colombian emeralds are the standard in color. The remaining 40% of global production comes from fields in other countries:

  • Russia (Ural),
  • Brazil (Minas Gerais),
  • Zimbabwe, Zambia (Miku),
  • Madagascar (Malagasy),
  • Afghanistan (Pansher),
  • Pakistan (Swat),
  • USA (North Carolina),
  • Nigeria,
  • Austria (Habachtal).

In the photo: Emerald in a mountain pod

In the photo: Emerald in nature.

The development of emerald deposits is carried out using an open method, if the deposits are located on the surface and using a closed method. In some countries, a hydraulic method of placer mining is practiced. When loose debris is washed off slopes by strong water jets. The greatest costs are required for underground mining, in which adits are made in hard rocks and are used only in those places where the presence of a vein with precious stones is firmly established.

The rock is first broken mechanically and then dismantled manually. The host rocks are black carbonaceous shales. Related Minerals:

Cutting an emerald requires a high degree of skill from the cutter. Only an experienced specialist can determine the solution with minimal waste. At this stage, the question of what cut it will be is decided: a cabochon or a faceted stone, having the shape of an oval, circle, baguette, marquise, triangle or fantasy shapes. A special type of step cut was created for emerald, in which all four corners of the stone are blunted by their neighbors.

Set “Lovely 127”

Ring: Emerald (Zambia) 0,63 carat

Set “Lovely 157”

Ring: Emerald (Zambia) 0,44 carat

Set “Lovely 21”

Ring: Emerald (Brazil) 0,38 carat

Set “Lovely 127”

Ring: Emerald (Zambia) 0,63 carat

Set “Lovely 157”

Ring: Emerald (Zambia) 0,44 carat

Set “Lovely 21”

Ring: Emerald (Brazil) 0,38 carat

Stone properties

Physicochemical characteristics

Emerald crystals have an elongated prismatic shape. They are transparent or translucent, fragile with a glassy sheen, without cleavage, uneven or conchoidal at the fracture. The hardness of emerald on the Mohs scale is 7,5-8,0. The specific gravity is 2,8 g/cm3. Refraction from 1,576 to 1,582.

Color Specialization

Emerald has many inclusions – this confirms its natural origin. The purity of emeralds is characterized by their transparency, the manifestation of internal natural inclusions and cracks that determine the appearance of the cut stone. Depending on the manifestation of these parameters, emeralds are divided into:

  • Faceted – into three purity groups:
    • G1 – transparent with rare inclusions and cracks, barely visible to the naked eye;
    • G2 – transparent with formations of condensations and a network in certain zones of the stone, inclusions and cracks, visible to the naked eye;
    • G3 – inclusions and cracks that have partially lost transparency in the peripheral zone of the stone, forming condensations and a network within the volume of the stone, visible to the naked eye;
    • K1 – partially lost transparency in the peripheral zone with inclusions and cracks forming a network in the volume of the stone, visible to the naked eye;
    • K2 – those that have lost transparency in the central zone or in the volume of the stone with inclusions and cracks forming a dense network throughout the entire volume of the stone, visible to the naked eye.

    In the photo: Emerald.

    Medicinal properties and contraindications

    Rejuvenates. The stone has powerful positive energy and is used to combat age-related changes. It improves health, promotes longevity, and neutralizes negative energy charges. To restore youthful strength and vigor, several emerald crystals are placed in the house – in each room, it is necessary that the stones be near the place of sleep and the place of eating.

    Improves and restores vision. To relax your eyes, just look at the stone for a few minutes. To soothe the eyes and help with inflammatory diseases, emerald water is prepared: the stone is left in the water overnight, then the eyes are washed with this water. To alleviate eye diseases, astrologers advise applying the stone to the eyelids for 15-20 minutes daily.

    Improves sleep. If you simply look at the mineral before going to bed, it will relieve insomnia. A crystal in the bedroom can improve the quality of sleep and help you wake up rested and full of energy. To ward off bad dreams, it is recommended to wear gold jewelry with an emerald.

    Helps in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, liver and skin diseases. May be useful for diabetes and heart disease. To prevent and treat these diseases, the stone is carried with them – in jewelry or unmounted. To prevent epilepsy, Aristotle advised children to wear emeralds around their necks.

    Normalizes mental state. Lithotherapists advise people who need peace of mind, peace of mind, and relaxation to buy emerald. The stone helps to find emotional balance, calms the nerves, and relieves chronic fatigue and poor sleep. If you wear the stone as jewelry and have the mineral at home, your overall health will soon improve, depression and anxiety will go away, and vigor and peace of mind will appear.

    Magical properties

    It has been known since ancient times that emerald has pronounced magical properties. It was believed that it helps develop intuition and open connections with the other world.

    Magicians and fortune tellers used the gem to communicate with the souls of ancestors and ask for their advice. The gem also helps to look into the future and see signs of fate. In addition, it shows all possible scenarios. According to ancient beliefs, crystals were even used to bring rain.

    In the photo: Ring “Synergy”, Ring “Crazy with happiness”

    Emerald is considered a talisman for sailors and mothers. It protects against water disasters and diseases. Crystal gives mothers and pregnant women health and makes relationships between children and parents more harmonious. The stone also helps protect against the evil eye and helps eliminate problems with conception.

    Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

    According to its properties, emerald is perfect for the zodiac signs Aries, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. It is completely contraindicated for Scorpio. Lithology specialists recommend purchasing this mineral for Gemini. He will double their spiritual powers. For women, he becomes the protector of the family from ill-wishers and damage. There is an opinion that the stone is an excellent medicine for its owners.

    Compatible with other stones

    If you pay attention only to the visual component, emeralds look great with almost any gemstone. The exception is red stones.

    According to its energy characteristics, emerald will “get along” well with such stones as:

    • White pearls;
    • Sapphire (rich dark or blue);
    • Amber;
    • Topaz (light);
    • Turquoise;
    • Lapis lazuli;
    • Chalcendon;
    • Sardonyx;
    • Agate.

    Neutral stone combines with the following minerals:

    Stones whose combination is questionable can cause energetic discord:

    • Aventurine;
    • Christopraz;
    • Chrysolite;
    • Rubin.

    Ring “Love Amulet”

    Emerald (Zambia) 2,41 carats

    Love is beautiful without further words. You can’t buy it with money, but you can find it where you don’t expect it. Every person dreams of experiencing it – and everyone will experience it sooner or later. The right talisman of love can help you attract love and happiness into your life.

    Among all the variety of precious stones, emerald has stood apart since ancient times. Incredibly beautiful, he also has great power, capable of not only giving a person sublime love, but also preserving it.

    Such a precious stone has fully earned the right to take center stage and shine in a striking designer ring, composed by the masters of Maxim Demidov as a talisman of happiness, which only those inspired by high feelings can recognize.

    Set in a sunny yellow gold setting, the purest emerald radiates positive energy from the deep green color of the 2,41 carat Ural crystal.

    The frantic shine of the amazingly cut Ural emerald is enthusiastically supported by the sparkling diamonds surrounding it – they form a transparent crown, similar to those that girls in love weave from fresh flowers.

    The piece of jewelry “Love Amulet” is akin to a romantic poem. It is melodious, light and bright. It’s a pleasure to “read” it, like a brilliant poem, enjoying the opportunity to do it again and again, feeling the happiness of owning an exclusive masterpiece.

    Set “Eilenburg”

    Ring: Emerald 1,51 carats

    There is hardly a single art critic or art lover who would doubt the greatness of Rembrandt. His paintings are world masterpieces. But the artist could not realize his talent for a long time. Until he met his wife, who became the main muse of his life.

    The love story of Rembrandt and Saskia van Eulenburg inspired the masters of Maxim Demidov to create a sophisticated jewelry creation – the Eulenburg parure. The sparkling splendor of the jewelry is provided by three delightful emeralds.

    The masterly cutting of gems with a total weight of 4,60 carats, reminiscent of how subtly the Dutch painter was able to convey the smallest details and emotions in his canvases, allows you to enjoy the brilliance of rare emeralds, regardless of the angle at which the light falls on them. The highest characteristics of the central trio allowed the jewelers to create a true masterpiece with a minimum of details and once again emphasize the importance of emeralds as bright talismans of love.

    Ring “Inspiring to Love”

    Emerald 7,45 carats

    Love is a strong and multifaceted feeling, as natural as life itself. It has great power, capable of destroying everything around with an unbridled wave or, conversely, building a new world.

    Love, glorified by artists and poets, is one of the main sources of inspiration; it inspires and opens up the magical world of creativity. But high feelings also need shining power so that they never fade away and warm hearts.

    Such powerful energy is possessed by the poetic designer ring “Inspiring to Love”, composed by the masters of Maxim Demidov exclusively from precious stones of the first order. Its main sublime essence was an incredibly large rare emerald mined in the Urals.

    The bright green crystal weighing 7,45 carats in this dizzying piece deserves the most admirable epithets, thanks to its perfect shape and rich color.

    The beautiful antique cut highlights the play of light in the incomparable Ural mineral, and sparkling diamonds, including two particularly attractive reference pieces on opposite sides of the emerald, perfectly complement this enchanting picture of luxurious splendor.

    Emerald is a precious symbol of love, known for thousands of years, and therefore time-tested. He was given preference over other gems of the empress and queen. The exclusive masterpiece “Inspiring to Love” is not only magnificent, but also has the magic of keeping the fire of love alive in the heart.

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