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Can humans eat feed sulfur?

Why do I take sulfur for animals, where do I buy it and how can I look good with sulfur in my eyes and grow my hair!))

  • Let me make a reservation right away that I do not persuade anyone to take this sulfur (pet store), this is my personal conscious choice and I would really like to count on understanding from the readers.) Read to the end if you are skeptical.

I’ll tell you a little about myself).

I’m growing my hair. These are the results I achieved in 4 years. Yes, this is not a wow effect, my hair has not grown 10 cm per month, but it is gradually growing, which I am happy about. Plus, in between there were haircuts and terrible hair polishing. ) In general, work is slowly progressing. and the main thing is that my hair and I don’t stand still)).

✔I am incredibly obsessed with healthy lifestyle and various supplements, vitamins, healthy herbs and more. It came gradually, it started with the fact that I actively began to grow my hair, and everyone knows that to achieve the goal of having a waist-length braid as an adult, enthusiasm alone is not enough. It will take more than a year for your hair to become long and of course you will have to take vitamins and dietary supplements. And that’s how I got involved. I really became a kind of expert in the matter of hair and dietary supplements, I read many articles and reviews on this topic and one day I came across an article about the usefulness of sulfur.

✔I was very impressed by the fact that in the case of animals with fur problems, they begin to give them sulfur and that this is literally a panacea during molting and with poor external coat characteristics.

Of course, I became interested and contacted the pharmacy with a request to sell me sulfur. I was thinking about some vitamin capsules. But it was not there. I have not found vitamins with sulfur in any pharmacy in our city. Of course, it is in vitamin complexes, but I already use it, and I was interested in sulfur in its pure form. They advised me to go to a pharmacy where they make medications to order, but even there I was disappointed. I really searched for sulfur in human consumption places for a long time and unsuccessfully.) I know that you can search on iHerb, but I’m not a fan of this because. It’s more convenient for me to buy something that I can see and touch.

And then one day I came across another article where a woman described her impressions of taking sulfur, which she buys at pet supplies. Of course, like any normal person, I was confused by this turn, but the desire to have long hair and nails eventually won out.))

And so, I went to the pet store for the desired dietary supplement).

I always buy sulfur from the VAKA chain of stores. The price of the bag is 44 rubles, and the weight is 2,5 g. I distribute this packet of sulfur for 7 days.

✔I always buy this particular manufacturer because. I once bought one like this in another store and was very disappointed: the obvious taste of starch and the absence of a characteristic sulfur smell led me to suspect that this sulfur was not so good.

And the difference in weight and price says a lot. My favorite costs 44 rubles for 2,5 g, and this one costs 40 rubles and weighs 50 g. But. I have no desire to save on health and take a pacifier, so I always take the manufacturer AVZ.

✔The packaging has a certifying inscription WITHOUT GMOs. This is probably good, I don’t pay much attention to it. But I like that our sulfur is 100% sulfur :))) It is important that the manufacturer assures that sulfur does not cause side effects or complications.

There is a lot of useful information on the back.

Very tempting promises from the manufacturer. And I agree that the fragility of my hair, even though I’m not a dog, has decreased).

Once opened, the bag can be stored for one month, but as I already said, the bag lasts me 7 days.

✔How do I take it? Everything is very simple. I take 1/3 (one third) of a teaspoon and swallow it with half a glass of water.

✔Sulfur has a slightly bitter taste, but it is weak, i.e. I can swallow it without drinking water, but it will be more unpleasant. It’s more like a powdery taste). The smell is also slightly reminiscent of sulfur (match), but not much. The color is bright yellow, and the structure of the powder itself is very fine. Reminds me of flour.

✔I usually take it before bed, it doesn’t affect my sleep in any way. But what I like about her is that her digestion works great in the morning. Well, in general, you understand.

I usually take it for 2-3 months, then I take a break for 2 months and I can do it again. I have been taking it for about half a year and during this time I have seen good hair growth and no side effects! Due to environmental conditions and the products that are included in the diet of a modern person, I am sure that we simply need dietary supplements, supplements and vitamins, including sulfur.

  • Some people write that you can lose weight from sulfur. I didn’t see a pronounced effect, well, maybe 1 or 2 kg, but that’s not much. Overall there is lightness and cheerfulness.
  • Thank God I don’t have any skin problems. I don’t suffer from acne or eczema, but I know that sulfur and zinc are the main comrades in the fight against skin problems. Therefore, if you suffer from something like this, try to pay attention to sulfur.

But what she definitely helps me do is grow my hair and nails. Now my nails are so long on a regular basis thanks to this supplement.

And this is how long my hair is (this is not the limit of my dreams)). But I’m very pleased with the result. In the future, I plan to write a review about hair care, but I can definitely say now – for me, sulfur is one of my favorites and main assistants in personal care, including hair growth.

You can clearly see how the vellus hair grows around the forehead.
Previously, it was difficult for them to get off the ground, but now they probably have enough microelements and the process has begun.

The length also moves slowly but surely.)

There are many articles in the scientific world that talk about the benefits of this substance for women’s beauty and health, and I agree with the experts because I clearly see the work of this drug and its positive effect on my body.

  • maintains a sufficient amount of bile in the body for digestion;
  • protects against exposure to radiation and any other radiation from electrical appliances;
  • supports collagen synthesis;
  • causes an even and lasting tan of the skin in summer;
  • present in hemoglobin, participating in the process of transporting oxygen through the blood to the tissues and cells of the body.
  • responsible for the appearance of nails and strands, healthy complexion, prevents the appearance of wrinkles;

I definitely recommend taking a closer look at this sulfur and trying it, despite the fact that I buy it at a pet store, it is the most common sulfur powder, suitable for ingestion.

Thank you for reading my review).

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