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Can I buy diamonds for myself?

The tips below are based on actual buying and selling experience. They have helped many people make the right choice, ask the right questions to sellers, find the best deal on the market, gain an interesting experience both when searching for a product and when communicating with consultants, and ultimately get maximum satisfaction from buying a diamond. Following these recommendations is, of course, not mandatory, and everyone has the right to choose their own purchasing method. Stage 1. What are we buying? First, you need to decide on the type of product: a finished piece of jewelry with a diamond, an unmounted diamond for the purpose of ordering jewelry, or a diamond on its own. Select a purchase method: jewelry store, online store, dealer’s office. Stage 2. Collect information about diamonds. Take the time to accumulate the necessary information. Reserve time to search for a stone (item). Decide on a budget for the purchase and set an acceptable price range. Decide for yourself which characteristics (size, shape, cut quality) are most important, which ones can be sacrificed, and within what limits. For example, a three-carat 7/7 diamond may cost half as much as a two-carat 4/4 diamond, and to the naked eye such differences in color and clarity groups will not be noticeable. But if, for example, the purity group is ninth, then the inclusions become visible to the naked eye, and although the stone will be even cheaper, this fact stops many. Learn more about how to work with characteristics when purchasing. Study the maximum number of offers on the market. Choose 2-3 offers that are the best. Stage 3. Collect information about sellers. Study information about the company (dealer), both official and all available, including reviews from other customers. Select one or two companies that have the necessary stones in stock, and find out the conditions for the inspection and the transaction itself. It is always convenient if the company has a special employee – a diamond consultant who has a gemological education, knows and understands stones, knows how to listen to the client and help him make the right choice. Sometimes a consultant can show what individual characteristics a given stone has. For example, on some stones, with a magnifying glass or a microscope, you can see knives – remnants of the natural surface of the diamond, usually located in the girdle zone. For stones with low clarity grades, you need to understand the extent to which inclusions and other internal features affect the passage of light through the stone, and thus its sparkle and play. Stage 4. We look at the stones “in place”. Specialists – gemologists do not recommend buying a stone only on the basis of the information contained in the seller’s commercial offer and in the expert’s opinion. An important condition for a successful purchase is to inspect the stone, and it is possible to compare it with other stones, including in different positions and under different lighting conditions, both in a static position and when moving (swinging). The future owner must like the stone. If the diamond is intended to be used as a gift, if this gift is not intended to be an unexpected surprise, it is recommended that before purchasing, show several stones to the person to whom this gift is intended, so that the final owner (or owner) can participate in the selection and can choose the stone they like best. In the selection process, people’s individual tastes and preferences come into play. For example, if you compare a half-carat round diamond and a princess-cut diamond, the round one will have fewer light flashes, but these flashes will be larger (see material on the properties of a properly cut diamond). It has been noted that with age, a person’s ability to distinguish small details becomes dull, so people of different ages will react differently to the size of bright flashes of light that appear in a diamond. Young people can choose the “princess”, while older people can choose the round diamond. If you are planning to buy an unmounted diamond and then order the jewelry to be made, you need to choose companies that provide this opportunity. At the same time, before the trip, it is better to agree that you will not only choose a diamond, but also discuss the order of jewelry, because. Often these issues fall under the purview of different specialists, and you will need to meet with both of them. Before purchasing, you must verify the authenticity of the stone and its compliance with the declared quality characteristics. It’s easier to do this if you have an expert opinion or a certificate for the diamond. In this case, you need to compare the data on the certificate and the stone to make sure that this document was issued specifically for this stone. You can ask the seller to weigh the stone or provide a ten-power magnifying glass to examine the microscopic features that are documented in the expert report. If an independent examination or certification has not been carried out, you need to ask yourself the question how much you can trust the seller company, which independently declares the authenticity and conformity of the product. If the price of a stone looks too attractive for its weight, color and clarity, read this material. We do not recommend purchasing stones, either loose or in finished jewelry, without an independent expert opinion, unless the buyer has the necessary knowledge and skills to evaluate the diamond themselves. Stage 5. It is important to consider security issues:
– make sure the transaction is legal (see material on legislation). All companies selling diamonds and products made from them must have a registration certificate from the Assay Supervision Authority, which gives the right to carry out transactions with precious stones and jewelry;
– find out how the inspection and selection of stone will take place, whether there is a special room or office for this;
– a guarantee of the diamond’s authenticity and quality can be obtained through an independent gemological examination (certification) or through expert support of the transaction;
– payment security. It is recommended to purchase stones only from dealers. An important role is played by such facts as the time of operation of the company, the company’s membership in professional organizations, including the Diamond Chamber of Russia, the presence of a permanent office, etc. List of dealers working with our portal.
– Until what point can the transaction be reversed? Are there seller guarantees? Is it possible to return, within what period and under what conditions? Stage 6. Purchase. Make sure you get all the information you need about the diamond. Find out if the price is final. In some cases, a dealer may announce the price of a diamond without taking into account the cost of certification, and when you choose a stone, it turns out that it still needs to be certified, and payment will be at your expense. In this case, agree on how the price of the stone will change if the experts give it different characteristics than those stated by the seller. If you plan to order jewelry from the same company, you may be asked to pay in advance for the stone. From this moment on, the stone is yours, but it remains in this company and is transferred to the jewelers. Therefore, it is important to study the expert opinion on the stone and the stone itself, so that after the work is completed, you can see for yourself that it is the same diamond. When selling, in addition to the cash receipt, the original expert report (certificate) is given along with the diamond. If the stone is enclosed in special plastic packaging along with the certificate details, remember that this packaging is specifically designed to prevent the diamond from being replaced. If you buy such a “laminated” diamond, make sure that the packaging is intact. After purchase, you can open the package yourself. Find out from the seller whether the stone and funds can be returned, and if so, for how long and under what conditions. Stage 7. After purchase. Tips for caring for diamonds boil down to keeping its surface clean. Microparticles of dirt, grease, fingerprints, dust, of course, will not do anything to the diamond itself, but will lead to the fact that over time the sparkle and play of the stone will decrease. In order to return the diamond to its original shine, it is enough to rinse the entire stone or product in a baking soda solution. Dealers use alcohol for washing diamonds, and lint-free cloths for wiping, approximately the same as for wiping optics (glass lenses). We ask buyers to share their impressions of diamonds, as well as successful or unsuccessful purchasing experiences on the forum of our portal. If you have ever worn jewelry with diamonds, you have probably noticed that wearing them makes you feel somehow different: more confident, stronger, more purposeful. In a word, you feel a little like the master of life, who can handle absolutely everything. Perhaps this is self-hypnosis, but supporters of lithotherapy and occult sciences interpret such sensations differently. They believe that these magic stones are endowed with special magical properties that can influence human energy in both positive and negative ways.

The magical properties of diamonds

A diamond is a jewelry stone obtained from a natural diamond after cutting. He has absolutely everything for rumor to endow him with incredible properties, including mystical ones. It shines brighter than other stones, is incredibly expensive, and is the hardest substance known to science.

It is believed that the word “diamond” came to us from the Arabs and Turks. But they, in turn, borrowed it from the Greeks, albeit in a slightly modified form. It is believed that the Greeks called this stone adamas or adamantos, which translates as “indestructible.”

The magical properties of diamonds have been known since ancient times. It was considered a powerful amulet against evil forces and an amulet that enhances the owner’s energy. A hunter who took a talisman with a diamond with him could not return home without prey, the traveler’s road was easy, and the warrior received powerful protection in battle. Diamonds, especially yellow ones, were often used in occult rituals: it was assumed that they help to see what is hidden from the ordinary human gaze, bestow the gift of foresight and open doors to the astral worlds. Since ancient times, diamonds have been used to decorate symbols of power: royal crowns, sceptres, orbs, weapons of military leaders, regalia of high-ranking clergy, and so on. And not only because these stones are incredibly beautiful and expensive: people of power and strength also valued the magical properties of diamonds. Diamonds have been used in many areas of life, sometimes in ways completely incomprehensible to us. The diamond was considered an analogue of a lie detector in medieval legal proceedings: if the defendant was guilty, the stone dimmed, if innocent, it shone even brighter. The woman in labor was given a diamond in her hands to facilitate the process. Babies from noble families were showered with small diamonds so that the child would grow up healthy and happy.

Jealous wives used a diamond to test their spouses’ fidelity. They placed diamond rings on their marital beds and watched which way the stone would point. If not against his wife, woe to the traitor!

  • White transparent. Strengthens the positive aspects of character, neutralizes shortcomings, gives longevity, protects against the machinations of enemies.
  • Yellow. A stone of spiritual self-improvement and knowledge of truth. Strengthens intuition and helps to foresee the future.
  • Green. A green diamond can heal any ailment, give healthy offspring, longevity and good spirits.
  • Blue and light blue. A stone of devotion and purity of thoughts, good luck and internal balance.
  • Red and pink. Such a diamond bestows good luck in love, promotes marital fidelity, and helps ladies maintain their attractiveness.
  • Black. It activates leadership qualities, determination, and fortitude, but can plunge a morally weak owner into depression. A typically masculine option, not recommended for ladies!

Initially, a diamond of any shade was considered an exclusively masculine stone. Women were allowed to wear it only in adulthood. For unmarried girls, diamonds were prohibited – unfortunately.

The magic of diamonds from the point of view of modern esotericists

Modern fans of sacred knowledge believe that diamonds are capable of:

  • strengthen the moral and volitional qualities of the owner;
  • protect from negative energy, damage and the evil eye;
  • increase self-esteem and importance in the eyes of others;
  • help overcome bad habits;
  • attract good luck in love and building a career.

The magical properties of the stone for a woman of mature age are obvious. It is believed that it becomes a faithful assistant in preserving beauty and youth, adding irresistible charm and vitality to the owner.

A diamond is especially good for married ladies: it helps preserve the family and ensure the fidelity of the spouse, diverting his attention from the young rivals hovering around him. But for girls of marriageable age, a diamond can harm the implementation of matrimonial plans: the energetic mineral will scare away potential suitors.

It is fundamentally important that the stone is obtained fairly. It is believed that if you bought a stone yourself, its magical and healing properties will appear only after seven years, but for a stone received as a gift, they are initialized instantly. It is highly not recommended for beautiful ladies, regardless of age and status, to buy diamonds for themselves.

Despite the fact that the shine of the stone reflects negativity, some of the negative energy still remains on it. That is why it is recommended to sometimes “bathe” diamonds, that is, rinse them under running water.

Can diamonds cause harm?

There are many dark stories surrounding these mystical stones, which is not surprising given human nature and the cost of diamonds. And the more expensive the diamond, the more scarlet the shade of blood in its divine radiance.

Almost every famous diamond is an active participant in historical events. Blood is abundantly sprinkled on the blue “Hope”, the magnificent “Orlov”, the famous “Kohinoor”, the sunny “Sansi” and other famous diamonds. The larger the stone, the more powerful its energy, which can sometimes awaken dormant vices in people.

If the stone suppresses the owner, negative character traits begin to intensify: the person becomes arrogant, narcissistic, tough to cruelty, greedy for money and pleasure.

Or maybe the energy of the stone has nothing to do with it. It’s just that sometimes the thirst for money-grubbing pushes people to incredibly cruel acts, and a large diamond is just a trigger for activating the lowest passions.

Perhaps the most “bloody” is the incredible blue Hope Diamond. He has many deaths, bankruptcies and broken destinies. The series of tragedies only stopped when the last owner, jeweler Harry Winston, simply donated it to the Smithsonian Museum.

The healing properties of the stone

It is believed that a diamond obtained honestly (and especially as a gift) influences people in the most favorable way. It produces a gradual restructuring of the body, harmonizing energy flows.

Apologists for lithotherapy (mineral therapy) and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) highly value the healing properties of diamonds. They believe that these stones improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, normalize metabolic and excretory processes, help in the fight against stress, insomnia and nervous ailments, give longevity and increase vitality.

However, the same lithotherapists warn against constantly wearing diamonds. If you abuse these minerals, you can become overly aggressive and cruel, or, on the contrary, descend into the abyss of depression.

It was once believed that poison lost its toxicity upon contact with a diamond. Therefore, the nobles of the past preferred to drink from personal cups decorated with these stones.

Who is a diamond suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Diamonds are truly unique stones that can be worn by representatives of almost all zodiac signs. Special favorites of diamonds are Aquarius and the signs of the Fire trine (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius). Diamonds help them overcome their own shortcomings (excessive temper, lust for power, inconsistency) and enhance their strengths, which will allow them to achieve success in all endeavors.

Even weak and soft signs can periodically wear diamonds (with the exception of the most powerful black diamond), replenishing their energy and love of life. Over time, the stone adjusts to the energy of the owner, and contact with it is solely for the benefit.

Official science (including medicine) denies the very fact of the influence of any stones worn by a person on a person. But if you sincerely believe in a miracle, it will definitely happen – the most notorious skeptics agree with this.

Wearing diamonds really should not be abused from the point of view of both good taste and common sense. But every representative of the fair sex dreams of having as many guests shining with a diamond shine as possible in her treasured box. And if a woman’s wishes are fulfilled, she looks younger, more beautiful and more attractive without any mysticism!

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