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Can malachite jewelry get wet?

Malachite (from ancient Greek μολόχη – poplar, mallow, soft) is a mineral, the main copper carbonate (copper(II) dihydroxycarbonate). Forms green masses of sintered shape with a radial fibrous structure. It is used for making jewelry, souvenirs, crafts, and previously for copper mining. Expressed by the chemical formula Cu2(CO3)(OH)2. The outdated chemical name is copper carbonate, which was also called peacock stone. Hardness on the Mohs scale is 3,5-4,0. The color is green in different shades; The luster varies depending on the composition: glassy for crystals or silky for fine-fibered aggregates and pieces. The solubility of malachite in acids with the release of carbon dioxide, as well as in ammonia, which turns a beautiful blue color, is characteristic. The huge deposits of malachite in the Urals have now been almost depleted and are now practically not used. The modern malachite market is filled mainly by African countries – Congo and Zaire. Malachite, which the master stone-cutters of Baltic Gold work with, is mined in Zaire. The malachite stone owes its extraordinary beauty to the existence of copper and the whims of geological processes. The order, or rather randomness, of the growth of mineral aggregates depends on the availability of free space around. The color palette within a single unit varies only in saturation, creating a striped pattern unique to each sample. The width of the alternating dark and light layers depends on the change in copper content in the copper sulfate solution, which is the basis of formation. The optical properties of malachite also depend on this. In ancient times, it was believed that malachite was connected with the forces of the Universe and was their conductor to Earth. In Rus’, malachite has long been loved – it was considered a stone of fulfillment of desires. It helps to establish harmonious relationships with others, attracts love and friendship to its owner. As a talisman, he is the patron of people who value wisdom and strive to achieve it. It increases spiritual strength and stamina. In the old days, it was a favorite talisman and symbol of scientific people seeking to gain new knowledge. In addition, malachite attracts people’s interest to its owner and enhances his personal charm. Is a strong talisman of love. Malachite was considered the stone of doctors and scientists. In Ancient Egypt, women used a solution of malachite green to lengthen their eyes, and applied green eye shadow with malachite powder. They also made talismans out of it to scare away demons and evil spirits that prevent children from sleeping. The Romans considered the patron saint of the malachite talisman to be Venus, the goddess of fertility. Attaching special significance to the malachite stone is also characteristic of other cultures. Due to the fact that malachite is closely associated with harmony, it is recommended to be worn by people in creative and artistic professions. Malachite can bring great benefits to writers and poets, artists and performers. When used correctly, the stone helps to maintain attractiveness and youth for a long time. The presence of copper, which has a detrimental effect on some microorganisms, can explain the healing properties of malachite. Even in ancient Rome, people drank water from malachite goblets to improve digestion. An elixir was also prepared from the mineral, which was supposed to resist poisoning. Traditional healers believe that malachite is an excellent remedy for skin diseases. Malachite bracelets cleanse the skin of allergic rashes and red spots. Malachite beads, according to healers, help to significantly improve hair growth. Lithotherapists suggest that this mineral can relieve attacks of bronchial asthma, treat eye diseases, reduce blood pressure, and improve vision. It has a positive effect on the pancreas and thyroid gland, as well as the optic nerve and spleen. Reduces the risk of cancer, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system, and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and nervous systems. It is believed that malachite plates applied to sore spots can cure rheumatism. Malachite is also known as the “midwife stone” or woman’s stone, as it can relieve pain during PMS and make childbirth easier. In Indian healing practice, malachite is used to apply to the Ajna chakra (“third eye”), thereby achieving cleansing of the subconscious from grievances, anxieties, fears and obsessive states.

Caring for malachite

Malachite is a delicate stone with low hardness and density. It is prone to cracking, and therefore jewelers advise protecting it from sharp impacts and temperature changes. This mineral dissolves in acids and ammonia and therefore at home it is recommended only to wash it with clean water and wipe with a soft cloth. It is not recommended to keep malachite near a fire, as it easily melts and releases copper. To clean malachite jewelry, all you need is water. If the product is heavily soiled, then treatment with a soap solution is permissible, after which you need to thoroughly rinse the stone in clean water to remove any remaining soap. Under no circumstances should jewelry containing malachite be cleaned using ultrasonic or steam cleaning. As for storage, the rules for malachite are the same as for other soft stones. It is best to store malachite jewelry separately from other jewelry, wrapping each of them in a soft linen napkin. Good afternoon, dear readers! Today you will find a story about one of the rarest precious minerals in the world – ammolite. Although ammolite is a stone that, strictly speaking, is not considered a mineral, it is of an organic nature and is a pearlescent layer of shells of ancient fossilized mollusks – ammonites. Ammonites themselves are found everywhere in nature, but not every one of them is framed by a shining iridescent “skin”. Finding ammolite is worth a lot, because it is not only amazingly beautiful, but also has magical properties. Silver pendant with stone

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What is this miracle of nature – ammolite

Ammonites inhabited our Earth 300 million years ago. These ancient animals were the first cephalopods and one of the first species on the planet in principle. Their extinction occurred due to volcanic activity and shifts in the boundaries of the oceans. As a result, the mollusks were buried under piles of ash and rocks. As we mentioned above, the ammonites themselves (which, by the way, are also used in jewelry), that is, the shells of cephalopods from the Paleozoic era, are found today everywhere where there were oceans at the beginning of the life of our planet, but shells framed by mother-of-pearl ammolite, are very, very rare. Bracelet made of natural stones They are currently mined only in the USA and the Canadian Rockies. The most famous deposit is located in the province of Albert and is called “Bear’s Paw”. However, scientists note that at the current mining rate, the reserves of stone will be exhausted in 15-25 years. Silver ring with cubic zirconia

We emphasize once again that ammolite is not a mineral, it is an organic stone that was recognized as precious only in 1981. Its properties are similar to other organic stones – pearls, amber, coral, etc. It consists predominantly of calcium carbonate, but it contains impurities of iron, silicon and other elements.

Due to the different content of impurities, ammolite can shimmer in just two shades or several. Particularly valuable are stones that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow – they are called “seven-color stones of prosperity”; they are usually sold for fabulous money and are very difficult to find. Two-color specimens are much more common; in most cases they are red-green and red-yellow, and most rarely – violet-pink. Jewelry storage box

Ammolite is a stone that is fragile and resistant at the same time

The very effect of fascinating overflows is explained by the layered structure of the stone. As it forms, the main element – calcium carbonate – begins to be replaced by other chemical compounds. The result is a multi-layered structure through which light is intricately reflected and refracted. beryl beads

Surprisingly, despite the fact that ammolite managed to survive under huge rocks, it itself is very fragile and not every jeweler is able to work with it. Only a skilled stone cutter will be able to turn a specimen that is not too noticeable in its raw form into a stone of mesmerizing beauty, removing the required amount of excess layers and without damaging the inner beauty.

Gold pendant with stone To process a stone, it is placed on a special substrate and, when creating jewelry, it is artificially strengthened by adding resins, glass and quartz. And still, not every ammolite is so hard that it can exist in jewelry as a separate stone, so often its fragments only complement this or that jewelry, making it more original. The stone is sensitive to various types of influences.

  • Contact with a sharp object will most likely leave a scratch, so ammolite jewelry should be worn with extreme caution.
  • Also, do not expose it to cosmetics – the jewelry must be removed before showering or applying cream.

Earrings long Drops carved

The magical properties of ammolite

The mystical purpose of the stone was known back in ancient times.

  • The natives of North America called it “buffalo stone” and believed that it bestows strength and promotes prosperity.
  • Ancient sorcerers used it in magical rituals. It was assumed that he could command the power of water, and this has its own logic, because ammonites, of which the stone is a part, lived in the oceans. Thus, shamans used it and special chants to attract rain during drought, and wanderers found sources of water even in the desert.

gold ring with stones

  • In Ancient Greece and Egypt, ammolites were used in meditation; it was believed that they could cause prophetic visions and prophetic dreams.

They continue to believe in the magic of the ancient jewel today, and much attention is paid to its connection with the water element.

  • It is believed that an ammolite amulet must be carried by a person whose profession is in one way or another connected with water. In addition, he favors travelers.
  • Ammolite is also respected in the teachings of Feng Shui. According to him, he carries Qi energy, which can radically change fate – of course, for the better. Moreover, the more shades there are in the stone, the more areas of a person’s life will be affected by favorable changes.
  • In addition, the original shape of the stone is important in its mystical purpose. Let us remember that it frames mollusk shells, which are twisted into spiral houses. This defines a sacred connection with the Universe, which, as is known, develops in a spiral, that is, the spiral is the personification of the correct life order. In this regard, ammolite itself is capable of ordering life.
  • Wearing ammolite jewelry, a person becomes more clearly aware of his desires and life path. And if you place a souvenir with this stone in your home as a decorative element, peace and tranquility will always reign in it.

How does stone affect health?

The jewel that came to us from the depths of centuries helps not only to develop spiritually, but also to maintain health. In ancient times, it was mainly used to treat the organs of the reproductive system in women, it helped to get pregnant and safely bear the fetus.

As for modern times, first of all it is worth saying that ammolite is treated with special respect in China. Healers from the Middle Kingdom use it to treat diseases of internal organs, using techniques such as massage and application.

The stone is widely used today by European lithotherapists. Ammolites are used to treat skin diseases, including such a complex disease as psoriasis. It is also used to treat infectious diseases in children (including quite serious ones – measles, scarlet fever, etc.), purify the blood and improve the condition of the hair. In addition, it is important to note that the effectiveness of the stone has been noted for healing insomnia and depression.

gold brooch with stone

Ammolite and zodiac sign

The magic of stones and astrology are closely intertwined, so when choosing jewelry, it is always important to take into account your zodiac sign. As far as ammolite is concerned, astrologers agree that it will not harm anyone, but will contribute more to the well-being of water and air signs, that is Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra и Vodoleev.

It is also worth noting that the stone chooses a person by name. It goes best with the names: Tatyana, Victor and Evgeniy.

Gold bracelet with stones

Ammolite is a very beautiful stone, it is impressive even in a photo, let alone looking at it in person. Plays of color, bright shine – it can captivate even those who are completely indifferent to jewelry. Ammolite jewelry is not often seen behind the counter in a jewelry store, but if you have the opportunity to purchase one, do not deny yourself. Owning such a rare, such a beautiful and such a magical stone is a special pleasure.

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Since 2018, ammolite has also been mined in Russia, on the Taimyr Peninsula. Masters praise Taimyr samples: Russian ammolite rests on denser sandy rocks and withstands mining and processing better than its Canadian counterpart.
And one more thing: mother-of-pearl itself is preserved on many ammonite shells, but such mother-of-pearl can only truly “play” with the help of an additional layer. For some mother-of-pearl fragments, it is enough to be in water or get wet, and paleontology students who cover ammonites with epoxy resin end up with beautiful mother-of-pearl samples, very similar to semi-precious ones.
Once again: epoxy samples are NOT ammolite. It’s just mother of pearl, a fossil. Similar Handsome. A relative, and not too distant. But. not him.
Ammolite is the name given to fossil nacre from the shells of ammonite mollusks of the genus Placenticeras (ammonites are the collective name for ALL fossil inhabitants of spiral-shaped shells), which managed to fossilize correctly by growing additional layers of quartz and pyrite onto the initially existing aragonite.

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