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Can pearls be worn with other stones?

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A bit of history

Due to how long ago pearls entered our lives, it is not surprising that during this time it has acquired many myths and legends. It is believed that this stone was discovered by the first fishermen when they began to harvest shellfish for food. It quickly became clear that beautiful and strong stones did not require processing, and pearls became one of the first means of exchange. Later, when other money appeared, pearls became a status decoration that quickly began to excite the minds of people and inspire them to tell beautiful stories. One of the most beautiful, for example, says that pearls are moonlight trapped in a shell. Without knowing the truth, it is very easy to believe in this, because it often seems that pearls have some kind of their own inner radiance, completely unusual for other precious stones.

What are pearls really?

Contrary to popular belief, pearls are not a mineral, but an organic formation of sea creatures – mollusks. The formation of pearls is a long process that occurs quite rarely in the wild and can take a couple of decades. In order to begin this process, a foreign object must enter the shell of the mollusk. Most often – an ordinary grain of sand. If a clam cannot get rid of a grain of sand, over time it begins to become covered with layers of nacre, the same substance from which the clam forms its shell. As the pearl forms inside the mollusk, it takes on a characteristically smooth and shiny shape.

How and who should wear pearls?

  • Can I wear pearls at my age?
  • Should I wear this type of jewelry with my complexion?
  • Will the energy of this pearl suit me?
  • Should unmarried women wear pearls?


Most often, doubts arise because of the age at which young girls should wear pearls. In the modern world there are no such prohibitions, however, there are still points that are worth paying attention to when choosing:

  • Older women are advised to combine several jewelry pieces and use multi-tiered threads;
  • For girls, on the contrary, thin threads and small stones are recommended;

At the same time, pearls of dark and cool tones are most suitable for adult women, while for young women the structure and color of the skin is more important.

Face type

It is worth considering that the choice of pearls should not be limited to matching your complexion – the accessories and clothing you use can be of greater importance.

The best results can be achieved precisely when the jewelry is in harmony with the color and type of face:

  • For girls with blond hair and a light skin tone, products with pearls in blue, gray, purple, or natural pearlescent shades are suitable;
  • Girls with dark hair and darker skin can wear stones that are greenish, golden or gray in color;
  • For women with peachy skin tones, stones with an olive tint;
  • For women with fair skin, the best option is pink pearls, regardless of hair color.

Family status

Most of the signs about pearls are associated with a woman’s marital status. Almost all of them agree on the following:

  • A widow or an unmarried girl can wear mother-of-pearl jewelry if she wants to attract pleasant changes in life;
  • Married women should not wear black stone jewelry and should not wear single pieces;
  • Girls looking for jewelry will definitely be helped to find their betrothed.

Signs and beliefs

Pearls have become an integral part of culture and many signs and even rituals are associated with them:

  • White mother of pearl is an important part of a wedding dress. It is believed that the stone will help a woman find happiness in family life;
  • Pink color – given to a girl when she comes of age and before starting school, which is believed to improve memory and diligence;
  • Black color – due to its gloomy shade, is often associated with mystical rituals and magic;
  • In Rus’, it was customary to give freshwater pearls to the girl with whom they planned to connect their lives;
  • In the Middle East, saltwater pearls are also inextricably linked with mating rituals. During the celebrations, the bride was entangled with pearl threads, and it was believed that this would help preserve love in marriage;
  • Sea pearls will definitely help those who want to get rid of unrequited love and cope with doubts.

It is also believed that mother-of-pearl stone has the ability to accumulate the emotional energy of the wearer, which helps to overcome difficult life situations. For the same reason, it is not recommended to wear such jewelry after people who are depressed.

Zodiac signs

It is also worth making sure that your zodiac sign is compatible with mother-of-pearl stone.

Pearls are classified as a water element, so not all Signs are advised to wear them:

  • Aries is the sign of the element of Fire, so wearing pearls is not recommended for those born under this constellation. It is believed that wearing attributes of the opposite element can destroy the harmony in a person’s life;
  • Taurus is a calmer Sign. For its owners, mother-of-pearl jewelry will help attract positive changes in life and maintain inner peace in difficult times;
  • Geminis have restless souls for whom pearls will help maintain joy and optimism, as well as faith in loved ones;
  • Cancer is the sign of the element of water. They are perfectly compatible with pearls, and with the help of the stone they will only enhance their positive qualities;
  • Leo is the sign of the element of fire. Holders of this Sign should not wear pearl jewelry, because the stone can enhance their negative qualities;
  • Virgos should wear pearls with caution, since an overabundance of such jewelry can interfere with achieving life goals;
  • Libras are extremely prone to self-confidence and vanity. The stone will help pacify these qualities and improve relationships with others;
  • Pearls will give strength to Scorpios, especially if the owner of the Sign chooses jewelry made of black stone;
  • Pisces are prone to impulsiveness, which mother of pearl will help to cope with;
  • Aquarians are ideally compatible with pearls. Decoration will protect you from meeting bad people;
  • Capricorns are persistent and adamant, which can sometimes greatly interfere with relationships with people. Pearls will balance this character trait and help establish contact with the world;
  • Sagittarians are not recommended to wear such jewelry, because they belong to the element of Fire.

Jewelry care

Mother of pearl will not forgive you for inattention. In order for pearls to please you for many years, you need to take care of them:

  • Change the thread on which the pearls are strung every year if worn intensively;
  • Do not leave stones in the sun;
  • After wearing, the jewelry must be wiped with a soft cloth without using cleaning agents;
  • Periodically it is necessary to carry out “general” cleaning. Avoid chemicals – use products specifically designed for this purpose. For example, jewelry paste or olive oil.

How to wear pearls?

Choosing an outfit with which you are going to wear mother-of-pearl jewelry is a great opportunity to experiment.

It is easier to achieve the best combination taking into account special recommendations:

  • Pearls go well with other precious and semi-precious stones (aquamarine, beryl, aventurine, opal, ruby, diamond). If you choose the right combination of frame material and stones of two colors, the image will be much more memorable;
  • You should not wear several different sets (3 or more) of jewelry made from different materials at the same time. By maintaining everything in the same style, you will be a winner;
  • Try combining pearls of different but similar colors in one look;
  • You should not wear black pearls with other types of stones;
  • Large and multi-tiered jewelry should be worn only on special occasions. This would be inappropriate in a business suit;
  • To prevent your jewelry from getting lost, you can combine it with plain outfits;
  • In everyday and business style, use small jewelry;
  • Long beads look better with dresses.

But the most important thing when choosing is your own preferences. Combine different options, make non-standard decisions, and you will surely find your own style!

We hope that our article will help with this, and after reading the catalog of our online store, you will be able to find your jewelry.

“Pearls are always appropriate,” said the first lady of the United States, style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. If we look back and go through the history of modern jewelry, we will find that pearls have been relevant and in demand at all times. Thanks to its unique and elegant appearance, it has become an indispensable accessory for every girl. Today we will tell you which looks it goes best with.

Woman and pearls

The history of their relationship began a long time ago. The desire to follow famous personalities and repeat their images – for example, to look like Coco Chanel – is what inspires every woman to search for pearls. In addition, this stone is so versatile that it can be successfully matched to any color type.

Pearls today: wear with everyday looks

The last “pearl revolution” began several years ago. Millennials wanted to make a statement with more sustainable jewelry, and they chose Majorica pearls, which are handcrafted from natural materials. It is also more affordable and easy to combine with other gemstones, metals and materials. As a result, it has become the choice of those who want to look fresh and modern, combining pearl jewelry even with casual clothes such as jeans, a T-shirt or a sweater over a shirt. This inspired designers to create bold new jewelry Collections .

It so happened that for some time pearls were considered exclusively a wedding accessory, but today they are used in a wide variety of ways in everyday looks: in hair decorations – such as hairpins, headbands and barrettes, in the decor of sweatshirts and sweaters, on bows or chains for points. One of the latest trends is a mono earring with one pearl. A pearl choker with large pearls has also become an integral accessory for fashion lovers – to create it, designers were inspired by the unique style of Carrie Bradshaw.

Trend for minimalism

The trend towards minimalism is reflected in various areas, including jewelry. Designers successfully incorporate pearls into minimalist jewelry, which adds elegance and sophistication to the image, which is why many royals still prefer pearl jewelry to any other. Such products are also very popular among young girls who follow trends, complementing their everyday look with pearls.

Do you want to choose an elegant, minimalist piece of jewelry that will suit any look? Choose round white or black pearls! One detail is more than enough to change the accent of the entire outfit and make it stand out. Such jewelry will provide you with a sophisticated look for the office, party or important trip. They also look great with color blocking outfits (a combination of bright colors in one look) as they allow the shine of the pearls to show through and reflect the colors of the outfit.

A practical option

Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but pearls are definitely a more practical and comfortable option. No matter what outfit you choose, pearls will complete your look. Bangle with baroque pearls, for example, will add a touch of elegance.

Another interesting combination is small pearls with a sweater, leather jacket, leggings or jeans in monochromatic looks, as influencers and it-girls do.

Drop earrings with pearls the face will be visually elongated. It is practical and elegant, ideal for everyday life.

All colors of the rainbow

Majorica pearls come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. For example, gray pink , black Tahitian or champagne colors and nouage are just some of the most interesting and fresh options for creating a vibrant look. In addition to the traditional round pearls, they come in teardrop-shaped and oval shapes, as well as mabé or baroque shapes. Pearly white is an absolute classic, but if that seems too conservative for you, you can always opt for colored pearls and add some flair to your look.


Pearls are the perfect choice for creating a glamorous look. A pearl necklace will go perfectly with a black minidress. In this case, it is better to choose a complete set of jewelry: pearl necklace, pearl bracelet и pearl earrings .


Layering is one of the trends demanded and desired by fashion lovers. On many runways we see examples of looks with multiple pearl necklaces of varying lengths and beads wrapped multiple times around the neck.

The most frequently asked questions about combinations with pearls

What colors do pearls go with?

Pairs perfectly with colors such as red, black or total white.

How to combine pearls with clothes?

To pair pearl jewelry, be it a necklace or earrings, it is important to consider the tones of both the clothing and the pearls. If the dress is light (cream, soft pink or light blue), it is better if the pearls have a white tint bordering on beige, or yellow. If the dress or suit is pure white or black, it is better that the decoration be pure white.

What goes with a pearl necklace?

A pearl necklace can be paired with any look. The first thing you should pay attention to is the length of the necklace, as long necklaces are suitable for festive occasions, while short ones make the look classic and more formal. A pearl necklace goes perfectly with plain dresses or suits in black, grey, dark blue or white.

We wish you pleasant shopping!

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