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Can tourmaline be worn every day?

Where in the world does tourmaline come from? Tourmaline deposits can be found in various locations around the world, including the United States, Brazil and Africa. Both Madagascar and Afghanistan are famous for producing fine red tourmaline. What color are tourmalines? Tourmaline can be any color. In fact, it has one of the widest ranges of colors of any gemstone. Some colored tourmalines have their own trade names:

  • Rubellite refers to the red variety of tourmaline.
  • Indicolitis indicates bluish-green tourmalines. And those that come from Paraiba, Brazil are called tourmalines Paraiba .
  • Chromium refers to any tourmaline with an intense green color.
  • Like his namesake, tourmaline fromwatermelon has a pink center and a green outer edge.
  • Savanna refers to bright yellow tourmalines.

Where does the color of tourmaline come from? The color of tourmaline is due to the presence of certain elements. For example, iron and titanium are believed to create green and blue tourmaline, while manganese tends to produce red and pink tourmaline.

What color of tourmaline is the most valuable? Any tourmaline is considered valuable if it has a rich color, like pink/red rubellites. However, high quality Paraiba can easily outperform other varieties of tourmaline, especially when compared to other green and blue tourmaline gemstones. Their rarity and bright neon color make them one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

What types of tourmaline are there? Gemologists classify tourmalines into certain types depending on their properties and chemical composition. These types include:

  • Elbaite – rich in sodium, lithium and aluminum.
  • Liddicoatite – rich in calcium, lithium and aluminum.
  • Uvit – rich in calcium, magnesium and aluminum.
  • Dravit – rich in sodium, magnesium and aluminum.
  • Schorl – rich in iron and usually black.

Is it possible to wear tourmaline jewelry every day? With a mineral hardness rating of 7 to 7,5 on the Mohs scale, tourmaline jewelry can be worn every day, but with caution. If you work with your hands a lot, we recommend not wearing tourmaline rings to reduce the chance of accidentally hitting a hard object. Earrings and pendants are always a safe option if you want to wear tourmaline jewelry every day. We recommend that you buy a belt with dotted tourmaline. Helps reduce local tension in the lumbar spine, pelvis and lower abdomen.

How is tourmaline formed? Most tourmaline is formed when the desired minerals (silicon, aluminum, boron, etc.) are present in veins of igneous rocks called pegmatites.

What determines the cost of tourmaline? Like other gemstones, tourmaline’s value is determined by its color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Color is the most important factor when determining the value of tourmaline. As previously stated, products with intense, vibrant colors, including rubellites and paraibas, command the highest prices. In terms of other quality factors, tourmalines with very few inclusions, well cut and large in size are the most valuable.

Does tourmaline symbolize anything? Tourmaline is one of two stones born in October (the other being opal). It is considered a gemstone of enlightenment and determination and is believed to promote compassion, equanimity and reflection. It is also believed to bring out the most attractive characteristics of those who wear it. If you’re looking to celebrate your 8th birthday, tourmaline is your gemstone.

How should I care for tourmaline jewelry? Clean tourmaline jewelry with warm, soapy water or a mild detergent. Do not wear or store tourmaline jewelry in areas exposed to excessive heat, which can change the color of the gemstone. Additionally, avoid wearing tourmaline jewelry on days when you may experience sudden temperature changes, as this may cause cracking.

You will find additional information on the topic in the “Everything about Everything” section.

Tourmalines are one of the most powerful crystals in the gemstone world. Black tourmaline is perhaps the most powerful and most useful gemstone known to man.

I would encourage everyone to always have tourmalines on hand, but you can also find tourmalines in every color of the rainbow.

Tourmalines have a truly magical phenomenon that will amaze even the most cynical person. If you heat, cool or rub a tourmaline crystal, it will become electrically charged, positive on one end and negative on the other. It can then attract tiny dust particles – these were previously used to clean up old ash from tobacco pipes.

The 18th-century Swedish botanist Carl von Linne, who invented a naming system for organisms that is still used today, called tourmaline the “electric stone.”

Tourmalines are high quality gemstones that are in great demand among jewelers. They range from the simple black so beloved of the spiritually inclined, to the almost incredibly expensive and vibrant neon blue Paraiba tourmalines that can be found in the most exclusive jewelry stores.

Tourmaline is also highly valued in the spiritual realm. It brings healing powers to shamans and healers. It is what is called a “receptive stone” which means it is calming and calming, attractive and spiritual, promoting meditation, wisdom and mysticism.

Tourmaline Virtues

  • Perceiving stone
  • Calm and serenity
  • Balance and understanding
  • Flexibility and strength
  • Inspiration and Compassion
  • Happiness and positivity
  • Protection and cleansing
  • Grounding and Perspective

Tourmaline color

The name tourmaline comes from the old Sinhalese word “toramali” which means mixed gemstones reflecting the many different colors that can be found in this crystal.

Each color has its own special properties and capabilities:

  • Blacken – Protective and grounding
  • Pink – encourages compassion and gentleness
  • Yellow – Encourages ingenuity and creativity
  • Green – Rejuvenating and restorative
  • red – Increases confidence and sexuality
  • Purple – Helps to release emotional attachments

As we said, tourmaline comes in almost every color imaginable, including two or even three colors in one gemstone.

  • Two-tone – Encourages self-confidence
  • Watermelon – Stone of Reconciliation

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Tourmaline

Again, different colors have their own special properties, for example, black tourmaline promotes self-confidence and strength in difficult times, pink tourmaline is associated with matters of the heart and love, and blue tourmaline encourages openness and honesty.

Overall, tourmaline’s emotional healing properties are based on its energy – it clears negative energy or transforms it into positive energy, which in turn strengthens both the body and mind.

Physical Benefits of Tourmaline

Physically, again, different colors of tourmaline mean that it affects different parts of the body.

  • Green Tourmaline Helps Strengthen the Immune System
  • Black Tourmaline relieves arthritis pain as well as foot, ankle, leg and back pain
  • Red Tourmaline Helps the Heart, Circulation and Reproductive System
  • Blue tourmaline helps in the throat area
  • Pink tourmaline may help relieve heart problems

Tourmaline and chakras

Ancient Hindu beliefs tell us that there are seven sacred points in our bodies that influence our physical and mental well-being. These points are called chakras and are centers of energy running from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

These chakra points have their own set color and gemstones of the same or similar color can be used to unblock or realign blocked chakra.

Since tourmalines can be found in any color, they can be used to heal all chakras.

Can tourmalines unblock chakras?

Yes, tourmalines can help with all chakras, just match the color to the chakra, for example:

  • Black/Red Tourmaline – Root Chakra – Enhances feelings of security and confidence.
  • Pink/Green Tourmalines – Heart Chakra – Warm feelings of love will envelop you
  • Blue Tourmalines – Throat Chakra – Improves communication and throat and thyroid problems.
  • Purple tourmaline – the crown chakra – reduces headaches and migraines.

Find out which chakra seems blocked and then use the appropriate color of tourmaline to heal. Find yourself a quiet place to lie down with the gemstone placed in the Chakra location. Breathe calmly, relax and let the tourmaline get to work.

Is tourmaline a birthstone?

Yes, tourmaline is the official gemstone of October.

You will also traditionally give tourmaline as a gift to celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary.

Tourmaline and Zodiac

Tourmalines are usually associated with those born under the sign of Libra. Tourmalines are said to bring balance to your life, just as the sign of Libra is Balance or Libra. At this time of year (from September 23 to October 22), days and nights are equal in length – the Earth and the Sun are in balance.

How to restore and clean tourmaline

It is recommended that you cleanse and charge your gemstones every week or so, especially if they have had some serious work done.

Many people say that because black tourmaline repels negative energy, it does not need to be cleansed or recharged. However, all other colors are suitable, and cleansing black tourmaline will not do any harm.

With a hardness of around 7,5 on the Mohs scale, tourmalines are strong enough to withstand almost any cleaning, and they are not usually treated in any way to improve their appearance, so sunlight or salt should not cause any problems.

(At GemSelect we ALWAYS tell you if our gemstones have been treated in any way, but we cannot guarantee any other sources.)

The easiest way to clean gemstones is to simply rinse them under running water. A spring or natural waterfall is best, but a tap is also sufficient. Then place them in the sun for an hour or two to recharge.

If it’s not very sunny where you are, you can quickly “smudge” it by passing it through the smoke of an incense stick or burying the crystal in the ground for 24 hours.

Try not to let other people handle your tourmaline or any other crystal, as this may interfere with your connection with it.

Remove all tourmaline jewelry at night to give your body a break from the energy of the gemstone.

Where to place tourmaline

It will come as no surprise that the color of your tourmaline will influence where it is best placed.

Red tourmalines are associated with fame and reputation according to Feng Shui traditions and should be kept in the southern part of the home to enhance your position. Red color has the energy of emotions, passion and love, so it can be placed in the bedroom.

Green tourmalines are more associated with new growth and development, so they can be left in a young child’s room or anywhere a new project is being undertaken.

Blue tourmalines are calming and calming, so keep them in any room where you can relax.

Black tourmalines can be kept in an office or any workplace with a lot of electronic equipment as it can protect you from electromagnetic pollution.

How to use tourmaline

There are many ways to use tourmaline throughout the day to maximize its spiritual benefits.

The easiest way is in the form of decoration. Tourmalines are beautiful, high quality gemstones that can be used to make anything from rings to pendants to necklaces. Then they can influence you all day long.

Keep in mind that the color of the tourmaline will indicate which chakra will be most affected – red for the root chakra, blue for the throat chakra and so on. A tourmaline pendant will be located next to the heart and throat chakras, earrings will be located next to the throat and third eye chakras, and so on.

Sometimes it may not be appropriate to wear expensive jewelry or you would prefer not to wear it, so tourmaline crystals can be carried in your pocket, purse or purse. They can continue to influence you from there and can always be touched upon when further reassurance is needed.

At home, you can decorate your home with tourmalines or place them on the corresponding chakra points during relaxation or meditation.

Tourmaline and wealth

Tourmalines are not necessarily an obvious “wealth” gemstone like citrine or aventurine, which can be used to generate money through business, but they can help indirectly.

Tourmalines can help you deal with negative or difficult people, giving you patience and encouragement to continue on your path.

Tourmalines give you self-confidence and motivation, both useful attributes for gaining wealth through your own diligence.

Can I use tourmaline for meditation and yoga?

Tourmaline is an excellent stone for meditation and yoga. Black tourmaline is known as perhaps the best crystal for meditation. Its grounding properties connect you to the energy of the earth and make you feel safe while exploring the metaphysical world.

After a particularly ethereal meditation or yoga class, there’s a tendency to feel a little “off” or “spacey,” and a little black tourmaline will bring you back down to earth.

Can I wear or wear tourmaline every day?

We all respond differently to the spiritual power of gemstones. Some people have no problem wearing the most powerful crystals every day, while others find certain gemstones too overwhelming.

Tourmalines have a gentle power, so they shouldn’t cause too many problems for people, but they can stir up something inside you. If this is the case, I suggest you put your tourmaline aside for a day or two until you feel strong enough to wear or hold it again.

Tourmaline goddesses

Once again, black tourmaline has the most famous connection with the spiritual realm of goddesses. Manat, the Arab goddess of faith, and Aradia, the Italian moon goddess, are both revered with black tourmaline.

All tourmaline colored gemstones are also associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Can I help my pet with tourmaline?

Tourmalines, like almost any gemstone, can affect the health and well-being of our pets just as they can affect us. Animals have the same system of chakra points on their bodies as humans, so the right colored tourmaline placed in the right place can be used to help your pet.

A rescue animal will likely feel insecure and anxious when brought into a new home. This feeling of insecurity is associated with the root chakra. In animals, the root chakra is located just above where the tail meets the body. Black, brown or red tourmaline can align the root chakra in a way that will calm your new pet.

I can’t vouch for this product, but I have read about a pet mat that is made from fibers infused with tourmaline. I know about the benefits of tourmaline for us and if you believe the hype, this mat will work wonders for your pet.

(Google “tourmaline pet mat” – we have no connection to the people who sell them and I don’t recommend them, just curious.)

Tourmaline Elixir

Elixirs from precious stones are easy to make. Place the clean gemstone in fresh mineral water and leave it there for an hour or two – in the moonlight to invigorate it a little. Remove the gem and you will have an elixir enhanced with all the powers of your specific crystal.

(Be aware that some gemstones may be dangerous if submerged in water)

The elixir can be sipped cool from the refrigerator, made into an herbal tea, placed in a bath for a relaxing rinse, applied to affected parts of the body, or placed in a mist bottle and diffused throughout a room, office, or entire home.

Consuming this elixir will prevent negative effects, improve sleep and can relieve stress, pain, tension, muscle and joint problems.

Tourmaline and dreams

Dreams about precious stones in general are usually a good omen and a sign of good luck.

In particular, dreams of tourmaline are again associated with the color of tourmaline.

For example, a dream about pink tourmaline may indicate that even after a failed relationship, you will find love again, and this time it will be true love.

Yellow tourmaline in your dreams may indicate that money is coming.

Purple tourmaline is a sign of a long and happy marriage.

Blue tourmaline under the pillow or next to the bed promotes good sleep, insightful dreams and lucid dreaming.

What gemstones go well with tourmaline?

As a general guide, some types of crystals may work well together:

  • Gemstones of similar color
  • Gemstones with the same crystal structure
  • Gems with the same element
  • Gemstones with the same zodiac association
  • Gemstones with the same chakra association
  • Gemstones of the same mineral group

Using this idea, we know that all tourmalines have a trigonal crystal structure, as do quartz and jasper, and they all work very well together.

Red or pink tourmaline pairs beautifully with rose quartz and morganite of the same color to enhance love and romance.

Green tourmaline combined with peridot or aventurine can work wonders on a blocked heart chakra.

Tourmaline and workplace

Tourmaline is the gemstone of opportunity, so it will help you see potential opportunities for a promotion or new job.

Tourmaline helps dispel any negativity and also instills self-confidence in you, which is very important for successful work.

Tourmaline will help you with reconciliation and forgiveness, which can be very helpful in stressful work situations, allowing relationships to continue to grow. This can be useful both at work and in your personal life.

Tourmaline pendulums

Tourmaline is a highly revered shamanic gemstone that is often used in divination, divination, and other rituals for protective purposes. This makes it an ideal gemstone for a pendulum.

Pendulums are a pleasant way to reveal hidden truths about yourself. Hang the crystal on a string or chain or use a gemstone pendant and ask a series of yes or no questions to access your subconscious. The movement of the pendulum reveals the answers.

The added protection provided by black tourmaline, as well as their availability in large sizes at a reasonable price, make them ideal for pendulums.

Tourmaline and EDS

The modern world is full of smartphones, computers, Wi-Fi routers and interactive TVs, and therefore we are exposed to harmful electromagnetic waves.

Luckily, black tourmaline has one of the most powerful protective gemstones in the fight against this electromagnetic pollution. This tourmaline will repel all destructive waves, so a decoration on your table or as a pendant would be an ideal option.

Final Thoughts on Tourmaline

Tourmalines may be the most versatile and versatile gemstone you can get. They come in every color of the rainbow, come in impressive sizes, can be molded into any shape, and are durable enough to withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday life.

One member of the tourmaline family, Paraiba is described as neon, electric, vibrant, shining in dazzling blues and greens, costing over $10 per carat! Another version has clearly separated color zones – pink and dark green at the other end – so-called watermelon tourmalines.

If that wasn’t enough, they also happened to be one of the most powerful and respected spirit crystals in the world. Tourmalines are an energetic gemstone that enhances our life force or chi and helps us discover new horizons – the crystals of explorers, adventurers and explorers.

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