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Can we wear a ruby ​​on our middle finger?

Ruby is a stone of extraordinary beauty, red corundum with high hardness, 8-9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Shades from dark purple to the color of ripe cherry, red-violet, dark burgundy, crimson, it is one of the ten most expensive gems in the world and has powerful energy, protecting its owner, adding strength and vitality. It has been widely used in the jewelry industry for many centuries. In tsarist times, it occupied places of honor on crowns and other attributes of power, and now a rich, bright, faceted crystal, framed in silver and gold, is very attractive and will say a lot about the status and income of the owner. It is important to know everything about ruby: what the gemstone looks like, its meaning and characteristics, so that you can wear it at the right time or not go wrong with a gift for your loved ones.

History of the mineral

Information about him goes deep into antiquity. It was first mentioned in the 6th century BC. For the ancient Romans it was more valuable than diamonds. Gems were also praised in South Asia, where this shade was compared to the color of blood, which is why for the people of the East this crystal became sacred and, according to legend, could cure many diseases. In Burma, the gem was used by sorcerers and healers, using it to foretell the future. In Rus’ they called it a yacht. No magical properties were attributed to it, but it was considered an item of luxury and prosperity, generously decorating the best jewelry with it.

Origin and description of the ruby ​​stone

Jewelry in combination with this mineral has always had value. Ruby accessories are almost the most expensive on the world market. Gems are mined all over the planet, excluding frosty Antarctica. The most valuable specimens are delivered from the island of Sri Lanka, African Kenya, Tanzania and sunny Thailand.

In nature, there are no specimens with the same color, and they are classified solely by composition. The stones glow in all shades of red and have a characteristic strong shine. The best are those in the middle of which you can see a six-pointed star; they are always processed in the form of a cabochon. Matte and opaque options are much cheaper. They are subject to heat treatment and are called refined. For many centuries, alchemists tried in vain to recreate an artificial analogue and soon they succeeded. The first unnatural ruby ​​was made in France in 1904, and today synthetic gems are so similar to real ones that it is almost impossible for the untrained eye to distinguish a fake.

If you want to decorate yourself with such jewelry, relying solely on the aesthetic component, you shouldn’t overpay, you can easily purchase an artificial version; it will shimmer with a crimson-red light no worse than a sample from Kenyan mines or Tanzanian deposits. However, if you plan to invest in this way, then, of course, it is better to purchase natural ones.

Most of the high-quality specimens were mined from spears in Myanmar. Large ones have remained unique for many years and the size of 30-40 carats is a real value. The largest was discovered in India and is a whopping 951 carats.

The most expensive transaction was considered to be the 2015 auction, where the pigeon blood-colored mineral, the most valuable among analogues, weighing 29 carats, went for $30 million. This is the highest dollar sale in the non-diamond jewelry market.

Ruby: what kind of stone is it, its properties

In composition and internal structure it is almost identical to sapphire. Both are considered corundum, and, despite the striking visual difference, they differ only in the element that affects the color – for ruby ​​it is chromium, and for sapphire it is titanium. It is easy to confuse the jewel with red spinel, which differs only in the shape of the crystals and cannot always be seen even under the most powerful microscope.

Hardness is 9 out of 10 possible on the Mohs scale, which makes the gem second in the rating of this characteristic after diamond and makes it possible for its wide use in the jewelry industry.

Another physical property is color purity, which is not easy for corundum to achieve; this is what is considered the basis for pricing each specific specimen – the more transparent it is, the more expensive it is. Crimson representatives contain more chromium than their fiery red counterparts, and such options are an order of magnitude cheaper than exclusive crystals of the color of pigeon blood, violet and purple colors.

The gem has no cleavage, making it often impossible to break or damage it.

Ruby stone – role and meaning in astrology, magical properties and which zodiac sign it suits according to the horoscope

Like all other minerals, it has energy that can make adjustments to various areas of activity, health and emotional state of its owner, so before purchasing, it is important to find out more about it.

Healing characteristics

The healing and healing qualities of corundum have long been known. Ruby powder was included in effective ointments and creams, and water infused with the stone was widely used as an effective therapy for various diseases. Many are skeptical about such information, but the properties of the mineral have been confirmed by modern luminaries of medicine.

The list of diseases for which crystal will help is quite long:

  • Relieves insomnia;
  • Treats bronchial asthma;
  • Used as a prophylactic against impotence;
  • Kills leprosy and scabies;
  • Restores memory;
  • Sharpens hearing;
  • Improves the condition of throat diseases;
  • Normalizes blood pressure;
  • Soothes the nervous system;
  • Treats blood diseases;
  • Has a positive effect on the restoration of vertebral bones;
  • Removes depression;
  • Restores and corrects vision;
  • Helps with exacerbation of epilepsy;
  • Normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

From the above it is clear that red corundum can have a positive effect on all components of the human body, which means it is suitable as a gift for almost any person.

Supernatural properties

In addition to its healing properties, at all times corundum has been used as a powerful source of energy, which helped strong individuals with good intentions and significantly increased the negative traits of cruel, domineering and hypocritical natures. The crystal protects its owner from the evil eye, negative energy, and the evil gaze of envious people. In addition, it is an eternal symbol of love, capable of maintaining the spark in a relationship, prolonging feelings or promoting marriage. It also helps in work and any profession. It makes its owner decisive, purposeful, and leads to achieving goals and victories.

The red mineral represents flame, an endless surge of emotions, sincere love, friendship, strength and courage. Like other gems, it is prescribed only to certain zodiac signs with which it coincides by element; it is to them that it will bring the greatest benefit.

Therefore, before presenting an expensive gift decorated with such an insert, you should carefully study the horoscope to know whose zodiac sign ruby ​​is. Most of all it suits Cancers and Sagittarius.

The crystal helps these representatives of the star horoscope to be decisive and attract the attention of others. Under its influence, stubbornness and pride disappear, loyalty and openness appear. Shy and modest Cancers will be able to find the love of their life and succeed at work.

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