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Can you wear a ruby ​​with a diamond?

Jewelry with rubies has been valued at all times. It is no coincidence that these precious stones were inlaid with ceremonial crowns, rings, and necklaces belonging to noble persons and famous rulers. A variety of items were decorated with stones: dagger hilts, symbols of royal power, amulets and amulets. Today, rings with real rubies are classified as premium jewelry. Rubies go well with silver, as well as red and white gold.

Features and interesting properties of the stone

Ruby is a type of corundum that contains chromium. It is chromium that gives the stone its characteristic scarlet or crimson hue. Color saturation depends on the amount of impurities in the crystal structure. In nature, the stone is found much less frequently than a diamond, and is not inferior in density to it. For this reason, the cost of ruby ​​is quite high – it is included in the list of the most expensive stones. It is believed that a natural ruby: · protects the owner from the evil eye and protects from negative thoughts; · relieves fatigue, stress and helps get rid of depression; · gives self-confidence and strengthens the immune system; · attracts financial wealth, eliminates unreasonable doubts; · shares positive energy with the owner and takes away negative energy. As a rule, rings with rubies are recommended for people with pure thoughts and a sincere heart. A properly selected stone will concentrate positive energy around the owner and give vitality. Ruby is a symbol of love and passion, enhancing faded feelings and bringing lovers closer together. He is valued by strong individuals who are used to making decisions and relying on themselves.

Varieties of ruby

The color of natural stones varies from light lilac to deep red. When exposed to ultraviolet or infrared light at a certain angle, rubies shimmer with visible red light. The characteristics and external features of the stones vary depending on the deposit. There are different types of rubies: 1. Indian – pink. 2. Thai – purple, cherry and brown. 3. Burmese, distinguished by its purity and rare “pigeon’s blood” color. 4. Tanzanian – dark garnet. 5. Madagascar – red.

Signs associated with ruby

· Those who are looking for a soulmate are recommended to wear paired ruby ​​jewelry, for example, earrings or a set – a ring with a pendant. · If you give ruby ​​jewelry to someone, do it with love. It is advisable to present a gift with an open palm and with pleasure, then the stone will bring good luck not only to the future owner, but also to you.

Ring with ruby: nuances of choice

Beautiful ruby ​​jewelry is ideal as a gift for yourself or a loved one. Light stones look ideal in a gold frame, while rich red ones create a spectacular contrast with a silver or platinum frame. Rubies are combined with sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, diamonds and pearls. A ruby ​​ring, chosen as an engagement and wedding ring, symbolizes constancy. In tandem with a diamond, such jewelry has the strongest energy, which will constantly warm up the feelings of the couple. What to consider when choosing a ring: · Age. It is advisable for young ladies to choose jewelry with small inserts, but for older ladies rings with massive stones are suitable. · Type of appearance. Rich red rubies are suitable for girls with warm and cold color types. · Cut. Determines the stone’s ability to refract and reflect color, creating shine. Here it is important to look at the proportions of the ruby, the type of mounting and the design of the jewelry. · Transparency. It does not characterize the quality of the stone, but significantly affects its price. · Size. A properly sized ring will not fall off or cause discomfort when worn. Before choosing a ruby ​​ring, pay attention to the sample. A good option would be jewelry made of 585, 750 gold or 925 silver. The design of the ring should be selected so that it decorates the hand and makes the hand more elegant.

Determining the size correctly

In order not to make a mistake and accurately select the size, you should use a ring gauge – a special device that is available in every jewelry store. If you do not have the opportunity to use such a tool, you can measure your fingers using a strip of paper, rope or lace. · Wrap the thread around your finger so that it fits snugly on all sides, but does not pull on the skin. · Use a pen or marker to mark the intersection points of the pieces of thread/strip of paper. Cut off the excess ends. · Measure the length of the segment in millimeters. Divide the resulting value by 3,14. You can also use the online size calculator on the MIUZ website.

How to distinguish natural stone from imitation

It is quite difficult, but possible, to understand that this is really a ruby, and not, for example, a spinel or garnet, without the help of special equipment and skills. It is important to understand that absolutely transparent gemstones are extremely rare in nature: under multiple magnification, natural inclusions will almost always be noticeable. This suggests that the ruby ​​has not been refined. Therefore, small cracks, stripes – all this indicates the natural origin of the stone. If you place a natural stone on glass, you will notice a pronounced reflection, and at the point of contact with the glass surface, the glow will appear stronger. If possible, view the ruby ​​in natural light. Under direct sunlight, the edges will shine brighter, and the reverse side will look more matte. Rings with large stones of natural origin are sold together with certificates, which indicate information about carat value, origin, purity, and color.

Collections of ruby ​​jewelry

The MIUZ Diamonds chain of jewelry stores offers rings with rubies for every taste. In the online store catalog you will find a range of jewelry for yourself or as a gift. · “Precious Heritage” and “Russian Classics” are ideal for special occasions and celebrations. · “Trilogy” – exquisite rings will complement an evening look and will be a wonderful gift in honor of an engagement or anniversary. · Color brilliance – laconic rings with rubies and diamonds are suitable for everyday occasions. Stay beautiful, please your loved ones with precious gifts. The official website of MIUZ Diamonds provides descriptions of jewelry and characteristics of stones. You can buy all jewelry with delivery throughout Russia. Order a ring with a ruby ​​on the website, and we will deliver the jewelry to the nearest brand store of the Moscow Jewelry Factory.
How to choose a ruby ​​ring How to choose a ring with a ruby ​​Jewelry with rubies has been valued at all times. It is no coincidence that these precious stones were inlaid with ceremonial crowns, rings, and necklaces belonging to noble persons and famous rulers. A variety of stones were used to decorate them. The rich red ruby ​​is one of the precious stones and is on a par with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. It is highly valued due to its special properties such as color, long history and high symbolism. This is the stone of kings and queens, aristocrats and modern celebrities. Rubies are formed under extreme conditions of heat and temperature, making them nearly the strongest of all minerals. The owner of the stone also reflects a similar quality of the stone – courage, confidence and strength. Here we’ll give you even more reasons to love Ruby thanks to the amazing facts that make it so popular.

1. A ruby ​​lasts a lifetime.

The stone is very durable, rating 8,5–10 on the Mohs scale. You will not see scratches and abrasions appear on the stone so easily. In fact, it is ideal to wear every day, even with an active and working lifestyle. The stone is of excellent quality and will stay with you for life. It falls under the gemstone category and is also known as the “king of stones” due to its strong nature.

2. Ruby is very symbolic

History associates the stone with power and wealth, but it also has other important meanings. The ruby ​​was worn as a talisman to remain protected and preserve land and ranks from enemy attacks. Some believed it was a remedy for inflammation and bleeding, and some thought it could give you the joy of life. The brilliant red stone is also considered the gemstone of courage. Influential historical figures wore rubies to ward off bad luck and evil. It still has the same relevance as before.

3. Ruby is a stone of nobility and artists.

Rubies come in many varieties and colors, and depending on this, kings and queens chose the stone for their crowns and jewelry. Queen Elizabeth owns the most iconic Burmese ruby ​​tiara. This tiara with 96 rubies was a wedding gift to her from Burma. It has been worn for many years, and the tiara does not seem to lose its charm. There is also the Imperial State Crown, a symbol of the monarch’s sovereignty from the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. It is decorated with the “Black Prince’s ruby” in the center and 3000 rubies around the perimeter. There are paint colors inspired by ruby, with names like “Ruby Lake Red Oil.” Not only that, but the stone, due to its color, has also served as an inspiration for many abstract arts.

4. Ruby is an investment

Like diamonds, rubies are durable enough to be worn every day. Their rarity and durability make them as expensive as diamonds. But every penny spent on rubies is worth it, since over the years they do not lose their appearance and value. They can stay with you for life and, what’s more, they can be passed on to the next generation. We see that rubies belonging to members of the royal family look as amazing as they did many years ago. Their irresistible charm and tenacity make them favorites of all kinds of people. There is nothing wrong with spending money on quality ruby ​​jewelry.

5. Ruby is attractive

The chromium oxide present inside the stone gives it a bright red color. Rubies are attractive due to their rich red fluorescent color, although they come in different shades and tones of red from deep red to rosy red. They also have a special luminous property. When exposed to sunlight, ultraviolet rays cause the chromium inside the ruby ​​to glow. Burmese rubies come in a “pigeon’s blood” color and are the most luminous, making them the most famous. Their impressive red color sets them apart from all other stones. Wherever you take a ruby, it is sure to attract attention and recognition. It is unlikely that anyone can avoid its color.

6. Ruby is the most powerful of all stones

In Sanskrit texts, rubies are described as “Ratnaraj” – the king of precious stones. The Persian sage al-Biruni wrote that the ruby ​​ranks “first in color, beauty and rank” among all precious stones. The stone is named after the Latin word “rubens” which means “red” and signifies courage and passion. It is the hardest of all colored gemstones, equal in hardness to diamond. Its bright color makes it the most expensive per carat compared to other stones. They are the most expensive, the hardest and the rarest.

7. Imperfections make a ruby ​​more beautiful.

Imperfections are not welcomed with open arms in the jewelry industry, but it’s hard to find rubies without inclusions. But, unlike other stones, inclusions tend to enhance the beauty of this stone, giving it a velvety appearance. If there were no rutile needles in the ruby, one could suspect a fake or synthetic material. Thus, imperfections only improve its appearance.

8. Ruby is a unique fashion choice

Women usually choose diamond jewelry for special occasions. However, not everyone likes to follow the herd; rather, some choose to remain true to their preferences and individuality. Thus, the use of rubies definitely reflects a unique choice that you can never go wrong with. His bright and charming personality will bring a lot of appreciation to his owner.

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So now you know why your jewelry collection seems incomplete without ruby ​​jewelry. The King of Gems is a must. And if you already have one, take pride in this step and continue investing in the ruby ​​jewelry you love the most. To make your job easier, we have brought some exquisite rubies from our collection.

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