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RHINESTONE is a transparent, colorless variety of quartz. It is so pure and perfect that our ancestors considered rock crystal to be petrified ice. This version was supported by another property of crystal – even in the hottest weather it remains cool to the touch. English name: Rock crystal, mountain crystal Other names (synonyms): Colorless quartz, dragomite, crystal, Horace diamond, Isle of Wight diamond, Alecon diamond, Arabian diamond, Arkansas diamond, Buxton diamond, Buff diamond, Bohemian diamond, Bornholm diamond, Brazilian diamond, Brighton diamond, Hawaiian diamond, rock crystal, Dauphinaean diamond, Western diamond, Irish diamond, false diamond, German diamond, unripe diamond, Paphos diamond, Pecos diamond, Rhine diamond, Siberian diamond, Tasmanian diamond, Trenton diamond, Washshire diamond, Schaumburg diamond, diamond Stahlberg or Stolberg, alaska diamond, alencon diamond, berg-crystal (bergkristall), vallum diamond First isolated and described: Rock crystal has been known to mankind since ancient times. Origin of the name: The name rock crystal comes from the Greek word for ice due to its resemblance to ice and the fact that it was found in mountains. It was believed that this was ice frozen in the form of rock crystal forever. New items with Rock crystal in the product catalog Products with Rock Crystal are presented in the following categories:

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  • class Oxides (oxides, hydroxides, V [5,6] vanadates, arsenites, antimonites, bismuthites, sulfites, selenites, tellurites, iodates)
    • subclass Oxides (oxides) of metals
      • Silica family
        • mineral Quartz
          • variety of rock crystal
            • variety Hairy

            Hairy (quartz-hairy, arrows of Cupid, hair of Venus) – rock crystal with inclusions of needle-shaped or waxy crystals of rutile, actinolite, goethite, scherl (black tourmaline) Herkimer diamond.

            Syngony: Trigonal
            Composition (formula): SiO2
            Color: Colorless
            Trait Color: White
            Transparency: Transparent
            Cleavage: Very imperfect (absent)
            Fracture: Conchoidal
            Luster: Glass
            Hardness: 7
            Density (specific gravity), g/cm3: 2,65
            Brittleness: Brittle

            Special Properties: Broken rock crystals may have razor-sharp edges that can easily cut you. Handle with care.

            Rock crystal crystallizes in the form of long and short prismatic, needle-shaped, bipyramidal and tabular crystals. Forms crystal intergrowths, twins, crystal brushes, druses, geodes.

            Rock crystal is found mainly in hydrothermal veins. The formation of large crystals is associated with crystal-bearing veins of the “Alpine type”. Finds of rock crystal crystals weighing several tons are known.
            Rock crystal is also formed in miarolite voids of pegmatite veins and in contact-metamorphic deposits of various types.
            Rock crystal is widespread in sedimentary rocks. Here they are found mainly among carbonate strata (limestones, dolomites) and form small crystals, crystal brushes on the walls of cracks and geodes.

            Rock crystal is used in radio engineering, optics, and in the manufacture of high-frequency acoustic devices. Crystals larger than 3-5 cm in size are of practical importance. But today, rock crystal is most in demand in the manufacture of souvenirs, various magical paraphernalia and jewelry. Gems look especially beautiful when set in natural precious minerals. Large crystals and druses of rock crystal are beautiful souvenirs and valuable collection material. The price of rock crystal can be very different, depending on the size, purity and safety of the crystals of this gem.

            According to lithotherapists, rock crystal is an excellent remedy for diseases of the heart, stomach and eyes, promotes good functioning of the spinal cord and brain, helps with coronary artery disease, varicose veins and respiratory diseases.
            Rock crystal crystals stabilize a person’s spiritual and physical strength, are able to heal the nervous system and improve psychological well-being. They help relieve headaches, cope with stress, reduce fever, frees thoughts, relieves anxiety, tension, and relieves nightmares.
            Wearing this stone on the wrist regulates blood flow, preventing blood clots from forming. Worn as a necklace, rock crystal increases the milk supply of a nursing mother. When worn on the right side of the abdomen, this mineral improves the activity of the gallbladder, regulating it in accordance with health needs.
            In Indian and Tibetan medicine, rock crystal plays a leading role. In modern Tibet, healers treat wounds by applying crystal balls to them in such a way that the sun’s rays reach the affected area through the stone. Rock crystal crystals can destroy viruses and bacteria that have entered open wounds, promote rapid regeneration of damaged tissue, and have a cooling and healing effect. Modern scientists have discovered the secret of this miraculous healing – when passing through a rock crystal crystal, ultraviolet rays kill bacteria, which contributes to a speedy healing.
            In Chinese practices, crystal balls are used for massage, and small sharp crystals are used to stimulate biologically active points of the human body.
            Rock crystal affects the Sahasrara chakra. It is also used to cleanse and activate all lower chakras.
            Rock crystals can be worn by everyone without exception.

            Rock crystal is a symbol of purity, perfection, modesty and fidelity. According to ancient beliefs, it cleanses the body and thoughts, and helps remove toxins from the body.
            Rock crystal is a stone of clairvoyants. Its connection with clairvoyance is explained by the fact that it represents the purest variety of quartz, which makes up a significant part of the Earth’s surface, which senses space and the astral world. It was believed that if a clairvoyant looked at a rock crystal crystal for a long time, he would see pictures of the past or future in it and could find out the answer to questions of interest. Apparently, focusing on the crystal irritated the optic nerve and led to hallucinations in people with hypersensitivity. These hallucinations were interpreted as prophecy.
            Rock crystal is of particular importance for fortune telling. Skilled fortune tellers read pictures of the past and future in crystals and especially in well-carved rock crystal balls. To do this, they are installed in a dark room so that a ray of light falls on it, and they look at it for a long time without blinking, concentrating on the desire to see a certain object in it. Sometimes for this purpose they use a crystal ball and a bead on a silk thread, watching it sway.
            Rock crystal is great for long-term meditations designed to harmonize a person’s feelings and inner worldview. Rock crystal promotes concentration, sharpening thought processes, expanding consciousness, strengthening memory and improving speech, so it is very good for students. It is worth buying rock crystal crystals for all those who would like to develop the gift of clairvoyance and intuition.
            Pendants, bracelets and pendants made of rock crystal accumulate positive energy and protect their owner from the evil eye and damage.
            An amulet made of rock crystal relieves a person from the danger of freezing in severe frosts or getting heatstroke in hot weather. As a talisman, rock crystals strengthen constancy, attract love, joy of life, sympathy of other people, luck, spiritual comfort and well-being to the owner. Rock crystal helps get rid of nightmares, insomnia and unreasonable fears.
            It is believed that the energy of rock crystal is easily adjusted to the frequency of human vibrations, regulates and stabilizes them. Tibetan lamas use crystal balls to open the “third eye”; they call rock crystal crystals “living”, since their six faces symbolize the six chakras of a person, converging to the top – the seventh chakra, which is directed upward into the Cosmos.

            In the art of Feng Shui, rock crystal is treated as a unique gem. It is recommended to place a rock crystal druse indoors in any sector. She is able to collect the negativity that accumulates in the room, thus relieving tension from those present. In the marriage sector (southwest), the rock crystal druse promotes intuitive communication. It is also recommended to place it in the sector of knowledge and intelligence (in the northeast), in the sector of career and business success (in the north). To create a romantic atmosphere in the house, it is recommended to place a rock crystal ball in the southwestern part of the apartment.

            Interesting Facts

            According to the legends of ancient people, rock crystal is nothing more than petrified ice that has absorbed all the power of the magic of Heaven and Earth.

            Until the end of the 18th century, the names quartz, crystal and rock crystal were considered synonymous.

            Despite the rather bizarre rhombohedral head of the mineral, the underlying chemical formula is extremely simple – silicon oxide.

            Rock crystal is not only beautiful, but also a very useful mineral!

            In the world, rock crystal is also known under a number of other names, including: Dragomit , Crystal , Colorless quartz etc.

            The official classification defines a whole list of its varieties, perhaps the most famous among which is hairy – a crystal with additional inclusions rutile , tourmaline , goethite etc.

            The pronounced healing and magical properties of rock crystal have given the mineral worldwide fame and a wide range of applications, along with jewelry, lithotherapy and magic.

            Rock crystal jewelry has a beneficial effect on the owner

            Medicinal properties

            It is known that the mineral copes well with the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and stomach, ensures the normal functioning of the organs of vision, spinal cord and brain, and promotes healing in coronary heart disease, varicose veins and respiratory diseases.

            Rock crystal strives to stabilize and harmonize the spiritual and physical components of each person, thereby relieving headaches, helping to overcome stressful conditions and even reduce high fever.

            It is known that wearing the mineral on the wrist has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, thereby allowing it to regulate blood pressure.

            Experts recommend that nursing mothers wear and use rock crystal as a necklace, since in this case the crystal can increase milk secretion.

            If the keeper of the stone is struggling with gallbladder diseases, it is recommended to place the mineral on the appropriate area for healing effects.

            Rock crystal will try to regulate its activity so that it fully meets the needs and requirements of the body.

            One of the leading roles is traditionally assigned to rock crystal by specialists of Indian and Tibetan medicine, who use the mineral in the form of crystal balls to treat various wounds, so that the sun’s rays fall on the affected area.

            Chinese specialists have found wide application for rock crystal in the field of massage, using balls and even sharp small crystals to influence biologically active points of the human body.

            Today it is known for certain that rock crystal crystals transmit ultraviolet radiation, which has an antibacterial effect, which, when treating wounds, contributes to their speedy healing.

            Rock crystal figurines enhance its influence

            Magical properties

            Since ancient times, it has been generally accepted that the magical properties of rock crystal, enclosed in a special talisman, are capable of attracting love, attention and sympathy from others to its keeper.

            The mineral helps to establish constancy in various areas, inspires optimism in a person, and with it good luck, a feeling of inner spiritual harmony and comfort.

            Rock crystal helps fight sleep disorders, helps get rid of obsessive and causeless fears, phobias and nightmares. It is known that the stone promotes deep internal cleansing of the human spirit and body, removing accumulated waste and toxins from the body.

            In addition, according to one of the old beliefs, a rock crystal amulet can protect its owner from the danger of freezing even in the most severe frost or, on the contrary, getting heatstroke in the terrible heat.

            The mineral allows you to better focus your attention, at the same time it strengthens memory, gives speech conciseness and expressiveness, which is especially valuable for students.

            Rock crystal helps to establish a spiritual connection with a person

            Experts are convinced that the stone is able to independently adapt to each individual person, his special vibrations, which he subsequently stabilizes and brings into a harmonious state.

            The six faces of a rock crystal symbolize, according to the Tibetan lamas, the six chakras of the human body, which are directed to the top – the seventh chakra, directed into outer space.

            Rock crystal is also widely used in magical rituals, as a clairvoyant stone that can reveal the past and future to experienced fortune-tellers.

            For this purpose, the mineral is usually placed in a dark room, however, in such a way that a ray of light falls directly on it in order to illuminate the rock crystal itself.

            Do you want to try the properties of rock crystal in person?

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