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Can you wear Swarovski every day?

Crystals do not like to be touched with fingers. This leaves barely noticeable traces that become covered with dust. If they are not wiped in time, the products will become dull. Swarovski stones should be wiped with microfiber, flannel cloth or crystal cleaning cloth. The main thing is that the material does not contain fibers. They will only cling to jewelry and leave behind unwanted marks.

Wash jewelry with a solution of liquid crystal soap. Apply it to a small soft brush and gently, without pressing, clean the product. The decoration then requires a quick rinse under running water. It should be dried by carefully wrapping it in a towel and blotting it.

Products with closely spaced crystals are the most difficult to clean, but this should be done more often than with models of other designs. Rings or necklaces can simply be rinsed under warm water and quickly wiped dry with a soft cloth. Caring for gold-plated or rhodium-plated Swarovskis involves wiping the products if necessary.

Some Swarovski crystals have a special coating, which gives them a mirror-like shine. They should also be cleaned with a flannel cloth or microfiber cloth, but very delicately. Blow off any dust from the surface first, as quartz particles may remain on the stones. They are very small, but can seriously damage the surface of the crystals if you immediately start rubbing the jewelry.

Crystals coated with AB color are characterized by rainbow colors. Their peculiarity is that they have a mirror base on the reverse side. Its damage is reflected in the appearance of the front part of the crystal. If you purchased such jewelry, use regular clear varnish and cover the mirror side with it. This way you will preserve the beauty of the product for a long time.

Proper care of Swarovski crystals is a completely simple, but regular procedure. If you want your crystals to continue to shine like diamonds, you should occasionally give them time, carefully wipe and wash them, and take them to a jeweler for inspection. For treating them with care, the jewelry will reward you with a unique and mesmerizing shimmer.

Designers and Hollywood stars admit their love for Swarovski – crystals have long surpassed the status of “perfect imitation of diamonds” and have become an independent jewelry masterpiece.

Swarovski products are valued by the largest fashion houses and world-famous stars. And if you like to be the center of attention, then jewelry with magic crystals is what you need.


Who are Swarovski crystals suitable for?

Jewelry crystals are an invention of the Austrian Daniel Swarovski. At the end of the 19th century, he created the world’s first electric machine for cutting rock crystal. Before this, stones were polished by hand. The rock crystal processed using the machine looked and shone like a real diamond, and the speed of work made it possible to put production on stream. The Austrian named the shining crystals after himself – Swarovski.

Fashion houses were the first to appreciate the new product and began to use it to make jewelry and decorate dresses. The Swarovski brand quickly became popular in the jewelry world. Now crystals are not produced from natural crystal – they contain more than 70 components, most of which are classified and are the brand’s know-how. Jewelry with crystals is chosen by A-list stars: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez. In fact, jewelry from Swarovski will turn every girl into a star. It is simply impossible to go unnoticed while wearing a sparkling pendant or earrings.

How to distinguish natural crystals from fakes?

One of the features of crystals is their fantastic shine. It is obtained through special processing of the stone. To enhance the shine, a special silver composition is applied to its inner side – the so-called mirror substrate, which creates a unique play of light.

The brand’s crystals are distinguished by perfectly polished edges, without any defects – chips or clouding. The quality of workmanship allows you to distinguish the original crystal from a fake. Another factor is price. Jewelry from Swarovski, although cheaper than precious stones, is still more expensive than regular jewelry.

True, a well-made glass fake can be very similar to the original. Therefore, we recommend buying accessories with Swarovski crystals in trusted stores – official partners of the brand.

Which crystals to choose?

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Swarovski comes in clear and colored ones. The palette is varied. You will find delicate shades like mint or peach, and rich pure colors: scarlet, blue, green.

Accessories with transparent rhinestones are ideal for every day. Stud earrings or a small pendant will be appropriate everywhere – from the office to a date. If you want to emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes, choose earrings with crystal that match your eye color. They are also suitable as decoration for going out.

Colored crystals will be an alternative to jewelry with precious stones – rubies, emeralds or sapphires. But if you are advised to choose gems based on your horoscope, then Swarovski stones are suitable for all zodiac signs without exception.

How to care and store?

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To ensure that your crystals retain their luxurious shine for a long time, follow simple rules for caring for them. Avoid exposure to moisture: it quickly dulls the stones. Remove jewelry when washing dishes or showering. Swimming with them in the sea or in the pool is also not worth it.

Put on accessories after applying makeup and perfume. Regularly contacting stones with cosmetics, perfumes or eau de toilette is not good for them. After wearing, it is advisable to wipe the crystals with a special napkin designed for caring for jewelry. Well, the ideal “home” for accessories with Swarovski crystals would be a closed box with soft fabric inside.

What trends to combine with?

Victorian style. Voluminous sleeves, stand-up collars, jabots, flounces – the Victorian style, which came into fashion in 2019, is not losing ground in the spring-summer 2020 season. He dictates his own rules for jewelry – status, refined, sophisticated, with interesting details that you want to look at.

Lace. Lovers of delicate textures are looking forward to the warmth – because this season, fashion houses are relying on feminine lace outfits. Such openwork dresses, blouses and tops in pastel colors go perfectly with elegant jewelry made of transparent crystals.

Alena Yarkova

February 6 2020


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