Винокурня «Саузерн Тиер» (Southern Tier Distilling)

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Место Категория: Место Ключевые слова: Бурбон, виски, Водка и джин

  • Винокурня «Саузерн Тиер» производит небольшие партии крафтовых дистиллятов по самым высоким стандартам качества. Мы вкладываем в наши напитки не только время, но и качественное сырьё, а также страсть к нашему делу. Мы гордимся тем, что используем в своей работе только самые качественные ингредиенты местного производства. Когда вы берёте в руки бутылку напитка с винокурни «Саузерн Тиер» вам гарантировано максимально возможное качество продукта.

    Наша винокурня производит следующие напитки:

    2x Hopped, Hop Flavored Whiskey – Этот виски стал возможен благодаря тому, что наша винокурня производит не только дистилляты, но и пиво. Мы поженили пиво и виски, использовав охмеленное сусло, сухой хмель и сделали дистиллят с уникальным ароматом.

    American Whiskey – Some people believe the Southern Tier is still the frontier, and they aren’t wrong. Our American Whiskey starts with New York State corn. To age it, we use hand-charred, locally grown and milled white oak staves. We then finish it in whiskey barrels that have been aged with maple syrup in the spirit of true pioneers.

    Bourbon Whiskey – Beautiful vanilla and leather-scented, deep golden brown bourbon. Smooth caramel and oak, lingering like the last light of day on the waters of nearby Lake Chautaqua. We love our bourbon and we bet you will too. Perfectly aged in air-fried Canton Spirit white oak barrels with a #4 char.

    Citrus Gin – This is gin. Not flavored neutral spirits, but real gin—for true appreciators of gin, made with 100% New York wheat and big citrus notes born from vapor-infused botanicals. It starts out with an intense juniper and coriander nose, and then gives way to hints of pine and orange.

    Corn Whiskey – Some would call this white lightning, and they wouldn’t be completely wrong. But we don’t. We want to give the corn credit, because the 100% New York State corn we use gives this whiskey such a perfect profile. Our corn whiskey is gluten-free and has a fresh popcorn nose and a smooth buttery finish.

    London Dry Gin – A proper gin, with a nose of intense juniper and subtle notes of fresh orange and coriander. Pine forward on the palate with a slight spice and a pleasant, lingering, dry after taste from a botanical recipe that includes coriander, angelica root, grains of paradise, cardamom and anise.

    Maple Aged Spirits – Here’s the beauty of taking a classic Carribbean liquor recipe and reinterpreting it to reflect the spirit and place of where it’s distilled. You create something that tips its hat to the past but doesn’t live there. And this lively spirit, made with blackstrap molasses and local maple syrup then finished in bourbon barrels for a sweet maple and vanilla taste profile definitely captures the here and now.

    Rye Whiskey – Rye never became trendy in Western New York. It’s always been beloved here. We start with New York State corn and rye and then age this whiskey in open-air-seasoned Canton Spirit white oak barrels with a #4 char. The result is a smooth butterscotch and oak flavor with a spicy, pepper nose and a classic NY rye peppery finish.

    Smoked Bourbon Whiskey – Beautiful vanilla and leather-scented, deep golden brown bourbon. Smooth caramel and oak, lingering like the last light of day on the waters of nearby Lake Chautauqua. We love our bourbon and we bet you will too. Perfectly aged in air-dried Canton Spirit white oak barrels with a #4 char.

    Vodka – This is vodka born from the land it calls home. Made from 100% New York State wheat and filtered to create smooth, clean spirit, this vodka still remembers when glaciers filled the valley here, which is one of the reasons it’s so good on ice.

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    The Southern Tier Distilling Company Story

    In 2015, over a few pints of Southern Tier beer, we had an idea. (Truth be told, it’s a place where lots of our great ideas begin). What if we took the same hard work, craft attitude and innovative thinking that helped us grow our brewery, and applied it to a distillery? Not by carting off to Kentucky, but by raising a distillery right next door to our brewery in the woods of Lakewood, NY. We would source local materials. Experiment with recipes that shared some of our time-honored brewing traditions. And create a sister company offering craft spirits.

    With the Distillery being housed where the original Southern Tier Brewery was our history runs deep within our walls. Our small batch spirits are unparalleled and held to the highest of standards. Why? Because it’s not just the time we put into our spirits that makes us unique, it’s the raw material, the passion, and the thought as well. Committed to being a farm to glass distillery, we pride ourselves in using nothing but the best, local ingredients in our spirits. When you pick up a bottle of Southern Tier (if you can pick just one) you’re guaranteed to receive the finest product we make until the very last drop. We proudly distill with over 90% of our ingredients coming from New York, earning us a New York State Farm Distiller’s license.