Therapeutic properties

Do gemstones retain their value?

Throughout human history, it has been believed that the greatness of a family is its jewelry heritage – something that will be passed on from generation to generation, not only maintaining its value, but also increasing it. After all, precious stones are forever. This is what was and will be. This is something that is always with you and something that you can easily transport with you from one point of the world to another. That is why wealthy people around the world always (and especially during economic crises) make financial investments in large precious stones with certificates. But in order to properly preserve your savings in the equivalent of precious stones, you need to consult a gemologist and, what is important, a gemologist with a European education who has knowledge about the world market. And since the market is constantly changing and a large number of synthetic stones appear on it, it is important that the gemologist not only knows about everything in theory, but also works in the market. Irina Omelchenko began her journey as a gemologist back in 2008 with courses at the State Gemological Center of Ukraine. Having received accreditation as a gemologist in Ukraine, she decided to move on. After which there was a course of study at institutes in Belgium, Switzerland and again in Belgium. Today Irina works in the global gemstone market, having 10 years of experience and using the knowledge gained in practice. If you have a request to find a diamond, Irina will be able to find the necessary stone for you: any shape and size, with a corresponding certificate. Irina will not only find, but will also tell you about everything that is written in the certificate for the stone, because it is important not just to have a certificate, it is important to understand what is written in it, to know for which gemstone a certificate from which institute should be and whether investment stone is attractive. STABLE INVESTMENT In 2015, I received a diploma and the title of gemologist from the HRD Antwerp Institute (Belgium), which is awarded after completing several courses and passing exams on diamonds and colored gemstones. In January 2017, a course was completed at the HRD Institute in the direction of “sapphires, rubies, emeralds”. In 2013, I completed a similar course at the Swiss institute SSEF! The difference was that in Switzerland we were taught to understand the quality of precious stones, and in Belgium we were taught to distinguish natural stones from artificially grown and refined stones. The market is changing and there is a need for new knowledge that can only be obtained in Europe. The only constant is that in both institutes, each course began with the words of the teachers: “Large precious stones are an investment!” When it comes to diamonds and investing in diamonds, it is first important to understand whether you are being offered a natural, HPHT (enhanced) or synthetic diamond? GEM AND CERTIFICATE Today, everyone in the gemstone market understands that buyers have become more literate and are asking about certificates. And all sellers (or almost all) will show you the certificates that are attached (or supposedly attached) to the stones. But where is the guarantee that the stone that was sold to you and the stone in the certificate are the same stone? A gemologist will help you find the answer; he will take a magnifying glass, look at your stone and tell you everything about it. In my practice, there are increasingly cases where the stones are the same, but the certificates for them are completely different! When you purchase a diamond as an investment, your stone must be placed in a hermetically sealed plastic box and the package must have the same number as the certificate number. Sometimes people sell stones to each other based on the fact that the number on the certificate is laser engraved on the girdle of the stone. In Belgium they say that you should not believe this. Nowadays there are many fakes. It’s so easy to wipe it off and reapply the inscription on the girdle. Therefore, buy diamonds in the institute’s original packaging with a certificate. Your gemologist should advise you whether it is worth buying this or that stone. BUY IN ONE CLICK Today, in the era of the development of the Internet and social networks, many are trying to sell gems and jewelry through websites and pages on social networks. Look how simple it is: I registered a page and wrote “Direct deliveries from the Israeli exchange.” By the way, very often such sellers make replicas (copies) of stones and jewelry to order. As loud slogans say, “buy in one click” is fast and convenient, with which one cannot but agree! But you can buy jewelry or a stone through the website only if the store (in addition to the website) has a retail network, which means the goods are in stock, and if you are sure that the goods are selected by a gemologist in this store. Only in the case when your seller has the product in stock and, for example, there is a sapphire of 3 ct oval cut or a sapphire of 4.20 ct – cushion cut, and you want a pear cut sapphire – size 3,90 ct, you can buy it to order. Your seller must have a store and goods in stock so that you can be sure that your seller is a professional. KNOW THE PLACE Returning to the phrase “we work directly with the Israeli exchange.” It is important to know that if you need a diamond, then you need to look for it not in Israel, but in the market of Antwerp (Belgium), the USA or in Hong Kong, that is, either where diamonds are cut and auctions are held, or in the largest metropolises of the world, where cash flows are concentrated. If you need a ruby ​​or sapphire, then you need to look for it in Bangkok – from companies that directly buy raw materials in the rock and then cut the stones themselves. This means that there is no need to buy rubies from a seller who “deals directly” with the Israeli exchange. The Israeli exchange is not a direct supplier of rubies or sapphires, which means you are not saving, you are overpaying for stones that often do not correspond to the stated or written characteristics. If you want to buy an emerald, then you need to look for it in Zambia or Colombia, but the latter are always represented on the Asian market. FRIEND OR ENEMY If you want to buy a gemstone or jewelry, do not buy from friends who do not have a gemology background. I have always said and will continue to say that you need to buy from professionals! Friendship is friendship. And now we are talking about an investment where you cannot risk either finances or friendships. Today everyone wants to buy cheaper. So, prices for diamonds are fixed and linked to the wholesale price list – Rapaport Diamond Report. It is the oldest and most famous diamond price indicator in the world and was created for market professionals. It is the basis for most transactions involving diamonds and rough diamonds. And in this case it simply cannot be cheaper. It all depends on the parameters of your diamond – a combination of size, cut shape, cutting parameters and a combination of all the characteristics of the stone. If they offer you cheaper, beware of deception! Sometimes diamonds are given as repayment of a debt. Since 2014, I have encountered similar situations more than once. Before you take a gemstone offered to you, find out its real value from a professional! BUSINESS TIME, FUN HOUR Wherever you go, be it Europe, America, Asia, Australia, or any corner of the world, never buy precious stones and jewelry as a tourist. I have told more than once that even in Antwerp (Belgium), seemingly in a city where there should be no deception, I found a store that sold colored diamonds, the color of which was obtained synthetically, thanks to the HTHP process. You should not buy such stones! Of course, Russian was spoken in this store. The store was created for Russian-speaking tourists from the post-Soviet space. Of course, not a single European will agree to deceive in this matter. If you come to Thailand on vacation, you will definitely be offered to visit a jewelry store. But remember, when you buy jewelry or a stone while traveling, you are simply buying a piece of memory. We are not talking about investment here. Believe me, it is not enough to come to Zambia and buy an emerald there. And we have heard a lot about jewelry stores in Turkey and the ability of the Turks to pass off copies as originals. You need to understand which stone is worth buying and which is not! This is knowledge that is acquired over many years and supported by professional experience. HIGH TECHNOLOGY OF BIG DECEPTION Today, in the era of high technology, diamonds can be artificially grown – HTHP and they have nothing to do with natural diamonds. And their cost is very low. And diamonds can be synthetic (that is, grown in machines), or they can be natural, but treated. Therefore, in order not to be deceived, do not let yourself be deceived. Don’t look for cheaper, look for a professional you can trust. FORM OR CONTENT? If you have a dream and want to own a gemstone from the perspective of preserving your finances, I will find any gemstone for you – according to your individual request. And if you want to create jewelry with this precious stone according to your individual design, our partners – famous jewelry houses will help you with this. This way you will receive the best stone and exclusive jewelry made in Italy! Luxury brands Graff, Harry Winston, Chaumet are the same jewelry houses. And believe in our experience, an emerald from Graff will not be valued higher than an emerald found for you on an individual order by a gemologist. In collections with large precious stones, the value is the stone itself (provided that it has a certificate and the certificate corresponds to it)! It is your right to buy a Graff ring with 5 ct and pay $500, or buy a separate stone and have an exclusive piece of jewelry made in Italy, which will cost 000-2 times cheaper. After all, the cost of any jewelry depends on the quantity and quality of precious stones in it. My advice to you is that if you want jewelry with a big name, buy designer jewelry rather than large gemstones. If you want big gems, don’t look for them among the big names. Although I can only express my opinion – the choice is always yours! And in conclusion, I would like to recall the lines from the book “Atlas Shrugged”: “She opened the box and in incredible amazement looked at the pendant of a large pear-shaped ruby, throwing bright sparks on the white satin of the jewelry box. Only a few people in the whole world could own the famous stone, but Hank was not one of the chosen ones.
– Hank, why?
– There is no special reason. I just want to see you wear it.
“Do you think a man should give jewelry to his beloved for something other than his own pleasure?” – he asked. “I want you to wear it just for me.” I like to look at him. He is beautiful. » Own something unique! Treat your finances correctly. Choose the best and always remember that precious stones set by the hands of Italian craftsmen into wonderful works of jewelry are eternal values! This is a strong connection between generations! These are your family heirlooms! If you are interested in knowing how natural stones differ from synthetic ones, what kind of precious stones there are and how they differ from each other. If you want to know all the trends in the development of the jewelry market, subscribe to my page on facebook and Instagram! When buying new earrings or receiving a ring as a gift, it’s nice to know that our jewelry with stones are direct descendants of ancient magical amulets. The object world has always had a special aura for a person: jewelry symbolized power, wealth, status, just as now smartphones, clothes and cars signal about social status and income level. In the past, accessories were endowed with special meanings, because people interpreted literally every phenomenon through the prism of magic and religion. Science has changed our picture of the world, but has not completely destroyed magical thinking. We figure out why we like everything shiny so much and find out what scientists and astrologers say about the properties of stones in order to fully understand (or not believe) in their magic.

Why do we even love stones?

Jewelry has helped us evolve

The 19th-century British archaeologist Archibald Campbell Carlyle said of primitive man: “The first spiritual desire of the barbarian is ornament.” He believed that it was precious stones that became a sign of our transition from the animal kingdom. They represent humanity’s desire to capture and appreciate beauty: the easiest way to do this is by decorating ourselves. The oldest gemstone mined by man is lapis lazuli, a dark blue rock used by people living in the area of ​​modern Afghanistan during the Neolithic period.

Stones remind us of nature

We “spied” all the magical properties of jewelry in the world around us. All the most popular precious stones to this day are historically associated with the aesthetic and spiritual properties of those natural phenomena and objects that their color recalls. Blue sapphire is reminiscent of the sky, therefore it is associated with all “heavenly” phenomena: dreams, prayers, spirituality, insight. The red ruby ​​is reminiscent of the color of blood: warriors of ancient India literally implanted stones into their skin to become invulnerable. Cleopatra gave visiting dignitaries large emeralds with her own image on them, as this gemstone was associated with youth and fertility. It was also believed that emerald heals eye diseases and soothes vision – all the greenery in the world, which is reborn every spring, has the same properties.
Three most famous gems

We just love everything shiny

For one simple reason: the shine of the stone surface reminds us of water, and water is life. In a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, researchers blindfolded participants and asked them to touch an image of a landscape. They were then asked to guess how much water was in the picture. Those who touched glossy surfaces assumed there was more water. For the same reasons, we like glitter, lip gloss, polished wood, and so on. Precious stones also contain a lot of contradictions, both physical and spiritual: they are both transparent and have color, hard and brittle, cold in themselves and warm if they are warmed by the human body. They are also infinitely valuable and at the same time they can be found by chance, like a pearl in a mollusk shell. And this is intriguing. The largest pearl in the world weighs 34 kg. The fisherman who found it kept the pearl under his bed for more than 10 years, unaware of its value.

Stones and magic

Ancient healers, philosophers, even church leaders and saints: everyone had an opinion about the healing properties of stones. At the same time, shamans spoke about magic, and Christian philosophers spoke about “heavenly virtues” hidden in stones. St. Albert, for example, at the end of the 1th century advised wearing diamonds on the left side of the body to protect against madness, wild animals and poison. The natural hardness of diamond has always been associated with protection; it was believed that it drives away evil spirits, increases physical strength, and heals the sick. Many practitioners consider semi-precious stones even more magical: they are less processed and retain natural energy better. These properties can be used in different ways: 2. Lithotherapy involves stone massage to activate the energy centers of the human body. 3. Feng Shui recommends placing minerals at certain points in living spaces to block the flow of negative energy and enhance positive energy. Another direction of feng shui technique recommends drinking water charged with certain stones. XNUMX. Magic teaches that you can make an amulet out of a stone by “making friends” with it. To do this, the mineral is purified in salted water, charged with its own positive energy, squeezed in the hand and always carried with you.

Stones and horoscope

It would seem, where are the stones and where are the stars? Astrologers have an explanation: many minerals could well have fallen to Earth along with meteorites, and even if this is not the case, their energy is connected with the energies of the planets. For example, the sun gives magical properties to warm-colored stones with an internal glow: amber, topaz, aventurine, carnelian. And the Moon carries the energy of mystery, variability, doubt and therefore is associated with cold silvery and iridescent stones: pearls, moonstone, opal. Astrologers believe that the positive properties of natural stones are most clearly manifested in relation to a person born under a certain zodiac sign. Each of the signs belongs to 1 of 4 elements – Water, Air, Earth or Fire. Thus, clear crystal is useful for Gemini from the Air element, and blue turquoise goes better with the Water element, which is Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. But these are only general rules: many astrologers agree that the energy of stones is individual and you should choose those minerals to which you are literally drawn, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Magic amulets made of semi-precious stones found in excavations in Pompeii after the volcanic eruption. If we assume that what you believe in works, then here are the stones you should pay special attention to: Agate develops insight, brings harmony and tranquility to the home. Aquamarine helps lonely people find friends or a loved one, and is effective against motion sickness in transport. Pomegranate gives strength and courage, fills with enthusiasm, and leads to victory. Rose quartz helps you get married successfully. Relieves emotional stress, heals old grievances, increases self-esteem. Lapis lazuli helps in self-realization, attracts success and prosperity, good friends. Moonstone promotes the development of intuition and creative imagination, smoothes out conflicts. Jade promotes personal development, helps you focus and achieve what you want. Opal restores strength, imparts attractiveness, and attracts financial success. Carnelian promotes eloquence and improves memory. Protects against all dangers, including premature death. Chrysolite gives confidence and protects against questionable decisions. Crystal attracts love, joy of life and spiritual comfort, cleanses the home of negativity. Amber improves health, helps to realize intentions, brings joy and peace.

Celebrities and crystals

Crystals became a multi-billion dollar business when celebrities began promoting them. Megan Fox uses them to “exorcise inner demons”; Uma Thurman carries them with her to improve concentration. Adele struggles with stage fright, and Kim Kardashian used crystals to restore peace of mind after she was robbed in a Paris hotel.
Instagram Megan Fox. Crystals are said to conduct the energy of the environment, like miniature telephone towers, picking up signals and sending them to the user – thus restoring the balance of energies, healing the body and mind. The rarest and most valuable crystals sell for millions of dollars. The concept itself has blurred and people buy precious and semi-precious stones, amber, corals, petrified wood, salt, and so on as “healing crystals.” Crystals and stones are looked at, heated and applied to the painful part of the body, placed under the pillow, and used in meditation.

What scientists say

They say self-persuasion is a powerful tool, and crystals and gemstones are prime examples of the placebo effect. A placebo is a belief in treatment that does not cure the disease on a physical level, but has an unconditional effect on the psyche, thus alleviating symptoms, accelerating natural recovery. At the same time, the physical properties of precious and semi-precious stones are such that they cannot directly affect the condition of, for example, the skin. Therefore, a cream with diamond chips is useless: even if some diamond particles penetrated the skin, the crystal lattice would still remain stable. Only pearls are different in this regard: their structure consists of a limestone organic compound, which comes into contact with the human body much more easily. In ancient times, if a pearl jewelry suddenly lost its shine, changed color or was destroyed, an experienced healer could suspect some kind of disease. Modern science would associate this with a change in the chemical composition of the patient’s sweat and skin secretions. For some, the conclusion will be this: there is no magic in precious stones. For others, it will be completely opposite: the stones really work, but the magic is not in them, but in us. The very ritual of choosing a stone, admiring it, and interacting with it, at a minimum, does no harm and is calming, if, of course, you combine all this with modern medicine and care for physical and mental health. Of course, any use of stones and crystals as an alternative treatment for serious illnesses is dangerous and wastes valuable time. Only hot stone massage is uniquely beneficial: it does not cure illness, but the combination of heat and pressure relieves tension, resulting in improved sleep quality and overall well-being – and this is scientifically proven.

Stones are business

When analyzing any healing and magical effects of precious and semi-precious stones, it is worth keeping exactly one fact in mind: this is a billion-dollar industry. Let’s give a simple example. If you ask which gemstone is the best, anyone will say – diamond, the king of stones. It is the most expensive and desired stone for jewelry, especially engagement and wedding rings. Now let’s say a terrible thing: a diamond is not a rare stone at all and is far from the most beautiful. Moreover, in modern realities it is almost impossible to distinguish a natural diamond from an artificial one. It’s worth clarifying: there are imitations of diamonds like cubic zirconia and zirconium, and there are lab-grown diamonds, moissanites. From the point of view of chemistry and gemology, the science of stones, they have no differences from natural stones. Moreover, in the artificial conditions of the laboratory, the stones are protected from negative influences, so they turn out cleaner and more transparent. And they cost significantly less. Diamonds are not uncommon: they are found on all continents and even on other planets. Where did the admiration for natural diamonds and the myth about their uniqueness come from? It’s simple: they come to the market in limited quantities, because the process is controlled by the De Beers cartel. With the help of an ingenious advertising campaign, they were able to convince us of the exceptional value of diamonds. To promote the slogan “Diamonds are Forever”, a film of the same name was even made about the famous James Bond. Monopolists dictate prices, so even a fairly modest pebble should not cost less than three average American salaries, that is, at least 10 thousand dollars.

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