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How are rocks and minerals different from each other?

No matter how much we would like to answer in a couple of sentences, it will not work) There is no short answer to this question. There are collectors – they collect rare minerals or unusual crystals. These people are constantly in search of the most beautiful specimens, and they are attracted to the huge variety of shapes and types in stones. Someone discovers the energy of crystals, meditates with them, programs them to help in business. Someone is fascinated by the seemingly impossible form of minerals, for example, pyrite, and a person slowly dives into this world of stones, looking for the most beautiful and aesthetic specimens. Many people like to decorate their homes with unusual and interesting objects – minerals will fit perfectly into any interior. Someone needs a talisman to always carry with them and feel the support of other forces. Stones are one of children’s favorite toys: they help them understand the world and develop a sense of beauty. Some people use stones for meditation, chakra balancing, and energy work. In any case, this is an individual process, and when you see your stone, you will immediately understand why you need it) What to do with minerals and jewelry?

  • Everything is simple with jewelry – wear it) They themselves will tell you when you need them most.
  • At a minimum, you can admire the minerals. Stop for a minute and observe the unique fantasy of nature.
  • You can carry a small pebble with you as a talisman.
  • Decorate your home with them, let it be filled with new energy and strength.
  • Meditate with crystals. Get to know his character and “personality”.
  • Let the children play with the stones.
  • Use their properties for yourself: carry rose quartz with you if you are looking for love. Place pyrite on your desk for business success or place amethyst under your pillow to improve sleep.
  • Or just collect them.

How to choose your stone?

We believe that the choice of stones should come from a person’s soul. Just stop the flow of thoughts in your head, look carefully at the minerals and you will feel which of them you are drawn to by an irresistible force. This is your stone.

Minerals are as unique as people, so not only do you choose a stone, but it also chooses you. You can also choose crystals and jewelry according to their properties: in our online store you can get acquainted with them and make a choice.

Stones can help achieve goals, fill life with energy and positive emotions, and ward off negativity and troubles. But it is worth remembering that minerals not a cure and in order for them to work to the maximum, you need to find contact with them and move towards the goal yourself.

How to feel the energy of stones?

Each person experiences minerals differently. Someone just picks it up and immediately feels warmth or cold, a slight tingling sensation or a feeling of closeness. But there are actually few such people. Anyone can develop the ability to communicate with stones; there are several rules for this:

first, stones need to be loved. If you don’t like the crystal, it’s better not to start training with it. Put things aside, don’t let anything bother you. Sit in a comfortable position, take the stone in your palm, close your eyes and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling, relax as much as possible. Feel calm and even out your breathing, then open your eyes and look at the mineral. Look at it for 5-15 minutes (you can set a timer in advance). Extra thoughts will leave your head and you will plunge into a kind of meditation with a stone.

Over time, the stone will begin to make contact on its own. Some people get it right away. If you can’t do it, don’t be upset, but repeat the ritual for a few minutes every day. In such practices, regularity plays a big role, not duration.

Second, stones love attention. Do not hide them in a dark closet or drawer, do not constantly store them in your bag or under your pillow. Place it in a prominent place so you can look at it and admire it several times a day. Attention is just as important for minerals as it is for people.

Why and how should you clean stones?

Cleaning stones is an important activity if you want to use minerals for practices. The fact is that stones absorb the energy of surrounding people and events and purify it. Stones harmonize you and the space around you.

The rules and methods for cleaning natural stones and minerals are simple:

Water – the most effective assistant. It is enough to immerse the stone in cool running water for a couple of minutes. However, not all stones can be cleaned this way. Here is a short list of those minerals that do not tolerate this method of purification: azurite, malachite, dioptase, chrysocolla, selenite, ulexite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, celestine, micas and some others.

Salt is our favorite cleaning method. Wrap minerals or jewelry in a napkin or natural fabric and place on the salt. Leave it overnight, and in the morning the minerals will be ready for use. Throw away the salt.

Lands – one of the most powerful cleaning methods. Enormous energy will “reset” your stone, but it will do it very gently. Be sure to wrap it in cloth and leave it in the ground for 1-2 days. You should not do this with minerals that are afraid of water.

Fire – they believe that the wild energy of this element will easily free minerals from negativity. We do not recommend cleaning stones this way – many of them do not like sudden changes in temperature and may collapse.

Smoke – one of the oldest methods. Smudging the stone with Palo Santo or sage will not only cleanse the stones, but will also help you relax.

Charging and programming stones

Charging is an opportunity to give the stone a chance to replenish its energy reserves in order to make the most of its properties.

We offer the following methods:

sunlight – an inexhaustible source of clean energy. Leave the stone directly in the sun for a couple of hours and it will regain its strength. But it should be remembered that some stones under the influence of the sun can change their color and be destroyed: pink and smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine, topaz, opal, turquoise, aquamarine and some others are better charged in a different way.

Moonlight – this is a softer method, it is better suited for dark stones and those that are “afraid” of the sun. Leave them under the moonlight overnight and the stones will be charged in the morning.

Selenite – This is a type of gypsum. It helps other stones recover a bit after cleaning or heavy use. Next to selenite, minerals and rocks seem to get a second wind.

Programming – this is setting a specific task on a stone. We recommend doing this as follows:

  • First, we clean the stone using the most suitable method for it. You can also charge the camera before programming.
  • Remove all irritants in advance. Take the mineral in your hands, sit in a comfortable position and stop the internal dialogue. This process is akin to meditation.
  • Stay in this state until the stone makes itself known by a sudden heaviness in your hand, a slight tingling sensation, or somehow in front of your eyes.
  • Ask. Attention! Ask the stone to help you with something specific. The main thing is your request. There is enormous power hidden in minerals, and do not try to subjugate it. Work together as friends. The clearer your goal, the more effective the programming. Tell him why he needs help fulfilling his request.
  • After this, you can stop or continue meditation. There is no need to remind the stone of the goal every day; repeating the ritual once every few weeks is quite enough.

And don’t forget that the stones not a cure from all diseases. Without the first step on your part, they will never reveal their secrets.

Are the stones in the store natural?

Yes, our store offers minerals created by nature. We have more than 6 years of specialized geological and geographical education behind us; we can definitely distinguish a real stone from a fake. Our assortment also includes natural minerals refined by humans, and we make sure to indicate this in the description (tinting, heat treatment, etc.)

Where did you get the stones from?

We work directly with geologists and mining companies. Our minerals came from a variety of countries: Russia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Kazakhstan, India, South Africa and many others. We collect samples from a variety of places to make your collection unique.

Why should you contact us?

We strive to be more than just another mineral store. Our task is to immerse you in this interesting world, give you new and useful information and help you choose exactly your stone. We select minerals very carefully so that clients do not have to worry about the naturalness of the stones.

Nature is a brilliant artist; you won’t find the same shapes and colors in her creations. Natural stones perfectly illustrate this statement. There are thousands of types of rocks, and each has its own characteristics. Not a single mineral is similar to another, this is their value. In the Norrsken jewelry collection, each piece is unique: semi-precious stones can differ in color and design, even within the same set. The amazing features of natural stone turn the jewelry into a talisman, and the one-of-a-kind shade of the mineral emphasizes the individuality of the one who wears the accessory. Your beauty is unique, just like you. Guaranteed by nature!

Natural minerals – history of the Earth
A mineral is a solid natural formation, usually with a complex composition. Stones differ from each other in chemical formula (may contain one element or several), structure (granular, crystalline), density (layered, porous, monolithic), color, transparency, specific gravity, hardness and a number of other parameters.
All natural stones are the true history of the Earth. They contain the ancient past of our planet, and individual properties of minerals are used to build its future. Many secrets that these stones keep have yet to be revealed. However, people never doubted the mysterious power of minerals.

A noble mineral of lilac or violet color brings its owner peace and clarity of thought. This amazing stone is also believed to help release negative emotions. A stone of success and luxury, amethyst gives good luck in business, increases wealth and happiness.

Green aventurine
Chromium-containing fuchsite adds a delicate silver-green or silver-blue shine to the stone, the degree of which varies and depends on the place of extraction and the origin of the mineral. The texture, color and sparkle of aventurine vary depending on the composition of the inclusions and the size of the grains. This is a rare mineral, a stone of luck and love. An optimistic talisman that will give inspiration and become a faithful assistant in achieving success.

This rock has the rare property of iridescence – an internal rainbow glow that resembles the mother-of-pearl shimmer of a mollusk shell. A stone of transformation and strength, labradorite was considered sacred by some northern peoples: they believed that it contained the northern lights.

Garnet is not just one stone, but a whole group of minerals. The deep wine-red color of almandine garnet indicates the presence of iron and chromium. Garnets are also found in other colors: from olive green to emerald green, from orange to orange-brown, etc. Garnets can display different shades under different lighting conditions, which adds to their mystique. The mysterious stone, reminiscent of a smoldering coal, gives energy and attractiveness to women with a bright character. The passionate mineral awakens the joy of life and feelings that are stronger than any circumstances.

Pink quartz
The delicate pink hue of quartz is due to the small amount of titanium it contains. Individual stones have the effect of asterism, or running stars of light. They appear on a polished surface in good lighting. The muted pink mineral is an allegory of tenderness, romance and love.

Eye of the Tiger
The unusual natural beauty and amazing properties of the tiger’s eye were known in the ancient world, but it only came into fashion during the Renaissance. The amber-brown mineral emits warmth and light and protects against negative feelings and events. This is an assistant in bold achievements and an amulet for those who are used to expanding their horizons. They say that the tiger’s eye develops creativity and talents, helps to realize your full creative potential.

A valuable mineral, one of the hardest and most durable silicates. Topaz comes in a variety of colors, but the most commonly used crystals in jewelry are white and blue. Its optical properties made topaz a favorite of European jewelers in the 19th century: when used in jewelry, the stones sparkle like real diamonds. White topaz is a stone with a festive aura, a “magnet” for bright moments and amazing events. It is believed that it protects the harmony of the inner world. Topaz of a cool blue hue is a stone of peacemakers and healers. Blue topaz has long been a companion for sailors: the stone was taken with them on long journeys to help protect them from storms, storms and bad weather.

The mirror surface of the mineral conceals a secret. They say that hematite helps to see the signs of fate and make the right decisions, instills self-confidence and protects against negative emotions. Hematite is a talisman that protects its owner from dangers. Hematite’s ability to charge with positive energy and protect against rash choices makes it an ally in achieving bold goals.

Natural black mineral with a golden internal glow. The impressive depth of color beckons and draws attention to the secret hidden in the stone. The best jewelers of the past sought to solve it, and wise soothsayers looked into obsidian balls in the hope of seeing the future. In the 19th century, obsidian gained popularity thanks to the inimitable creations of Carl Faberge. Mystical obsidian emphasizes the original taste of the owner and the richness of his inner world.

black spinel
One of the rarest natural minerals. The exciting and attractive gem was chosen by royalty for their jewelry. For example, the crown of Catherine II was decorated with luxurious spinel. It is believed that black spinel enhances internal magnetism and charges with the energy of inspiration.

A type of chalcedony, agate is one of the most ancient minerals. It is a stone with a layered texture and an impressive variety of colors. Scarlet and black agate can be found most often in jewelry, but rarer types give real uniqueness to jewelry. Landscape agate is a mineral with an amazing pattern, similar to a forest overgrown with moss, seaweed or floral patterns. This is an amulet for good luck, a symbol of bold endeavors and discoveries. Blue lace agate is a real rarity, because the mineral is mined from the only deposit in the world, located in a remote area of ​​Namibia. This is a heavenly stone with soft energy that brings serenity and tranquility.

Citrine is a lemon-yellow crystal with transparent edges and increased sensitivity to sunlight, which determines its high ability to refract light, which means a magnificent sparkling shine. It is believed that citrine is able to transform the energy of the sun into positive emotions, love of life, joy and self-confidence. A mineral that inspires development and success.

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