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How can you clean drip silver?

You can forever place your favorite rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches or watches in a decorative box, or give them to a special workshop where jewelry is repaired and reanimated. However, there are 10 proven ways to clean silver at home. We will talk about each of them in detail in this article.

1. How to quickly clean silver with Cola

Nothing complicated: you just need to pour the soda into a small bowl and put the product there. Then heat the substance and boil for 10–15 minutes. Drain the liquid, rinse the jewelry thoroughly under running water and wipe dry with a napkin.

2. How to quickly clean silver at home with ammonia diluted with water

Ammonia should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 10. The resulting mixture should be used to wipe the jewelry until it shines. The most convenient way to do this is with a napkin or cotton sponge, and for the most inaccessible places and small parts, use a cotton swab. Thanks to such simple manipulations, a silver product instantly acquires a bright shine, as if it had only been made by a skilled jeweler. The spread of digital photography eliminated the need to use paper and develop photographs at home. But those who were professional photographers may still have fixer and developer, which contain a special acid, which eliminates blackening for at least a month. This method is used in some workshops.

4. How to quickly clean silver at home with lemon

One of the fastest methods for processing silver is cleansing with lemon juice or citric acid diluted in water. After applying this product, you need to wipe the product dry with a soft cloth – and all the darkening will immediately disappear.

5. How to clean silver with soda

Baking soda is an effective cleaning agent. It is available in almost every household. You don’t need a lot of soda – a tablespoon at most. It must be filled with water in any container so as to obtain the consistency of a slurry. Using a sponge or a toothbrush with very soft bristles, gently rub the surface of the jewelry without scratching. After this, rinse with water (preferably boiled) and wipe dry.

6. How to quickly and effectively clean silver with toothpaste

The main components of any tooth powder and paste are polishing abrasive microparticles of chalk and sand. They instantly remove plaque from silver jewelry without scratching it. But it is important to clean the products with a damp brush with very soft bristles. They not only clean the surface more accurately and carefully, but also penetrate deeper between small parts and weaves. After cleaning with toothpaste, the silver item should be rinsed under running water and wiped with a soft microfiber cloth. This will add extra shine.

7. How to effectively clean silver at home using crushed banana peels

Zero waste: ate a banana, instead of throwing away the peel, put it in a blender. Simply wipe the silver jewelry with the resulting paste-like mass – in the blink of an eye it will regain its lost shine.

8. How to clean silver from blackness with potato broth

The water in which potatoes were boiled can be used to clean jewelry. Pour the broth into any deep container. First lay aluminum foil on its bottom. Then it is necessary for the water to cool to an acceptable temperature for your hands. The product should be placed on the bottom for 5–10 minutes. After this, remove and rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

9. How to clean silver with foil

Then, when there is neither time nor desire to tinker with solutions and mixtures, ordinary aluminum foil, which is used for baking, will help out. Just place it on the bottom of a deep plate or pan. Sprinkle baking soda on top. Place a silver item on it and fill it with boiled water – and in a few minutes you will get a new and shiny piece of jewelry.

10. How to clean silver at home from blackness with egg yolk

An old, but no less effective method. It was practiced in those distant times when silver was valued much more than gold. Jewelry made from it was rubbed with egg yolk. As soon as it dried, it was washed off with water and the products were wiped dry. Much later, scientists discovered the unique property of egg yolk to protect the metal surface from the formation of oxides, which cause tarnishing and darkening of products. However, most of these methods are not suitable if you have silver items with marcasite. They should be stored only in tightly closed boxes or bags that fasten with a zipper. Under no circumstances should moisture get inside! You cannot play sports or swim in jewelry with marcasites, otherwise the jewelry filling will dissolve and the stones on which it is attached will fall out. Do not use chemicals, steam or ultrasound to clean them. To remove dark deposits from the surface, wipe the product with a lint-free cloth or damp cloth. For this purpose, you can use a scrap from any textile material or an old T-shirt. More contaminated corners and weaves are treated with a toothbrush soaked in a weak soap solution. Then they need to be rinsed very briefly under running cold water and immediately wiped with a napkin. You can polish marcasites and the entire surface of your jewelry using a special jewelry cloth. Now you know how to clean silver with marcasite stones correctly. If you do this regularly, your jewelry will always be bright and shiny. Silver jewelry, which is worn daily, is constantly in contact with dust, detergents, sweat and other contaminants that accumulate on the surface of the metal. They gradually lose their shine, darken and turn black over time. There are many ways to restore jewelry to its original appearance. Let’s figure it out together – how to clean silver at home.

Cleaning silver with ammonia

  1. Put on rubber gloves and prepare the mixture: dilute 1 part ammonia in 6 parts warm water. It is better to use a deep container for the solution to cover the decoration.
  2. Place the product in the prepared mixture for 10 minutes. During this time, the dirt will become porous and easy to clean.
  3. Remove the jewelry from the solution and blot it with a paper towel.
  4. Using a small brush with soft bristles, carefully remove dirt and rinse the jewelry under running water.

To simplify the task, you can pour the solution into a plastic bottle and place the product there, closing the lid. Rotate the container vigorously in a circular motion for 10 minutes, then rinse under running water.

Cleaning silver with peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide perfectly cleans silver, but in some cases you can get an unexpected result – the product does not brighten, on the contrary, it darkens even more. Therefore, you first need to check the reaction: apply a little peroxide to the back of the jewelry and wait 15-20 minutes. If the treated area becomes lighter, you can begin cleaning the entire product.

It is necessary to mix peroxide with ammonia in a 1:1 ratio. Place the decoration in the prepared mixture and close the container to prevent inhalation of fumes that are hazardous to health. After 20 minutes, remove the product from the solution and rinse under running water.

Cleaning silver with baking soda and foil

An effective and absolutely safe method, which is based on electrolytic action that neutralizes severe tarnish from oxidized silver. What the cleaning process looks like:

  • a silver item must be wrapped in aluminum foil;
  • Pour 1 liter of water into a saucepan and heat until it is hot;
  • add 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda to the water;
  • immerse the silver item in foil in the prepared solution;
  • periodically check whether the tarnish has disappeared;
  • Once the product is clean, rinse it and dry it.

How to clean silver with vinegar: 2 working options

  1. Immerse in white vinegar
    Place the decoration in a glass container. Pour uncolored vinegar until the product is completely covered. Leave for 2-3 hours, and then rinse and dry. Through the walls of the glass container you can observe the cleaning process. If the item is not too dirty, it will brighten in just 15 minutes.
  2. Use a solution of vinegar and soda
    Pour half a glass of vinegar into a container and add 2 tablespoons of soda. Place the silver jewelry in the solution and wait 2-3 hours, then rinse it with clean water and dry it.

How to clean silver with toothpaste?

The proposed method is suitable for cleaning silverware and jewelry without stones from blackness. Toothpaste ingredients such as titanium, silica and calcium carbonate work well to neutralize stains and help polish the product. But the abrasive substances added to it can leave scratches on the stones, so it’s not worth the risk.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of toothpaste used in cleaning silver:

Type of pasta

Not suitable for removing plaque from silver items.

Abrasive particles will remove blackness, but will scratch the metal surface

Best for cleansing.

There are no abrasive particles that leave scratches

Absolutely useless for cleaning silver items.

It is not effective enough to remove plaque

How to remove blackness from silver using toothpaste:

  • Moisten the product with warm water;
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of paste to a soft-bristled brush;
  • spread in a circular motion over the surface of the silver item;
  • continue cleaning until all the blackness is gone;
  • Rinse the product under running water and dry with a towel or paper napkin.

How to clean silver with stones?

To return your silver jewelry with stones to its original shine, you can use one of the suggested cleaning methods:

  1. Ammonia. Add half a teaspoon of ammonia to a glass of water. Immerse the decoration in the prepared container for half an hour. Wipe with a soft cloth and polish.
  2. Soap solution. Dilute a teaspoon of liquid soap in a glass of warm water and place the decoration there. After an hour, take the product out and rinse with clean water, then wipe with a paper towel.
  3. Chalk. Grind it into powder and add a little water to it to make a paste. Using a cotton swab, spread the paste over the surface of the silver jewelry. As soon as the effect is visible, rinse the product and polish with a soft cloth.
  4. Alcohol. Soak the jewelry in alcohol for half an hour, and then hold it under running water and dry.

When choosing how to clean silver with stones, you should listen to a few more recommendations that apply to absolutely all of the methods listed: avoid large temperature changes and do not use hard brushes and cloths.

How to properly clean gold-plated silver

Gold-plated jewelry can be wiped with a microfiber cloth or damp swab after each use. Then the impurities disappear immediately, and the trinket retains its original shine.

If there are already visible stains on gold-plated silver jewelry that cannot be wiped off, you should use a soap solution:

  1. In a small bowl, mix a glass of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  2. Place the decoration in the solution for 10 minutes.
  3. If it is decorated with stones that are glued, it is better to skip the soaking step. The solution may weaken the adhesive and cause the stones to fall off. Instead of soaking: soak a cotton swab in a soap solution and clean the product from dirt.
  4. Once the jewelry is clean, rinse it in warm water and dry it with a soft cloth.

How to clean rhodium plated silver?

Do not use aggressive chemicals, abrasive pastes or toothbrushes. They will, of course, get rid of the blackness, but there will be no trace left of the former beauty. After all, the surface will be scratched.

A soap solution helps.

  • Pour a glass of warm water into a bowl and add a tablespoon of liquid soap;
  • immerse the product in the solution and leave for 10 minutes;
  • wipe with a cotton swab to remove dirt;
  • dipped in clean water and then dried.

If the proposed method does not help, it is better to take the rhodium-plated silver jewelry to a jewelry workshop. Using the galvanic method, specialists will return rhodium to its former shine without damaging the surface.

We looked at how to clean silver at home. The main thing is to adhere to the recommendations described in the article. The methods described above do not require significant costs, and the result exceeds all expectations.

Try it, everything will definitely work out!

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