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How do I find out what kind of talisman stone I have?

The word talisman comes from the ancient Greek “tilsam”, which translates as “enchantment”. This is the name of a magical thing that attracts good luck, awakens abilities and carries positive energy, i.e. actively influences human life. Most often, a talisman is used to obtain some benefit – love, fame, wealth. An amulet, unlike a talisman, is considered a passive symbol. It protects from external negativity and acts as a guard for its owner. Some stones can combine the functions of a talisman and a talisman. Such stones are called amulets. It is believed that the most powerful amulets are those that have been used in the family for several generations. The mineral, which is inherited, is tailored to the energy of the family and over the years its strength only increases. Since ancient times, people have used minerals not only as decoration, but also as magical helpers. According to esotericists, every creation of nature has a certain energy charge. By wearing jewelry with one or another stone, you can feel its power. Many minerals can bring good luck and enhance positive character traits. But you should be careful about your choice because. the stone may not suit your energy or develop character traits that you would not want to emphasize. For example, Aries are gambling by nature, so aventurine, which enhances this quality, is not recommended for them. If you want jewelry made from gems to please you with its appearance, serve as a talisman and bring good luck, then you should choose a stone that is most compatible with your energy.

How to select a gem for a talisman

  • The element of Fire includes all transparent, shiny minerals. For example, citrine, spinel, aquamarine, rock crystal, amethyst, topaz.
  • Air stones are considered to be white, pastel-colored, translucent gems. These are chrysoprase, onyx, agate, chalcedony.
  • Opaque, dense and evenly colored stones belong to the element of Earth. Such as jet, malachite, jasper, rhodanide.
  • Iridescent or marine minerals are stones of the Water element. These include opal, alexandrite, aventurine, labradorite and moonstone.

Numerologists advise choosing a stone based on your path number. It is made up of the date of birth and determines the most significant events in a person’s life. It is believed that the selection of a talisman stone by date of birth is more accurate. Often, based on the date of birth, the most powerful protective talisman is selected.

In Asia, special importance is attached to the animal calendar. Each sacred animal from the zodiac circle has its own stones.

Many esotericists believe that a stone should be chosen by name. Each gem has specific properties that it can convey to its owner, and the name is the key to understanding what a person needs to achieve inner harmony.

But how do you understand which classification to trust and how not to get confused when choosing?

On the website we have implemented a simple method for selecting a talisman stone. In just a few seconds you will know exactly which stone is right for you.

When creating the program, we used data from leading astrominerologists. The data is taken from popular books by Jasper Stone, Judy Hall, as well as from a number of reputable sites. The system selects the stone that is most often found in various sources in relation to your parameters.

This is the most reliable method we know. It allows you to select and compare not by one parameter, but immediately by the maximum possible, and at the same time the results are compared in several reliable sources based on coincidences. The system selects the stone that is recommended to you by several specialists, independently of each other.

How to properly handle a talisman mineral

Any stone product can become a talisman: beads, bracelets, rings, figurines. But in order for jewelry from the gifts of nature to serve you faithfully, you need to learn how to handle it correctly.

    First, it is recommended to clean the mineral. Since natural stones are capable of absorbing energy, many people could look at it or try it on in the store. To wash away someone else’s energy, hold the product under running water.

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How to choose your talisman stone by date of birth

Since ancient times, people believed that certain stones had special energy and could influence a person’s destiny. A correctly selected talisman stone can enhance positive qualities and neutralize negative influences. One way to find your stone is to determine it by the position of the ruler of the ascendant in the natal chart.

What is the Ascendant and the ruler of the Ascendant

The Ascendant (ASC) is the point on the ecliptic that rises above the horizon at the moment of a person’s birth. The zodiac sign in which the ascendant is located describes the appearance, character and style of behavior of a person. The planet ruling the sign of the ascendant is called the lord of the ascendant. It largely determines the path of life and personal development.

Determining your Ascendant

To find out your ascendant, you need to draw up a natal chart, indicating the exact time, date and place of birth. There are many online services and astrological programs for calculating a horoscope.

Stones according to the rulers of the ascendant

Each planet has its own set of stones that can enhance its influence:

Planet Stones
Sun Amber, heliodor, citrine, peridot
Луна Pearl, selenite, adularia, chalcedony
Mercury Agate, beryl, citrine, rock crystal
Venus Coral, turquoise, emerald, rhodonite
Mars Ruby, garnet, carnelian, jasper
Jupiter Sapphire, amethyst, topaz, sodalite
Saturn Onyx, obsidian, hematite, schorl
  • Choose jewelry that you like and are comfortable with.
  • Clean the stones under running water or leave them overnight in a glass of spring water.
  • Charge the stones in the sun or moonlight, holding them in your hand and visualizing the desired result.
  • Wear stones directly on your body (pendants, rings, bracelets).

A correctly selected stone can become a powerful talisman that attracts good luck into your life and helps you realize your destiny. Listen to your intuition and experiment with different stones that correspond to the ruler of your ascendant.

Talisman stones for planets: secrets of astrological gemology

Ancient astrologers noticed that each planet is associated with certain minerals, which can enhance or harmonize its influence on human destiny. A correctly selected talisman stone can attract good luck, love, protect against negative influences and reveal your true potential.

Key planets and their stones

Here are the main planets in the natal chart and their corresponding minerals:




Enhances leadership qualities, charisma, vitality

Develops intuition, sensitivity, care for loved ones

Improves intelligence, eloquence, learning ability

Attracts love, harmonizes relationships, reveals charm

Gives determination, courage, energy to achieve goals

Brings good luck, success, expands opportunities

Onyx, black tourmaline, hematite

Teaches patience and discipline, protects against failures and evil forces

How to choose your mascot

To choose the perfect stone, you need to determine which planet in your natal chart needs support or correction. It could be:

  • Dominant planet in the chart (for example, for Aries and Scorpios it is Mars) – its stone will strengthen your innate qualities.
  • Planet in difficult aspect (square, opposition) – her stone will help smooth out negative manifestations.
  • Planet in decline or exile – her stone compensates for the lack of planetary energy.

Also, when choosing a stone, listen to your intuition – you will definitely be “pulled” to the desired mineral.

Stones according to astrological houses: harmonization of spheres of life

Astrological houses are unique sectors of the horoscope, responsible for various areas of our lives: from personality and family to career and spiritual quests. The placement of planets in houses affects how we realize ourselves in these areas. And the right stones can help balance planetary energies and attract success to the desired area.

Key houses and their stones

Here are the main astrological houses and the minerals that correspond to them:


Sphere of life


Agate, beryl, chrysoprase

Tiger’s eye, jasper, amber

Black onyx, hematite, obsidian

How to work with stones around the house

To harmonize energies in a certain area of ​​life, find the corresponding house in your natal chart and see which planets are located in it. Then select stones that will enhance the positive qualities of these planets and smooth out the negative ones.

For example, if you have Venus in a tense aspect in the 7th house of partnership, wear jewelry with emerald or pink tourmaline – they will help attract harmony and love into your relationship.

And if a strong Jupiter is located in the 10th house of career, diamond or topaz will become your talismans for achieving professional heights.

Astrological houses are a map of your destiny, and stones are faithful helpers on the path to its embodiment. Study your horoscope, wear talismans that correspond to the houses that are important to you – and may the power of the planets always be on your side! Remember that you are the creator of your reality, and stars and minerals only help you unlock your limitless inner potential.

Stones for neutralizing negative aspects: harmonization of energies

In astrology, aspects are the angles between planets in a natal chart, which show how those planets interact with each other. If there are tense aspects between planets (opposition, square), this can create difficulties and blocks in the corresponding areas of life. But with the help of properly selected stones, you can smooth out the negative impact of such aspects and restore harmony.

Main negative aspects and their meaning

Here are the main tense aspects in astrology:

  • Opposition (180°) – opposition of energies, internal conflicts, difficulties in relationships.
  • Quadrature (90°) – obstacles, blocks, the need to make efforts to achieve goals.
  • Semi-square (45°) – irritation, uncertainty, hidden tension.
  • Sesquiquadratic (135°) – stress, crises, the need to make difficult decisions.

Stones for harmonizing aspects

To mitigate the impact of negative aspects, you can use the following minerals:




Rhodonite, charoite, rose quartz

Reconciliation of opposites, balance of energies

Tiger’s eye, hematite, jasper

Overcoming obstacles, determination, resilience

Relieve tension, find inner peace

Transforming stress into opportunities for growth

Regular work with stones and aspects of the natal chart will help you gradually turn your weaknesses into strengths, and obstacles into steps to success. Remember that tense aspects are not a sentence, but an indication of those areas that need your attention and development. Be patient and persistent – and one day you will be surprised how what seemed like your weakness will become your main advantage.

Other types of stone:

  • Stones talismans
  • Synastry
  • Decoding the natal chart
  • Stones by zodiac sign
  • Birthstones according to the natal chart
  • Natal chart calculation

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