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How does citrine stone affect a person?

Citrine was originally considered yellow topaz. The property of changing shade at different angles (dichromism) dispelled this misconception. Citrine is also similar to yellow quartz. In fact, the mineral is a type of crystalline quartz, which is classified as a semi-precious stone. Unlike other varieties of quartz, citrine is much less common in nature. This stone is close in composition to amethyst. They are distinguished only by the rate of oxidation of iron impurities. Citrine gained popularity in the 17th century. What does citrine look like? Its name comes from the Latin word “citrus” and means ‘lemon yellow’. It is a transparent, shiny stone that has a lemon-like color due to its bright yellow color. Depending on the amount of iron and aluminum in the mineral, the color ranges from light to rich.

Citrine is rarely found in nature

According to the International Gem Society (IGS), the mining industry produces little of this mineral. Natural citrine is a rare and desirable stone that, in the company of emeralds and diamonds, will adorn the most expensive piece of jewelry. The vast majority of citrines found on the precious and semi-precious stone market today are produced by heating smoky quartz and amethyst. The stone is also grown hydrothermally in laboratories. Therefore, when purchasing a product with citrine, check its origin and ask for a quality certificate. The largest deposits of the yellow mineral are located in the USA and some European countries (France, Scotland, Spain). It is mined in Madagascar, the Urals and Kazakhstan. The largest deposit in Brazil became the site of the discovery of the largest citrine, which is stored in the National Museum of Natural History (USA). There is also a piece of jewelry with citrine, designed by actress Angelina Jolie.

Citrine is an affordable stone

In Rome and Greece, citrine was considered a rare gemstone and was highly valued, considered the stone of the rich and nobility. Over time, new deposits and methods of obtaining the mineral were discovered. Therefore, it has become more popular and affordable. How much does a citrine stone cost? The mineral is considered relatively inexpensive. On the popular gemstone selling site Gem Select, the price per carat ranges from $4-40 depending on the properties and size of the sample. The most valuable type of citrine is a rich reddish-orange stone, which is mainly mined in Brazil and Uruguay. Madeira citrine also ranges in color from golden orange to reddish brown and is also very valuable. Fire citrine is considered special – heat-treated citrine quartz, which is mined at the Linha Estefania mine in Brazil.

Citrine is considered a natural antidepressant

There are natural ways to improve your mood without pills or side effects. Citrine can have this effect. Supposedly, the stone is able to attract good luck, does not leave the slightest chance for a bad mood and instills self-confidence. The yellow color of this amazing mineral invigorates better than morning coffee. The mineral is useful for apathy and loss of vitality. It helps to organize thoughts, eliminates tedious thoughts about life situations and karmic lessons. The sunny and favorable shade of the semi-precious stone is an inexhaustible source of positivity and confidence in the future. A person who wears citrine jewelry on his body cannot be depressed. If you see someone with a bright yellow pendant around their neck, rest assured that everything is in order with their mood.

Citrine has magical properties

In esotericism, citrine is a magical manifesting stone. He helps make dreams come true. It also reveals eloquence skills, enhances people’s natural charm, and attracts good luck. To those who do good to people, the mineral returns it threefold. Traders love natural citrine for its ability to attract money and business success. This amazing property gave it the name “merchants’ gem.” Fans of gambling, professional sharpers and gamblers carried the stone with them so that capricious fortune would not turn away from them. For those who have found themselves in esotericism, citrine helps to activate clairvoyance and clairvoyance. This is a stone for fortune tellers, tarot readers and magicians. It can often be found in fortune telling salons. Citrine is popular in yoga and meditation centers, where you need to open your mind and body to new experiences.

Suitable for many zodiac signs

Citrine is the stone of which zodiac sign? According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), along with topaz, citrine is the birthstone for people born in November. Therefore, it is most suitable for Scorpios and Sagittarius. Citrine is recognized as the thirteenth anniversary gemstone. Citrine has synergy with representatives of the Fire trine – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. A transparent and pure stone corresponds well to the energy of the Air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) appreciate its practicality, because the stone is durable and jewelry made from it is durable. It will suit the sign of Pisces and will help him emerge from the depths of fantasies and soul-searching into the sunlight. For Cancer, citrine is neutral, so you can wear it, but without much effect. How to wear citrine correctly? In most cases, citrine is recommended to be worn in a ring on the finger. It has no age restrictions and is suitable for both young people and older people. According to Gemsize, a mineral publication, stone does not tolerate steam cleaning. Citrine is a sun stone. Positive properties increase its popularity. Wear citrine jewelry to change your life for the better and beautify yourself. Golden, shining with sharpened edges, the citrine stone has been considered a symbol of wealth, abundance and prosperity throughout its long history. To free yourself from everything negative that has accumulated in your soul, remove fears, believe in yourself and ensure professional success, you need, as the ancients believed, to wear jewelry with this mineral. There is no darkness or negativity around him. If the magical properties of citrine mean little to our contemporaries, then another magic – the magic of its beauty – will not leave anyone indifferent.

Born of magma

Citrine is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, classical sediments, alluvial sands and gravels. The precious mineral is mined everywhere: in the USA, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, France, Great Britain, Russia and Madagascar. But the largest supplier of natural citrine is the state of Rio Grande do Sol in Southern Brazil. The roots of the name of the stone are found in the Latin “citrus” – “lemon yellow”. The characteristics of its basic qualities are almost identical to those of amethyst, since both are precious varieties of quartz, one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust. Natural citrine (silicon dioxide) is pale yellow and very rare. In its pure form, quartz is colorless and transparent, and its variety gets its color from the iron hydroxide impurities that are present in it. The hardness of the gem on the Mohs scale is rated at 7 points (out of 10), chips are almost non-existent or hardly noticeable. Citrine has a glassy luster and a trigonal crystal structure. Most commercial citrine is made by heat treating amethyst, which is why it is sometimes called burnt amethyst. The modified mineral acquires a deeper amber or orange-reddish hue at a temperature of + 470 – 560°C. The unusual yellow-violet color of the stone is created by the joint heat treatment of amethyst and citrine. Ametrine is the name given to a jewel created from 2 stones.

Magical energy of stone

It is believed that the mineral is able to strengthen the level of material stability and life satisfaction. Its energy has a positive effect on people whose daily work is not associated with routine and monotonous daily tasks. It is ideal for those obsessed with creative pursuits, possessing logic, internal motivation, and self-confidence. Yellow citrine is a stone of prosperity. It helps many people in professional growth and career advancement, facilitating the correct assessment of the risks of a particular project. The mineral is able to maintain a person’s emotional and mental balance, removing signs of depression, anxiety, uncertainty, indecision, helping with hypersensitivity and stress. It is believed that the stone fights chronic fatigue syndrome and has the ability to return a person to a full life after degenerative disorders. In addition to the ability to help in difficult life situations, citrine has magic that can renew interrupted communication, develop initiative, activity and courage. It improves memory, revives awareness of the joy of life, kindness, warmth, gives optimism and deepens the understanding of concentration and will. The Vedic understanding of the energy of the mineral adds to these properties its cleansing capabilities. Considering that the crystal stores solar energy, it is assumed that its owner has it in abundance and he also gives his heat and energy to a good cause. Citrine absorbs everything that carries a negative charge, providing a protective effect on everything that surrounds its owner. The stone is the guardian of the aura, it acts as an early warning system that gives its owner enough time to take protective measures. He is endowed with special power, whose will ensures the happiness of all owners of the magic crystal and helps them accept themselves as they are.

The healing power of citrine

  • a heart;
  • full secretion of insulin;
  • optimal functioning of the pancreas;
  • liver and spleen function;
  • digestive system;
  • circulatory system;
  • thyroid function, etc.

The mineral enhances a person’s own capabilities, strengthening the immune system, removing toxins and eliminating infections. It is believed that it increases the regenerative powers of the body during illness, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, prevents dizziness, relieves migraines, fights dry skin and varicose veins, maintains stable weight and good vision.

Like many other amulets, it helps women in labor and strengthens the nervous system. Insomnia is not a problem for the owner of such jewelry; citrine will help you fall asleep and ensure a restful and sound sleep.

There are many known recipes for using the stone, but the elixir is most often used. The method of preparing it is simple: the mineral is simply kept in water for 12 hours, then lotions are made with this water to cure acne and ulcers.

If the owner of the stone is in a depressed state, then the elixir can be sprinkled around the apartment, and the citrine itself can be placed on the body in the solar plexus area. It is comfortable to lie on your back and breathe evenly and calmly for 20 minutes. Important: we are talking only about natural minerals.

Data on the healing properties of the stone have not been scientifically confirmed, although there are many studies, but this information is not a substitute for consulting a doctor.

Endless beauty and magic

Citrine has been a rare stone for thousands of years and therefore especially valuable. In 2 centuries BC, the first cabochons were cut in Greece and Rome. Ancient jewelers used them for exquisite jewelry. Interest in the mineral either faded or revived, but on a different basis. Popular stone of the 30th century. was almost forgotten at the beginning of the twentieth century. The fashion for these yellow sparkling jewelry was revived in the XNUMXs. XX century Hollywood stars. These included Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, who wore elaborate and massive Art Deco jewelry.

Today, citrine and its modifications are again in demand and valued not only by jewelry owners, but also by collectors. Color is one reason for the renewed interest. The largest polished samples of natural stone weighing more than 1150 carats are kept in the Smithsonian Institution (USA).

Like other precious stones, citrine, due to the magnitude of its magical properties, is suitable for many, but not for everyone. It is usually recommended for independent women born under the sign of Aquarius, whose work environment is dynamic, full of change and new challenges. This will add to their self-confidence, courage and entrepreneurship. An amulet of prosperity is suitable for those on whom it depends:

  • Doing Business;
  • financial decision making;
  • business meeting;
  • recruiting;
  • organization of public speaking, etc.

Of those for whom citrine is suitable, the professions that stand out are psychologists, teachers, entrepreneurs, employees of banking structures, i.e. those specialists who most often communicate with the masses of people and on whom responsible decisions depend. This group also includes students – creative people, engaged in mental work, often pessimistic and prone to depression.

As a professional support stone, citrine improves the position of everyone who works in trade, casinos, media, sports and fitness. This is an important crystal for medical staff and traditional healers. If the classification is based on a certain character, then the suitable owner of the citrine talisman can be a perfectionist, altruist, romantic, performer, epicurean, mediator.

In the horoscope, the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces are combined into a group of those for whom this magical amulet is suitable. If we take only the year of birth, then according to the eastern calendar, citrine can be worn by those born in the year of the Rooster. In numerology, these will be people born under the influence of the number 6.

For many years, citrine became so cheap and quantifiable that no one took it seriously. Now there is a full-scale renaissance of this stone. Its price is no longer an obstacle as it allows very large pieces to be used in jewelry.

Citrine is popular with women who want to enrich their wardrobe with affordable jewelry. In terms of the combination of beauty and cost, it has no real competition.

They say that this stone brings its owner all the best in life. Millennia have passed since the moment when solar citrine became significant for humans. Almost everything has changed. The only thing that remains unchanged is the beauty of the precious gem endowed by people with magical powers.

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