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How does moonstone affect a person?

MOONSTONE is a colorless transparent or almost transparent orthoclase (or other feldspar), which in a certain direction reflects a bluish or white pearlescent tint – the adularescence effect. The adularescence effect is compared to the glow of the moon, which is where it gets its name. In some ways, this effect is similar to the shimmer on white pearls.
Without specifying the mineral, it is correct to call only orthoclase and its transparent or translucent variety, adularia, moonstone. In all other cases, it is recommended to indicate in the name what mineral it is represented by: microcline moonstone, sanidine moonstone, etc. The moonstone effect occurs due to the thin-lamellar structure of the minerals. Light, falling on a stone, penetrates through its thinnest plates, reflecting from them. Due to this, refraction (interference) of light occurs, which we see in the form of beautiful iridescence. Samples of feldspars that exhibit a moonstone effect are cut like precious stones. The effect becomes most clearly visible on polished surfaces. In order for it to appear at its best, the stone is given a convex, polished surface. To make jewelry, stones are almost always polished into a cabochon or flat surface, and are almost never cut. Moonstone can be minerals from the feldspar family such as adularia, microcline, orthoclase, sanidine and others. In the trade, moonstone is often referred to as opal, selenite, and imitations of frosted iridescent glass, which is incorrect. English name: Moonstone Other names (synonyms): Aglaurite (orthoclase with blue iridescence from Eastern Bohemia), hecatolite, jandaracand, pearlspar, cassinite (barium-bearing orthoclase with moonstone effect from California, USA) First isolated and described: Moonstone has been known to mankind since ancient times.
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      • Feldspar
        • not a mineral Moonstone

        Amazonite moonstone (green moonstone), microcline moonstone, sanidine moonstone, oligoclase moonstone, albite moonstone, andesine moonstone, Madagascar moonstone, rainbow moonstone, etc.

        Color: White, colorless, beige, sometimes with blue, green, red or brown tints. With shining blue tints.

        Trait Color: White
        Transparency: Translucent, Transparent
        Cleavage: Perfect
        Fracture: Uneven
        Luster: Glass
        Hardness: 6-6,5
        Jewelry making, stone carving, ornamental stone
        Medicinal properties

        In Tibetan folk medicine, moonstones were used to heal mental illness, epilepsy and other fleeting nervous attacks, as well as depletion of the nervous system.
        Moonstone is used in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, liver and biliary tract, bladder and urinary canals, paralysis, edema and dropsy, infectious diseases, insomnia, arthritis, feverish conditions, sepsis, asthma, blood diseases, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, diseases spine, for fractures and inflammation of bone tissue.

        For many peoples, moonstone was valued more than gold and was considered sacred.
        It is the most revered stone among moon worshipers in India. Also in India, they believe that moonstone brings good luck, perceives and attracts love. Therefore, it is worn as a talisman to bring love into your life. Moonstone is capable of awakening tender passion, so it was highly valued as a gift to loved ones.
        Moonstone is a symbol of love and harmony with the environment.

        In magic, it is believed that moonstone should be used in accordance with the lunar phases, and on the new moon it concentrates all the magical power. It symbolizes the magical power of the lunar fields and is considered most suitable for people born on a full moon.

        Moonstone calms the mind, awakening dreaminess, softness and tenderness in people, eliminates anger and internal tension, promotes the development of intuition and imagination, and brings relief to people experiencing the negative influence of the full moon. If the moonstone is viewed on a moonlit night, it will bring peace and tranquility.
        The ancient Chaldeans, in order to make their predictions more accurate and their visions brighter, placed a moonstone under their tongue before divination.
        Since ancient times, moonstone has been considered a talisman for speakers and self-confident people.

        Interesting Facts

        According to one of the legends of antiquity, the moonstone was created by Satan to seduce Eve and create greed and greed in the hearts of her descendants.

        Moonstone is a mysterious gemstone with a pearlescent luster that is associated with the moon and the magic of the night. It is known for its ability to reflect light and create a moonlit effect. Moonstone is also associated with feminine energy and intuition, and is considered a symbol of fertility and love. Its delicate beauty and elegance make it an excellent choice for creating jewelry.

        Moonstone – photo of jewelry with stone

        Signs of the zodiac

        Moonstone is a stone known for its mystical beauty and ability to reflect light like the glow of the moon. It symbolizes intuition, femininity and emotional well-being. Moonstone helps strengthen intuition, develop emotional harmony and bring calm and clarity to life. Below are five zodiac signs that may particularly benefit from this stone.

        ♋ Cancer: Moonstone is especially beneficial for Cancers as it supports their emotional well-being. It helps relieve stress, strengthen intuition and stimulate harmonious relationships.

        ♍ Virgo: For Virgos who strive for harmony and perfection, moonstone can become a source of emotional balance and inspiration. It helps strengthen intuition, develop spiritual insight and facilitate decision-making.

        ♏ Scorpio: Moonstone supports Scorpios in their quest for transformation and self-exploration. It helps remove emotional blocks, strengthens intuition and attracts positive changes.

        ♓ Pisces: For Pisces, who have deep empathy and sensitivity, moonstone can be a source of support and inspiration. It helps strengthen emotional connection, develops intuition and promotes harmony in relationships.

        ♒ Aquarius: Moonstone helps Aquarians in their quest for spiritual growth and transformation. It promotes the development of intuition, stimulates creative thinking and supports the flow of inspiration and harmony.

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