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How does rock crystal affect a person?

Rock crystal has been known to man since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, there was a belief that rock crystal was the tears of the gods that fell from heaven and absorbed their power, and the Japanese considered it the frozen breath and saliva of a dragon. Rock crystal has warm and light energy, and in order for the mineral to spread life-giving force and positive energy in the house, it is regularly charged in the sun. Rock crystal calms, prevents quarrels and gets rid of negativity in the house. In addition, rock crystal stimulates mental activity, sharpens the brain’s sensitivity to information and improves memory. In general, it has a restorative and healing effect on the entire body. Wearing the mineral on certain parts of the body will help strengthen and heal the corresponding organs.

The magic of rock crystal

In oriental massage techniques, pointed rock crystals are used for massage on energy points, relaxing and at the same time strengthening muscles, as well as healing some minor diseases of the internal organs of a person. In China, there is another interesting way to treat with this mineral without contact. To do this, crystal is used as a lens, directing a beam of light to damaged areas of the body. Attention, it is still better not to practice this technique on your own. Rock crystal can also relieve headaches, relieve stress and normalize body temperature. This stone also helps with bruises, when it relieves swelling and stops the formation of hematomas and bruises.

History of rock crystal

Rock crystal has always been a magical stone. It is believed that he can absorb the energy of other worlds and transmit it. This is why rock crystal crystals are often used in spiritualistic séances. The Egyptians carved out the faces of the deceased from them to facilitate their transition to the world of the dead. There is also an opinion that long contemplation of rock crystal can open the ability to clairvoyance and telepathy. In China, they believe that these crystals can establish a connection between times and allow one to look into both the past and the future. As a talisman for women, the Rock Crystal stone attracts good luck and prosperity, mutual love and constancy in relationships into the life of its owner. Moreover, the relationship is truly long-term and without betrayal, without any betrayal. In addition, Rock Crystal helps to cleanse thoughts and the physical body, remove anxiety and nightmares. This mineral quickly tunes in with the vibrations of its owner and helps him find inner harmony.

Compatibility of rock crystal with zodiac signs

  • Rhinestone will be an excellent talisman for Aries. The gem will soften the fiery character of the sign and make it calmer. He will endow his owner with wisdom and help him make informed decisions. In addition, rock crystal will help Aries restore internal harmony and will become a good assistant in business, protecting vital interests and personal growth.
  • Rock crystal helps Taurus in all his endeavors. It helps to balance your character and at the same time maintain cheerfulness and reveal your creative abilities.
  • For Geminis, rock crystal will become an assistant primarily in love affairs. In addition, it will help Geminis maintain and further develop such qualities as sociability, given that Geminis are already a fairly sociable sign, and flexibility in solving different problems.
  • For Cancers, rock crystal will be useful for eradicating timidity and indecisiveness. The crystal will become an assistant and inspirer, and will also help you gain attention and respect among a large number of people.
  • For Leos, rock crystal will also help strengthen their position in society, but without imposing, without showing the egocentrism characteristic of lions. In addition, this mineral will help lions moderate their ambitions and become more useful to society, revealing their second important quality, such as nobility.
  • For Virgos, rock crystal helps expand the horizons of their knowledge and skills, inspires them to do everything new and reveals their creative talents especially well.
  • For Libra, rock crystal will help reveal such human qualities as sociability, benevolence and the ability to listen and hear others. As for Taurus, for Libra, rock crystal is an indispensable talisman that will help make a representative of this sign more attractive and useful to the people around him.
  • For Scorpio, rock crystal will help reveal frankness, openness and straightforwardness.
  • For Sagittarius, rock crystal is a universal starlisman, since the energy background of this crystal and the representative of the Sagittarius sign are very similar. It is thanks to this similarity that the crystal will help its owner in every possible way throughout life in all areas and matters.
  • It will be a little difficult for Capricorn with rock crystal, but this mineral can help its owner find balance in life, peace of mind, and teach him to make sacrifices for the sake of loved ones and society.
  • Aquarius needs rock crystal in order to learn to enjoy the simple moments of life. It will help you put aside the difficulties that sometimes brew in Aquarius’s head and teach you to seize the good moments in every day.
  • Pisces is already initially a merciful, sympathetic, bright and friendly zodiac sign. Rock crystal will help them maintain these qualities and bring more positivity and love into the life of the fish.

Rhinestone – a transparent, colorless variety of crystalline quartz. It occurs in the form of prismatic crystals with a pointed rhombohedral head.

Colorless quartz, Dragomit, Herkimer Diamond, Crystal

Hairy – rock crystal with inclusions of rutile, goethite, tourmaline or actinolite crystals.

Medicinal properties

Rock crystal is an excellent remedy for diseases of the heart, stomach and eyes, promotes good functioning of the spinal cord and brain, helps with coronary artery disease, varicose veins and respiratory diseases.
Rock crystal crystals stabilize a person’s spiritual and physical strength, help relieve headaches, cope with stress, and reduce fever.
Wearing this stone on the wrist regulates blood flow, preventing blood clots from forming. Worn as a necklace, rock crystal increases the milk supply of a nursing mother. When worn on the right side of the abdomen, this mineral improves the activity of the gallbladder, regulating it in accordance with health needs.
In Indian and Tibetan medicine, rock crystal plays a leading role. In modern Tibet, healers treat wounds by applying crystal balls to them in such a way that the sun’s rays reach the affected area through the stone. In China, crystal balls are used for massage, and small sharp crystals are used to stimulate biologically active points of the human body. Modern scientists have discovered the secret of this miraculous healing – when passing through a rock crystal crystal, ultraviolet rays kill bacteria, which contributes to a speedy healing.
Rock crystals can be worn by everyone without exception.

Magical properties

As a talisman, rock crystals strengthen constancy, attract love, joy of life, sympathy of other people, luck, spiritual comfort and well-being to the owner.
Rock crystal helps get rid of nightmares, insomnia and unreasonable fears.
According to ancient beliefs, rock crystal cleanses the body, thoughts, and helps remove toxins from the body. An amulet made of rock crystal relieves a person from the danger of freezing in severe frosts or getting heatstroke in hot weather.
Rock crystal promotes concentration, sharpening thought processes, expanding consciousness, strengthening memory and improving speech, so it is very good for students.
It is believed that the energy of rock crystal is easily adjusted to the frequency of human vibrations, regulates and stabilizes them. Tibetan lamas use crystal balls to open the “third eye”; they call rock crystal crystals “living”, since their six faces symbolize the six chakras of a person, converging to the top – the seventh chakra, which is directed upward into the Cosmos.
Rock crystal is a stone of clairvoyants. It is of particular importance for fortune telling. Skilled fortune tellers read pictures of the past and future in crystals and especially in well-carved rock crystal balls. To do this, they are installed in a dark room so that a ray of light falls on it, and they look at it for a long time without blinking, concentrating on the desire to see a certain object in it. Sometimes for this purpose they use a crystal ball and a bead on a silk thread, watching it sway.
The connection between crystal and clairvoyance is explained by the fact that rock crystal is the purest type of quartz, which makes up a significant part of the Earth’s surface, which senses space and the astral world.

Effect on chakras

Rock crystal affects Sahasrara.
It is also used to cleanse and activate all lower chakras.


Feng Shui

В the art of feng shui Rock crystal is treated as a unique mineral.
It is recommended to place a rock crystal druse indoors in any sector. She is able to collect the negativity that accumulates in the room, thus relieving tension from those present. In the marriage sector (southwest), the rock crystal druse promotes intuitive communication. It is also recommended to place it in the sector of knowledge and intelligence (in the northeast), in the sector of career and business success (in the north).
To create a romantic atmosphere in the house, it is recommended to place a rock crystal ball in the southwestern part of the apartment.

Connection with names

Rock crystal stone products

A variety of jewelry is made from rock crystal (beads, necklaces, inserts, etc.) and is widely used as an ornamental stone.

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