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How does the color turquoise affect a person?

Author: Angstrem furniture 4008 Views, 0 Comments Turquoise color is a rather interesting solution in interior design. It can liven up any space and transform a drab room into a beautiful and invigorating space. The shade is complex and beautiful. It is somewhat reminiscent of blue, which can turn into green if you look at it from a different angle. At the junction of these two colors, turquoise was born. It is called differently, but the essence remains the same. Seeing the interior in this color, few will remain indifferent. Turquoise can calm and inspire. It is suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle, are engaged in creativity and simply want to change their home beyond recognition.

What colors does turquoise go with?

Turquoise evokes associations with the sea. The Cote d’Azur appears before your eyes, and gentle waves stroke the warm sand. This color can calm and energize. Psychologists believe that turquoise has a positive effect on a person. It puts you in a positive mood, relaxes you and helps restore your immune system. This color is clean and cool. It can be combined with different shades. If designers want to enliven the space, then they can use red, yellow and even purple in the decoration. But do not forget about the main rule: there should be more of the main color, and accent shades can act as a complement. Those who choose turquoise usually refuse bright accents and opt for a calm color scheme. In this case, you can combine turquoise with lavender or pink. The combination with gray looks great. Muted tones will allow you to achieve elegance and demonstrate all the beauty of turquoise.

Turquoise in the living room interior

The turquoise color in the living room interior looks very advantageous. It refreshes the interior and creates a pleasant environment. In a gray city where there is little sun, this color will be an excellent solution. In large rooms, azure walls and furniture chosen to match the main color will look beautiful. If the room is small, then you shouldn’t paint everything the same color. Turquoise should be an accent. To do this, you should paint one wall in it, and make the rest bright. This design attracts attention. A bright wall should not be blocked by bulky cabinets. But weightless shelves and beautiful paintings will enliven the space even more. Often, the living room is a multifunctional room. And if you have nothing against turquoise, then opt for it. The main wall in the work area is painted turquoise. You can complement the interior with accessories. For example, pillows, carpet or ottomans.

Separately about the turquoise sofa

Multi-colored sofas are beautiful and stylish. But not everyone can decide to do this. Modern interiors provide an opportunity to dream up and try something new and unusual. When working in this direction, it is worth thinking about the details and trying not to overload the space. A lot of colors can make the interior heavy, and it will be impossible to stay in such a room. If your gaze fell on a turquoise sofa, then you shouldn’t deny yourself this. To keep it in its place, the walls should be painted in soothing colors. And only in this case the sofa will take a central place in the interior.

Bedroom in turquoise

The bedroom is a special place in the house. When choosing a color scheme, it is worth remembering that color directly affects a person’s psychological state. Turquoise color is considered one of the best colors that are suitable for decorating this room. It’s nice to be in such a room. Once you enter it, you immediately want to relax, calm down and dream. Memories of the sea, clear skies and beautiful nature come to mind. Turquoise goes well with white. This design will give the interior freshness and lightness.

Kitchen in turquoise color

Every housewife dreams of turning the kitchen into a comfortable and functional room, where it will be beautiful and everything will be at hand. Turquoise will turn a gray kitchen into a holiday. This color is bright, goes well with other colors and allows you to achieve excellent results. Even if the furniture is made from natural materials, the overall impression will not deteriorate. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. If the kitchen set is made in different colors, you will get a beautiful interior. If the walls are painted white, then the set can be turquoise. Details in this color will create a feeling of freshness, lightness, and the room will become comfortable and warm like spring. A small kitchen is not a reason to give up turquoise. With the right approach, you can decorate it beautifully.

Bathroom in turquoise tones

Often, owners do not pay enough attention to the design of the bathroom. It remains simple and without unnecessary details. To make the room cozy, you can pay attention to the turquoise color. It doesn’t matter at all what size it is or what side it is on. Turquoise will turn an ordinary room into a comfortable corner. The bright shade can be confusing. This is why you shouldn’t paint all the walls turquoise. You can add accents and add coziness with the help of accessories.

Children’s room in turquoise colors

When thinking through the interior of a children’s room, you should pay attention to numerous details and listen to the advice of experts. Psychologists believe that turquoise is ideal for this room. It has a positive effect on the psychological state, calms and encourages creative work. Having decorated the room in this color, parents can rest assured that the baby will develop normally. Designers come up with different combinations. To achieve unity with nature and achieve harmony, turquoise is combined with yellow. It is also worth remembering that turquoise is a cool shade, and if the room is not located on the sunny side, then it should be used to a minimum. Many parents often make the mistake of thinking that a boy’s room should be decorated in blue, while girls should exist in a pink space. Turquoise is perfect for both occasions. A competent specialist will be able to furnish the room correctly, and the color will only be the reason for a good mood.

Turquoise accessories

We have already said that turquoise refreshes the interior of any room. Not everyone can get used to it. Changing the interior can be done easily and simply. Very often we want something new, but there is no way to completely repair it. In this case, you should take a closer look at turquoise shades. Accessories can change a boring interior beyond recognition. Decorative elements were invented for this purpose. Curtains, dishes, rugs, cushions for sofas and paintings will help you get rid of dullness and make the room bright. You can reboot the standard interior using individual parts. It’s impossible not to fall in love with turquoise. Very often, designers are asked for help and asked to add something new and unusual to the standard look. In this case, experts give preference to turquoise. You can find a lot of options on the Internet. This can be simple decor, individual accessories, or it can be a complete reboot, where the walls are painted in this color, furniture and textiles are selected. This color suits all styles. The main thing is to correctly fit it into the concept, and you can enjoy the result. The turquoise color in the image can be compared to a breath of freshness on a hot day. This shade is universal; use it to diversify any style. The images of Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Celine Dion convince us of this. Famous designers will tell you how to do this and what to combine the color of turquoise with.

Features of turquoise color, who it suits

  • harmony;
  • integrity;
  • poise.

Under the influence of turquoise, a person quickly comes to his senses, calms down and invigorates.

This is one of the few shades that do not evoke negative emotions and associations. It has no irritating effect and does not cause depression.

Turquoise is a universal shade that will suit any lady. The main thing is to choose the right tone:

  • Light tones of turquoise suit brown-haired women.
  • Brunettes suit a rich or dark turquoise color.
  • Blondes will be decorated with any tones of turquoise. The brighter they are, the better.
  • For redheads, it is better to choose light tones of turquoise and combine them with clothes in warm colors.

How to create a fashionable look with turquoise

What makes turquoise universal is not only that it suits every woman perfectly. Also, this color fits well into any style and is combined with many shades. It will make both an everyday look and an evening outfit memorable.

Combination with other colors

Many people consider turquoise too bright, so they combine it only with white and black. Of course, such combinations are win-win and ideal for everyday life.

However, you shouldn’t stop at just this combination. Vary your style and combine turquoise with colors such as:

  • Blue. The image will be sophisticated and laconic. Sapphire, ultramarine and indigo harmonize perfectly with turquoise. An interesting combination of blue checkered trousers, a black jacket and turquoise shoes was presented by Stella McCartney.
  • Brown. It would seem that this is not a very successful combination, but the opposite is demonstrated by the dress from Alexander Arutyunov, in which turquoise, brown and white are in harmony. Any shade of brown will make an excellent pair with turquoise, but taupe and light chestnut look most advantageous.
  • Yellow. Be careful with this color. For ladies with dark hair, bright tones of yellow, like in the latest Raf Simons collection, are suitable. Light colors suit fair-haired ladies, such as pale lemon.
  • Green. This color is considered related, so create an image by playing with contrasts. If you prefer bright turquoise, choose green in less saturated shades. The same rule applies in reverse.
  • Red. The combination of turquoise and red in equal proportions hurts the eyes. To avoid this, make one color dominant and the other color complementary. You can also add a balancing white color.

  • Gold and silver. Often these colors are used as decorative elements in clothing. Designers do gold or silver embroidery and add metal details or stones.

Monochrome image

Previously, it was customary to create monochrome looks only in black and white, as Cosmopolitan says. However, in 2021, monochrome of any shade is trending, and turquoise is no exception.

A monochrome look involves combining things in the same tone or different shades of the same color. Interspersed with other tones are also allowed, as in the Miu Miu collection.

Combinations of different textures look good in a monochrome turquoise look:

  • shiny and matte, like Cult Gaia;
  • fur and knitted;
  • smooth and textured.

Shoes and accessories

This year, shoes in bright colors are especially popular, so feel free to choose turquoise. Shoes of this tone can become either the final element of a monochrome look or a bright accent.

Turquoise-colored shoes will go well with a brown suit, as in the Miu Miu collection, will create an excellent tandem with a romantic pastel-colored dress, and will emphasize femininity in combination with shorts and a T-shirt.

An accent could be a turquoise bag like Miu Miu, a scarf or a belt.

If you choose sea green clothes, pay attention to gold and silver jewelry. The ideal option is massive chains – one of the main trends of 2021, according to Harper’s Bazaar. You can also choose a bracelet or single earring made of these metals.

Gold and silver shoes and bags look no less stylish. This option will add luxury to the look and is suitable for an evening event.

Turquoise color is multifaceted. It will help create a great mood and will definitely attract the attention of others. Feel free to wear this vibrant shade and pair it with equally rich tones.

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