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How is Czech garnet different from regular garnet?

Mandatory information for those who want to buy jewelry with real Czech garnet and not become a victim of scammers. You can buy a Louis Vuitton bag in Prague both on Parizhskaya Street and on the Vietnamese market, because prestigious brands are counterfeited and copied by everyone who is not too lazy. The same can be said about the Czech garnet. Jewelry with fake stones in Prague stores can even be sold under the protected mark “Czech garnet”, which is not yet a guarantee of quality. If you are familiar with branded jewelry, you will not be fooled. But what about those who do not have such experience? From the abundance of shops with the inscription Czech Garnet (“Czech Pomegranate”) and attractive decorations in shop windows make foreigners walking around the historical center of Prague or Karlovy Vary dazzle. Jewelry with garnets has long been one of the most popular Czech souvenirs, and therefore unscrupulous business has spread. Trade in jewelry with fake garnets in the Czech Republic can already be equated to organized crime. Therefore, experts do not advise entering the stores described above for those who do not want to become victims of scammers. Most of the jewelry presented in the windows of these stores did not contain any trace of garnets. Instead of precious stones, they usually have multi-colored glass inserted into them. Fake stones, which are passed off as garnets in the Czech Republic, are mostly brought from abroad. Although the Customs Department and the Ministry of Finance are trying to control the situation and checking shops in tourist areas, fake jewelry still appears on the market all the time. According to jewelry sellers, souvenir shops can sell up to 50% of items with fake grenades. How to protect yourself from counterfeiting? Firstly, you need to know that Czech pomegranate grains are relatively small in size (from 2 to 8 mm). They are distinguished by their blood-red color and resistance to acids and high temperatures. Secondly, eThe only company that mines garnets and produces original jewelry in the Czech Republic is Granát Turnov. Granát Turnov is the largest processor and manufacturer of Czech garnet products, which has been specializing in this for more than 60 years. The company arose in 1953 as a result of the merger of small jewelry firms. Four years later, the organization built production in Turnov, and today jewelry with Czech garnets is associated with this city. Granát Turnov is to this day the only owner of garnet deposits that can be visited in Podsedice (Litoměřice region). report on the production of Czech pomegranate – TV NOVA All decorations with Czech garnet produced by Granát Turnov have quality certificate, in which the origin of the stones is declared. A certificate with a hologram, the logo of a company or a certified seller, as well as an hallmark with the letter G (G1, G2) is the only possible guarantee that an original Czech garnet was used in the jewelry. If you find all these marks on the product, you can be sure that you are not wasting money on a fake. It is best to buy jewelry in Granát Turnov brand stores or through the online store Products from the manufacturer are distinguished by impeccable processing, since most of the elements in them are made by hand. Granát Turnov not only offers exclusive jewelry for women, but also luxurious souvenirs for men: for example, cufflinks or tie clips with garnets. Do you know that: – Granát Turnov has been a supplier of figurines for the Český slavík competition for many years. She not only produces awards, but also develops their design;
– in one year the association produces almost 11 tons of pomegranate;
– Granát Turnov is the winner of the Rodinné stříbro (“Family Silver”) award, as is the world-famous Czech Porcelain company, which produces the famous tableware with the blue onion pattern. As advertising . Almost everyone who comes to the Czech Republic thinks about what souvenirs they can buy here as a keepsake. There are many unique things in this country, but one of the most striking is, undoubtedly, the mysterious Czech garnet, which both Czech residents and tourists love to decorate with. Czech garnet is a unique mineral that can only be found in the Czech Republic. It belongs to the group of transparent pyrope stones. This rare stone of rich red color received its name from the ancient Greek word pyropos, formed from two roots: “pir” – fire and “opos” – eye. Czech garnet is famous for its transparency and beautiful color. It is one of the oldest among all breeds that have ever been used by man in rituals or for making jewelry. For the first time, Czech pomegranate was collected in a river valley. Now it is mined on the southern slopes of the Czech midlands. Czech garnet There is a belief that a pomegranate is capable of accumulating information about its owner for years. If jewelry with it is passed on by inheritance, then it becomes an amulet for the new owner. If you buy a new product with garnet, it will not become an amulet right away, but after a few years, when the stone gets to know its owner well. It is also believed that stealing a pomegranate will invariably bring death and all sorts of troubles to the thief. In the Czech Republic you can buy a pomegranate and admire unique products with it in museums. For example, a luxurious decoration can be seen in the museum of the famous composer Bedřich Smetana in Prague. Smetana once gave this necklace with large garnets to his wife. It is considered the most beautiful garnet jewelry in the world. Examples of Czech garnets in the museum Another historical decoration is presented in the small town of Trebnice. This is a set of Czech garnets that the 73-year-old poet Goethe gave to 18-year-old Ulrike von Lewetzow as a token of his passionate love. The largest modern processor and manufacturer of original gold and silver jewelry with Czech garnet also owns its own museum. company Granát, DUV,Turnov. She has been making Bohemian garnet jewelry for over 60 years. During this time, the company became the sole owner of garnet deposits and the exclusive permission to mine it. The company processes pomegranate only for its own production and does not sell it to other manufacturers. Granát company store, duv Turnov The company appeared in 1953, when several private jewelry firms decided to merge into one. At that time, their work premises were located in different cities, and this fragmentation prevented the organization from establishing production. Then the owners decided to combine the workshops and in 1957 began to build the main new production in Turnov, where two years later they moved all the other enterprises. The complex in Turnov became the basis for the modern production of Granát Turnov. Now Granát, duv Turnov is the largest company producing jewelry with Czech garnet, the only owner of garnet deposits and a certificate for its extraction in the Czech Republic. One of the halls of the museum of the company Granát, duv Turnov in Turnov In 2006, the company’s management decided to open a thematic exhibition in Turnov about the production of garnet jewelry and the history of the association. The small museum attracts tourists and anyone interested in buying original Czech garnet jewelry to Turnov. The museum is located in the new, renovated customer center building at Czech Paradise Square 4 in Turnov, directly above the company’s company store: on the 2nd floor. Here you can see items with Czech garnet, as well as items for its extraction and processing (both historical and modern). If desired, visitors can get acquainted with the work of jewelers. Each guest can briefly learn how to work and try to do something themselves. If you want to buy jewelry with Czech garnet, then it is better to do this in the company store of the Granat Turnov company. They are located in Prague and other Czech cities. Only here will you be given a guarantee that you are purchasing an original product. Granát company store, duv Turnov As an advertisement.

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