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How long can you wear rose quartz?

One of the most popular varieties of quartz is rose quartz. The gem was found by people about ten thousand years ago. During this time, many legends developed about him. According to one of them, the god of love Eros gave it to people so that they would learn love, empathy and live in harmony.
Translated from German, “quartz” means “solid.” The mineral is of volcanic origin.
In the East, this gem was used to create cosmetics. They believed that its powder gave beauty, freshness and youth.
Rose quartz comes in a variety of shades, from white to lavender to lavender to purple.

Rose quartz price

  • Earrings can be purchased from 600 rubles;
  • Beads will cost around 1300 rubles
  • Price for pendants starts from 300 rubles.

Properties of the gem

  • normalization of the nervous system;
  • suppression of outbursts of irritability;
  • anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect;
  • positively affects the work of the heart;
  • normalization of blood sugar levels;
  • improvement of the genitourinary system.

How to wear it correctly?

When choosing a mineral, do not forget about the characteristics of your color type. For a blonde, more delicate, pastel colors are suitable. Brunettes are better off giving preference to bright stones with a reddish tint.
Despite the popularity of gold jewelry, esotericists believe that only a silver frame can reveal the full power of the stone.
If you plan to use the stone as a healing stone, then wear a pendant with it. Choose translucent stones; they are believed to have stronger energy.
To attract love, rose quartz should be worn close to the skin. If you don’t wear jewelry, you can buy a quartz pyramid. Quartz helps to heal emotional wounds and restore the harmony of the soul.

Rose quartz makes a person kinder and more sympathetic. Helps smooth out conflicts and improve relationships.
As a talisman, this mineral protects the family and increases love. It is believed that the mineral facilitates a meeting with a worthy candidate. It enhances attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Stone care

  • Keep pink stone jewelry and products away from sunlight. Under the influence of heat, the mineral may fade.
  • Protect rose quartz from shock. Chips may form on its surface.
  • To clean, simply rinse the stone under running water.

To whom does it suit?

  • He will give Aries a desire for self-improvement and smooth out their irritability.
  • The gem will endow Taurus with wisdom and prudence.
  • For Gemini, it will become a distinctive talisman for success in business
  • Cancer will be able to protect from stress and life difficulties
  • Will give Leos prosperity and financial stability
  • It will bring luck to Virgos and increase vital energy.
  • Libra can find a soul mate
  • For Scorpios, he will be an excellent helper in achieving goals.
  • Sagittarius will be able to find peace of mind with him
  • It will give Capricorns confidence and help in business.
  • Aquarius will give you determination and help you fulfill your old dream
  • Pisces will ensure success in all endeavors.

Rose quartz has long given people hope and kindness. Such a gem cannot go unnoticed. Choose it and it will give you joy.

Is rose quartz suitable for Aries? Girls can, and even need to, wear such a stone. However, it is worth considering that due to the strong patron of the sign, the influence of the stone as a talisman will be weakly felt. But the mineral will help to slightly soften the harshness and aggressiveness of the Martian character for representatives of both sexes. The stone will also become a guide in the world of love and help you find your happiness.

Taurus: love will come unexpectedly

For Taurus, who is ruled by the planet of love Venus, pink quartz is perfect choice. After all, the mineral itself is often associated with this beautiful goddess. Taurus will quickly feel the soft but effective effect of the stone as soon as they start wearing it. Rose quartz is especially good for Taurus women – it will help them reveal their femininity and attract the attention of fans. And not just any kind, but it will help you make the right choice. Men rarely show interest in pink jewelry. But the mineral can be stored at home in the form of figurines, so it will become the guardian of the hearth.

Also, a pink stone will help strengthen marriage and become an excellent amulet against the negative energy of others, which is extremely important for Taurus, who values ​​both physical and moral comfort.

Gemini: Intuition and Commerce

Geminis are known businessmen, people who love to talk and always have something to say. Bright representatives of the air element and wards Mercury, they have an entrepreneurial spirit and are often able to sell sand in the desert to an oasis seeker. What can quartz give for Gemini? In this case, the mineral will attract success in entrepreneurial activity, help you quickly make important and useful connections, and come to an agreement when necessary.

Cancer: time to crawl out of the shell

This sensitive and homely zodiac sign is patronized by Луна. In astrology, she is considered a planet; she is credited with such qualities as intuition, emotionality, maternal care, patriotism and the desire to create her own home.

Scorpios are the eighth and most mysterious sign of the Zodiac. Wards of the great transformer Pluto They are constantly in search of truth, they are tormented by doubts and suspicions, the eternal process of transformation prevents them from finding peace. In general, it is believed that Scorpios, due to their character traits, have little faith in love, and therefore rose quartz is not for them, but this is not so. Quartz for Scorpio is a suitable stone for finding the balance and contentment in life that so often eludes them. The mineral will reduce their suspicion and aggression, heal mental wounds and help them take a warmer look at the world around them. In addition, the stone is capable of helping the Plutonians in implementing their plans.

Ophiuchus: the snake charmer’s pipe

Ophiuchus is considered the thirteenth and fairly new sign of the Western Zodiac. Moreover, many astrological schools refuse to take it into account, since it violates the harmony of the zodiac circle. But still, representatives of this sign also have characteristics. This includes people who are intellectual, but with a creative beginning. These are charismatic and purposeful individuals, but with their own difficulties. Rose quartz for Ophiuchus will help him moderate his criticism and jealousy, ease constant anxiety and calm outbursts of anger. The importance of emotions in the “serpentine” life is quite great, and the stone will serve as a calming agent for this stormy sea.

Sagittarius: when the whole world falls at your feet

It is difficult to find greater explorers and travelers than Sagittarius. Wards Jupiter Don’t feed me bread, let me learn something new and bring it all to the masses. Sagittarians are easy-going people, for whom new lands and new knowledge are much more attractive than a luxuriously furnished palace.

Is rose quartz suitable for Sagittarius? Quite. The stone will help to reveal the creative potential of the Jupiterian, and on the road it will protect against dark forces and other people’s negativity.

Capricorns: a little romance for dry calculations

Capricorns are the quintessence of the earth element. This is a real rock that you can lean on at the most difficult moment, and which will not falter under the pressure of everyday problems. But there is another side to the coin – often Capricorns, due to the harsh nature that protects them Saturn, they are distinguished by a rather dry character and stingy with emotions. And even if they worry somewhere deep inside, it will be very difficult for them to express their feelings to the outside world.

Is quartz suitable for Capricorn? A love talisman can become that softening element, thanks to which even an indestructible rock will grow with delicate spring flowers. Namely, it will help the stubborn Capricorn to become a little softer and more humane, to more often show what is going on in their soul. Although, of course, it’s not worth giving special miracles.

Aquarius: freedom of creative impulses

Aquarians are the owners of extraordinary thinking and an original sense of humor. Sociable and unusual, they always attract glances. Aquarians do not recognize subordination and prefer to communicate with everyone on the same level. But always friendly and with a smile. Rose quartz is best for an Aquarius woman. The mineral will give them peace and endow them with an aura of goodwill. In general, the wards Uranus The stone enhances creativity.

Pisces: Lure for Love

Pisces are known for their subtle sensitivity and depth of emotional experiences, their ability to self-sacrifice and selfless service. Quartz for Pisces is a helper and mentor. It will not only help to reveal the emotional and creative potential of representatives of this sign, but will also help you carefully choose those to whom Fish will give her tender heart.

But representatives of this romantic sign should take a break from the stone more often. Rose quartz is able to put “rose-colored glasses” on its owner, behind which it will be difficult to discern reality. And Pisces already has questions about this.

As you can see, the beauty of rose quartz is its gentle action and versatility. A rare stone that is shown or at least neutral in relation to all signs of the Zodiac. Anyone can wear rose quartz, but only Taurus, Libra and Pisces can expect a quick and obvious manifestation of the qualities of the mineral. In addition, when purchasing, be sure to hold the pebble in your hands; if it does not respond, it is better to leave the mineral on the shelf.

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