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How much does 1 carat of diamond cost in a pawn shop?

Cut diamonds are not only stunning, but they are also great assets. If you have problems with finances, jewelry with them can always be taken to a diamond pawnshop with or without subsequent redemption – that is, simply sold. It’s easier than getting a loan from a bank; you don’t have to collect a package of documents or look for guarantors. To pawn a diamond, all you need is a passport and the jewelry itself. The assessment will take about a quarter of an hour. The loan amount will depend on the weight and purity of the gem. The deposit need not be returned; the precious property will become the property of the lending organization. Those who wish will be able to buy diamond products in the auction at a price below the market price. Diamonds of regular shape, 57 facets, weighing up to 0,3 carats (RUB)

Diameter (mm.) Weight (carat) Characterization
3/4 6/7
1,0-1,3 0,004-0,008 30 20
1,4 0,01 50 40
1,5 0,013 60 40
1,6 0,016 70 40
1,7-1,8 0,018-0,022 80 60
1,9-2,0 0,025-0,03 180 110
2,1-2,2 0,034-0,04 250 140
2,3-2,4 0,045-0,053 350 210
2,5 0,058-0,06 420 250
2,6-2,7 0,065-0,075 560 350
2,8-2,9 0,08-0,093 700 350
3 0,098-0,1 1000 500
3,1-3,3 0,11-0,138 1300 600
3,4 0,145-0,15 1500 1000
3,5 0,157-0,17 2000 1000
3,6-3,7 0,171-0,193 2200 1200
3,8-4,0 0,2-0,24 5000 2300
4,1-4,2 0,26-0,29 5500 2800

Diamonds of regular shape, 57 facets, weighing more than 0,3 carats (RUB)

Diameter (mm.) Weight (carat) Characterization
3/4 6/7
4,3-4,6 0,3-0,37 10000 4000
4,7-5,1 0,4-0,49 15000 7000
5,2-5,4 0,5-0,59 16000 9000
5,5-5,7 0,6-0,69 20000 15000
5,8-5,9 0,7-0,79 30000 20000
6-6,2 0,8-0,89 35000 25000
6,3-6,4 0,9-0,99 50000 35000
6,5-7 1,01-1,24 65000 40000

What determines the price of a diamond in a pawnshop?

  • Diamond shade. The most expensive are clear cut diamonds, while the cheaper ones are colored and dark versions of the same carat value.
  • Purity. The price is reduced due to various types of defects and organic inclusions. Moreover, a strong discount results from a flaw in the center of the stone.
  • Cut. The ability of a gem to reflect and refract light rays, its symmetry, and the quality of polishing are taken into account. Round-cut products are the most expensive.

Of course, size and weight are important: the larger, the more expensive. If you decide to buy up or pawn jewelry with diamonds, you must take into account the condition of the precious metal frame, its fineness, and shade. Thus, the price per gram of white gold with diamonds is higher than its yellow metal counterpart. The absence of contamination or damage increases the price of the product. They also take into account the jewelry value of the diamond jewelry, its uniqueness, and brand. In the latter case, it is important to provide proof of authenticity. The presence of original packaging will increase the price. You can see how much it costs to hand over a diamond to a pawnshop on the website Prices for gold of various grades and categories are also indicated there.

Where are diamonds accepted in St. Petersburg?

The maximum amount of loans secured by diamond jewelry and individual stones with a certificate are issued in the Trust pawnshop network. You will be able to sell or pawn diamonds of different shapes, cuts, and shades. At the same time, the interest rate is low – from 0,25 percent. The evaluation of processed minerals from 0,3 carats in a diamond pawn shop will be carried out by an expert gemologist; errors are excluded. After the examination, you will immediately receive cash by presenting your ID to issue a pawn ticket.

Doverie pawnshops have been operating in the pawn market of St. Petersburg for more than 10 years. The network includes 10 branches located near major metro stations in different areas of the Northern capital. For those wishing to sell their diamonds to a pawnshop at a great price, we offer:

  • accurate free assessment by a gemologist;
  • early redemption without penalties;
  • contract extension without commission;
  • privacy and security;
  • insurance at your own expense;
  • benefits and bonuses for regular customers.

The loan amount is unlimited, it all depends on the value of the diamond. Also at the pawnshop you can buy exclusive diamond jewelry set in gold, cut diamonds with certificates.

We accept gold and diamonds, buy and sell every day, seven days a week, from 8.00 to 21.00. A preliminary assessment of diamonds can be done online by filling out a special form on the website Or get a free consultation from pawn shop specialists by phone by ordering a call back.

When the need for money arises, people are ready to sell even things that are very dear to them. This could be jewelry (rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, watches, earrings), antique heirlooms, etc. And due to the urgency, valuable items may be sold too cheaply, which we cannot allow you to do.

Diamond Grading Chart

Weight (ct – carat) 1 cat(1/4-4/4 – diamond clarity)
Price per 1 carat
2 кат(5/5-6/7-чистота бриллианта)
Price per 1 carat
3 cat (7/8-7/9-diamond clarity)
Price per 1 carat
0,05 – 0,1ct from 3 to 000 rub./car from 1 to 000 rub./car not evaluated
0,1 – 0,3ct from 10 to 000 rub./car from 3 to 000 rub./car not evaluated
1 кат(1/1-4/4-чистота бриллианта) 2 cat (5/5-7/7-diamond clarity) 3 cat (8/8-9/12-diamond clarity)
0,3 ct from 25 to 000 rub./car from 5 to 000 rub./car not evaluated
0,5 – 0,7ct from 40 to 000 rub./car from 15 to 000 rub./car up to 3 rub./car
0,7 – 1ct from 50 to 000 rub./car from 25 to 000 rub./car up to 6 rub./car

What are the different cut shapes of diamonds?

Buying diamonds at Multi Lombard is an obvious benefit for everyone

The purchase of diamonds and the issuance of funds as collateral for jewelry in our company is carried out on fair terms. When assessing stones and precious metals, their true value will in no case be underestimated – the opinion of Multi Lombard specialists is always reliable. We have no distinctions – absolutely all varieties and types of rings, necklaces, table and other jewelry are accepted. Buying diamond jewelry is done professionally and does not take much time.

When can buying diamonds in Moscow become useful to both parties?

Typically, old jewelry is handed over to thrift stores or sold to private entrepreneurs. In all cases, you remain at a loss – when buying diamonds and other expensive items, specialized stores charge a decent percentage for assistance in selling the goods. Alternatively, you simply get a meager price for an expensive piece of jewelry. But there is a great way to get around this kind of failure – use the services of Multi Pawnshop to sell the diamond. The company has been purchasing diamonds in Moscow for a long time – customer reviews are positive, because all transactions were carried out at favorable rates, with a reliable assessment of the parameters of the product (taking into account the use of precious metal, stones, the work of the master, etc.). You can really sell a diamond profitably by getting the maximum price for the gemstone.

Our diamond pawnshop will allow you to sell your jewelry at a high price

Thanks to its staff of qualified specialists, the diamond pawnshop is able to perform all its duties in just a few minutes. The sales process itself, the execution of important papers and the issuance of cash occurs immediately.

“Multi Pawnshop” (Moscow) provides everyone who wants to sell diamonds with:

  • competent consultations directly from home on any issue related to the sale of jewelry;
  • the opportunity to get a fair assessment of the product (the price will be announced based on all the expensive materials used in the decoration);
  • a real chance to hand over unnecessary things to a pawnshop and get money within 10 minutes.

Jewelry appraisal is our specialty, but the main principles of cooperation are the benefit and satisfaction of each client’s transaction.

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