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How much does 1 g of 925 silver cost?

Send us a photo of the item you want to sell – we will tell you the approximate purchase price of 585 gold. If you are satisfied with the amount, come to the pawnshop – a certified expert will weigh and inspect the jewelry, after which he will tell you the exact amount and, if necessary, advise you Maximum buyout price Compare our offer with others – we are sure that it will be good. The assessment takes into account all factors that influence the value – including the presence of diamonds and other stones, brand recognition, consumer demand, historical significance, etc. Convenient work schedule and location Come by personal car or public transport – our pawnshop is located in the center near the Novokuznetskaya and Perovo metro stations. We work seven days a week and without lunch breaks from 10:00 to 20:00 Receive the money in your hands or ask to transfer it to a bank card immediately after we complete the transaction – everything will take about 10 minutes. Buying gold of 585 standard takes place without unnecessary formalities and bureaucracy

Prices for purchasing 925 silver per gram in Moscow

Sample From To

Buying 925 silver

A loan secured by silver jewelry is a way out of a difficult financial situation. You can get money quickly at a moderate interest rate.

What you need to get a loan

  • receive an expert opinion on the day of application;
  • enter into a loan agreement secured by a precious metal product;
  • get money.

The pawnshop accepts not only jewelry, but also cutlery, scrap, and various silver household items. The higher the standard of the metal being handed over, the higher the cost of 1 gram. After repaying the loan, the pawnshop returns the item to the client.

What affects the price

The price of 925 silver in a pawn shop is 39,6 rubles per gram. The cost of metal is determined by several indicators:

  • A test showing how many percent of pure silver is contained in a unit of alloy. 100 g of 925 standard metal contains 92,5% pure silver.
  • The weight.
  • Category. An antique item, a branded item, or an antique will cost more.
  • Pawnshop pricing policy.

When choosing a pawnshop, you should pay attention to its experience, professionalism, and the rates at which silver products are accepted. To find out the preliminary approximate cost, go to the “Online assessment” section of the website juveli.list-item–redbullet and leave a request for an assessment of the product. In it, indicate your contacts, weight and sample of the product that you plan to hand over. You also need to send a photo of the item. After studying the application, experts give a preliminary assessment. The response is sent to the email specified in the application.

Why is it profitable to take out a loan from a pawnshop secured by silver?

When assessing the value of 925 silver in a pawnshop, the age, history of the item, brand, etc. are taken into account. If the item is massive enough and has historical value, you can get a large sum of money. Advantages of getting a loan from a pawnshop:

  • No income certificate or guarantor is required.
  • Providing information about your place of work or a positive credit history will not be required.
  • Cash is received immediately after the item is delivered to the pawnshop.
  • You can repay the loan at any time in the entire amount at once or in parts by paying interest on the use of loan funds.
  • The loan amount does not depend on the client’s income level, but only on the value of the delivered product.
  • The loan can be obtained by persons who do not have Russian citizenship.

Jewelry appraisal is free. No sanctions are applied to a client who does not repay the loan. It’s just that his thing, according to the agreement, becomes the property of the pawnshop. You can use the pawnshop service at any time. You can also get expert advice online.

How to hand over silver to a pawnshop without returning it?

Come to the pawnshop with your passport and silver. Tell the employee that you need to sell the silver. An assessment takes place, based on the results of which they will tell you the amount for which we will buy silver. If you agree with the price, a sales contract is concluded and money is paid, in cash or by bank card.

After this, the silver becomes the property of the pawnshop and subsequently you cannot redeem it (unlike a pledge, with a return).

What documents are issued when selling 900-carat gold?

A purchase and sale agreement, which contains information about our organization, the seller’s passport data and information about the product.

Why do you have a high purchase price for gold of 900 purity per gram?

We carry out a comprehensive assessment of products, namely: we take into account their artistic and historical significance, the presence of precious stones, consumer demand, brand recognition and the current market rate for gold.

Reliable purchase with an impeccable reputation. Real prices on the website. Near the subway

The Legion of Gold company has two branches in St. Petersburg: on Petrogradka – Bolshoy Prospekt P.S., 32 (Chkalovskaya metro station) and on Ligovsky 111 (Ligovsky Prospekt metro station)

The Legion of Gold company buys from the population of St. Petersburg silver products, technical silver, silver bars, antique silver, silver utensils and old silver sets (sets of glasses, shot glasses, sets of salt shakers, spoons, forks, plates and other silver utensils), silver ashtrays, watches and other jewelry.

You can send a product for evaluation in any popular messenger:

The company also accepts technical silver – electrical device housings, frames, microcircuits and contacts, wire, plates, relays, switches, connectors, X-rays, photographic plates, photographic films, batteries of all types, aviation wires.

How much does it cost to sell silver? The most profitable items for selling are jewelry and household items made of 925 sterling silver and 999 sterling silver bullion. Silver bullion coins are of particular value. The cost can be compared for pawn shops and purchases in our table.

Compare the price for 1 gram of silver in a pawnshop and the price in a purchase

The most expensive price for selling silver is in companies that are directly involved in the purchase of precious metals from individuals and legal entities. Simply put, they are called “buy-ups.” Therefore, it is most profitable to sell the precious metal. Compare the prices for buying silver at a pawn shop and at a dealer in one table.

Updated today, 16.06.2024/15/00, XNUMX:XNUMX

Name per gram
Silver 750 samples 25 rubles.
Silver 800 samples 30 rubles.
Silver 875 samples (scrap, products, tableware) 40 rubles.
Silver 900 samples (scrap, coins) from 45 to 50 rub.
Silver 925 samples (products, tableware) from 50 to 100 rub.
Silver 999 samples (coins, bars) from 60 to 150 rub.
Royal silver 84 samples (scrap, products, tableware) from 50 to 700 rub.

You can leave a request for a call back from our company or write directly to any of the modern instant messengers.

Sales application
buy silver

Silver buying calculator

Select metal to evaluate

Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple at once.
The calculation is carried out in several steps
To go to the next step, click the “Next” button

For the most accurate estimate, be sure to indicate the weight and purity of your products.

Enter sample and weight

The approximate (or exact, if known) weight of your product.

Presence of stamps and stones

Is there a mark on the product?
Type of gems (if any)
Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple at once.

Product condition

Are there any defects on the product?
Is the product a premium brand?
If yes, please indicate the brand name
Calculate the cost

Contact details

The preliminary cost calculation was completed successfully.
Please provide your contact details to which you can send an estimate of the cost of your products.

Or you can enter your phone number for a regular call or using any of the modern instant messengers.

Request a quote

The final
cost calculation

You will receive an estimate
in the way you choose
very soon.
You can always call us
by phone 8 (812) 94-111-46
or contact via messengers

Online valuation – how much can you sell silver for?

You can get an express assessment of your products directly on the website in the shortest possible time. Indicate your contact information by which it is most convenient to contact you – telephone and e-mail.

Attach photos of your products from different angles. Describe the history of these items and we will be able to determine their approximate value from the photograph – you do not have to go anywhere just to find out how much your silver cigarette case or other silver item is worth.

If there are factors that can increase the value of the product, indicate them in the description.

Availability of documents

The presence of documents increases the cost of the product

Sample (stamp)

The value of the precious metal per gram is determined by the jewelry mark


The price of a product increases due to the brand and demand for a certain type of product


Having a complete set increases the overall value of the product

Availability of documents

The presence of documents increases the cost of the product

Sample (stamp)

The value of the precious metal per gram is determined by the jewelry mark


The price of a product increases due to the brand and demand for a certain type of product


Having a complete set increases the overall value of the product

Regulations for the evaluation of silver products

The price of the product per 1 gram depends on the sample of the precious metal. Determined either on the basis of a jewelry mark or by a professional appraiser.

Product weight
The product is weighed on precise certified jewelry scales, with an error of up to 0.01 g.

Some products have increased liquidity on the market and are purchased at an increased price. A professional appraiser determines the value based on market demand.

Products that, in addition to containing precious metal, have additional value – antique, branded or culturally valuable – are valued at a higher price.

Availability of documents
and certificates

Official documents and certificates confirming value also allow you to increase the final score.

Our advantages

Any weight
i sostoyanie

We accept any weight of silver. The condition of the products does not matter.

способы оплаты

We pay by card
or cash – whichever is more convenient for you

Convenient location
in St. Petersburg
near the subway

Office in St. Petersburg
next to the metro station on Ligovka

office parking

You can always park your car for free next to our office in the parking lot in the yard

Payments immediately
in place

You don’t have to wait for anything anymore! You receive the money immediately on the spot.

with pawn shops and
private individuals

We work with individuals and organizations

Silver price dynamics
during the week. 2021

The rise and fall of gold prices is perfectly tracked on the price chart – the website collects price dynamics for the precious metal over the past week.

The graph displays the price in dollars per 1 troy ounce. The price in rubles is easily converted if you know that one troy ounce of silver is 31,1034768 grams.

Formula for conversion from weight in troy ounces to grams:
g = ozt * 31,1035,
where g is the weight in grams, and ozt is the weight in troy ounces.

When selling silver, always keep in mind the precious metal’s price history over the past week. This is important so that buyers do not take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Our silver price charts display three prices at once – for yesterday and the day before yesterday. The green graph is the real-time price of silver, updated every 10 minutes.

The red graph is the dynamics of the price of silver for yesterday and the blue graph is data on the change in the price of silver for the day before yesterday.

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