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How much does 1 g of real diamond cost?

If the catalog does not contain a diamond or jewelry that fully meets your wishes, we are ready to make it to order. In this case, the client will need a design sample – a photo or sketch. The consultant will help you choose stones and precious metal for the setting – gold or platinum. Indicate your favorite cut and setting method for your diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite or other gemstone. We will make your wishes come true in a luxurious piece of jewelry.

All diamonds

627 750 rub. 488 250 rub. 446 400 rub. 237 150 rub.
Output by All operations with precious stones in Russia are strictly controlled by the state. Purchasing uncut, natural diamonds from an unverified seller can bring a lot of trouble to the buyer. Our online store offers you to buy diamonds in Moscow legally safely and with a guarantee of the quality of your purchase. A large or medium-sized rough gemstone is a profitable long-term investment that allows you to preserve and increase your capital.

Who buys uncut diamonds?

The sale of unprocessed natural diamonds not set into jewelry is carried out only between legal organizations. In addition to those who want to invest capital, jewelers are interested in purchasing precious stones, as well as people who want to receive a unique piece of jewelry to order. A natural stone must have a certificate confirming its properties – authenticity, weight, color, purity. The price of a diamond per 1 carat will depend on these indicators. A specimen that is flawless in all respects is valued more expensive than a specimen with defects—turbidity, inclusions, or the color of a diamond. To understand the current price in rubles today, you need to take into account many factors, including the exchange rate against the dollar. The price of diamonds is influenced by weekly market analysis and Rapaport’s price list. The cost of one carat, gram, of a good uncut diamond can cost from 600000 to 1500000 rubles. A natural stone weighing 1 carat of color 1 and purity 1 is considered rare, and the coefficient of the uniqueness of the product is already included in the calculation of the cost.

Purchase and delivery

Our online store is an official dealer and platform where you can purchase real natural diamonds, confirmed by a gemological examination certificate. In the catalog, the buyer sees the characteristics of each specimen and how much the sample of interest costs. Delivery is carried out by a special courier service that guarantees the safety of the goods. Everyone knows the wonderful properties of diamond. The composition of diamond is pure carbon; its special crystal lattice structure makes it the hardest mineral in the world. Diamond hardness is 10 on the Mohs scale. Most diamonds found in nature are small, colorless stones. Natural diamonds weighing more than 10 carats are already collectible and even have their own names. Diamond, contrary to myths, is not the most expensive stone, but traditionally it, or rather its faceted form, is considered the best gift. Diamonds are popular not only in jewelry, they are used in medicine, industry, and in the production of equipment.

Cost of a rough diamond

  • The price of an uncut stone will be approximately 60% lower than the price of a diamond of the same carat.
  • The higher the carat of the stone, the more expensive it will cost, because most natural diamonds are not very heavy. To calculate the value of diamonds less than 5 carats, the Tavernier formula is used. С=m*m*k. Where C is the desired price of a diamond, m is its mass, k is the cost of one carat.
  • The cost of small stones weighing up to one carat will range from $120 to $1500 per carat. The cost of a carat of a rough colored diamond starts at $600.
  • The price of black diamonds is volatile.

Cost of black diamond

Finding a natural black diamond in nature is a great success. Most specimens of this stone immediately end up in private collections or museums, each of them is assigned its own name, and the price can reach millions and even billions of dollars, especially if the mineral is large and weighs several grams. The largest black diamond weighed 421 carats and was found in Siberia.

Sometimes black diamond is called carbonado. This is not true: carbonado stone, although it contains diamond grains, has a completely different structure and properties. In fact, it is a porous polycrystalline formation of small diamonds and silicon. Due to its strength, carbonado is used only for technical purposes, has a relatively low price and is not considered a gemstone due to the difficulties of processing.

Most black diamonds have this color due to inclusions of graphite. Pure black stones are rare in nature; they are usually obtained from gray, dark brown diamonds through additional processing. The price for them will be about the same as for ordinary low-quality diamonds.

Cost of synthetic diamonds

Synthetic or man-made diamonds don’t often end up in jewelry. They are mainly grown for industry, medicine, and scientific research. And although a synthetic diamond differs from a natural diamond only in its place of origin, there is no rush to use it as a precious stone. The reason for this is the still existing monopolies in the jewelry market.

The price of artificial diamonds is unstable – from $100 to $400 per carat. It is difficult to buy them at retail. A wave of popularity of synthetic and artificial stones is predicted in the future due to their environmental friendliness, cheaper production and availability. The world’s largest synthesized diamond was grown in 2015 in a Hong Kong laboratory. Its weight reached 32,26 carats.

Diamond cartel leaders fear that the popularity of artificial stones could crash the market, but we think these fears are unfounded. Those who want to buy man-made diamonds will buy man-made ones, and those who are fans of natural stones will buy natural minerals. It will be enough to simply ask for the appropriate certificate.

A certificate for natural stone will now protect you from buying a fake.

Cost of a carat of diamond in rubles

The current cost of diamonds can be found on special exchanges and in gemological magazines. Prices are typically quoted in dollars per carat rather than per gram. To understand how many rubles this or that stone will cost you, you can translate the price using the current exchange rate.

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