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How much does 1 gram of red gold cost?

“MosGosSkupka” is a profitable service for buying 900-carat gold in Moscow. We are located near the Oktyabrskaya metro station on Leninsky Prospekt. With us you can count on pleasant service, a decent price and the services of a qualified expert in assessing gold items.

900 gold price

Sample For 1 gram
900 5400

Dear clients, once the transaction is completed, gold cannot be returned! The price of 900 gold in our purchase depends not only on the cost established by the state, but on the form in which you are going to sell it. Scrap gold of this quality will cost approximately 20 percent less than the same precious metal in the form of jewelry. Naturally, the final price is influenced by the condition of the jewelry and its brand.

stock quotes

This information is presented to familiarize yourself with the average market price for precious metals. metals 999 test
for 1 gram
999 test
for 1 gram
999 test
for 1 gram
999 test
for 1 gram
for 1 dollar
for 1 euros
Cost calculator*
the total cost *Please note that the final cost is calculated taking into account the deduction of 3% for the waste of metal when it is melted down.

Why is it profitable for us?

High price You can see for yourself that our price is higher than the market average. By contacting us you will receive accurate prices and pleasant service. No hidden commission We have everything without deception. There are no hidden commissions on the site; you can receive everything that is written in full. Convenient location We are located close to the metro, literally 1 minute walk. It is also convenient to approach us by personal vehicle. There is convenient parking near the office. Protected area We care about the safety of our clients, since our work involves expensive things, so our establishment is guarded.

How it works


You bring your jewelry or 900 fine bullion for examination


An expert assessment is carried out right in front of you and the cost of the jewelry is given to you.


You make a decision: is it worth selling the products; You receive money in cash or by bank transfer


The transaction is completed in literally 15 minutes: you have funds in your hands and a full package of documents confirming the legality of the transaction. We try to show the entire purchasing process as transparently as possible, so that our clients would be pleased to cooperate with us. Egor Malomanov Expert appraiser

900 gold items

Since pure gold is soft and flexible, it is most often used to make massive jewelry, without any small details and without precious stones. For example, signet rings, heavy chains, etc. Gold coins usually have a relief image on both surfaces.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees do you provide?

We guarantee complete confidentiality, security in our office and objectivity in the assessment of your property. We do not deliberately underestimate the cost of purchased items; you will get a good price for a good item.

Is there any commission charged?

No. We do not charge any commission, tax or interest from clients. You receive the full amount in accordance with the assessed value of the metal, product or equipment.

Do you accept products without a passport?

No. We do not accept anything without a passport. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. A driver’s license does not replace a passport.

Features of 900 gold

900 gold is one of the rarest and most expensive alloys. In terms of value, it is almost equivalent to pure gold. According to the karat system, this is 21,1 carat gold. The price for 1 gram of such metal is set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. What is gold? Essentially, the hallmark indicates that the alloy is 90% pure gold. The remaining 10% is made up of equal parts silver and copper. They are added to provide higher durability to jewelry. The ratio of silver to copper determines the color of the metal. In red gold, the amount of copper is 9% and silver is 1%, while in white gold it is exactly the opposite. The advantage of such gold is that it does not darken at all and does not oxidize when interacting with the environment. This means it does not leave black marks and does not cause allergies. The peculiarity of this sample is that in addition to the number in the stamp, the products must have a picture.


Previously, such a 900-karat alloy was used to mint gold coins or chervonets in denominations of 10 or 5 rubles (they got their name due to their reddish tint). Today, almost all countries of the world produce commemorative coins only from gold of at least 900 purity. In Soviet times, according to GOST standards, gold of the highest standard (850 – 900) was used in dental prosthetics. Dental gold contains 6% copper and 4% silver. This composition provides the necessary level of strength and eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction. “Zlatia” offers favorable conditions for the purchase of 585 gold in Moscow. We have a fair price per gram. We accept any jewelry. Payment is made immediately – in cash or by transfer to a card. The total cost of the product can be calculated using the calculator on our website. 585 standard (14 carats) is the most common. Typically, this metal is used to make jewelry, watches, cufflinks, and tie clips. The cost of gold products is quite affordable, and it is a reliable investment. Buying 585 gold Buying white gold Buying silver Buying gold coins Buying gold wholesale

What products do we buy?

We are ready to buy at a high price: Chains and bracelets Pendants and brooches Scrap, scraps, parts of products Bank bullion from any bank Coins in any condition Sales application

Terms and conditions

Leave a request To sell gold at the maximum price. Cash payment
or by bank transfer There is no limit on the amount. We buy everything We will buy gold and silver of any weight

Why choose us?

1 Honest price (no cheating) You will receive as much money per gram as is currently displayed on our website. The website shows the retail price for 1 gram. We are located within walking distance from Paveletskaya metro station, and there are always free parking spaces available. To sell you only need a passport. An experienced employee will quickly assess and give you the money in your hands.

Why donate gold at all?

If you have old 585 gold jewelry that has already gone out of fashion or is broken, you can always take it to our auction house. A professional expert will make an assessment based on the weight of the product, excluding precious stones. The need to hand over gold items may also arise due to a simple lack of money: to improve health, update your wardrobe, or pay for education. No matter how much you are paid for the products, the main thing is that you will be able to get the required amount. You can sell scrap gold at a favorable price in our company “Zlatia”. The terms of cooperation can be discussed in person or by telephone with an employee. The economic situation in many countries around the world is now quite tense, which makes you think about how you can save your savings. It is quite possible to invest them in gold products, and, if necessary, sell them on the global London Interbank Exchange during favorable price surges.

Profitable scrap sale: useful tips

  • If you have a lot of precious metals and there is no urgent need to sell them, it is wise to wait until gold reaches its highest price and then sell it and get a good amount. But if the volume is small, you can rent it out as soon as you need money, so as not to get unnecessary stress if the value decreases.
  • To sell your accumulated gold metal, we recommend that you contact only trusted, well-known companies where you can safely sell your jewelry. For example, “Zlatia” has sufficient work experience and a good reputation. Do not contact unverified buyers, pawn shops and companies operating in basements. There is a risk of being left without jewelry and without money.
  • Each verified organization for the purchase of precious metals most often has a website on the Internet. Visit it in advance and read the information regarding the terms of purchase, prices for scrap precious items and the cost of jewelry. Also compare offers from different companies to choose the most profitable and sell gold at a higher price.

What is attractive about the buying services at Zlatia? We provide a free assessment and calculation of the cost of 585 gold products and fair terms of the transaction. We can buy both piece jewelry and scrap gold at a competitive price per gram.

Questions and answers to frequently asked questions

Are 585 products available in different shades?

Yes. The main reason is the different ratio of alloy components. The predominance of silver, palladium, platinum or copper allows you to get jewelry of different colors.

Why does the color of gold change during wear?

Gold in its pure form does not oxidize, which cannot be said about the alloy based on it. When the ligature comes into contact with aggressive environments, the decoration changes color.

How is 585 gold jewelry assessed?

The main task of the appraiser is to determine the sample experimentally. For this purpose, reagents and special tools are used. Our company does not melt products to test samples.

How much can you sell a gram of 585 gold for?

Cost 1 g. 585 gold depends on the current market situation and can change every day. We recommend using our calculator for a preliminary estimate.

Is white gold more expensive than regular (red) gold?

No. The cost does not depend on the color, but on the sample. The price per gram of 585 white gold will be the same as for red gold.

How much can you sell a chain for or sell a 585 gold ring for?

The cost of any jewelry, be it a chain or a ring, depends on two main parameters – weight and the current market price of the sample. Contact our purchasing office, we accept 585 gold on favorable terms.

Feedback from our customers

I donated more than 30 grams of 585 gold and received very good money from this purchase. The company is honest, although they are picky about the delivery of jewelry, but they can be understood, because there are a lot of fakes and deception.

Before handing over the jewelry, I found out everything about this purchase not only on the Internet, but also called them. The conditions suited everything. When I handed over the jewelry, everything was carefully checked to ensure it matches the standard. Everything turned out to be fine, my jewelry was valued quite expensively, I was satisfied. In the end, I even had enough for a new gold bracelet.

Four criteria that I can use to characterize the Zlatia company: competence, transparency, individual approach, cleanliness.

One of the few places where everything is fair! I recommend!

Decent office. Everything is under supervision and not sleepy guards. Prices are tied to the stock exchange, therefore more profitable than in other purchases. If you make transactions for serious amounts, then it is better to only go to them, given the crime situation in the city. Prices 5 out of 5, safety 5 out of 5, location 4 out of 5.

They do excellent appraisals of gold jewelry. I wore a gift from my husband there – massive earrings. We needed funds before payday. The appraiser assessed everything in five minutes and named the price they were willing to offer. Everything was paid out in cash. Excellent specialists work here) Thank you!

I don’t know what commission they are talking about in some reviews. I personally contacted Zlatia and was satisfied with the service, price and level of security. Thank you very much!

I have a good impression of this company. I brought my engagement ring and gold chain here because they offered me a high price. They paid everything honestly, by the gram, without understating it. The documents for the transaction are drawn up, everything is as it should be. Reliable company, I don’t regret choosing here!

The best precious metal for the price of purchase. However, it is difficult to find the entrance from the yard; a passport is required to enter.

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