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How much does a 1 carat red diamond cost?

Natural Colored Diamond Report The color of a Natural Colored Diamond on a certificate may have the following description: Between the first one or two words indicating the intensity of the color and the word Red indicating the base color, there may be descriptions of hue, such as Brownish, Purplish, and so on.
The main color is always written last; it does not have the endings -ovaty (–ish).

This information will save a significant portion of your budget.

Fancy diamonds can only be called diamonds that have laboratory certificates: HRD, GIA, IGI, and only if the certificate indicates COLORED DIAMOND REPORT and Natural is indicated in the COLOR ORIGIN column, since a diamond can be natural, but its color has been changed by man.

Red diamond price in 2024

Natural red diamonds – Fancy Red

Up to 50.000 $


Up to $50.000 – Guaranteed fakes. In ordinary stores or among non-professional buyers, there is no chance of finding a natural certified diamond whose red color is of natural origin.

From $80.000

Fancy red 0.20 – 0.30 carats

From $80.000 you can try to find a natural certified red diamond weighing 0.20 – 0.30 carats, of poor clarity and with a purple or brown tint. Example

From $250,000

Fancy Red up to 0.50 carat

From $250.000 you can find a certified natural red diamond up to 0.5 carats. Example

From $500,000

Fancy Red from 0.50 to 1.0 carats

From 500.000 to 3.000.000, natural red diamonds weighing from 0.5 to 1.0 carats are occasionally found. Example

There are too few red diamonds weighing more than 1 carat in the world for it to make sense to talk about them. We can assume that they do not exist.

The cost of colored diamonds depends on the additional colors in the stone and especially the intensity of the color. The color of the diamond in the certificate is described by two or even three colors – the first word is hue, the second is color. For example, red-pink is pink with a reddish tint. There is currently not a single natural red diamond on the market with pronounced intensities – Fancy Dark, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid or Fancy Deep.

Red diamond 0.28 carat

Natural Colored Diamont – Fancy Red Diamond Characteristics

Natural diamond GIA 1152703602
The weight 0.28 ct
Color Fancy Red
Cleanliness I1
Cutting Good
Diamond price $178.800 or 17.400.000 ₽

This is the cheapest Fancy Red diamond available on the professional market in August 2023.

The diamond has an old GIA certificate and is most likely represented by the broker who obtained the stone on the secondary market. It should be noted that prices for red diamonds are rising rapidly. Just 6 months ago, a natural round red diamond weighing 0.12 carats, although it had a brown tint, which reduces the price, was sold on the exchange for 10 thousand dollars.

Red diamond 0.21 carat

Natural Colored Diamont – Fancy Red Diamond Characteristics

Natural diamond GIA 2155112190
The weight 0.21 ct
Color Fancy Red
Cleanliness VS2
Cutting Good
Diamond price $469.000 or 45.500.000 ₽

Costs more than 2023 times more expensive in 2 The reason, no doubt, is due not only to better clarity, but also to the subtle characteristics of the shade.

Fancy Red 0.9 carat

The most expensive available today Diamond Characteristics

Natural diamond GIA 2165109875
The weight 0.90 ct
Color Fancy Red
Cleanliness SI2
Cutting Good
Diamond price $1.780.000 or 172.500.000 ₽

Other factors influencing the price of Fancy Red Diamonds

Origin of the color of red diamonds Most colored diamonds are formed by replacing carbon atoms in the crystal lattice with other elements. But red ones are formed as a result of structural inhomogeneities caused by an increase in pressure during their formation and this is rarely observed. Therefore, there are very few red diamonds of any quality in the world, and even fewer red ones suitable for jewelry purposes. After all, structural inhomogeneities mean a decrease in the strength of the stone, these are cracks, and it is impossible to obtain a large red diamond. Rarity of red diamonds Red diamonds are incredibly rare, the largest after processing weighs only 5.1 carats, it was found recently, in 1989, by a Brazilian farmer right on the ground. And now this red diamond is called Musaef Red and is worth about 10 million dollars, that is, 2 million dollars per carat. On the largest professional diamond trading platform today, only 61 red natural diamonds of all shapes are exhibited throughout the world, of which 16 are presented with video and 21 with photographs, that is, more than half.

It should be noted that a year ago there were clearly more red natural diamonds on the exchanges – given the unstable situation in the Fancy world, diamonds are being bought up as an emergency investment.

For all colored diamonds, including red diamonds, the actual color is the primary factor determining the purchasing decision. Among the 1.600.000 white diamonds listed on the exchange at the time of writing, only 462.000 or 35% have an image. This is natural – a professional, and Rapnet is a professional platform, perfectly represents the color of a white diamond according to the certificate. On the other hand, only 60% of red diamonds are presented with a price indicated by the seller, and among white diamonds, the price is indicated for 96% of diamonds, because when buying a white diamond with a serious certificate, all criteria are clear from the certificate and the decision is made primarily depending on the price. The remaining 4% without price are the most sought-after, unique stones. Red diamond cut Since there are extremely few red diamonds, when cutting they try to preserve every hundredth of a carat, so red diamonds can be found in any shape – they do what is possible from a red diamond.

Synthetic and dyed red diamonds

The bright red, caramel-colored stones that are sometimes sold in jewelry stores for $20.000-$50.000 with questionable “manufacturer’s certificates” are either man-made red diamonds or natural white diamonds that have had a few microns of synthetic red diamond applied to them or have had their color altered by other techniques. . In the first case, the seller insists that the stone is red throughout its entire depth, in the second – that the stone is natural. True, but not the whole truth. The same stone, with a GIA certificate honestly indicating the change in color of the diamond, can be bought on the stock exchange for $5-10.000, that is, 4-5 times cheaper. At the professional market in August 2023, the author found 71 colored red diamonds. 3 in Israel, 8 in India and all the rest, that is, 60 stones – in the USA. Prices for such diamonds range from $2.500 to $40.000. In Antwerp, exchange members do not sell colored diamonds. Whether it is worth buying painted diamonds is something everyone decides for themselves.

How to replace a red diamond

Not many people can afford red diamonds at auction prices. Is it possible to buy a natural, certified red diamond with a natural color origin for relatively little money? Yes! Fancy diamonds regularly appear on the stock exchange, in which the main color is different, most often Brown, brown, but weak, but the shade is Red or Reddish, that is, red or reddish, but strong. The result of this combination captivates the client. The color of the stone is deep red, almost identical to Fancy Dark Red or Fancy Deep Red, that is, the most expensive Fancy options, but the price is two orders of magnitude lower. Such stones appear and leave the exchange quickly; in order to catch such a diamond, you need to contact the exchange broker, trust him within reasonable limits, and if the stone is found, make a decision almost instantly. But it’s possible!

How to Buy a Red Fancy Diamond

Now colored diamonds are bought a lot in the East, but not at all in jewelry stores in Dubai or Hong Kong, there are too many synthetic and colored diamonds there. Unique red diamonds are usually sold at auctions and through specialized diamond firms that have their own customer bases.

If you are not yet in the database of such a company, I can represent your interests.

In the open market, even from well-known brands, you cannot find unique red diamonds with reliable certificates.

Red Diamond Ring

To get the optimal red diamond ring, I would recommend setting Faint Red, Very Light Red, Light Red, and Fancy Light Red diamonds in white gold or platinum only, with no additional stones and only Fancy Red, Fancy Dark Red stones, Fancy Intense Red, Fancy Vivid Red and Fancy Deep Red can be used in yellow gold.

It is possible – it does not mean it is necessary; in case of doubt, the author recommends using frames made of precious white metals for colored diamonds.

Procedure for purchasing a colored diamond To assess the prospects for fulfilling an order, you should provide an approximate budget, the desired color and shape of the Fancy diamond. I will offer options for solving the problem within the budget (for example, obtaining the desired color scheme by using shades and changing color saturation) or I will tell you what budget is needed to complete the order with the exact fulfillment of its conditions. Time frame for purchasing a Fancy Diamond Fancy Red Diamonds with currently available characteristics can be selected and purchased on professional sites within 48 hours.


If the client comes to Antwerp in person, payment can be made by bank transfer to the seller’s account, by card or in cash. In case of payment by transfer or card, the price must include VAT, which can be returned through the tax-free system, if applicable to the client’s conditions. If cash is used, with the consent of the owner of the stone, payment can be made without VAT.

Remote purchase

  1. A diamond is obtained in Antwerp after demonstrating its naturalness, size, purity, engraved number and any other characteristics consistent with an internationally recognized certificate. Payment is made after checking the stone.
  2. The diamond is delivered to Russia within a maximum of 21 calendar days after full payment. Basic delivery includes delivery in St. Petersburg. At the request of the client and for an additional fee, the diamond can be delivered to any location. The modalities of this delivery are specified.

The quality of a diamond is guaranteed by a certificate issued by a laboratory independent of the seller.

You just need to check the diamond’s compliance with this internationally recognized certificate.

For this purpose, diamond acceptance, for an additional fee, can be carried out in any independent certification laboratory in Russia chosen by the buyer.

A red diamond is one of the rarest shades of diamond found in nature. Only very rich people will be able to buy a red diamond. Since this is a great rarity, a real miracle of nature, they are sold exclusively at auction, and smaller specimens are sold on the stock exchange. This is considered an excellent investment, because red diamonds are becoming increasingly rare, which means their value is increasing every year.

Red diamond: stone and its properties

Red diamond has been known to mankind since the times of ancient civilizations. Ancient people were afraid of the scarlet mineral and created legends about it. At least two legends are known about how the scarlet diamond appeared. According to an Indian parable, he was created by a raja who aspired to become a ruler. He killed his father and siblings to avoid competition and gain wealth. When the Raja touched his father’s colorless diamond, the stone took on a bloody hue.

The second legend appeared in the northern countries. According to folklore, the red diamond is the result of the wrath of the ice god. During a very cold winter, the settlement asked the fire god for a fire to keep warm. Then the god of ice, the patron saint of the settlement, became angry and froze the fire. The flame of fire turned into a large scarlet crystal, which at the same moment crumbled into small minerals.

Scientists also express their opinion on why the gem has such a color. The stone gets its shades of red due to impurities or anomalies in the crystal lattice. Similar shades can be produced by manganese, which is found in pink and red variations of the mineral, but there are no manganese impurities in scarlet samples. The chemical and physical properties of the scarlet stone are no different from its colorless brother. This is a transparent and durable gem with a cubic structure. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 10 and also has the highest elastic modulus and lowest compression ratio. At the same time, the process of formation of red diamond was disrupted centuries ago. Every year the number of specimens found decreases.

Red diamond deposits

Red diamond deposits are extremely rare. It would be more correct to say that they are sometimes found in deposits of fancy diamonds, where in addition to scarlet, blue, yellow, cognac and other shades can be found. The scarlet gem is found in:

At the same time, only Australian and Brazilian mines are the official places of mineral extraction. The Australian Argyle mine is famous for fancy diamonds in pink, green, red and other shades. Fancy diamonds get their name from their color. The cost of Australian stones is very high, since the deposit contains a huge amount of natural minerals that affect the shade of the gem. Natural impurities interfere with the crystal structure of the stone and give it a new shade.

In early November 2020, the CEO of the Australian mine announced that the mine was ending its partnership. This has significantly affected the market for precious stones, including fancy diamonds. Their value has increased several times and continues to grow.

There are not many deposits of colored diamonds in Brazil, but scarlet stones are sometimes found. Most of the specimens were found in the state of Minas Gerais, whose name literally translates from Portuguese as “main mines.”

At the same time, the location of extraction does not affect the cost of the stone. The question is how often you manage to find a scarlet gem. Fancy diamonds do not reach more than 2% of the total volume of found samples. The number of scarlet diamonds does not reach 1% of the total volume of fancy minerals. Moreover, in the history of the world associations of gemologists, only 50 natural samples of red hue have been certified, but the location of only 20 of them is known.

Red Diamond Processing

Processing rare fancy diamonds has certain difficulties. Unlike their colorless brothers, they do not have such a bright and noticeable shine. This means that the sun’s rays are refracted differently in the stone. The muted shine of diamonds influenced the creation of a special technology for processing fancy diamonds. The jeweler polishes exclusively the pavilion – the lower part of the sample. This allows you to achieve the effect of diamond shine when the diamond sparkles in the sun. The upper part is often not processed at all.

When processing red diamonds, the correct approach is “do no harm,” since this is a rare luxury. Jewelers often choose classic cuts: circle, oval, emerald. They allow you to process a diamond while maintaining its size and weight as much as possible. The simpler the cut, the less the source suffers. True, you need to understand that the owner chooses the cut and the jeweler independently. It is also up to the owner to order diamond jewelry or keep the diamond as an investment.

How much does a red diamond cost?

On the gemstone market, a 1-carat red diamond is valued at $1 million. This price tag is relevant for gems weighing up to 1 carat and a high level of purity. Each gem is evaluated according to the 4C rule:

  1. Carat weight – weight in carats. Only small samples are found on the market. Moreover, the largest diamonds of this color known to mankind do not reach more than 5 carats.
  2. Color – color. The cleaner the stone, the better. However, even the color of impurities can affect the cost. For example, inclusions of scarlet are valued higher than inclusions of pink. The most expensive samples are Fancy Red.
  3. Clarity – purity. The crystal structure must be free of defects. The presence of dots, stripes, and inclusions reduces the cost. But it is their presence that best indicates the natural origin of the gem.
  4. Cut – quality of cut. Simplicity of cutting is a guarantee that the stone will be less subject to changes, which means its value will remain high. At the same time, red diamonds can even be found in cabochon cuts, which involve a smooth and polished surface without any edges.

If you look at a gold and diamond engagement ring or other accessory, it is very difficult to accurately determine whether it is original or fake. Especially when we are talking about such a rarity as a red diamond. These are expensive jewelry, so if a jewelry store catalog offers diamond earrings at a suspiciously budget price, there is reason to doubt. Always ask for a jewelry passport and a certificate for the gem.

The magical properties of red diamond

Bloodstone symbolizes passion and deep feelings. It is called the amulet of love affairs, so it would be a good idea to give jewelry inlaid with this mineral for a wedding or engagement. This way you can show how much you love your other half.

The bloody gem also strengthens family ties and acts as the guardian of the family hearth. He is able to give a person courage and determination. If a man wears a ring-ring with such an inlay, then good luck and success will await him in any endeavor.

Healing properties of red diamond

Red rough diamond is the best solution if you have diseases of the circulatory system. Ancient peoples believed that the stone could stop bleeding and protect against lacerations. Modern lithotherapists also talk about the beneficial effect of the gem on blood health: it will help improve blood circulation, increase hemoglobin, and cleanse toxins. It is recommended to be worn by those with anemia and other diseases.

The mineral can also help with heart disease. It will remove the symptoms of tachycardia and make you feel better with congenital or acquired heart defects. To achieve maximum benefits of the gem for the cardiovascular system, it is better to wear the jewelry on your chest. It could also be a ring, which lithotherapists advise wearing on your left hand.

Like its colorless brother, the scarlet mineral can improve a person’s mental health: it will relieve insomnia and nightmares, improve mood, and improve overall mood. To get beneficial effects on mental health, it is better to wear earrings.

Red diamond: who is the stone suitable for?

When they talk about such rare minerals as red diamonds, few people remember astromineralogy. But if you are wondering who the red diamond is suitable for according to their zodiac sign, then these are representatives of the element of Fire. The energy of the scarlet stone is very active, so it needs an owner with similar energy. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are able to use the best properties of the gem. He will give confidence, determination and good luck to his owner.

Unique and expensive red diamonds

Since red diamonds are a rare luxury, the world community is always interested in a newly discovered diamond. The history of fancy diamond mining includes only a few red diamonds.

Moussaieff Red Diamond

This is a red diamond with a triangular brilliant cut. Its weight is 5,11 carats. The Gemological Institute of America rates the color as Fancy Red. It is the largest red diamond and its characteristics are rare and valuable. It was found in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais in 1989. Approximate cost: $20 million. The original name of the diamond was “Red Shield”, but after it was bought by Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd. in 2001, the official name of the stone was changed.

Kazanjian Red Diamond

In the 1920s, a gem called the “Red Diamond” was discovered in South Africa. It was often resold and was stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Literally immediately after the end of hostilities, American troops found the mineral and returned it to the owner. At the moment, Kazanjian Red Diamond is owned by Kazanjian Brothers, Inc., but they also put it up for sale in order to transfer money from the sale to charity. The weight of the Kazanjiang Red Diamond is 5,05 carats. Cost: $50 million.

DeYoung Red Diamond

In 1986, American Sydney de Young bought a garnet at a flea market, but it turned out to be a very rare and valuable red diamond. The history and country of origin of the mineral is unknown. Its weight is 5,03 carats and its color is Fancy Red. This is a round stone that Sydney took out of its setting and remained the sole owner. After her death, according to her will, the DeYoung Red Diamond was given to the Smithsonian Institution, where it is now kept in the Hall of Gemstones. The approximate cost of DeYoung is $5 million, but gemologists believe that the stone is worth much more.

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