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How much does a natural amethyst stone cost?

Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Show all Hide Faceted amethyst, diameter 8,4-8,6 mm, price for 11 pieces (1/4 thread) Welcome to our online store, where you will find high-quality materials for creating unique jewelry with your own hands. We present to you our new product – faceted amethyst. Amethyst is a beautiful stone known for its exceptional energetic properties. Its unique purple color and shine attract and delight the eye. Now you have the opportunity to purchase faceted amethyst with a diameter of 8,4-8,6 mm. One order includes 11 pieces of faceted amethysts, which can be used to create a wide variety of jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories. The range of different colors allows you to choose the right shade and create a unique piece of jewelry that reflects your personality. Faceted amethyst is of high quality and will serve you for many years. The stones have beautiful polished edges, giving them even greater elegance and brilliance. The price is for 11 pieces, which corresponds to 1/4 thread. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a sufficient number of stones at a favorable price for your creativity. Thus, faceted amethyst with a diameter of 8,4-8,6 mm is an ideal choice for all hand made craftsmen. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this high-quality material and turn your wildest creative ideas into a unique decoration. Fill out the form below, we will contact you in a convenient way and give you an understanding of the price and timing of searching for this stone. By clicking the “Send” button, you agree to the processing of personal data. We do not transfer data to third parties. Take a look at the stones we have already selected for our clients Natural cushion cut amethyst Amethyst cushion Amethyst square cushion Amethyst from Brazil, oval cut Purple Amethyst Amethyst oval natural amethyst in emerald cut Trillion cut amethyst Amethyst in pear cut Emerald cut amethyst Amethyst set Large amethyst in pear cut Amethyst from Brazil Large amethyst from Brazil Pair of large amethysts in oval cut Heart cut amethyst Amethyst set Pair of radiant cut amethysts Natural amethyst in cushion cut Pair of pear cut amethysts Large Brazilian amethyst Purple amethyst cushion shape Natural amethyst from Brazil Dark purple amethyst oval Natural dark amethyst Jewelry amethyst emerald cut Dark purple amethyst from Brazil Pair of dark purple amethysts from Brazil Purple amethyst stone oval shape Large jewelry amethyst Lilac amethyst stone Fancy cut ametrine Natural dark amethyst oval Dark purple amethyst oval from Brazil Large amethyst in emerald cut Amethyst from Uruguay Natural pear cut amethyst Natural large amethyst Brazilian amethyst oval cut Precious lilac amethyst oval Purple amethyst stone Purple amethyst Amethyst stone Precious amethyst Cushion cut amethyst dark amethyst If you want to buy high quality semi-precious amethyst, contact Gem Lovers. The most popular jewelry variety of the quartz mineral is purple amethyst. It shows a wide range of colors: lilac, violet, lilac, almost black, including pink and blue shades. This gemstone can be seen in many famous jewelry. For example, a large natural specimen is enshrined in the English crown. It also decorates the frames of ancient icons. The mineral is mined mainly in Brazil and Uruguay; there are also manifestations in Russia. The most prized stone is a brightly colored one without visible color zoning, not too dark, with a red sparkle, the so-called “Siberian amethyst”.
Rare are unusual ametrines that combine both violet and yellow-orange colors. We can also make original jewelry from precious metals taking into account your wishes.

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