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How much does a real citrine stone cost?

Citrine is a yellowish variety of quartz. Citrine is not a mineral, but a variety of the mineral quartz. New items first
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Stone experts is a store specializing in the sale of exclusively natural stones and products made from them. The main task of the employees of the Kamneveda stone store is to carefully check all products for naturalness, to prevent fakes and imitations from entering the store, and to provide customers with complete and reliable information about the product being purchased. All stones and stone products in our store are tested by specialized specialists – geologists and gemologists.

Stone experts – the largest store of natural stones
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Take a look at the stones we have already selected for our clients

Natural citrine from Brazil

Cushion cut orange citrine

Large citrine oval shape

Bright citrine from Brazil

Cushion cut citrine

Set of cushion cut citrines

Natural citrine from Brazil

Honey citrine in oval cut

Large cushion-cut citrine

Pair of citrines

Set of large honey citrines

Set of Brazilian citrines

Bright yellow cushion-shaped citrine

Golden radiant cut citrine

Large citrine fancy cushion

Honey yellow radiant cut citrine

Yellow-orange citrine from Brazil

Princess cut citrine set

Natural citrine stones

Orange citrine from Brazil

Cushion cut Brazilian citrine

Large yellow citrine

Huge citrine for collection

Natural collectible citrine

Set of citrines

Orange citrine stone

Set of Ural citrines in fancy cut

Trillion cut citrine

We offer large, interesting specimens of natural citrine for purchase.
As a yellow-colored variety of the natural mineral quartz, citrine has taken the world by storm due to its widespread occurrence and beauty. The color range is limited to golden color; the following shades are found: light, yellowish, bright, sunny, honey, brownish-golden, lemon, yellow-greenish, orange, tangerine.

Natural citrine is quite rare in nature. To obtain this color, refining is often used. For example, citrine colors are obtained by heat treating amethysts and smoky quartz. The fact of refining does not affect the cost. The most valuable commercial bright orange variety is called “Madeira” (after the name of the wine variety of the same name).

The price of natural citrine stone depends mainly on the brightness of the tone and the quality of processing of the sample. It is often used to make large golden cabochons, as well as to express the creativity of the stone carver: fancy cutting, stone carving. For use in jewelry, crystals with high purity are mainly used.

Order a piece of jewelry with your chosen stone from the Gem Lovers team of jewelers.

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