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How much does natural almandine stone cost?

In the photo: almandine garnet stone In this article we will reveal the nuances of choosing almandine garnet. In the process of searching for a stone, the buyer inevitably has questions that are difficult to answer without the extensive experience of an expert gemologist. These include: which color is preferable, which cut is better, how to distinguish a fake from a natural almandine, how to determine purity, how to choose a good sample. And most importantly: how much does 1 carat cost?
We have collected the answers to these and other questions in one place, so that you always have a cheat sheet at hand in case you need almandine.

Almandine cost

  • Color
  • Purity (presence/absence of inclusions)
  • Weight
  • Quality of cut (proportions, polishing, bringing edges to a point)

Almandine color

The colors of almandine can be varied, but they all belong to the red palette. Additional shades of orange, brownish and purple are possible. The color of almandine can be violet-red, lilac-red, purple, brown, red-orange and yellowish.

To begin with, like its closest neighbors pyrope and rhodolite, almandine stone is often rich and dark, even black. This is a common feature of red garnets. True, if you were looking for just a stone of this color, you can exhale with relief and stop searching, but if you need something fundamentally different, bright and juicy, you will have to try. Such specimens are much less common on the market and are much more expensive. Keep in mind that the greater the mass, the more saturated the color of the cut stone; large specimens of almandine are almost always dark.

Almandine mass

The mass of almandine is an important indicator that determines the value of the stone and directly affects the cost. The larger the stone, the more 1 carat is worth. We propose to consider the gradations of mass conventionally identified for almandine.

So, stones weighing less than a carat are used mainly for setting and for creating mass-produced jewelry. These “crumbs” are machine-cut or hand-cut; the most common are round, oval, square, baguette, marquise, and heart. They can be mixed with other red pyrope and rhodolite garnets in the same lot. As a rule, 2-3 carat almandines have a non-dark color. Large red garnet crystals, which successfully combine color and transparency, rather belong to the realm of fantasy. Therefore, natural almandines with good purity, not dark, exceeding 15-20 carats in weight, due to their rarity, become unique. And if you look sensibly at the true state of affairs, such finds are rare.

Almandine stone cut

Almandine samples of 4-5 carats are already considered individual stones; a completely different approach is applied to them, namely: from a crystal or piece of raw material, the cutter cuts a granite into a shape with the highest possible weight and, preferably, purity. Here we step on the shaky ground of dilemmas, since the master is always faced with a choice: leave an inclusion or crack, but maintain mass, or achieve maximum purity, but with large weight losses. This rule applies not only to red garnets, but to all individual stones.

On video: a cut specimen of almandine

Often in the process of selecting gemstones we encounter problems such as a pavilion that is too deep or insufficient, a crown that is flat or too high, or a very large platform. This affects not so much the cost as the play of edges and the overall perception of the stone, since it should provide aesthetic pleasure. By the way, if you see obvious violations of the cut proportions, this means that the cutter who cut this stone made a choice in the direction of preserving mass. As a rule, such copies are put up for sale at a discount. Of course, you can buy them back and then send them for recutting, but in our experience, it is cheaper and easier to immediately choose a good stone than to then suffer with finding a cutter, additional losses of weights and the high risk of splitting the stone in the process. We understand that you want to save money, but sometimes after recutting, taking into account all the costs, the sample turns out to be several (!) times more expensive than the average price of a ready-made, high-quality cut stone. Well, sad experience makes you wiser.

Almandine purity

In the photo: rutile inclusions in faceted almandine.

By the way, natural almandines sometimes have an interesting optical effect: asterism. Thanks to inclusions of rutile, a 4- or 6-rayed star appears in the stone. True, this effect requires a point source of light and is practically invisible in usually diffused daylight.

For cutting, raw materials of high transparency are selected, with a minimum content of defects. Interestingly, many connoisseurs find a rich inner world to be an asset to a natural precious or semi-precious stone. However, good quality implies the likelihood of minor inclusions that are barely noticeable when viewed from the pavilion. Almandine is characterized by gas-liquid and mineral inclusions. Rutile in the form of needles and threads and zircon crystals surrounded by stress cracks are more common than others. Specimens of high purity (visually clean and clean under a magnifying glass) are valued above others.

How to distinguish an almandine stone from a fake

Such a popular stone as almandine is often imitated in products with cheaper synthetic and artificial materials. In first place in popularity is glass. Thanks to the development of technology, a type of glass comes to the market – glass ceramic, or as it is often called – nano-glass. This is a material that is given not only the maximum external resemblance to a natural gem, but also similar optical properties.
But diagnostics do not stand still, so it will not be difficult for a qualified expert or a gemological laboratory to determine the naturalness and distinguish almandine from a fake and imitation.
What can the average buyer do? Examine the stone under magnification; numerous nicks indicate high fragility, more typical of glass than natural garnets. Glass also contains air bubbles that can be seen even with the naked eye.
To imitate red garnet, GGG (gallium-gadolinium garnet), a synthesized material similar in appearance to almandine and synthetic spinel, is sometimes used.

If you doubt the naturalness of a stone, you can contact a reputable gemological laboratory for confirmation, issue a certificate or an expert opinion.

How much does a real beautiful almandine cost?

Here are the current market prices for almandine carats, based on average characteristics (medium color, good Asian cut, minor inclusions) for different weight ranges:

  • from 2 to 4.99 ct – 60-90 dollars
  • from 5 to 9.99 ct – 80-130 dollars
  • from 10 to 14.99 carats – 130-200 dollars

If an almandine stone has a bright, spectacular color, has a high-quality European cut, is superbly polished, has the best possible quality, without visible inclusions, the cost of almandine increases significantly – by at least 30-50% of the indicated values. Prices for large stones are set on an individual basis.
Let’s summarize. The natural almandine gemstone is an excellent choice for many gem lovers as it combines visual appeal, durability and a relatively affordable price. Try it, you will like it!

If you are interested in almandine stone, take a look at the catalog, also pay attention to the articles about the cost of pyrope and the features of choosing faceted rhodolite.

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Sold almandines

Take a look at the stones we have already selected for our clients

  • Carat: 6.70
  • Cut: oval
  • Color: Intense reddish purple

  • Carat: 5.23
  • Cut: oval
  • Color: Rich reddish purple

  • Carat: 7.73
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Intense reddish purple

  • Carat: 3.41
  • Cut: oval
  • Color: Deep reddish purple, Deep purple

  • Carat: 4.90
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Medium purplish red

  • Carat: 3.53
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Medium purplish red

  • Carat: 3.08
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Medium purplish red

  • Carat: 3.87
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Medium purplish red

  • Carat: 2.56
  • Cut: emerald
  • Color: Strong reddish purple

  • Carat: 4.86
  • Cut: circle
  • Color: Intense purplish red

  • Carat: 3.26
  • Cut: oval
  • Color: Deep reddish purple, Deep purple

  • Carat: 6.74
  • Cut: circle
  • Color: Strong purplish red, Strong purple

  • Carat: 5.88
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Strong purplish red

  • Carat: 5.04
  • Cut: pear
  • Color: Deep purplish red, Deep purple

  • Carat: 6.55
  • Cut: oval
  • Color: Deep purplish red

  • Carat: 12.67
  • Cut: cushion
  • Color: Deep reddish purple

When choosing a natural almandine garnet to purchase, learn about colors, costs, and evaluation factors. Almandine is the most common jewelry garnet. With a beautiful red color with a purple tint, it can be deep red or brown. This relatively inexpensive variety of garnet under its name in faceted form is quite rare on the world market. To accurately determine the chemical composition, a mineralogical study is required. It can often be sold as “rhodolite” or “pyrope”, which is not correct, because This is another variety of garnet, differing in composition and optical properties.

If you have not found the desired specimen of almandine garnet in our catalog, you can use the service of ordering a stone, leave a request indicating your preferred characteristics: weight, shade, cut shape. Jewelry that will only be yours can also be ordered from Gem Lovers.

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