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How much does natural aquamarine stone cost?

We present a wide selection of high quality natural aquamarines in Moscow. Large blue stones in various cuts from Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, etc. Price Weight Available Cut shape Origin Contents Primary color
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Aquamarine from Africa, radiant cut, 6,29 carats
238 ₽ / 300/ct
In stock → Moscow
Large African aquamarine in pear cut 7,90 carats
336 ₽ / 900/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of pear cut aquamarines 2,02 carats
28 ₽ / 800/ct
In stock → Moscow
Set of cushion cut African aquamarines 10,35 carats
146 ₽ / 900/ct
In stock → Moscow
Aquamarine from Africa, radiant cut, 2,69 carats
89 ₽ / 100/ct
In stock → Moscow
Octagon cut aquamarine 1,55 carats, Africa
21 ₽ / 800/ct
In stock → Moscow
Trillion cut African aquamarine 7,57 carats
358 ₽ / 700/ct
In stock → Moscow
Trillion cut aquamarine 6,50 carats, Africa
277 ₽ / 200/ct
Reservation → Moscow
African aquamarines, trapezoid cut, 2,07 carats
23 ₽ / 700/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of marquise cut aquamarines 1,85 carats
17 ₽ / 600/ct
In stock → Moscow
African aquamarine oval cut 1,45 carats
20 ₽ / 700/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pear cut aquamarines 1,96 carats, Africa
27 ₽ / 900/ct
In stock → Moscow
Light blue aquamarines, trapezoid cut, 1,75 carats, Africa
16 ₽ / 600/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of pear cut aquamarines 1,73 carats
16 ₽ / 400/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of octagon cut aquamarines 7,07 carats, Africa
80 ₽ / 500/ct
In stock → Moscow
Set of three radiant-cut aquamarines 9,79 carats
111 ₽ / 400/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of pear cut aquamarines 7,63 carats
108 ₽ / 500/ct
In stock → Moscow
Aquamarine from Nigeria, octagon cut 2,84 carats
13 ₽ / 500/ct
In stock → Bangkok
Pair of large cushion-cut blue aquamarines, 16,12 carats, Mozambique
106 ₽ / 900/ct
In stock → Moscow
Cushion cut aquamarine 2,00 carats, Nigeria
9 ₽ / 500/ct
Reservation → Bangkok
Cushion cut aquamarine 3,79 carats, Nigeria
25 ₽ / 200/ct
In stock → Bangkok
Pair of large cushion cut aquamarines 34,45 carats, Mozambique
489 ₽ / 700/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of beryls 78,36 carats cabochon cut
222 ₽ / 700/ct
In stock → Moscow
Beryls from Sherlova Gora cabochon cut 71,33 carats
202 ₽ / 800/ct
In stock → Moscow
Set of cabochon-cut beryls 138,77 carats, Sherlova Gora
394 ₽ / 200/ct
In stock → Moscow
Octagon-cut aquamarine and morganite pair 1,03 carats
9 ₽ / 500/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of octagon cut aquamarines 3,10 carats, Africa
29 ₽ / 400/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of light blue octagon cut aquamarines 1,77 carats
16 ₽ / 800/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pear cut aquamarine 1,06 carats, Africa
15 ₽ / 100/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of octagon cut aquamarines 2,89 carats, Africa
41 ₽ / 100/ct
In stock → Moscow
Contrasting pair of morganite and aquamarine in octagon cut 2,98 carats
53 ₽ / 700/ct
In stock → Moscow
Contrasting pair of aquamarine and pear-cut morganite 5,86 carats, Africa
138 ₽ / 900/ct
In stock → Moscow
Cushion cut aquamarine 0,77 carat, Madagascar
7 ₽ / 300/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of cushion cut aquamarines 1,43 carats, Madagascar
13 ₽ / 600/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of octagon cut aquamarines 1,47 carats, Madagascar
22 ₽ / 300/ct
In stock → Moscow
Pair of cushion cut aquamarines from Madagascar 0,88 carats
8 ₽ / 400/ct
In stock → Moscow

Description of aquamarine

Aquamarine is a magnificent variety of beryl. The stone has a unique palette of shades from sky blue to dark blue. Aquamarines of light blue color have the greatest jewelry value. The name of the stone comes from ancient times. It was so named for its extraordinary purity and richness of color – “sea water”. It should be noted that pure blue or blue aquamarines are very rare. The fact is that natural coloring is not very resistant to sunlight, or rather to the spectrum of its radiation, which causes gradual fading of stones. Impurities of iron ions determine what color aquamarine is formed in nature. Natural crystals of this mineral grow to large sizes. Therefore, in jewelry markets it is quite easy to find good stones exceeding 20 carats. Even the largest specimens can be completely transparent, which is very rare among colored gemstones. However, finding large, high-grade stones that are distinguished by noble blue and blue shades seems to be a more difficult task. The best crystals are instantly snapped up by representatives of the world’s leading jewelry companies. Famous jewelry houses make piece jewelry with aquamarine from high-grade stones, which are included in the most popular collections. White gold jewelry most fully reveals the unique beauty of aquamarine, based on deep transparency and extraordinary color saturation. Professional cutters prefer to cut aquamarine stepwise, which is a rectangle with truncated corners. This cut shape is called “octagon” or “emerald”. The use of this particular form of cut is based on the peculiarities of the crystal structure of the stone, and it is these types of cuts that most effectively demonstrate the sky-blue color of aquamarine. The noble sophistication of aquamarine inspires many generations of jewelers to create true masterpieces. Gold, platinum and silver are used to make jewelry. Particularly popular are rings, pendants and earrings with aquamarine, which can be purchased individually or as part of a solid set made in the same style. Modern design solutions ideally play off the unsurpassed beauty of stones and their color scheme. Often, jewelry combines large aquamarines and a frame of diamonds, captivating buyers with the play of light on their faces.

Varieties of aquamarine

Jewelry aquamarine has some special varieties. One of these is “Maxix Aquamarine”, which combines blue stones named after the Maxix mine in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It should be noted that the dark blue color of “Maxix Aquamarines” is not resistant to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, and the stone may “fade” over time or change color to yellow or reddish-brown. Natural aquamarines of a rich blue hue are classified as the commercial Santa Maria category. The presence of greenish tints is characteristic of most natural aquamarines. Such stones are in the lower price category because they lack the heavenly nobility of color. The cost is greatly influenced by existing inclusions and cracks. Crystals without any flaws are valued much higher.

Aquamarine cost

Of course, the great advantage of aquamarine is its not too high cost, but this mainly applies to stones with inclusions, not large in size and with a pale blue or greenish color. The cost of large aquamarines of high jewelry quality in rich blue or dark blue colors reaches $800-900 per carat, we are talking about the dealer price on the world market. These are the kind of stones that can be seen in single pieces of jewelry from international jewelry houses. The average price for high-quality aquamarines ranges from $130 to $400 per carat.

Aquamarine deposits

The homeland of the best samples entering the jewelry markets is Brazil, where the largest aquamarine crystals are found. In addition, excellent specimens of stones are supplied by India, Pakistan and some other countries; there is also mining in Africa. It’s worth going into a little more detail here, because. In recent years, we have seen on the world stone market beautiful examples of blue aquamarines of varying degrees of color saturation and high jewelry quality from Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique and Madagascar. Russia also has small deposits located in the Urals and Transbaikalia, but the aquamarines mined there are usually of low quality.

Refinement of aquamarine

Noble blue aquamarine is often obtained by heat treating yellow-green beryl stones. There are technologies that allow, through heating and irradiation, to change the original color and purity, achieving artificial beauty and perfection. It is noteworthy that the improvement factor does not affect the cost in any way, since it cannot be diagnosed. The high cost of jewelry aquamarine is also explained by the fact that it is not synthesized. The blue color of aquamarine can be obtained by heating greenish and yellowish beryls to a temperature of 400-500 degrees. This color change is stable and its origin cannot be determined even in the laboratory. Unheated aquamarines of rich blue colors are rare.

Do you want to buy aquamarine jewelry?

In our catalog you will always find excellent examples of blue aquamarines of varying degrees of color saturation and a variety of cuts, you will be able to compare prices and understand the approximate budget for a future purchase. To see this precious stone and products made with it in person, we invite you to visit our boutique in the center of Moscow. In addition to the stones in stock, our team is happy to offer a custom order service. Based on your requirements and budget, we will select the best example of blue aquamarine for you. You can also order the manufacture of jewelry with this stone. Today we have one of the best full-cycle jewelry workshops in Moscow.

Interesting facts about aquamarine

  • Many famous people love jewelry with aquamarines and buy them for themselves or give them as gifts for significant dates, for example, the President of Brazil gave Queen Elizabeth II a luxurious jewelry set consisting of a necklace and earrings with aquamarines in honor of her coronation.
  • The largest cut aquamarine stone was called “Don Pedro”, its weight was 10363 carats. The famous German cutter Bernd Munsteiner took on the cutting of this natural giant in 1993.

When purchasing aquamarine stones, you should pay more attention to its color than to the clarity of the stone. The difference in price may arise due to visible inclusions found in natural varieties.

Characteristics of the mineral

Aquamarine cost

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-green gemstone that has been prized since ancient times. Blue aquamarines adorn high-end jewelry around the world mainly due to their deep range of shades from light blue to deep blue, which makes them special in every way. Aquamarine is usually cut into a rectangular gemstone shape due to its formation in nature as solid long crystals.

These forms of aquamarine make up the majority of designs that are used in jewelry. Aquamarine adorns the coats of arms of royal families, such as the Royal Family of Great Britain. These gemstones are also used by jewelers in Asian markets for their feng shui properties, which Chinese buyers believe in.

The price of aquamarine varies depending on the size, color and clarity of the stone. Aquamarine is usually less expensive than emerald, but more expensive than morganite. Today it is still popular in jewelry and is used in many types of designs. Aquamarine is affordable, but how expensive is it?

The cost of aquamarine varies depending on the quality of the stone. The highest quality aquamarine is very transparent, with few inclusions and a deep blue color. Such stones are quite rare and can be quite expensive. Most of the aquamarines available in the market are of good quality and very affordable.

Aquamarine prices range from US$10 to US$1 per carat depending on color, clarity, carat and cut. The 4C concept is also important for gemstones.

Aquamarine is usually sold by carat, with one carat equal to 0,2 grams. The price per carat varies from $10 to $100, depending on the quality of the stone.

Colors and shades of stone

Aquamarine is known for its blue or green-blue hue and is one of the most coveted gemstones of all time. The mineral is a March gemstone or birthstone for March births. Greenish blue and light blue are some of the most preferred aquamarine colors.

  • Santa Maria is considered the best color for aquamarine stones.
  • Arctic blue is a very good color
  • Sky blue – medium color
  • Baby blue is the lightest color

Mining sites

Aquamarine is found in various places, but the most famous ones are the following

  • Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • India
  • Mozambique, Africa
  • Madagascar, Africa
  • Nigeria, Africa
  • Sri Lanka

Buy Aquamarine. Properties of the stone

The name aquamarine (beryl) comes from the Latin word meaning sea water and is thus surrounded by beliefs about the ocean. Aquamarine was believed to calm the waves and bring safety to sailors at sea, as these stones were believed to favor Neptune and Poseidon in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece respectively. Even earlier, the Egyptians and Sumerians considered gems valuable, and many of them were found in the tombs of the pharaohs.

In the Middle Ages, the gemstone was believed to be an antidote to poison, something that the royals and rich of the time feared more than you might imagine. In addition, this stone is believed to treat diseases of the liver, stomach, throat and jaw, and also helps with insomnia and hiccups.

Light blue aquamarine is cut by professionals who make the cut angles perfect to give the crystal an enhanced color, making the aquamarine richer in color. The aquamarine gemstone is most often loved for its color, reminiscent of the surf. Due to the fact that aquamarine is part of the beryl group, its crystalline properties are among the most pronounced in terms of refractive index and birefringence properties.

Crystal is available in several uses and forms:

  • Cat’s Eye
  • Cabochons
  • Thread
  • Engraving
  • Healing stones

Most of us may not have seen this type of gemstone, but aquamarine captivates everyone. The most common and expensive aquamarine is the Santa Maria aquamarine, which is known for its deep blue color from Brazil. This material is very rare and expensive. Currently the word “Santa Maria” is used as a commercial name for the color blue, and gemstones of other origins also began to use the term to describe the color of aquamarine, especially from Mozambique, Madagascar and India.

Stone care

Aquamarine rings should have some sort of protective setting to protect the stone from physical damage. Aquamarine is an excellent choice for jewelry, but it is fragile like most other minerals.

Clean your aquamarine with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid mechanical cleaning as it may break the stone. If you are unsure, have your beryl professionally cleaned.

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