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How much does natural shungite stone cost?

For your convenience and the efficiency of our work, let me introduce you to the rules for purchasing natural stone at the Four Sevenths warehouse. Ignorance of the rules for purchasing a stone does not give the buyer the freedom to not comply with them. When choosing a product, it should be taken into account that samples of stones and tiles shown on the website, price lists or seen in the office cannot objectively convey the full range of stone variations in color and texture and serve only as a guide when choosing a stone by the buyer. More details Quantity discounts are given as three prices depending on quantity. All taxes are included in the prices shown. The indicated prices include loading of purchased products at the seller’s warehouse onto vehicles. The indicated prices also include the cost of containers and packaging typical for this type of product. The buyer can purchase any quantity, including a smaller quantity than indicated in the first line, but the price will be increased by an increasing factor. Familiarize yourself with the sizes of the increasing coefficients, as well as the number of sq.m. in one ton of products of a certain thickness, the number of tons in one cubic meter of products can be obtained from the company managers. Because the prices indicated on the website are not a public offer; they also require clarification from the manager. Most of these items are usually available in sufficient quantities in our warehouse. You can purchase products or place a purchase order directly at the warehouse or in the Moscow office. We strongly recommend that you make sure that there is a sufficient quantity of the products you require and make sure that what is in stock in bulk meets your requirements in terms of size, color, texture, etc. Payment is made in rubles in cash or by bank transfer. After paying for the products, the client can receive the products on a pickup basis or order delivery from the company. Storage of purchased products in the company’s warehouse is possible without additional payment for seven days from the date of purchase inclusive. Delivery upon customer’s order is carried out by transport companies in the city at their current tariffs. It should be remembered that preparation for shipment of products may take some time (measuring, stacking, packaging, etc.) and its duration can be found out when paying for the order from the company’s managers. You can also check with them how the products are packaged. For small purchases, for the convenience of customers, a special type of packaging has been developed – a plastic bag of a fixed weight (20 and 40 kg) and metal mesh. The price list does not reflect prices for small packaging! You can familiarize yourself with them before purchasing, on the company’s website or by contacting us in any way convenient for you. Since this packaging is intended for a single purchase, quantity discounts are not provided. For the same reasons, there is no procedure for unpacking this packaging. Pebbles and various decorative crumbs and crushed stones are packed into plastic bags of a fixed weight. This type of container allows shipment to passenger cars. Another type of container for dispensing small quantities is a metal mesh of arbitrary weight. Typically the weight of such packaging is 150-250 kg. This type of container is intended for mechanized loading onto an on-board vehicle. All goods offered for sale are located in a trading area, the boundaries of which are visually separated. Goods located in a warehouse, unloading or storage area for purchased goods for sale are not offered. Goods in the trading area can be in the following types: – Small-piece packaging (fixed weight plastic bags and metal mesh)
– Stacks with flat stones (flagstones, savages, bedded rubble)
– Heaps with voluminous stones or crushed stones (decorative crumbs, rounded rubble stone, okol)
– Individual boulders and blocks. While in the shopping area, the buyer can choose any package of a fixed weight in any quantity available. Or purchase a certain amount of any stones from a stack or heap. By purchasing a certain amount of stone from a stack or heap, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the stones he wants. The choice is limited by the physically reasonable limits of the loaders’ work (in order to take one stone below, it is inappropriate to remove tons of products located above). The choice is also limited by spatial restrictions (it is impossible to take boulders from above the heap, and not from its foot). It should be remembered, however, that if the selection of products carried out on your instructions leads to a decrease in the total cost of the products remaining after the selection is disproportionate to the quantity taken (for example, only large slabs or slabs with a pronounced pattern or cobblestones of the same color, etc.) were selected, the manager carrying out transaction on the part of the company has the right to apply an increasing coefficient. Surcharges for overstocking depend on the heterogeneity of the quality of the stone and the Buyer can familiarize themselves with their values ​​with the help of the sales manager. Enjoy your shopping. There are several colors of flagstone dies of grade “M” available, i.e. “Small”. The prices for which are much lower than for other types of flagstone. Buy Order Shungite gray-black Price: from 990 rub. Buy Order Shungite by color
Stone by color
Stone by purpose

  • Stone for cladding
  • Paving stone
  • Stone for retaining walls
  • Landscape stone
  • Stone for walls
  • Street stone
  • Stone for facade
  • Stone for the plinth
  • Foundation stone
  • Shungite for a well
  • Stone for finishing
  • Stone for paths
  • Garden stone
  • Stone for baths and saunas
  • Stone for fireplace and stove
  • Stone for flower beds and rockeries
  • Stone for pond and waterfall
  • Stone for decoration
  • Stone for a summer residence
  • Stone for home
  • Floor stone
  • Stone for apartment
  • Fence stone
  • Stone for steps and stairs
  • Stone for alpine slide

The catalog of the company “KAMONIKA” presents a large selection of flagstone stone – shungite. This natural material for paving and surface cladding today is becoming increasingly in demand due to its excellent aesthetic and performance properties, high environmental friendliness and healing properties, including when using shungite in interior decoration. The healing characteristics of black shungite are determined by its antioxidant and bactericidal properties.

Features of shungite stone

Flagstone is a popular form of shungite, and this determines the main scope of its application, namely, paving areas. The thickness of the tiles varies between 2-7 cm, which means you can choose natural stone for specific projects – designing a garden path or paving an area near a large business center where cars drive.

Properties of shungite stone:

  • high frost resistance
  • minimal water absorption
  • beautiful surface, slightly rough to the touch (the shungite coating is comfortable for walking and non-slip)

Black shungite is on sale, as well as gray stone from the Ural deposits. To clarify current loyalty programs, current prices, as well as to order stone with delivery throughout St. Petersburg and the region, you can contact the managers of the KAMONIKA company.

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Why choose CAMONICA

The Kamonica company supplies natural stone directly from many quarries in the Russian Federation. Always in our warehouses
We have a wide range of products – limestone, sandstone, quartzite sandstone, slate, shungite, dolomite, lemezite, siltstone, jasper, serpentine, quartz,
gabbro-diabase, marble, granite, serpentinite and other types of natural stone.

We offer facing stone, paving stone, garden stone, interior stone, landscape stone, pond stone, retaining wall stone, facade stone, plinth stone.

Before you start building a country property, you need to take into account a wide variety of conditions – natural, climatic, geological, landscape, etc. Our specialists will help you when planning your country house and plot. The combination of various factors, details and attributes will give your country house a finished look and its own style.

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