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How much does natural tiger eye stone cost?

Tiger’s Eye is an amazing iridescent stone, as if it had absorbed the light of the Sun, as if sprouting from within with golden needles of various shades. Silky favorite of magicians and kings. The most famous tiger’s eye stone is today in the treasury of the English royal court. Its weight is 62,3 grams, in 1886 it was presented as a gift to the Queen of England by the ruler of the last Sri Lankan state (Sri Lanka), King Kaili. Tiger’s eye is like tiger fur, The color is striped, So rich, so rich Tiger’s eye stone is a very interesting mineral. When cut into a cabochon or polished, an amazing “cat’s eye” effect appears on it: a characteristic shine in the form of a cat’s pupil. Perhaps it is precisely this effect that is associated with the love of hypnotists for the tiger’s eye. The stone itself is opaque, but inside it there is a small light spot, as if emitting a transparent warm light. It has been noticed that people, peering into this luminous spot, much faster fall into a hypnotic sleep, deeper than when using other techniques. Eyes are like mirrors of the soul, And the soul stones reflect Sometimes stones die Hurry up to extend their lives! Tiger’s eye is one of the varieties of the quartz group. It occurs quite often in nature. It is mined in Australia and Africa, on the Hindustan Peninsula and in Russia.

First name eye of the Tiger
Nationality (class) Silicates
Group quartz
Chemical formula SiO2, silicon oxide.
Syngonia trigonal
Color brown, brown variety of quartz, various shades with a silky sheen
Brilliance glass
Transparency opaque
Density 2.52 – 2.65
Kink conchoidal, uneven
Hardness 7
fragility Yes
Cleavage imperfect

Poem by Svetlana Charnaya. EYE OF THE TIGER – pseudomorphosis of quartz according to the fibrous variety of the mineral riebeckite, golden brown in color. New items first
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