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How much does real rock crystal cost?

If you want to make your life truly healthy and beautiful, start with clean water. After all, it is more important for a person what he drinks than what he eats. Our health, longevity and youth depend on what kind of water we drink. Rock crystal is the oldest mineral on the Planet. The stunning beauty of its crystals is mesmerizing. And the beneficial properties are officially recognized by scientists. It contains no impurities in its composition and is an excellent adsorbent, natural filter and standard of clean water. Water – our main energy supplier. If the water is not purified, our cells feel tired. Research has proven that rock crystal can amazingly change the structure of water. If you put crystals in water, its structure will be exactly the same as that of water from a natural source. And her memory will be freed from the destructive influences of the external environment. Rhinestone purifies water from bacteria, viruses, iron, chlorine, organic matter, heavy metals. Crystal water enriched with oxygen, filled with vital energy. It is structured so that it is easily absorbed by the body and effectively removes toxins. This is living water – incredibly fresh, light, crystal clear! It contains all the baggage of youth and longevity.
Water nourishes and cleanses our body – both inside and outside. The purer the water, the more active and healing its vibrational energy. Rock crystal is a good resonator. It imposes a healing rhythm on all cells and tissues of the body, leading the human body to recovery. Together with water we receive this information and vital energy. Crystal water regulates blood pressure, improves heart function, cleanses blood vessels, makes joints mobile, and strengthens hair. And for those who care about beauty and figure, it is simply irreplaceable.
Crystal water rejuvenates the skin, significantly increases its firmness and elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and makes the skin glow with new vitality. Rhinestone – a happy amulet for any person. His energy is kind and warm. As a talisman it helps to attract money and love into the home.
This is a symbol of faithful and devoted love, a harmonizer of family relationships. It helps women preserve and strengthen their family, and girls find love. Rhinestone is a must-have gift for a 15th wedding anniversary – a crystal wedding!
It has been noted that rock crystal improves memory and speech, stimulates the intellect, and eliminates self-doubt. Therefore, it is important for students and businessmen to take the crystal to exams and business negotiations. Application
Making crystal water is a pleasure! And most importantly, quickly. To do this, just rinse the crystals, put them in a container and fill them with water at the rate of 350 grams per 5 liters of water. After 2 hours the water is ready. It is convenient to put crystal crystals in a tabletop filter jug, in a coffee machine, in a container with bottled water, etc. It is enough to wash the crystals once a week. To maintain effectiveness, after six months, replace the crystals with new ones, and let these “work” in your home as amulets, amulets, talismans – put them in a chest of drawers, closet, etc.
For 6 months you can drink living, structured, crystal clear and healthy water, make valuable ice from it, as well as brew aromatic teas and coffee, and cook food. Don’t forget about washing with crystal water and masks, rinsing your hair, as well as cosmetic ice for your facial skin. Be sure to try the crystal baths! Place one or more large crystals in your bath and feel like a goddess! You will appreciate the rejuvenating effect of crystal water! Don’t forget to drink water! After all, clean water means long life! By the way, scientists have come to the conclusion that a glass of crystal water improves intellectual activity and increases the performance of the brain. As Hippocrates said, the doctor treats diseases, but nature heals.
Why remember your youth if you can bring it back. Set a course for longevity! You can buy Rock Crystal 100 grams in the online medical equipment store through the website or by calling. Your order will be processed as soon as possible, our employees will contact you and promptly deliver the goods. Manufacturer: LLC Trading House “Natural Healer”, Moscow. RHINESTONE is a transparent, colorless variety of quartz. It is so pure and perfect that our ancestors considered rock crystal to be petrified ice. This version was supported by another property of crystal – even in the hottest weather it remains cool to the touch. New items first
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