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How much does Sultanite stone cost in Turkey?

Perhaps this scam is as old as the world itself, but I haven’t heard about it otherwise I wouldn’t have fallen for it) I would be glad if this post helps someone. In mid-August this year, my mother, my younger sister (10 years old) and I flew to Turkey for the first time. And in general, my mother and sister went abroad for the first time. Before that, I was in another country only for study. Because We flew with a child and chose a hotel with children’s animation – Fun&sun smart hane sun. The hotel itself is not bad. On the second day there was a meeting with the guide, where they told us how to get to Manavgat and that it is better to do it on a free bus, which will take you first to one of the shops, and then wherever you say. One of the stores was Olimpia jewelry. The guide also told us about the Sultanite stone, which changes colors. And that this stone became famous after being mentioned in the Magnificent Century. Although I found out about him just at this meeting. We decided to go on the same day, because. we had a trip planned to Novamall in Manavgat. Honestly, I went there to look at silver earrings with this stone. The bus picked us up straight from the hotel and went to several more, collecting people. We were taken to the store, and in the store itself we were separated and assigned a “salesperson” who took us to a separate room. Our seller was Vaqif Azir, who, as he said, studied in Moscow at one time. He talked about the store, about the excellent quality of the products, about the certification of watches, about the possibility of exchanging products for 5 years. What won me over, besides the guide’s recommendation, was the mention of an office in Moscow. After the “processing” we were taken to look at the decorations. I liked the set that the seller picked out for me right away. Apparently the psychologists working there are excellent) The other options weren’t the same. The set included earrings, a pendant and a ring. Plus a silver chain – supposedly as a gift. (The spoiler is the only thing made of normal silver). I persuaded my mother to choose a ring. She loves gold jewelry, but she doesn’t like it when I buy it for her. (“I spend money on nonsense”). But the ring was chosen, my mother was persuaded. Moreover, they allegedly gave us a discount of almost 80%. The total came out to about $500. We encountered problems at the payment stage. Payment for my set went through, but I couldn’t pay for the ring using a Tinkoff Bank card. (We think that the bank was hinting to us not to make a mistake :)). But the check was broken in parts. They paid a certain amount of liras, the rest was given in cash in dollars. We were not given a check for cash payment. Later, the seller was very surprised, “Where can he get a check for cash?” We were given a certificate for the right to exchange, which had Russian text with an error. Later, the same seller convinced me that in Russia the Turkish language would also be misspelled. Afterwards we were taken to the next souvenir shop to wait for the bus. There they gave us Sultan tea and pomegranate tea to try. In addition to the magnets, I was persuaded to take halva in rolls for $45 per kg. I didn’t know the prices, they said that they were cheaper now, because. there are few Russian tourists, before this it was $60. After leaving the store, we waited for the bus and left for Novamall. The realization of the deception came right there when we saw the prices for the same rolls at 380 lire That’s when I went on the Internet. I usually always read reviews about unfamiliar stores and places, and my mother knew that Turkish gold was of poor quality. But it was then that the catch was not felt at all. The decor was fake-expensive. And it seems like the hotel shouldn’t deceive you like that. In general, we quarreled with each other, cried, made peace, but the bitterness remained. At the hotel I saw stains on the silver jewelry. If you run your fingernail, the product is smooth, but where there are stains, it is rough, as if there was a layer of silver tears. I contacted the guide, he ordered us a bus to the same store the next day. We wanted to try to return the money, but we were well aware that no one would return anything to us. Another salesman met us at the store and took us to the room, but when he found out the reason for our arrival, he called Vakif. He, foaming at the mouth, almost breaking into a scream, proved to me that I was stupid and couldn’t distinguish silver from non-silver. He took the jewelry and ran away somewhere with the words “You won’t recognize them at all now.” As it turned out, he gave it to be plated with rhodium. While they were working on the jewelry, Vakif brought out another ring and began drawing it on the paper, proving to me that the silver was darkening. I know it gets darker, but it doesn’t peel off in layers? I’m generally silent about the sample; it’s not clear whether it’s 925 or 225. On my mother’s ring there was a clear, but crooked 585 and the same numbers were also engraved next to it. When the products were returned to me, the stains were still visible on them. Just not so clearly. When I asked him to bring me the tags, which they didn’t even give me, he said that they were already lost, where would he get them now. When asked to give the address of the store in Moscow, he said that there was only a delivery office and he did not know either the address or the tax identification number. We decided that we would not achieve anything, they were not going to admit anything. Therefore, we decided to simply change the products. My sister recorded the entire conversation on video, but I don’t really want to review them, so I won’t post them unless necessary. I also recorded a conversation between the seller and the man who stood at the cash register until he said that he couldn’t take pictures) The conversation was in Turkish. Allegedly, this person told Vakif to exchange the ring for earrings, which we chose 1 to 1. Although the earrings are cheaper. After my indignation, he said, “If you want, go choose another silver pendant.” Chose. So be it. I didn’t change my jewelry. There was no point. The quality was the same for everyone. I took a photo of the earring tags, but they don’t make much sense. I didn’t find any hallmark on the earrings, only engraving. Apparently it is more difficult to make a test on them. But we decided that all their “gold” was boiled in one pot. But mom didn’t want to see the ring anymore. “Even if my sister has earrings, she doesn’t care what to lose.” We quickly passed through the souvenir shop to the indignation of the sellers) They really didn’t want to lose customers. While we were waiting for the bus, we took a photo of my sister with earrings and a pendant. At my mother’s request, my face was covered up. But that is not all. Arriving at the hotel, the earrings were in place, it was hot and we immediately went to the pool. Before dinner, we returned to the room and I took this out of my sister’s ear: I searched the bottom of the pool and found someone’s hair tie and two hotel bracelets, but the other half of the earring was missing. We joked to ourselves that the earring simply dissolved. We informed the guide about this, he supposedly contacted the store director. We were told that because WE lost an earring, they can only make a pendant from the second one)) There was no alternative. We agreed, let them do it. They gave away one earring and part of the second. No one told us anything about the finished pendant until I asked before leaving in the morning. There was clearly less gold in the pendant than in one earring and for some reason they returned part of it to us that was broken. Our first holiday abroad was overshadowed by this incident. But it’s also a good lesson. I think that everything is clear with the quality of the products, the Olimpia jewelry store and the honesty of the tour operator fun&sun. If you suddenly find yourself in this store, it is better to save your money and do not buy anything from it. Beaver and honest sellers to everyone! You buy exactly the sample you see in the photo. Certificates We sell only 100% natural stones and we are always ready to prove it! Certificates can be viewed here. Our advantages

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