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How much does the most expensive piece of jewelry cost?

Each jewel – this is the work of a whole workshop of craftsmen. It’s not just about the highest quality precious metal or the cut of the stone, but also about the design. It’s not surprising that some of decorations are worth millions of dollars. We will tell you why you should buy jewelry, how to choose them, and what interesting items are presented on our website

The psychology of buying jewelry

  1. Durability – with proper storage and care, gold, platinum decoration set with a diamond can be passed on from generation to generation without losing its natural beauty.
  2. Prestige and status – people often judge each other based on their presence decorations and their cost. Cufflinks or earrings can cost several hundred thousand rubles, and it’s hard not to notice.
  3. Pride is a socio-psychological aspect. Here it is important to prove to yourself or to society that you were able to acquire a piece of jewelry or that you are valued, so you are presented with expensive gifts.
  4. Investment – in the world, where Bitcoin, the dollar and oil rule, precious metals and stones do not lose their relevance. Therefore, more and more often Russians invest part of their income in precious metals and minerals.
  5. Memory – with decorations often connect different moments in life – the birth of a child, a wedding, an anniversary. Therefore, buying jewelry is a reason to preserve a pleasant memory of the event.

Interesting! According to research, people like shiny things because of their subconscious association with water.

According to Rosstat statistics as of December 1, in 2021 Russians began to more actively buy things from jewelry salons and specialized stores, as well as from websites. Overall, jewelry sales increased by 26,6%.

The top purchases remain engagement and wedding rings, earrings, and bracelets. For investments, buyers prefer jewelry with diamonds and rare stones like tanzanite.

The online store “The Key to Success” with branches in Moscow is one of the best options to save time and money. Here is the range decorations for any occasion – to please yourself and loved ones, for investment – the salon’s experts will help you make a choice. In addition, our branches employ jewelers who perform gemological examination. They are the ones who are able to distinguish a real jewel from a fake.

Interesting! For production jewelry accessories use 585 and 750 gold. Although there is also metal of more precise purification – 999 purity. It’s all about the mechanical properties of different samples of gold.

Jewelry that will always be in fashion

Most most expensive jewelry in the world are in private collections. They can occasionally be seen in displays or when put up for sale before an auction. Smaller part decorations located in state funds and museums. For example, part of the preserved jewelry of Russian emperors is kept in the Diamond Fund of Russia. These include brooches, necklaces, tiaras and crowns, works by Faberge, precious bouquets made of metals (gold, silver) and stones.

Now the most expensive decoration is a sapphire blue cut diamond called the French Blue or Goddess Sita Stone. IN the world The cost of the stone is estimated at $250 million.

The diamond is on display at the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian University, USA).

Such precious stones cost fortunes, and only a fairly wealthy collector can afford to buy them.


The most expensive jewelry in the world of the rings is a 59,6 carat pink diamond called the Pink Star Diamond. The ring’s auction value is $72 million.

The most the largest ring is considered to be Najmat Taiba, weighing 64 kg and located in jewelry showroom in Dubai. His price is 3 million dollars.

On the website “The Key to Success” you can find suitable options for a smaller amount. For example, a delicate women’s ring made of 750-karat white gold with one diamond for 29600 rubles or an original ring for men made of 585-karat gold with a diamond and cubic zirconia for 177 rubles.

You can view the rings in person or select them according to your budget in the store’s branches, which are located in different districts of Moscow.


One of the most expensive jewelry the earrings are considered to be a set of a pink diamond called “Artemis” and a blue stone “Apollo”. An unknown collector paid $57,4 million for the set, despite the fact that each earring was sold separately.

Diamonds can come in a variety of shapes. For example, most An extraordinary set of white gold earrings with square diamonds is called “Imperial Cushions”. They went under the auction hammer for $9,5 million into a private collection back in 2011.

On the website you will find earrings for any occasion. For special occasions, earrings made of 585 white gold with inlaid diamonds are suitable. Price such an accessory at a discount – 37 rubles.

A set of earrings in the form of an eight-pointed star made of 750-carat white gold with 104 diamonds will highlight the evening look. The cost of a pair, taking into account the discount, is 174 rubles.

Necklaces, beads and pendants

The most expensive of jewelry in the “necklace” category it is called “Incomparable”. It was created by jewelers from the Lebanese company Mouawad, and the central diamond was found by a girl from Congo while playing near a mine.

The vine-shaped accessory is made of 18-karat rose gold. The small petals consist of 91 diamonds, and most A large stone of an unusual honey color is located in the center of the necklace. The cost of the accessory at auction is $55 million, but with good bargaining, the necklace can fetch up to a billion dollars.

But it’s not just original jewelry designs that cost money. A replica of the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace from the movie “Titanic” fetched $17 million. At the center of the accessory is a rare 15-carat blue diamond. The creators sold the original for only $2,5 million.

Beads made from precious stones are also not cheap. An example is the Hatton-Mdivani jadeite beads from jewelry Cartier houses. The correct 27 beads of bright green color delight the attention of both collectors and ordinary people. The bead clasp consists of an alloy of gold and platinum with inlaid rubies and diamonds. The cost of these jadeite beads at auction is $30 million.

In the online store “The Key to Success” you can find earrings, rings, as well as pendants and necklaces that are no less beautiful, but much cheaper. For the most For refined natures, a pendant made of 585 white gold with a small diamond will suit you.

Laconic and inexpensive price A pendant made of 585 white gold with a diamond will complement both an evening outfit and will become a memorable gift for of loved one.


Some will say that it is more profitable to buy sets. And they will be right. The point here is not only price, but also in accordance with the materials, design of all jewelry accessories.

One of the the most An expensive and unusual set was a diamond bikini set. His price was 30 million dollars. The bikini was made only from diamonds and platinum, without the use of thread or fabric. The creator of such a masterpiece was Susan Rosen, and the model who was not afraid to try on an unusual bikini was Molly Sims.


В the world There are not many bracelets that can capture the imagination. But jewelry The house of Chopard created a bracelet watch called Chopard 201 – Carat Watch. They are completely encrusted with 874 diamonds, and to see the time, a special mechanism moves the three central stones away from the dial. $25 million is the amount at which the creators estimated the totality of stones, design and execution.

Another one of the most expensive jewelry in the world is a bracelet in the shape of a panther from jewelry Cartier houses. The jewel was created at the beginning of the last century. The panther’s body is made of diamonds and onyx, and the predator’s eyes are made of emeralds. Every year the bracelet adds to price and is now worth $12,4 million.

World The range of precious accessories is quite voluminous and every year new, unusual design solutions for the use of stones and precious metals appear.

Rules for selecting expensive jewelry

Purchase jewelry objects is just the first step. It is much more important and sometimes more difficult to choose the necessary jewelry to match the image. And here the rules of etiquette and advice from stylists “come into play”, which will definitely help everyone in choosing and wearing dear of things.

Jewelry selection is possible:

  • By type of appearance. Depending on the color of your hair, eyes, and face shape, you can choose accessories. For sophisticated girls of the spring type, small, thin jewelry made of yellow and pink metal is suitable. Representatives of the summer type can choose accessories made of white metals, both large and small. For green-eyed and red-haired girls of the autumn type, options made of platinum, white gold, and silver of different sizes are suitable. Representatives of the winter type will be decorated with large accessories made of platinum and white gold.
  • By style, color, material of clothing. For example, massive beads and earrings go well with turtleneck sweaters. Floor-length black evening dresses will be complemented by pearl beads, and mid-length dresses will be complemented by a classic necklace with diamonds, long white gold earrings and a thin bracelet.
  • By event. When going out, it is better to wear noticeable accessories with a scattering of diamonds. Going to work requires most minimum of unnoticeable decorations.

Important! Don’t overload your look with too much glitter. products. Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite – you can become a New Year tree, and others will accuse you of bad taste.

Well chosen decoration will emphasize your individuality and status.

Tips for storing and caring for jewelry

For most expensive jewelry special storage conditions are required:

  • The storage location should be dry, out of direct sunlight, at an average temperature. Optimally darkened. Such storage can be a box, a chest with several compartments, a special case covered with velvet/cotton/velor, or an organizer. To maintain the required level of humidity in the box, use silica gel, white chalk, and activated carbon.
  • Material for the box. Precious metals – gold, platinum “feel better” in wooden cases; silver – in fabric or plastic bags.
  • Chains should be hung on special hooks or placed unfastened to avoid creases and kinks.
  • Storing stones. Soft ones – amber, turquoise, opal, and pearls – are stored in bags to avoid scratches and dust accumulation. Diamonds like most the solid mineral should be stored separately from other stones.

Note! Many experts in the world fashion does not recommend storing gold and silver items nearby, because they lose their attractiveness.

Over time, metals can tarnish, so take them to a jeweler for cleaning or do it yourself at home. Stones also need care. For example, soft minerals – peridots, rubies, emeralds – need to be periodically lubricated with gemstone care products, because they become drier.

The most expensive decoration It is considered to be something given by a loved one and is associated with pleasant moments. It doesn’t always depend on prices, but mostly from the emotions received.

If you want to please a loved one or invest money profitably, contact us by phone +7 (495) 106-44-75 or leave a request on the website. Visit one of our branches of the “Key to Success” network in Moscow. Our experts will advise and help in the selection decorations for all occasions.

Beautiful sparkling jewelry has been attracting attention for thousands of years. But besides beauty, no less attention is paid to the cost of these jewelry. The price of jewelry is determined by a number of factors: age, rarity, quality of metal and gemstones, and demand on the secondary market.

The value and cost of jewelry can be affected either by the presence of one of the listed characteristics or by a combination of several or all at the same time. If you are wondering how much your jewelry is worth or are planning to sell your jewelry, contact Emporium Gold. The salon appraiser will offer a favorable redemption amount within 5 minutes.

The list of Top 5 most expensive jewelry in the world includes products that meet all the above characteristics.

1. Peacock Brooch by Graff Diamonds

Brooch “Peacock”. Cost: $100 million

Graff Diamonds presented this brooch at the TEFAF luxury and antiques exhibition in the Netherlands. Its total weight is 120,81 carats. This incredible piece of beauty and extravagance contains 1305 precious stones. The height of the brooch is 10 cm. The central place of the brooch is given to a pear-shaped fancy dark blue diamond weighing 20,02 carats. White, yellow, pink, orange and green diamonds radiate from the central diamond.

2. Diamond necklace “Mouawad L’Inparaparable”

Necklace “Mouawad L’Inparaparable”. Cost: $55 million

This Mouawad diamond necklace is recognized as the most valuable in the world and was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2013. Taking center stage is an internally flawless yellow shield-shaped diamond weighing 407,48 carats. The original rough diamond weighed 890 carats. The diamond was first presented in cut form in 1984. The stone is elegantly suspended on branches of 18-karat rose gold, set with 90 white diamonds of seven types. weighing 230 carats.

3. Cartier Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace

Necklace “Cartier Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite”. Cost: $27,4 million

The necklace consists of 27 translucent jadeite beads of bright emerald green color ranging from 15 to 19 mm in size. The necklace is complemented by a clasp with rubies and diamonds, designed by Cartier jewelers. All the beads in the necklace are the same color and have an extremely smooth texture. Who made the amazing jadeite beads remains unknown. However, in order to produce and assemble such a number of beads into one set, a stone of enormous size and the highest quality is needed. This is the special value of the necklace. The emerald green translucent jadeite necklace belonged to FWWoolworth Company heiress Barbara Hutton. It was a gift from a father for his daughter’s wedding to Georgian Prince Alexis Mdivani in 1933. After Hutton and Alexis divorced, the necklace was kept for 53 years by Alexis’ sister Nina Mdivani. The necklace was first put up for auction in 1988. In 2014, at a Sotheby’s auction, the Cartier House bought the necklace for its collection for $27,4 million.

4. Diamond and sapphire necklace The Blue Bell of Asia

Necklace “The Blue Bell of Asia”. Cost: $17,7 million

The two strands of the white gold and diamond necklace are tasseled together with a blue cushion-cut sapphire weighing 392,52 carats. This exceptionally beautiful stone was discovered in 1926 in Ceylon in Rantapur. The name of the stone, The Blue Bell of Asia, reflects the high quality and region of origin of this unusual sapphire. In 1937, Sri Lankan jewelery dealers sold The Blue Bell of Asia sapphire to London collector Viscount Nuffield. For 77 years nothing was known about this stone. Sapphire again attracted attention as part of a necklace. In 2014, at a Christie’s auction, the necklace was purchased by a private collector for $17,7 million.

5. Bvlgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring

Bvlgari “Two-Stone Diamond” ring. Cost: $15,8 million

The jewelers of the House of Bvlgari created this original ring in 1972. The ring is decorated with two triangular cut diamonds. One is a fancy bright blue diamond weighing 10,95 carats and the other is a white diamond weighing 9,87 carats. A Bvlgari ring with two diamonds was bought by a collector in Rome in 1972 as a gift to his wife in honor of the birth of his first son. Since that time, the ring has been kept in a private collection. In 2010, the Bvlgari Two-Stone Diamond ring was sold at Christie’s for $15,8 million.

Jewelry will be valuable at all times. The most valuable of them will pass from owner to owner for huge sums of money or be inherited within the same family. And there will always be a person who will offer a price higher than the most incredible price to own such a treasure.

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