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How much is the rarest diamond in the world worth?

In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 most expensive diamonds ever sold at auction.

10. “Chloe”

– a colorless, perfectly cut diamond, quite rare in its purity, weighing 84,37 carats. The stone was marked by the Homological Institute of America as X/X/X, which indicates its highest quality. It was sold at Sotheby’s auction, which took place in Geneva in 2007, for $16,2 million. The new owner of the flawless diamond is the founder of the Guess company, George Marciano. The previously unnamed gemstone was named after Mr. Marciano’s daughter, Chloe.

9. “Star of the season”

– a colorless pear-shaped diamond weighing 100,1 carats, first presented to the public at Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva in 1995. The winner was a sheikh from Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi, a connoisseur and collector of jewelry, who offered $16,5 million for the gemstone. Immediately after the auction, the sheikh received an offer to sell “Star of the Season” for a significantly larger amount, but he refused.

8. “Martian Pink”

– one of the rarest pink diamonds, sold at Christie’s in Hong Kong for $17,4 million to an anonymous buyer. Weighing 12,04 carats, the unique stone is the largest round pink diamond ever offered at auction. The “Martian Pink” was cut by the jewelry house Harry Winston. The diamond received its name in honor of NASA’s mission to launch the Viking spacecraft to study the surface of Mars and its orbit.

7. “Archduke Joseph”

– a huge (76,02 carats) colorless diamond of the highest quality, cut in the shape of a rectangular cushion. It was sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva in 2012 for $21,48 million. The buyer chose to hide his name; it is only known that he presented the “Archduke Joseph” diamond as a gift to the museum. Mined in the famous mines of Golconda, the gem previously belonged to the Habsburg dynasty, and received its name in honor of the Austrian field marshal Archduke Joseph August, its first owner, to whom it was officially registered in 1919. In 1936, the Habsburg family sold the diamond to an unknown buyer. Later, it was put up for auction two more times: in 1961 and 1993.

6. White emerald cut diamond

– weighing 100 carats was sold in 2015 at Sotheby’s for $22,1 million. An anonymous buyer purchased a diamond over the phone. The diamond was mined by De Beers in South Africa. “The color is whiter than white, the stone is so transparent that it can only be compared to water,” said the head of Sotheby’s jewelry department about the diamond.

5. “Perfect pink”

– a rectangular diamond weighing 14,23 carats, sold at Christie’s in Hong Kong for $23,2 million to an anonymous buyer. The gemstone, characterized as an intense, naturally colored fancy pink diamond, is the most expensive ever sold in Asia. The entire “The Perfect Pink” lot was a rose and white gold ring set with a luxurious pink diamond flanked on both sides by two clear diamonds weighing 1,67 and 1,73 carats.

4. Diamond “Wittelsbach-Graff”

– a large (35,56 carats) sky blue diamond, which bears the names of its two owners. In 2008, the famous jeweler Laurence Graff purchased it at Christie’s in London for $24,3 million. Known today as the Wittelsbach-Graff, this gemstone was re-cut, causing it to lose weight and now weigh 31,06 carats. The current owner of the diamond did this in order to reveal its true color to the world and bring it to an impeccable Type IIb, which includes diamonds of the highest quality. The legendary gem was found in the Indian mines of Golconda. In 1664, the Spanish king Philip IV of Habsburg presented it to his daughter, Margarita Teresa, as a dowry, and already in 1722 the stone came into the possession of the Wittelsbach family. During the Great Depression, the blue diamond was put up for sale at the Christie’s auction house, but no one bought it. In 1964 it was acquired by an anonymous buyer, in whose collection it remained for more than three decades.

3. “Winston’s Legacy”

— pear-shaped colorless diamond weighing 101,73 carats. Winston’s Legacy became the largest diamond in history to be auctioned in May 2013 and was eventually purchased for $26,7 million by the Harry Winston Jewelry Company. The diamond received its name in honor of the new owner. The Winston Legacy Diamond was created by cutting a 236-carat diamond found in Botswana.

2. “Pink Graff”

– a diamond sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva in 2010 for $46,16 million. The lucky owner of a ring with a rare pink stone is the same jeweler who owns the diamond that took 4th place in our rating. British collector Lawrence Graff immediately named the new acquisition after himself. The diamond has a quadrangular shape with rounded corners and weighs 24,78 carats. The last time this gem was put up for auction was 60 years ago by American jeweler Harry Winston, who sold it to a private collector. It is worth recalling that this diamond belongs to the rarest physical type IIa, which includes only 1,8% of mined jewelry diamonds.

1. The most expensive diamond in the world – Pink Star

– the largest of the pink diamonds, weighing 59,6 carats, was sold in November 2013 at Sotheby’s for $83 million, breaking all diamond price records. However, at the end of February 2014, it became known that the buyer was unable to pay for the diamond and Sotheby’s bought the stone for itself for $72 million. Diamonds are the hardest minerals found on Earth. They form in the depths of our planet over millions of years, and then rise higher along with magma. Their extraction is very difficult, because specialists have to dig deep shafts and carefully search – at best, 1 carat (0.2 grams) of diamonds can be extracted from one ton of rock. Due to their difficult extraction, rarity and beautiful appearance, diamonds are the most expensive jewelry in the world. Typically a small piece of diamond is worth about $10 million. In 2022, a pink diamond “Rosa Lulo” weighing 170 carats was found in South Africa, which may be the most expensive in the world – before its discovery, the most expensive was considered the “Pink Star” weighing 132,5 carats (then reduced to 59,6 carats ) worth $71,2 million. The Rose Lulo diamond is the most expensive in the world, and already belongs to an unknown buyer Interesting fact: diamonds and polished diamonds are not the same thing. Diamonds are minerals in their original form that have not been processed. Diamonds are diamonds that have been processed into a faceted shape.

How are diamonds formed?

In nature, diamonds are formed at a depth of 100-200 kilometers underground. In conditions of 1000-degree heat and high pressure, pure carbon is transformed over millions of years into a mineral with a densely packed cubic structure. It is impossible to get them directly from the places of formation, but, fortunately, precious minerals sometimes rise to the top along with magma as a result of volcanic activity. The oldest diamond ever found by miners is approximately 3,6 billion years old. Primary diamond deposits are called kimberlite pipes. They received their name in honor of the first pipe discovered by people in the African province of Kimberley. The rock that contains diamonds is called kimberlite. People have discovered thousands of kimberlite pipes on Earth, but mining of minerals is possible only in a few dozen deposits – work can also be done in other places, but the cost of mining will be more expensive than the jewelry itself. Kimberlite pipe “Mir” in Yakutia The most valuable jewels are “pure water diamonds”, which are completely transparent and free from defects. Colored diamonds are even more valuable – their share in the diamond industry is only 0,01%, that is, only 1 in 10 diamonds have a beautiful shade. Green, purple, orange, red and yellow minerals, despite their rarity, are relatively common. But pink and blue diamonds are a unique rarity. The cost of a diamond depends not only on the carat, but also on the color

The most expensive diamond in history

According to IFL Science, the most expensive diamond in the world can be called the “Rose of Lulo,” which was mined by miners in 2022 at the Lulo mine in Angola, Africa. It weighs 170 carats, but this is not its only feature that increases its value to a record level. In addition to its impressive mass, this mineral is colored a rare pink color. Diamond “Rose Lulo” The exact reason why diamonds turn pink is still unknown to scientists. One version says that the mineral acquires an interesting shade due to the fact that during the formation process its structure twists and the light passing through the diamond is refracted and reflected differently than usual. In the case of “Rose Lulo”, the distortion of the change turned out to be such that the output is exactly pink – a little more, and the amaz would have turned brown and would not have been so expensive. Diamonds are never the same shade, so each one is unique. Diamonds turn different colors due to imperfections Before the discovery of the Rose Lulo, the most expensive diamond was considered the Pink Star, which was sold in Hong Kong for $2017 million in 71,2. Initially, its weight was estimated at 132,5 carats, but then it was reduced to 59,6 carats. There is information that the Australian mining company Lucapa Diamond has already sold Rosa Lulo, but to whom and for how many millions of dollars is unknown. Diamond “Pink Star”

The largest diamond in the world

The Rose Lulo diamond may be the most expensive diamond in history, but there is no evidence of this. The largest diamond in the world is the Cullinan, also known as the Star of Africa. It was discovered in 1905 in the Premier mine in Africa. It weighed 3106,75 carats (621,35 grams) and is today divided into nine pieces. Each of them has its own name and is the property of different rich people. Glass replicas of nine diamonds derived from the Cullinan Diamond For example, a piece called “Cullinan II” or “Second Star of Africa” ​​weighing 317,4 carats is inserted into the Crown of the British Empire, which is kept in the Tower of London. And the “Cullinan IX” piece, weighing 4,4 carats, is a pear-shaped diamond, which is inserted into a ring – it is unknown who wears such jewelry. You will find even more interesting articles in our Zen and Telegram channels. Check back often! It is important to note that many diamonds today are produced in laboratories. My colleague Andrei Zhukov previously spoke about this in detail in the article “Scientists have artificially created diamonds and a new type of water from plastic.”

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