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How to activate a rock crystal stone?

Rock crystal A symbol of modesty and purity of thoughts. This is a colorless transparent quartz, silicon oxide, which has few equals in its properties as a talisman, amulet, amulet and medicine. Rock crystal is the Russified form of the Greek word “kristallos” – ice. It is the most commonly found crystal on Earth and the most widely used by people. Its purity has given rise to many legends and beliefs. It was believed that a crystal crystal, if held in your hands with your palms cupped, fulfills requests. Rock crystal was known back in the Mesolithic era (12-8 centuries BC); in ancient Rome, rock crystal crystals were sold as petrified ice. This stone was mentioned by Pliny, Theophrastus called it krystallos, and Agricola called it quartz (1529). Roman patricians inventively used the cooling properties of this stone: in the summer they cooled their hands with crystal balls. According to legend, all gods drink ambrosia only from crystal goblets. The purity and transparency of rock crystal have become a symbol of modesty and purity of thoughts, a talisman that strengthens oath agreements. It lends itself well to processing and has been used for various crafts since ancient times. The Roman Emperor Nero had two magnificent goblets made of perfectly transparent rock crystals. When his power came to an end, Nero defeated them, “in order to punish his age.” Peter I’s samovar made from a single piece of rock crystal is kept in the Kremlin Armory. Crystal was widely used in ritual and magical activities. Lenses were made from it, with the help of which fire-worshipping priests lit “divine fire” on altars from the sun. Crystal balls are held in high esteem by magicians and fortune tellers, who see in them the future and the hidden present. In South America in 1927, a life-size female skull weighing 5 kilograms was found, skillfully carved from rock crystal by the ancient Mayans. Its lower part is fixed in polished sockets so movably that it vibrates even with a slight breath of air, giving the impression that the skull is saying something. Obviously, he played some important role in religious rites. Even among modern people who are not infected with mysticism, the contemplation of this skull with all its effects causes a sharp increase in blood pressure, a heightened sense of smell, and some fall into a hypnotic sleep. For fortune telling, sometimes rock crystal is chosen, as if filled with a light milky or brownish mist, the so-called smoky crystal, or rauchtopaz, considered a stone of clairvoyants, but its use by some manuals on magic is not recommended, since it greatly excites the imagination and distorts the idea of ​​reality. In Western culture, crystal was considered a stone of patience and perfection. Ancient authors also indicate that crystal on a sleeping person relieves him of terrible frightening dreams; worn in a ring, it relieves him of chilliness and the danger of freezing; worn in the form of a necklace, it increases the appearance of a nursing woman. the amount of milk worn under underwear on the right side of the abdomen improves the activity of the gallbladder, regulating it according to health needs. People believed that simply drinking from crystal glasses was enough to prevent toothache. In Tibet it was used to treat wounds. For Buddhists, crystal is one of the seven canonical jewels. In Indian and Tibetan medicine, rock crystal plays a leading role. It is believed that its energy is easily adjusted to the frequency of human vibrations, regulates and stabilizes them.
Crystal was found in Switzerland (Canton of Uri – a crystal weighing 135 kg, St. Gotthard, Grimsel and other places), Austria (Grossglockner – a crystal weighing 1 ton, found in 1965), and in Italy. Rare crystals of a bipyramidal shape are found in Romania (Marmaros), they are also called “Marmaros diamond”. They are usually quite small, but due to their remarkable shape they are very popular with jewelers. Similar material can be found in Ukraine, Slovakia, and the USA. Quartz crystals called the Herkimer Diamond occur at the Herkimer Mine in New York State. On display at the Smithsonian Institution there is a cut stone weighing 7000 carats and a crystal ball with a diameter of 33 cm and a weight of 48,5 kg (the ball was made in China from quartz mined in Burma). Crystal is a real telescope through which you can observe events and phenomena of another world. It is no coincidence that rock crystal served as a material for making magic balls, by looking into which soothsayers predicted the future and told about the past. The crystal ball is a frequent attribute of magicians and soothsayers. It is no coincidence that rock crystal is called the “stone of clairvoyants.” Such balls have always been used to predict the future and summon spirits. It is believed that rock crystal concentrates attention, improves speech and sharpens thought processes. A rock crystal ball was used by Tibetan lamas and, according to some sources, by the modern fortune teller Vanga. Skilled fortune tellers read pictures of the past and future in its crystals and especially well-carved crystal balls. To do this, a crystal object is strengthened in a dark room so that a ray of light falls on it, filling it with radiance, and they look at it for a long time, without blinking and concentrating their will on the desire to see a certain object in it. For the same purpose, they sometimes attach a crystal ball or bead to a silk thread and, holding it in their hands, order it to swing in a very specific way. The connection between crystal and clairvoyance is explained by the fact that quartz, the most perfect form of which is crystal, is like the skin of the planet, with which it feels the cosmos and the astral world. Different types of quartz are closely associated with certain sense organs; as for crystal, it is associated with our supersensory perception. A properly cut rock crystal focuses all the ethereal flows flowing between parallel worlds. A ring with rock crystal helps to penetrate the invisible and reveal the hidden. Proven fact: standing over the pyramid, water acquires properties to promote healing, tones the body, reduces the inflammatory reaction after bites, burns and acts as a natural aid to improve digestion; meat, fish, vegetables, fruits do not spoil for a long time, milk does not turn sour for a long time, cheese does not mold. If you install a crystal pyramid in the car interior, on the dashboard, then, oddly enough, the car breaks down much less often, the engine runs smoother, and fuel consumption decreases. Brightly shining in the sunlight, transparent, colorless, elongated rock crystal crystals, pointed at the end, are one of the most common varieties of quartz, the same one that is familiar to everyone in the form of sand. They scratch glass like a real diamond and, in strong side lighting, show a diamond play of yellow and orange sparks. As a talisman, rock crystal strengthens constancy, promotes purity of thoughts and gives vigor to the owner. The ancient Greeks believed that the gods were unable to refuse the request of a person who entered the temple with a rock crystal in his hand. He has a special power to seal oath agreements, sacred bonds, promises. Crystal dishes (this, of course, is not natural rock crystal, but artificial) apparently began to be created in large numbers because bowls made from rock crystal (as well as from other valuable rocks and stones) are the bestowers of health. To some extent, artificial crystal also possesses these properties, but to an incomparably small extent. As a talisman, rock crystal, making a person hypersensitive, multiplies his abilities. It also helps to develop sensory abilities, facilitates telepathic contact, and generally gives a person the opportunity to communicate at a distance with living objects. Some people can call their animals through a rock crystal: dogs, horses, etc. The larger the crystal, the better, but it must be transparent and free of impurities. Rock crystal used to be used to make fortune teller balls, which has now become fashionable. The ball is precisely the shape that helps develop a person’s sensory abilities. To the owner, the stone brings purity, clarity of understanding, the ability to communicate with people, see the hidden, and understand the unsaid. Ancient crystal talismans are found throughout Europe. They were made in the following way: small crystal balls were set in metal, often silver, and connected to form a bracelet. As an amulet, crystal cleanses any space around the owner from negative influences, which is why many people keep large-sized crystal druses or crystal brushes at home. It is the sharp ends of the crystals that are purifiers: pure and light energy flows from them into space. This applies not only to rock crystal, but to all other crystals. If the crystal is difficult to obtain, then you can use the shape of a drop or an oval. The ball does the same work, but the energy is distributed differently. In fact, rock crystal is a great conductor of cosmic energy, and at the same time the stone has extraordinary generosity. Crystal was often used in alchemy. As a healer, rock crystal is simply amazing. In fact, it can completely put a person in order, just like carnelian. The beneficial effects of the stone are numerous; crystal is especially good at treating the lymphatic system and diseases associated with it. Fluid disorders, dropsy of various origins, diseases of the teeth, respiratory system, kidneys, bladder, crushes and removes stones from the body. Crystal improves memory and speech, the activity of the heart and brain, pituitary gland, blood, and spine. Giving a person abundant energy, the stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Revives the body, neutralizes radiation, quenches thirst, and is used for diseases of the stomach and heart. It is good to drink crystal water (the stone should be kept in the container for at least three days) to maintain the general tone of the body, as well as for jaundice, viscous bile, stones of various origins and in different organs, and severe liver dysfunction. Crystal interspersed with rutile is called “Venus hair” and has an excellent effect on any hair disease. Rock crystal pendants prevent inflammation of the middle ear. Improves the activity of the gallbladder, has a sedative, calming effect. Helps with diseases of the liver and biliary tract – acute and chronic, jaundice. Protects children from pulmonary diseases. Wearing this stone on the wrist regulates blood flow and prevents the formation of blood clots. But a very long string of crystal beads can cause strange phenomena similar to hallucinations or intoxication. Apparently, the structure of the stone is such that its excess can have an attractive effect, and if there are unbalanced, eccentric people in our environment, then somehow the crystal is able to convey to us their disordered subconscious images. A crystal on the neck or on the index finger of a sleeping person’s left hand relieves nightmares, acting as a talisman. Worn in a ring on the ring finger, it relieves chilliness and the danger of freezing; worn under underwear on the right side of the abdomen, it improves the functioning of the gallbladder. Crystal can also convey our thoughts and feelings to another, especially if this stone is a gift. You can focus on it and talk to the one who gave it, or to the one you are tuned in to. Some scientists consider crystal to be an ideal information generator. Crystal, which has a complex cut, can accumulate information and transmit it at your request. At the same time, you should not constantly peer into the crystal – this will cause fatigue of the optic nerve, awaken subconscious vibrations, and in the end you can enter into a mental dialogue with yourself. Simply squeeze the stone lightly in your left hand and relax. Focus your thought on the person you want to reach. However, if you receive a positive response, i.e. e. agreeing to meet or accept your proposal, try to actually talk to the person you contacted through the crystal. You may not talk at all about what you conveyed mentally, but such contact will confirm the connection with the stone and strengthen it. Crystal, according to ancient beliefs, cleanses the body, thoughts, and helps remove toxins from the body; only for this it must be worn on the wrist. There is evidence that high-ranking Templars implanted a small lens into the skin so that they would never part with it. A crystal druse is capable of collecting negativity that accumulates in a room, thus relieving tension from those present. Psychics are very fond of rock crystal, i.e. because, being an energy generator, it helps to quickly restore strength after treatment. To do this, you need to hold a hexagonal rock crystal prism in your hand for 10-15 minutes. This crystal harmonizes thoughts and promotes the expansion of consciousness. Types of crystal include: smoky crystal, citrine, rose quartz, amethyst. Rock crystal jewelry provides its owner with clarity and harmony, however, given the extraordinary ability of crystal to quickly accumulate and retain information, jewelry must be cleaned regularly. Discharge the stone in running water, then charge it briefly in the sun. Crystal may break when exposed to extreme heat; Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended. An amazingly beautiful mineral of the quartz group, symbolizing purity, honesty and strength of relationships. A mineral is a substance homogeneous in structure and composition that is part of a rock, meteorite or ore, formed in the earth’s crust or its water shell as a result of natural physical and chemical processes. Jewelry stones (both precious and semi-precious) are beautiful and rare varieties of a particular mineral. Quartz Density It is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies. When comparing two objects with the same volume, the one whose density is higher will be heavier. 2,6 g/cm³ Mohs hardness A relative scale of mineral hardness, with Mohs 1 being the least hard and 10 being the hardest. The standard for the greatest hardness is a diamond with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. Colors Colorless

Origin of rock crystal

Rock crystal has been known to mankind since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, there was a belief that rock crystal was the tears of the gods that fell from heaven and absorbed their power. The Japanese recognized it as frozen breath and dragon saliva. In Europe, rock crystal was also called Arabic and Bohemian diamond. Advertising – Continued below Some mineralologists suggest that rock crystal got its name from Theophrastus, a Greek scientist. According to this version, the words crystal and crystal come from the consonant Greek crystallus, which translates as “ice.” Minerals with this name are described in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Physico-chemical properties of rock crystal

Rock crystal is crystalline quartz, essentially pure silicon dioxide (SiO2). The crystals are transparent, colorless or with a pinkish, lilac, or golden tint. They have a glass luster and are capable of transmitting ultraviolet light. Typically, natural rock crystal takes the shape of an irregular hexagon from 2 to 4 cm in cross section with a pointed apex. Advertising – Continued below

Rock crystal deposits

In nature, the mineral is formed in the voids of geothermal and pegmatite veins. There are both single and crystals fused into brushes (druze). Despite the fact that quartz rocks are quite common, deposits of high-quality rock crystal are not common. In Russia, sources of the mineral are concentrated in the mountains of the Urals and Yakutia. Development is also underway in Brazil, Kazakhstan, and China. The largest and highest quality crystals are mined in the Middle Urals and in the French and Swiss Alps.

How to distinguish a fake

Despite the fact that rock crystal is far from the most expensive semi-precious stone, artificial copies of it can also be found on sale. Read more:
Stone in stone: a popular trend in the collections of the best jewelers Advertising – Continued below Most often, imitation rock crystal is made from glass, but the natural mineral has several fundamental differences that will allow you not to make a mistake:

  • Rock crystal has a fairly high hardness compared to glass. Therefore, if you try to scratch the surface of the stone with something sharp, it will not affect it in any way, the stone will remain undamaged;
  • In a natural mineral, unlike glass, there cannot be any bubbles or obviously artificial inclusions;
  • Rock crystal has the property of remaining cool even in warm hands, heating up only slightly and cooling quickly as soon as it is released from the hands.

Healing and magical properties of rock crystal

The most mysterious and mystical product made of rock crystal was found in 1927 in Honduras on the territory of an ancient Mayan settlement. It was a crystal skull of a woman with a very regular and precise shape. It is believed that with the help of it the Mayan priests brought trouble to their enemies.

Rock crystal has always been a magical stone: it was believed that it could absorb the energy of other worlds and transmit it, so rock crystal crystals were often used in spiritualistic séances. The Egyptians carved out the faces of the deceased from them to facilitate their transition to the world of the dead. There is an opinion that long contemplation of rock crystal can open the ability to clairvoyance and telepathy. In China, they believed that these crystals could establish a connection between times and allow one to look into the past and future.

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Rock crystal has warm and light energy; to enhance it, the crystal is charged in the sun. Such a mineral will distribute life-giving force and positive energy in the house. It calms, prevents quarrels and gets rid of negativity.

Rock crystal stimulates mental activity, sharpens the brain’s sensitivity to information, and improves memory. It has a restorative and healing effect on the body as a whole. In China, pointed crystals are still used today for acupressure. In Tibet, by illuminating injured areas with the rays of the sun passed through balls of rock crystal, the wounded are healed.

Who will benefit from the stone?

To activate brain activity, rock crystal is good for students to carry with them, especially during exam periods, as well as for those who are susceptible to stress and nervous tension.

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In many cultures, rock crystal has been a symbol of female purity and innocence, and is therefore believed to help girls in their search for true love.

It is worth noting that rock crystal is not friendly with copper, and therefore products with this mineral are best chosen from silver or gold.

Which zodiac signs are suitable for rock crystal?

This is one of the few universal talismans that will not harm any zodiac sign. However, the stone still has favorites: Gemini and Scorpio.

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What stones are combined with

Rock crystal is under the auspices of the Sun; it is also associated with Jupiter and Mercury. It has very powerful solar energy. Obvious partners for him will be stones of the element of Fire: grossular, ruby, zircon, amber. Sapphire, tourmaline and chrysolite also enhance its magical energy.

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Rock crystal will be at odds with all crystals of the Water family, this is especially true in relation to aquamarine and goshenite.

What metals does it combine with?

The mystical beauty and astral power of the mineral is emphasized by the metal of the Moon – silver. In addition, tin, a metal under the auspices of Jupiter, would be a good choice. But the gold frame will conflict with the mysterious energy of the icy stone.

If you dreamed of rock crystal

Rock crystal serves as a talisman not only in real life. Appearing in dreams, this mineral most often warns of approaching trouble. Broken crystal jewelry symbolizes severe stress. If the sleeper buys rock crystal or wipes a product made from it, this is a warning about possible losses; you should not be frivolous in financial matters in the near future. On the other hand, a closet full of crystal glassware dreams of material well-being.

Did you know that.

The extraordinary beauty of pure rock crystal has long been considered a symbol of purity of thoughts, sincerity and modesty.

M.V. Lomonosov called rock crystal an icy stone.

It is believed that any products stored under a rock crystal pyramid retain freshness much longer and even improve their taste.

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