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How to care for gold earrings with pearls?

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Detailed article on how to care for pearls at home Pearls are a magnificent gift from nature for luxurious ladies. In the East, this stone is considered a means of restoring youth. Queen Cleopatra drank a glass of wine a day, into which she immersed a pearl. So she tried to preserve her youth and beauty. Every woman dreams of such a luxurious gift. If you already have it, then our article will be useful to you. We will tell you how to care for this wonderful mineral. Pearls are very sensitive to environmental factors.

Basic rules for storing pearls

  • Store pearls in a separate box or in a separate compartment of the jewelry box. There should be no objects nearby that could cause scratches or other minor damage;
  • Place the pearls in a satin or velvet bag. This will reduce the risk of accidental damage;
  • If there are several pearl jewelry, then try to store each of them in a separate compartment. Locks on jewelry may scratch adjacent stone;
  • It is not recommended to hang pearl items. The silk thread can stretch, become thinner, and then one awkward movement will cause the thread to break;
  • Don’t forget that pearls are living material. Try to create for him the conditions in which he grew up. Place a glass of water in the storage area provided for it. This will humidify the air. Dry air is detrimental to the mineral. Sunlight should not penetrate into the box. This will inevitably cause the decoration to yellow;
  • It is better to refuse plastic containers for storing pearls. They may contain some chemicals that have a detrimental effect on the mineral;
  • Cigarette smoke has an extremely negative effect on the appearance of the gemstone!

Cleaning pearls at home

In order to clean pearls without damaging them, you will need:

  • Warm water;
  • A piece of soft cloth;
  • A bowl;
  • Olive oil;
  • Detergent.

Instructions for cleaning pearls:

  • Pour water into a bowl and dissolve 1-2 drops of detergent in it. It is advisable to use unscented products; baby soap is best.
  • Place the decoration in the resulting solution, holding it by the clasps without touching the stones.
  • After a few minutes, remove the product from the water, also without touching the pearls, and place it on a previously prepared cloth.
  • Wait until it dries completely, then inspect the product. Repeat the procedure again if necessary.
  • Apply olive oil to a cloth and rub the jewelry to make it shine again.

Important! Do not rub pearls with brushes. This way you can damage its fragile structure.

If for some reason this cleaning method does not suit you, then you can use other methods:

  • Apply a small amount of potato starch to a soft cloth and gently wipe the stone.
  • Give your jewelry to professionals who will clean the product with special products.
  • Purchase jewelry paste from a specialty store and wipe your pearls from time to time.
  • Soak nylon tights in soapy water and treat the jewelry.

Little tricks for wearing pearls

  • Since pearls are very sensitive to chemicals, they can be damaged if perfume, hairspray or other cosmetics come into contact with them. Therefore, put it on as soon as you are ready to go out and take it off immediately after returning home.
  • Wipe the product with a soft cloth each time after wearing.
  • Avoid wearing pearl bracelets and rings if you will be working with your hands.

Follow our advice carefully, and your sea treasure will last you a very long time. You will always look great, especially since this jewelry goes perfectly with other jewelry stones, gold and silver.

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          Pearls are a more sensitive natural material than most precious stones, so pearl jewelry requires careful handling.

          Personal care items and pearls

          Personal care products such as cosmetics, sunscreen, perfume and hairspray contain chemicals that can significantly affect the luster of pearls. Therefore, we recommend wearing pearl jewelry no earlier than 30 minutes after applying cosmetics. Also, try to avoid direct contact with the surface of perfume pearls and eau de toilette.

          Storing and caring for pearls

          Store your pearl jewelry separately from other hard gemstones as they can damage the soft surface of the pearl and cause scratches. Pearls are best stored in a soft fabric case or bag. Wipe it with a soft cloth from time to time. As a last resort, pearls can be washed in a mild soap solution or salt water. Do not clean pearls with a solution containing ammonia or a strong detergent, or use abrasive powders or abrasive cloths – these cleaning methods can seriously damage the layer of nacre.

          Every two to three years, we recommend re-tying your pearl necklace with a new thread to prevent the necklace from breaking. It is better if the necklace is tied with a knot, this will ensure the safety of the pearls in the event of a break in the thread and will prevent possible damage to the pearls from rubbing against each other.

          We recommend protecting pearls from drying out and to extend the “life” of the stone, be sure to wear them. If a person constantly or at least often wears pearl jewelry, they are continuously exposed to the sweat glands (sweat has a slightly acidic reaction). This significantly slows down the process of pearl dehydration and promotes the dissolution of its weathered layers, which are gradually removed, and the pearl retains its shine.

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