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How to check if a garnet stone is real?

Garnet stone is a precious mineral with a deep red color. Pomegranate has been known to mankind since the times of ancient civilizations, but gained particular popularity in the Middle Ages. Its rich scarlet color symbolized power, passion, the very energy of life. Its unique magical properties attracted not only supporters of mysticism, but also kings, monarchs, and aristocrats. With Golden Age products, every Ukrainian can buy a garnet ring, and today we will tell you interesting facts and useful information about the unique gemstone.

Garnet: stone and its properties

This is a group of minerals that can have different colors, but they are predominantly red and orange. The degree of transparency of this category of gems can vary: from almost transparent to saturated, without a single gap. The shine is very similar to diamond – pure glass. Garnet is traditionally considered to have a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, but this depends on the variety of the mineral. Samples with a hardness of 6,5 or 7,5 may also be found. Density may also vary depending on the breed. On average, this is 4 g/cm3. Few people know that garnet stone is a combination of two different minerals. If you look at the official names of gems, you can see that in some cases the name will be from one of them. At the same time, most of the varieties in this group have their own names. For example, the rhodolite variety is a combination of almandine and pyrope. Garnet stone has interesting physical properties. This is a group of pyroelectric minerals, that is, the stone can be heated by friction against fabric and attract light particles, such as fluff. Something similar can be observed when a statistical charge appears on synthetics or hair in winter. There are garnet deposits in Brazil, Karelia, Finland, and Canada. Stones are also mined on the Kola Peninsula, the Urals, and Alaska. Deposits in Madagascar and Tanzania are famous for blue gems – the rarest and most expensive.

Is garnet a precious or semi-precious stone?

There is an international classification of precious and semi-precious stones in the jewelry market. When you buy a garnet ring, you want to understand the value of the jewelry, because one way or another, jewelry is an investment. According to international standards, there are only six precious stones. These are diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, alexandrite and, more recently, natural pearls. That is, garnets are not on this list, so what is the gem? It belongs to the group of jewelry and ornamental minerals or semiprecious stones. These are minerals that are highly valued and used in jewelry. Thus, garnet is a semi-precious stone that is widely used to create jewelry masterpieces. Garnet can also be used to decorate stone-cutting products. The highest quality minerals are used in the jewelry industry, and samples with defects or inclusions are sent to the arts and crafts.

Garnet stone: varieties and colors

When we talk about garnet in jewelry, we often imagine a semi-precious scarlet stone. However, there are more than 17 varieties in the garnet group, so there is no such thing as a stone. There is a common crystal structure that has different chemical compositions. International gemology recognizes only a number of minerals, which in all countries of the world are listed as a group of minerals called garnets. We will consider only the most basic ones.


It is pyrope that comes to mind when we talk about garnet, since it is the most popular stone and, most importantly, the most widespread. In classical literature it is called fiery red, and its translation literally means like fire. The deep red color, which can look like congealed blood, even to professionals indicates the authenticity of the mineral. This gem symbolizes vitality, passion, strength and all kinds of activity. They say that pyrope helps to achieve your goals, show better results and achieve success in amorous affairs. A person who consciously chooses pyrope is distinguished by determination and perseverance. This is a stone of emotionality, so it is often given as gifts to artists, musicians, screenwriters and other professionals whose work involves the flow of imagination.


This gem is primarily distinguished by its color – a very soft and beautiful red color with a hint of pink. It is often confused with either ruby, or pyrope, or spinel. Jewelers do not make boundaries between men’s and women’s accessories, but prefer to process the stone in a marquise, round or oval cut. Rhodolite is credited with unique properties. For example, if you wear jewelry on your right hand, it will attract the attention of the opposite sex and help you find your soulmate. If a person is inclined to leadership, rhodolite will help him reach heights. Lithotherapists also recommend the stone to those who take everything to heart or are prone to stress and depression.


If you come across jewelry with a green Art Nouveau stone, it was probably andradite. It is one of the silicates of the garnet group, which is distinguished by a variety of colors. Yellow, green, brown and even black mineral may be found. According to old beliefs, andradite is able to control people, so it was often used for rituals. This is an independent stone that can act as a talisman or amulet, but is rarely used as an amulet.


A honey-yellow variety that also occurs with an orange-red or brown tint. This is a common stone, but for jewelry purposes only minerals without cracks and rich colors are used, which are much less common. Astromineralogy notes the dual nature of the mineral. On the one hand, it is a cheerful stone, and on the other hand, it is a gem with heavy energy. Spessartine is suitable for all zodiac signs, but representatives of the Earth element are advised to wear the stone carefully.


This mineral attracts with its unique color scheme. Since the gem contains impurities of iron and manganese, the stone can be cherry, red, purple and even brown. If the stone is clean, it is cut; if there are inclusions and cracks, then a cabochon is used. Like pyrope, it is called a stone of passion and vitality. It helps to activate a person’s inner strength, gives inspiration, and expands the boundaries of imagination. Almandine also pacifies outbursts of anger, improves communication skills, and instills optimism.

The magical properties of pomegranate

The meaning of the garnet stone as a symbol of passion and power was formulated by representatives of ancient civilizations. In the Ancient East, there was a belief that the mineral literally ignites passion and if a lover or passionate person picks it up, the gem can ignite. The inhabitants of Ancient Persia called the red mineral royal. For them, it was directly related to power and power. It was used by monarchs in all rituals and rites, emphasizing their importance. In Ancient Rome they began to pay attention to the healing properties of the gem. It was placed at the head of a pregnant woman so that the birth would be favorable and the child would be healthy. A literally indispensable talisman for everyone was the pomegranate in the Middle Ages. It is not only a symbol of power, but also a powerful talisman for travelers. It was believed that anyone who took jewelry with garnet on a trip would be protected by the powerful energy of the mineral. In the ranks of the Crusades, there was a belief that the stone would protect against wounds and poison. During this era, garnet was an exclusively male stone; women did not wear it. But centuries later, girls also appreciated the magical properties of pomegranate. Nowadays, men’s and women’s accessories with this jewelry insert are popular, but children’s models are not found. One of the main properties of the mineral is a safe road. Wherever you go, the gem will protect you from troubles, evil people, unforeseen circumstances and even wounds. At the same time, the path can be understood more globally. Mineralogy also claims that the stone leads its owner to success, regardless of his goal. This could be a trip to another country, going to university, or getting a long-awaited promotion. Of course, a stone can help in love. If you want to woo a girl, give her a garnet pendant. Also, girls can find love if they wear jewelry on their left hand. The gem fills a person with energy, passion, a feeling of joy and love.

Medicinal properties of pomegranate

As already mentioned, the main medicinal property of pomegranate is the treatment of wounds, fractures, abrasions and other injuries. However, modern lithotherapy has stepped forward and suggests using pomegranate in a number of other diseases. In particular, lithotherapists use the mineral for rehabilitation and restorative procedures, to alleviate diseases of the digestive and respiratory system. You can also wear garnet earrings to restore or strengthen your immune system. Other medicinal properties mainly depend on the type of mineral:

  1. If you have jewelry with a red mineral, the gem will help cure diseases of the cardiovascular system. It will also improve the condition of the thyroid gland and gastrointestinal tract.
  2. If you have diseases of the pancreas or intestines, transparent stones will help. They will also be useful for diseases of the mucous membrane.
  3. Skin diseases, allergies, burns, acne will help remove yellow or brown mineral. It will also improve your gut health.
  4. A real storehouse of medicinal properties is a green mineral. It will help cure heart disease, improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure and alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders. If you wear beads or a necklace made of green stone, you can cure inflammation of the respiratory tract, get rid of colds and relieve headaches.

A frame made of precious metal can also play a role. For example, lithotherapists recommend wearing garnet jewelry in a gold frame for those who suffer from migraines and pressure changes. Jewelry in a silver frame with this inlay will help cure sore throat and pneumonia, especially if it is a cross or a pendant on the neck.

Garnet stone: how to determine authenticity?

Despite the fact that garnet is a semi-precious stone, it is still a very popular gem. Often, in jewelry with garnet, it is not a real mineral, but a fake. This happens not only in rings with large inlays, but also in bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, earrings and other accessories. Moreover, there are models in which real stone alternates with fake.

How to distinguish a real semi-precious stone from a synthetic crystal? Visually it won’t be easy. However, based on the main characteristics of the mineral, you can notice the difference:

  1. Size. Pomegranate got its name for a reason. It was named after the sweet fruit because the natural minerals are only found the same size as a pomegranate seed. If you notice that the accessory is inlaid with a suspiciously large mineral, you are probably looking at a fake.
  2. Color and purity. The very idea of ​​imitation appeared not only because they wanted to create a fake, but also to grow an ideal sample in laboratory conditions. A natural gem always has inhomogeneities: these can be inclusions or spots, as well as smooth transitions from shade to another. A fake often has a pure and uniform color.
  3. Thermal conductivity or temperature. Gems of natural origin have a special characteristic: they conduct heat very poorly and heat up slowly. If you take silver earrings with garnet and the stone heats up quickly, then you probably have an imitation in your hands.
  4. Density. Natural minerals have a high level of density, which is why garnet can easily scratch glass. If there is a scratch on the glass, then this is the original. If the stone itself was damaged, then it is an imitation.

If your garnet jewelry has passed all the tests, but you still have doubts, you can contact a gemologist. Some jewelry shops will also help you find the answer.

Who suits pomegranate according to their zodiac sign?

According to astromineralogy, this is a stone with strong energy and first, you need to understand who garnet is suitable for. The relationship between garnet stone and zodiac sign will be the determining factor for many to buy jewelry that will become their talisman. The scarlet mineral can give a person what he wants or take away what he already has. The right accessory will help you get the maximum benefit from even a small accessory. Let’s consider the influence of the gem on each zodiac sign:

  • if Aries wears a scarlet stone, he can improve his health, women will not make hasty decisions, and men will become braver under the influence of the pomegranate group;
  • if Taurus is creative, then almandine or pyrope will be an excellent inspiration; it will also help in finding a favorite activity and career advancement;
  • The gem has an interesting effect on Gemini: on the one hand, it means calmness and good mood, but on the other hand, no magical properties of the mineral will appear;
  • the influence of the stone on Cancer depends on the character of the person (if the person is calm, the mineral will not be beneficial, but for active representatives of the sign it will become a talisman in financial matters);
  • For hot-tempered and emotional Leos, the mineral will help them find the right path to realize all their goals, it will open new roads for women, and it will help men achieve career success;
  • The stone will help creative representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign find inspiration, while for girls it will be an assistant in communication, and for guys it will help them find their chosen one;
  • the mineral will give Libra attention to the surrounding reality, help them gain wisdom and become more pleasant in communication at home or at work;
  • Scorpios can boast of a fighting character and stubbornness, which is why they often get into trouble and experience stress, so the properties of a pomegranate will give a person calm and balance;
  • the gem can become a spiritual mentor for bright Sagittarius, who will help to speak the truth to others more gently, maintain relationships with loved ones and set them up for positive thinking;
  • for Capricorns, this will be the best talisman and amulet that will help in all areas of life, and most importantly, give balance in any direction of their activity;
  • Aquarians are unpredictable and spontaneous, but strive for harmony and intimacy, so the mineral will help you find family and harmony with others;
  • It is difficult to find a more contradictory sign than Pisces; they often take on something, but do not complete it, so the stone will give a person determination and achievement of goals, and will also be a good talisman for good luck.

Garnet stone suits zodiac signs, with rare exceptions. But if you wear jewelry with a mineral that doesn’t really suit you, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a unique accessory.

Garnet is a semi-precious stone that has not only powerful energy, but also indescribable beauty. The mineral got its name because its shape and color closely resemble pomegranate grains. Many people believe that a gem can only have a deep red color, but in fact this is not the case, because honey-orange, red-black, pink and even green stones are also found in nature. Due to the fact that garnet exists in different colors, this stone is often counterfeited and an artificial mineral is sold at the price of a genuine one. To know how to distinguish a garnet from a fake, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the properties of this gem.

Svoystva grenade

The color of garnet directly depends on its chemical composition. So, in nature there are as many as six types of stone:

  1. Orange spessartine.
  2. Almandine (purple, violet-red, green, etc.).
  3. Fire pyrope.
  4. Black or brown andradite.
  5. Emerald uvarovite.
  6. Green or yellow grossular.

Garnet is a solid formation that includes impurities of iron, magnesium, chromium, calcium and titanium. On the Mohs scale, the mineral has a hardness rating of 7,5–8. Both transparent and opaque garnets can be found in nature, but they all have a diamond-like shine. Garnet can have a uniform color, but stones with inclusions are also found in nature. Mineral deposits are concentrated in South Africa, Russia and some European countries.

Garnet is not considered a rare or expensive stone, but this does not mean that it is not counterfeited and sold to buyers at the cost of the natural mineral. Therefore, every person who plans to purchase products with this gem should know about ways to help identify natural garnet.

How to check a stone?

First of all, you should pay attention to the size of the stone. In nature, the mineral is found in the form of miniature pebbles, reminiscent of pomegranate seeds. We should not forget that any mineral used in the jewelry industry undergoes processing, as a result of which the stone is slightly reduced. Therefore, a genuine garnet a priori cannot be massive. If a person comes across a piece of jewelry with such a mineral, then he can be sure that the stone is a fake.

The color of the garnet must also be carefully assessed. Since all minerals are created by nature, none of them can have a perfectly uniform color. If you examine the mineral in the light, you can see that its color is heterogeneous. Dark spots may be found in the stone, which is also considered normal. But a garnet made of glass will have the following characteristics:

  • uniform color;
  • presence of bubbles inside.

All minerals have poor thermal conductivity. For example, if you take a pendant or beads with garnet and hold the items in your hand, you can feel that the stones are heating up rather slowly. If the stones are made of glass, they will instantly become warm.

Jewelry with natural garnet

If the garnet in the product is not finely cut, it can be tested for hardness. For example, if you take a natural mineral and try to scratch glass with it, you will be able to do this without difficulty.

Garnet is a gem that tends to be slightly magnetized, and all because it contains iron. Having a small piece of magnet at home, you can quickly and easily check the authenticity of a mineral. For the test you will also need high-precision scales (pharmaceutical scales). You need to put a material on the scale that does not have magnetic properties, for example, it could be thick cork. You should put the mineral being tested on it and evaluate what indicators appear on the scale. After this, a magnet should be passed over the stone, and if the mass shown on the scales decreases, this will indicate that the gem is genuine.

Due to the fact that a fake can be of high quality, independent verification methods do not guarantee a 100% reliable result. To be sure of the authenticity of the garnet, it is recommended to take a product with this gem for examination to a gemologist.

If a person is thinking about buying garnet jewelry, then he should refuse to purchase products from persons who are engaged in unauthorized trade. Jewelry with genuine stones can only be found in large jewelry stores, where only certified products are sold.

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