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How to choose a birthstone for yourself?

Every person has their ideal mineral, stone or crystal. Everyone knows that natural stones have certain properties and can even have an effect on humans. Therefore, you need to select stones correctly so that they only have a positive effect on you. Someone will say that you can determine your ideal stone just by touching it. This is possible, but not always. There is a magic of numbers that you should focus on when choosing your mineral. A real talisman: functions and features of such an “amulet” We talked about the properties of stones. So they are divided into two types: magical and healing. In order for a natural crystal to show all its positive effects, you need to believe in its power. Selecting an amulet based on your date of birth is the surest way. Stones selected individually for yourself using this method will have the best effect on the body, aura and environment, namely:

  • Protect from the negative influence of others;
  • Strengthen health and improve well-being;
  • They will bring success to your personal life, career and business;
  • Increase vitality and increase energy reserves;
  • They will help you establish relationships with loved ones and people around you.

Important! You can increase the effectiveness of a correctly selected mineral not only by believing in it. In order for a stone to serve you for a long time and retain its properties, you need to take care of it. The amulet needs to be recharged. To do this, many people use ordinary soil – they place the stone in a flower pot with soil.

Selecting a stone by date of birth

Numerologists are people who study the world of numbers, dates, numbers, etc. Experts say that the date of birth of each of us contains the most important information. From these numbers you can even recognize some of a person’s character traits.

To choose a stone by date of birth¸ you need to carry out special calculations. This is necessary to determine the essence of each number. There is a certain calculation formula.

Only one number determines whether a mineral belongs to a person. You can find this number as follows:

1. Date of birth July 18, 1985. The month is the seventh on the calendar. This means 18.07.1985/XNUMX/XNUMX;

2. We are looking for the sum of the components of the entire date in this way: 1+8+0+7+1+9+8+5=39.;

3. Add the resulting two digits 3 and 9. We get 12. Now add the last two digits 1+2 and get 3 as a result. We will look at the meaning of the number “3”.

Each number from 1 to 9 has a connection with natural minerals:

  • Number 1 – Obsidian, carnelian and aventurine. These are all those stones that are located under a given number and are suitable for you as amulets if there is a unit in your received number or in the number received. Help you achieve goals, increase energy and give love and happiness;

  • Number 2 – Pearls or citrine will help in personal matters and reveal potential. Citrine and Moonstone will help cleanse yourself of negative thoughts and negative energy;

  • Number 3 – Turquoise, Jasper and Coral improve mood and maintain health. Coral also has a positive effect on well-being and improves the performance of the digestive system;

  • Number 4 – Chrysocolla will be a good protector against the evil eye, damage and any negative influence from the outside. Tiger’s eye also has the ability to repel bad energy and increase luck in life;

  • Number 5 – Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye increase mental abilities, pacify temper and improve the health of the nervous system;
  • Number 6 – Carnelian will protect against the evil eye and will contribute to the development of creative skills;

  • Number 7 – Malachite will help you stay calm in tense situations and increase your stamina;

  • Number 8 – Garnet is an “eight” stone. Will help in relationships with relatives. Pomegranate has the properties of strengthening relationships with others;

  • Number 9 – Amethyst and Turquoise are stones that have a positive effect on health: they increase energy, improve digestion and have a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system of the body.

You can wear the amulet in any possible way. The main thing is that he is close to you as often and as close as possible. Often, talisman stones are inserted into jewelry, namely rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. That is, in those products that are most often worn.

A correctly selected stone, coupled with great faith in it and in its powers, will help in any life situation.

People have long believed that certain artifacts can help them in important matters and everyday life. Talismans were selected in different ways, but one of the most effective is considered to be selection according to the zodiac sign. The zodiac circle is divided into 12 sectors. And the signs are divided in triplets into four elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Despite the fact that each sign is unique in its own way, the relationship to one or another element gives the “one-spirits” some similar character traits.

Today we will look at what talismans are suitable for the zodiac signs for 2024 of one or another element in general and for a specific representative of the horoscope in particular. But you can view detailed information on each sign using the links provided in each sign. So, how to choose a talisman based on your zodiac sign and date of birth?

Talismans for zodiac signs of the element Earth

The earth element can be characterized by the words “stability”, “persistence”, “scrupulousness”. Although each sign manifests itself differently. For example, Taurus loves the material world around them to be harmonious and pleasant, Virgos are attentive to detail and value order, and Capricorns are distinguished by increased efficiency and perseverance.

Taurus. It is good for Venus’s wards to choose natural stones in a metal frame. It is ideal to choose copper – after all, this alloy is recognized as a metal Venus. Minerals themselves have absorbed the energy of the elements, so they are useful to representatives of the sign, attracting good luck, love to them and driving away evil forces. If we talk about specific images, then jewelry and figurines in the form of bull – as a symbol of good health, vitality and perseverance. This is exactly what is typical for representatives of the second sign of the Zodiac. Iron horseshoe will attract good luck and become a strong home talisman. In addition to the bull, Taurus should choose figures and images Owls (the symbol of wisdom protects against monetary losses), an elephant (longevity, strength and confidence). This all fits perfectly with the Venusians, who appreciate beauty, know how to save money, and represent a self-confident and persistent force.

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  • Chrysoprase (helps to cope with character flaws),
  • Emerald (teaches diplomacy, reminds about tact, makes stubborn bodies softer),
  • Chalcedony (increases the performance of representatives of the sign),
  • Cornelian (real money talisman)

Read more about amulets for Taurus in this article.

Virgin. The sixth sign of the Zodiac is distinguished by pedantry, sometimes excessive criticism and scrupulous attention to order and small details. Virgos are ideal performers, responsible workers. Sometimes they withdraw into themselves and withdraw from the rest of the world. What amulets are most suitable for practical Virgos?

Regarding materials, wards Mercury you should choose “natural” ones, closer to the elements of the Earth – wood, clay, ceramics. This also applies to decorative items and jewelry. As for symbolism, it is worth paying attention to the flora and fauna:

  • Owl. The symbol of wisdom suits the intellectual and prudent Virgos perfectly. An owl will help you find a solution even in the most difficult situation.
  • Grasshopper. This green insect will help Mercurians correctly distribute internal energy, always leaving an emergency reserve, but at the same time it will give strength to reach heights.
  • Aster. This delicate and graceful plant will add self-confidence to somewhat shy and modest Virgos. It will help you establish a common language with others.

When it comes to minerals, good choices would be: jasper (strong amulet against damage and increased diplomatic skills), nephritis (strengthening immunity and good luck in all endeavors), chrysolite (increases confidence in one’s own attractiveness, helps to communicate with the opposite sex).

Read more about Dev here.

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Capricorn. Representatives of the sign are under the protection of the strictest and harshest planet – the planet Saturn. It is not surprising that Capricorns are known for their emotional coldness, demanding nature and increased ability to work. Often these are real workaholics, demanding managers. Life with Capricorn can truly be called “like behind a stone wall.” And if we take the element of the Earth, then the Saturnians precisely represent its hardest hypostasis – rock. What talismans will help stubborn Capricorns in life? Ideal amulet – image animal:

  • Amphibians and reptiles (lizards, frogs, crocodiles) – help achieve your goals and realize your desires.
  • Turtles (a symbol of wisdom and persistent achievement of goals, no matter what),
  • Black cat (no, no, the black color of the cat will not bring problems; on the contrary, it will help Capricorn find his place in life).

Also any images stairs can become a talisman for Saturn’s wards. After all, stairs symbolize a steady upward movement, climbing the career ladder and good luck in all areas of life. Among minerals it is especially suitable ruby (will reveal the power and potential of the sign) and onyx (gives additional strength and energy boost).

Even more interesting things about Capricorns can be found on this page.

Jewelry suitable for Capricorns:

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Amulets for zodiac signs of the element Air

The air element is lightness and constant movement of information. People of this sign live by communication. Easy-going and able to quickly assimilate what they hear and read, they are always on the move – both physically and mentally. But like Fire, this element is not constant, so representatives of air are also characterized by periods decline in energy and the need to restore balance. How to calculate a talisman for air signs?

Gemini. A saying that perfectly characterizes this sign is “One foot here, the other there.” Sometimes it is simply impossible to keep track of the movements of these people, they do not like to sit still. But the duality of the sign makes them go to extremes and deprives them of balance. Talismans for Gemini:

  • Air sign and image twins,
  • Key – search for truth and important information, solving mysteries.
  • Mask. This symbol speaks of the duality of the sign, that two entities live in one body.
  • Wings. As one of the symbols of air and flight.
  • Serpent. Symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This sign will only strengthen the twin craving for information.

Among natural stones, the wards of the intellectual Mercury fit agate (helps control energy levels), topaz (gives balance) alexandrite (gives optimism and good mood to Gemini, who are prone to despondency during periods of decline).

And here is more information on Gemini.

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Scales. The most diplomatic sign of the Zodiac and connoisseurs of beauty. Yes, this is not surprising, because their patron is the planet of pleasure and love Venus. Libra is the only inanimate sign in the horoscope. But this does not mean that such people are insensitive. On the contrary, they gravitate towards harmony and do not like conflicts and quarrels. They are able to find a common language with almost every person. Talismans for the air sign:

  • Heart – in jewelry and accessories,
  • Scales as a symbol of balance,
  • Maze,
  • BOOK,
  • Dove (a symbol of peace),
  • Butterfly,
  • Sunflower.

Among natural amulets, Libra should choose tourmaline (gives determination and reveals creative potential), opal (gives balance, harmony), diamond (financial success and social status).

Read more about amulets for Libra in this article.

Aquarius. The most reckless and unusual sign of the air element. Among the people patronized by Uranus are many inventors and writers. These are sociable people who can be called the life of the party. Endowed with intuition and focused on the future.

Some Aquarians even have the gift of predicting future events.

What could become a talisman for such an unusual sign:

Among the minerals, Aquarius’ assistants will be amethyst (will help you concentrate on a specific task), zircon (will reveal creative potential), sapphire (relieves stress and helps to find harmony).

Read more on this page about Aquarius.

Charms for water signs

This sector of the Zodiac brings together the most emotional and mystical signs. They are endowed with deep intuition, magical abilities and subtle psychologism. Like water, which is capable of taking any form and being in different states, representatives of water signs quickly adapt to the surrounding reality, and if they change it, they do it gently and gradually.

Unlike active and leading fire, Water is a mysterious gray cardinal, capable of “sharpening” the sharpest stone.

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Cancer. The wards of the soft and gentle Moon in the water element are the most domestic and shy. Cancers are known homebodies; they experience the slightest failures deep inside. They often hide in a protective shell. But at the same time, they are ready to stand up fully armed and with sharp claws to defend what is dear to them. What talismans to choose for Cancers?

  • Beads (round beads represent the Moon),
  • Eastern symbol of equilibrium and balance Yin Yang,
  • Heart and crescent.

The Moon is also considered the patron of small domestic animals, so images cats will be very useful. Among the stones, special attention should be paid to moon rock (teaches you to compromise, helps you find your soul mate) and emerald (gives harmony, protecting against going to extremes).

What else is suitable for Cancers – read here.

Pisces. The twelfth sign of the Zodiac is rightfully considered the most unearthly. If Cancers are concerned about their home and family, then Pisces are interested in issues of universal well-being. They are sacrificial, mystical and appreciate art at its best. For dreamy Pisces, the best amulets will be symbols associated with their native element:

  • Picture fish,
  • Pearl (it will be easy for girls to choose jewelry from it),
  • Jellyfish,
  • Corals and shells.

These symbols, be they real shells and corals, jewelry, figurines or drawings, will attract your wards Neptune good luck, protect you from bad influences and help you find harmony. The ideal solution would be beads or a bracelet made from the symbols and materials listed above. Just like art lovers, Pisces will appreciate images musical instruments. Among the stones it is worth paying attention to amethyst (increases self-confidence), aquamarine (a stone of a related element will give Pisces the motivation to complete the things they start), chrysolite (helps to achieve balance in emotions).

What else would suit Pisces? The answer is here.

Scorpio. This sign is considered one of the darkest, most attractive and mystical signs of the Zodiac. Deep psychologists, emotional and able to work with crowds of people. They always attract attention to themselves with a complex magnet, although they never strive to bask in the rays of glory, like Leos or Aries. Often calm on the outside, Scorpios hide a whole boiling cauldron of thoughts and experiences in their souls. What is suitable for the wards of the gloomy? Pluto? Firstly, any symbolism “kingdom of the dead“, Secondly:

  • Picture Scorpio. Jewelry or accessory with this dangerous insect will be an ideal amulet for its owner.
  • Scarab beetle. This is not only a talisman, but also a symbol that attracts wealth. The ancient Egyptians greatly revered this unusual creature.
  • Frog. The inhabitant of the swamps is able to slightly soften the ever-boiling pool of passions of Scorpios, and will also attract good luck.

Among the stones, they are considered truly scorpio hematite (amulet and protector), pomegranate (brings success and helps to realize what you want), black opal (stimulates the disclosure of the potential of representatives of the sign), aquamarine (strengthens diplomatic abilities).

Read more about amulets for Scorpios here.

Amulets for fire horoscope signs

Fire signs are the most impulsive and explosive of the entire Zodiac. But also the most proactive. They make pioneers and leaders who are able to lead masses of people. Sometimes they lack prudence and composure, and some talismans are able to balance the violent nature of fiery ones and give them more calm. There are also amulets against the evil eye and damage, and talismans for attracting money.

Aries. Aries is the personification of pure elements and the first sign of the zodiac circle. Impulsive, ready to stand upright, honest and sincere. One minus is that their powerful impulse does not last long. After a breakthrough, Aries needs time to regain strength. Some amulets help wards Mars It’s smarter to distribute your energy so as not to run out of steam after the sprint. Astrologers assure that in 2024, pendants with the image of the sun and other celestial bodies of the solar system. By the way, Aries are advised to wear silver decorations. Silver helps balance and somewhat “neutralize” nuclear energy the sun, which boils in their blood.

Also, the light precious metal is considered a powerful amulet against evil forces. We should not forget about the essence of the warlike sign.

As you know, in Roman mythology Mars is considered the god of war, so any “military» symbols: all kinds weapons, armor. For example, a man will appreciate a pendant in the form sword or a buckle with shield. But an Aries woman can also choose suitable options for herself – earrings and bracelets in the form arrows or graceful dagger.

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