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How to choose a gem according to your zodiac sign?

When choosing a gemstone, its meanings and the ruling planets of the person to whom it is given should be taken into account. A gifted stone should only bring good luck and prosperity to that person. All precious stones are divided into groups, each of which belongs to a specific zodiac sign. And like any gift, any stone decoration has its own hidden, symbolic meaning. Depending on the zodiac sign, each person is protected by his own stone. So, for example, for Aries it is amethyst and ordonyx, for Taurus it is agate, and for Gemini it is beryl or topaz. Cancer is ruled by emerald, and Leo by ruby. Virgos prefer rock crystal and sapphire. Libra is ruled by diamonds, opals, tourmalines and beryls. Topaz and bloodstone correspond to Scorpio. Sagittarius loves turquoise, Capricorns love onyx and chrysoprase. It is preferable to give sapphire or obsidian to Aquarius, and alexandrite or aquamarine to Pisces. Precious stones have their own peculiarity – some of them cannot be presented without a pair. These stones include alexandrite. Depending on the time of year, it is recommended to give certain stones. So, in January it is preferable to give pomegranate, hyacinth or serpentine. Amethyst is suitable for February. In March they give chrysolite, in April – pinkish-lilac amethyst. In May, agate is given as a gift; beryl is suitable for June. In July they give emerald. Stones such as carnelian, sardonyx, alexandrite, moonstone, ruby, topaz, and golden beryl are suitable for an August gift. In September they give jasper as a gift. In October there is a diamond. Of all the stones, topaz is preferable for a November gift. For December – turquoise. In accordance with the patron planets, gems are energetic manifestations of the following celestial bodies: The sun manifests itself in a stone such as carbuncle. The moon is the patron of diamonds. The manifestation of Mercury on Earth is carnelian. The element of Venus is manifested in emerald. Warlike Mars patronizes ruby. The correspondence of Jupiter is sapphire. Saturn’s second self is obsidian. When choosing jewelry made from precious and semi-precious stones, they are guided primarily by the personal preferences of the person to whom the gift is intended. First of all, it is the color of the stone, which contributes to the development of certain qualities in a person. Loneliness and perfection are emphasized by decoration with white stones. Such stones develop hard work and a sense of freedom in a person. Stones of red shades symbolize energy, passion, movement. Such stones are given as a gift to stimulate a person’s energy and strengthen the body’s protective functions. Owners of red stones are able to provoke a person to frankness. Orange-colored stones symbolize beauty, grace, and artistry. Jewelry made from these stones develops a sense of beauty in a person. Green stones symbolize the integrity of the individual. Owners of such stones are reasonable and patient. Blue stones are symbols of logical thinking. These stones contribute to the development in a person of such qualities as intuition and practicality. Purple stones are a symbol of mystery, magic, mysticism. Purple stones are a symbol of will and thought. Stones of brownish shades symbolize peace, reliability, stability. Black stones symbolize the beginning and the end. Choosing a stone to match your eye color One of the most obvious ways to choose is to look for jewelry that harmoniously matches a person’s appearance. It is customary to select stones for jewelry to match the color of a person’s eyes, which creates external harmony between the person and his jewelry. Expressiveness greenish-gray eyes is successfully emphasized by the greenish shades of stones: agate, alexandrite, turquoise, light green beryl, green garnet (uvarovite), malachite, chrysoprase. Looking for a modular sofa? Check out the OGOGO store catalogue. Large selection of modular sofas for every taste and budget К pistachio eyes Peridot is especially suitable. Brown eyes harmonize perfectly with carnelian and dark amber. Golden eyes combined with golden topaz, heliotrope, orange hyacinth. If iris – sparkling, then you need to select a sparkling stone, such as a cat’s or tiger’s eye. For black eyes Stones of rich colors are suitable: bright blue turquoise, coral, emerald, rich amethyst. К blue eyes It’s not so much blue stones, but orange and gold ones that complement this color. Very light, “icy” eyes acquire brilliance and expressiveness in comparison with pure diamonds; We can also recommend other transparent stones (rock crystal), as well as transparent gems of pale blue (topaz, aquamarine), lavender (amethyst) and pale green (peridot). Radiant eyes of any color benefit from any star stones that create the effect of a 3-, 4-, 6- or 12-pointed star. Siberian charoite, enchanting with the play of its inclusions, is suitable for all types of eyes without exception. Choosing a stone by blood type Not long ago, a method for choosing a gem appeared, based on compatibility with a person’s blood type. This method is based on the work of the famous naturopath James Adamo, which provides his interesting recommendations for the use of color depending on a person’s blood type. People with group 0 (I) have a very beneficial effect on stones in the warm part of the spectrum – from yellow-orange to red and purple. For people with group A (II), exposure to stones in blue and green tones is recommended to stimulate life processes and mental activity. The same applies to clothing, apartment interior, etc. Those with group B (III) are offered complex recommendations: red and orange stones – to stimulate physiological and mental processes, blue and green – to calm the nervous system; Purple stones evoke a mood conducive to reminiscing and contemplation. People with group AB (IV) in terms of energy are very similar to those with group A (II), so the recommendations for them are similar. TALISMAN or AMULET. What are the differences? MASCOT supports and enhances the positive character traits of its owner, attracting certain influences from the outside – in resonance with the corresponding natural rhythms (EARTH and SPACE). AMULET designed to protect the owner from unwanted influences, to smooth out disharmony between external and internal rhythms, thereby protecting from misfortunes, illnesses, and from the “evil eye” (causing disharmony). The talisman, increasing the protective properties of its owner, can also act as an amulet. An amulet is not capable of being a talisman: it only protects, and does not enhance. Even in ancient times, psychologists noticed that a person who believes in a talisman (or amulet) better resists adversity and more easily achieves his goal. Already ancient doctors, the founders of medicine, noticed and widely used the medicinal properties of precious stones, and some stones were widely used in the treatment of many diseases. Thus, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE, PEARL were used in the treatment of epilepsy, eczema, diseases of the uterus, kidneys, bladder, ureters, diabetes, high blood pressure, adding to this group DIAMOND and TOPAZ for the treatment of febrile conditions, inflammatory processes, jaundice, vomiting, acute enlarged liver. Contributed to the treatment of paralysis, blood diseases, insomnia, arthritis, spinal diseases, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, anemia, inflammation of bone tissue – RUBY, CORAL, TOPAZ, SELENITE, CAT’S EYE. The last three stones contributed to the treatment of acute depression and hormonal disorders. When treating chronic processes, SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND, TOPAZ, MOONSTONE, EMERALD, CARNELIK, CORAL, PEARL, RUBY, ZIRCON, CAT’S EYE were necessarily used. For inflammation of the joints, asthma, heart disease, rheumatic carditis, otitis, paralysis after a stroke and chronic depression – RUBY, SAPPHIRE, CAT’S EYE. How did ancient doctors use stones to treat diseases? For schizophrenia, depression, daytime fatigue, night insomnia, place RUBY, DIAMOND or CAT’S EYE regularly on the chest or head for at least 3 months. SAPPHIRE was advised to be worn on the left hand in a ring or bracelet. For liver diseases, people were given a solution to drink in which PEARL was boiled. And children suffering from anemia were given milk with crushed pearls to drink. Old legends say that God himself distributed the stones according to the signs of the zodiac. They all have their own magical properties – they calm, heal, protect or promote relaxation. If you want a talisman to give you its power, you need to know which minerals are suitable for you. In this article we will analyze the meaning of precious and semi-precious stones for different zodiac signs.

Selecting stones by date of birth

Astrologers have noticed that natural stones are a source of special power that can unlock the potential of any zodiac sign. Since then, the magical properties of various minerals have been inextricably linked with astrology. Once upon a time, only rich people could choose precious stones based on their zodiac signs. They paid astrologers a lot of money to find out which gem was best to use as a talisman. Nowadays, such information is freely available. Anyone can reveal all the secrets of astrology, understand the characteristics of their zodiac sign and find out which gemstones according to the horoscope should be used in a given situation. It is important to know that certain talismans can be useful in youth or adulthood. A special table of zodiac stones will help you figure out what mineral a person needs right now, from which you can determine their influence on a person’s destiny.

The meaning of talisman stones for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

According to astrologers, stones with strong energy, such as diamonds and rubies, are suitable for fiery Aries. If you want to choose the perfect talisman for this sign, you need to take into account that bright colors, such as red and yellow, enhance energy, while blue and green do not allow negative character traits to develop. A blood ruby ​​will help a person conquer any heights in life. In addition, it helps restore strength. Diamond strengthens character and gives confidence. This talisman is perfect for a girl. The best amulet for representatives of the Taurus sign is emerald. The magic of this gemstone preserves good dreams, promotes fertility, gives peace and wards off evil. Sapphire also has a beneficial effect. True, he will not help a dishonest person, but at the same time he will not bring him any harm. A worthy sapphire owner always makes the right decisions. In addition, this stone protects its owner from slander. For Taurus, who take everything to heart, you can choose a jasper talisman stone. It protects health and drives away energy vampires. Turquoise is perfect for girls of this sign. It protects against rash, frivolous actions and protects against lies. Agate calms people born under the sign of Gemini. The gem smooths out their shortcomings and gives them prudence. Alexandrite protects nerves and brings you closer to spiritual harmony. With the help of beryl, Gemini can achieve what they want and successfully solve all their problems. This is an excellent talisman that helps you climb the career ladder. In ancient times, such a stone was considered a talisman for travelers. Pearl and emerald stones are suitable for Cancers. The first develops talents, attracts good luck and protects the owner from negativity. It has long been believed that pearls can protect against unrequited love. Emerald helps Cancers keep their emotions under control. It calms the nerves and relieves sadness. A person who wears jewelry with emerald is insured against any sorrows.

Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

  • coral;
  • carbuncle;
  • aquamarine.

In France, newlyweds gave each other aquamarine rings to preserve love and respect into old age. Sailors also believed in the amazing power of the mineral: the person who wore a ring with this stone was not afraid to go on a long voyage. A coral amulet was hung over the cradle of a newborn to protect the baby.

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Sagittarians are brave and daring people who are loved by both servants and masters. They are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and arrogant posture. The main jewel of Sagittarius is amethyst. It brings good luck and protects against drunkenness. This is a very powerful amulet with unusual properties. It calms any nervous disorders and resolves disputes. In ancient times, rosaries were made from amethyst and people prayed with them during natural disasters and wars. This gemstone is especially suitable for women.

Malachite brings representatives of this sign out of melancholy. It symbolizes growth, so it is an excellent talisman for children. This stone fills its owner with vital energy and frees him from unnecessary restrictions. Sapphire gives clarity to thoughts and peace to the soul. It encourages you to do good deeds and gladdens your heart. Onyx makes a person stubborn and persistent. It helps you concentrate. But we should not forget that this pebble can increase depression.

Amber helps develop unusual ideas and also attracts friends. This stone brings harmony into the life of Aquarius, which is so lacking for people born under this sign. In addition, it gives love and luck, and also helps to realize oneself in society.

According to tradition, jewelry for Pisces should be calm and peaceful. It is desirable that these be large colored stones, emphasizing the trepidation of the soul. Amethyst protects Pisces from various temptations, and also does not allow them to commit unseemly acts. Sapphire promotes spiritual development. This beautiful stone helps you focus and free yourself from unnecessary emotions.

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