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How to choose a gemstone by date of birth?

It is believed that depending on the time of birth of a person, different objects, phenomena and factors have different influences on him. Jewelry stones occupy a special place among them. We have done a lot of work and provide material that has no analogues anywhere. This publication opens a series of articles that will become your guide to the world of precious stones for the formation of your personal unique collection. Minerals and rocks have accompanied humanity since the very beginnings of its existence and are always close to man. The roots of knowledge and ideas about the influence of stones on human destiny and the connections between minerals and zodiac constellations go back to ancient times. These ideas were formed in various cultures, transformed and structured over time, wandered from mouth to mouth for thousands of years, the location of the stars underwent changes, and mineralogical knowledge improved. The names of minerals changed. It is important to note that mineralogy as a science was formed about 200 years ago. Before this, stones of the same color, as a rule, had one name, for example, all known red stones (rubies, spinels, garnets) were called the word “lal”. Therefore, it is important to consider the possibility of errors in the interpretation of gems based on mineralogical varieties. In addition, since then, when lists of stones were compiled for various astrological interpretations, a huge number of new varieties and deposits have been discovered. For example, kunzites, tanzanites, new varieties of garnet and many others. We have analyzed a wealth of material on this issue and bring to your attention several approaches to the selection of gems based on astrological views on the time of a person’s birth:

  • connection between planets and precious stones;
  • ornamental and jewelry stones according to zodiac signs in the J. Stone classification;
  • gemstone according to month of birth.

Astrological data helps you navigate among the many jewelry stones, taking into account the time of birth, and make a wonderful gift for yourself and a loved one, choosing what is right for him.

By collecting a collection for yourself, you create an individual selection of stones that are right for you, according to various astrological schools. Remember that zodiac stones are a series of recommended gems that have a beneficial effect on the one who wears them. It is generally accepted that the larger the stone, the greater its impact on humans. The best collection is the one that contains stones by birth month, by your birth planet and by zodiac sign.

Relationship between planets and gemstones

The classification of the correspondence of gems to your patron planet is interesting. You can determine your planet according to your zodiac sign using your horoscope. In the Middle Ages, alchemical ideas about the connection between the celestial bodies, planets and constellations included in the zodiac circle were formed.

Sun Stones

The Sun is the star that patronizes the sign Lev . Jewelry stones of the Sun – colorless (diamond), with a yellow tint, chrysolite, chrysoberyl, chrysoprase. Special mention is made of zircon hyacinth and ruby.

Mercury stones

Mercury is the planet of Virgo and Gemini horoscope. Mercury is a symbol of intelligence, eloquence and dexterity. The ancient Greeks associated this planet with Apollo and Hermes. Mercury’s gems are yellow, these include golden topaz-imperial, yellow sapphires, citrines, yellowish chrysoberyls, fire opals, and emerald is sometimes mentioned.

Venus Stones

Venus, the patroness of love, romance and passion, corresponds to the signs of the zodiac Taurus and Libra . The precious stones of the planet Venus are green, purple-red, blue: emerald, turquoise, blue, pink sapphires, padparadscha sapphire, zircon – hyacinth.

Moon Stones

The moon is changeable and beautiful, so jewelry stones of the zodiac sign Cancer , ruled by the Moon, these are primarily iridescent opals and moonstones. Also associated with this luminary are pearls, coral, beryl, and aquamarine.

Mars stones

Mars in astrology is a male planet, named after the god of war Ares in Greek mythology (Mars from the Roman pantheon of gods). Zodiac signs are influenced by Mars Aries and Scorpio . It symbolizes determination, courage and physical strength. Red colored gemstones such as ruby ​​and red garnets are attributed to Mars.

Jupiter stones

Jupiter – symbolizes wealth, luxury, status, access to intimate knowledge. The Roman god Jupiter is considered the supreme deity and corresponds to Zeus in Greek culture.
If a person was born under the planet Jupiter (signs Sagittarius and Pisces ), blue and purple stones, blue sapphire, blue spinel, amethyst, turquoise, blue and blue-violet tanzanites, blue tourmalines are suitable for him.

Stones of Saturn and Uranus

Saturn (the incarnation of the ancient Greek god Chronos), as well as Uranus, rules the signs Capricorn and Aquarius . Dark and black stones are suitable for Saturn, and blue, gray-blue, stones with asterism effect, spinel, aquamarine are suitable for Uranus. These also include blue lapis lazuli, blue zircon and blue tourmaline.

Ornamental and jewelry stones according to the signs of the Zodiac in the classification of J. Stone

There are many lists of gems according to zodiac signs, they come from different sources. The most widely used classification by amateurs is the one highlighted by Jasper Stone. This classification includes both semi-precious and precious stones. Ornamental ones are more often used to make pyramids, bowls, figurines, balls and figurines.

Read more about recommended stones according to horoscope

  • Aquarius – aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, ametrine, rose and black quartz, zircon, obsidian, chrysoprase.
  • Pisces – demantoid, tsavorite, aquamarine, moonstone, coral, opals, peridot.
  • Aries – diamond, zircon, rock crystal, kyanite.
  • Taurus – alexandrite, amazonite, agate, turquoise, white cacholong opal, malachite, chrysocolla.
  • Gemini – amethyst, ametrines, beryl group, morganite, cat’s and tiger’s eyes, obsidian, agate, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, citrine, charoite.
  • Cancer – emerald, pearl, chrysoberyl, aquamarine, tsavorite, moonstone, hematite.
  • Leo – ruby, tourmalines, uvarovite, spinel, amber, verdelite, rock crystal, obsidian.
  • Virgo – rock crystal, jadeite, cat’s eye, jade, carnelian.
  • Libra – aquamarine, malachite, amethyst, jade, rhodochrosite, rubellite.
  • Scorpio – alexandrite, apatite, garnet, topaz, kunzite, morganite.
  • Sagittarius – alexandrite, sapphire, tourmalines, uvarovite, chalcedony, chrysocolla, topaz, verdelite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, red garnets.
  • Capricorn – tourmaline group, garnet, chrysocolla, smoky quartz.

Gemstone by month of birth

It is also a popular opinion that when choosing a talisman you should focus on your month of birth. Aristotle wrote about this. There are many options for matching gems by month of birth, depending on the traditions and characteristics of different cultures.

The International Colored Stone Association (ICA) has published on its website a list of gems recommended for those born in different months, and specifically mentions talismans that bring good luck. This list contains modern and traditional options.

January stones

January, both according to modern and traditional classification, corresponds to a group of garnets; it unites a significant number of varieties that differ in chemical composition and structural features: from bright orange spessartine garnet to emerald green demantoid garnet.

February birthstone

Amethyst is a talisman for those born in February, its cool purple color from very light to rich, with a reddish sheen, really matches frosty February perfectly. Amethyst is considered the most valuable variety of the quartz group.

March stones

Those born in March are recommended to wear aquamarine, a noble variety of blue and greenish shades from the beryl group. According to the traditional system of birthstones, March corresponds to heliotrope, and the talisman of the month is ruby.

April stones

Diamond is suitable for those born in April. Roman and Arabic interpretations mention sapphire. The talisman of April is topaz.

Stones of May

Emerald corresponds to May. Its gorgeous deep shade of lush green really suits this month of widespread blooms. The talisman for those born in May is a red garnet, its ancient name is “carbuncle”, the word “carbon” means “coal”, and all because dark red garnets resemble smoldering coals.

June stones

Those born in June have two gemstones to choose from: moonstone and alexandrite. According to traditional tables, June also corresponds to agate (Eastern Europe), pearls (Hindu), and agate (Central Asia). The talisman of June is the emerald.

Stones of July

The birthstone for the month of July is ruby. In addition to ruby, some sources mention sapphires, onyx, carnelian, and emerald.

August stones

Peridot corresponds to August. Peridot in Western Europe and the USA is called “peridot”, also known as “olivine”. Previously, carnelian was recommended for August. In our country, August corresponds to alexandrite.

September stones

Precious sapphire patronizes those born in September. According to another version, the gem of September is chrysolite, and in the Hindu tradition it is zircon.

October stones

Beautiful noble opals and tourmalines of all stripes – for those born in October. Since these gemstones come in different colors and shades, you can choose a specific one to suit your taste. Also recommended for October are beryls, in particular blue and greenish aquamarines, and natural corals.

November stones

For those born in November, the ICA suggests yellow, orange, pink topaz, citrine and cat’s eye are also mentioned. The talisman for this month is amethyst.

December stones

For those born in December, blue and blue colored gemstones are recommended: turquoise, blue topaz, blue zircon and tanzanite. The talisman of December is beryl.

You may ask, how do you make a choice among so many gems? In such a delicate matter as choosing a talisman, you should trust your inner voice. The main thing is to feel sympathy for a specific specimen and rely on your perceptions and feelings.

If you are in doubt about choosing a stone, listen to yourself: working with gems requires intuition. After all, it is not a person who chooses a stone, but a stone that chooses a person. It is not without reason that they say that “your” talisman “attracts” the owner, captures his attention, you want to touch this specimen, hold it in your hands, carry it with you.

We will put together a personal collection for you, taking into account your zodiac sign. If necessary, the symbol of your sign and the patron celestial body can be applied to the jewelry with the selected stone.

You can choose a gemstone in our catalog. We wish you to find exactly your stone!

Astrologers believe that each zodiac sign is protected by its own precious stone. However, numerologists are sure that a lucky talisman can also be found by date of birth. The so-called “soul number” can tell you which precious amulet will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, choose the right path in life and avoid many mistakes.

In the photo: the “Shape and Color” set from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

In numerology, all words, names and dates are reduced to simple numbers. In order to find out your soul number, you need to bring your date of birth to a clear result. For example, if you were born on the 21st of any month. This means that your soul number is 3, because we add 2 and 1. If you were born on the 29th, then you need to add 2 and 9. The total is 11, but since we need to get a single-digit number, we add the units. Your soul number is 2.

We have prepared a short review where we will tell you which stone will become a real amulet for you.

Soul number 1

People with soul number 1 were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month. Numerologists say that they have a big heart and are not prone to envy, discontent and anger. One can only envy their hard work and productivity, because they are very ambitious and ambitious. They set big goals for themselves, make grandiose plans and rush forward with full sail. If desired, they can move mountains if they sincerely believe in themselves and their success. Amethyst will help you stay on track.

In the photo: ring “Luxury of the Night” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

People with soul number 1 are incredibly strong individuals who can motivate and lead others. Status is as important to them as gaining authority and respect from others. Thanks to their determination, they can easily achieve anything they want.

Astrologers believe that a purple gem will help you deal with your own desires, cope with bad habits, get rid of ill-wishers and achieve incredible heights.

Soul number 2

People with soul number 2, and these are those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month, are distinguished by their emotionality and openness. They are diplomatic and polite, easily find compromises in any situation and know how to smooth out corners. But if many call them “born peacemakers,” then numerologists are sure that despite their openness and friendliness, they are often closed in on themselves and do not like to take risks. As for the choice of the second half, people with soul number 2 do not pretend to be the first roles and are looking for a stronger person who will become a reliable support in life.

In the photo: the “Knowledge of Heaven” set from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

However, they have excellent intuition. They emerge victorious from any dubious situations and give the right tips to others. They are often turned to for help and advice. Blue topaz will help enhance this wonderful ability. Energy practitioners believe that this stone makes people calm and wise, sheds light on incomprehensible situations, and protects against any oddities, be it deception, betrayal or gossip.

Soul number 3

People with soul number 3, and these are those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month, are wise, fair and insightful. They have a thirst for knowledge since childhood, so they are erudite and consider intelligence to be their main advantage.

Another main ability of these people is to attract everything they think about. Emerald will help you concentrate on positive emotions so that happiness and prosperity come into your life.

In the photo: the “Inspiring to Love” set from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

People with soul number 3, like a real holiday, light up everyone with their positivity and good mood. They easily adapt to any company and also make friends easily. Most often, these people choose a profession related to creativity, since their oratorical gift and ability to “ignite” the public knows no bounds. Emerald will always help you look irresistible and conquer new horizons. The creative energy of the green crystal, according to energy practitioners, strengthens all energy centers in a person, brings happiness and good luck in all endeavors.

Soul number 4

People with a soul number of 4, and these are those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month, are practical, rational and have an analytical mind. In work they are active and orderly, and in love and friendship they are reliable and patient. Creating and creating is the only thing they need. Aquamarine will be a wonderful talisman that will not let you give up.

Esotericists claim that the crystal helps extinguish anger and negative emotions. Aquamarine protects against dangers and deceptions, making its owners more reasonable.

In the photo: ring “Sky and Sea” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

Soul number 5

People with soul number 5 show a keen interest in everything, and these are those who were born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month. They are bright, positive and can treat any negative situation with humor. To observers from the outside, it may sometimes seem that these people know everything, since it is interesting to spend time with them. People with soul number 5 are constantly learning new things, reading, gaining life experiences and traveling. Garnet will help you never lose a positive attitude, finish what you start and be in love with this life.

In the photo: rings with spessartine garnets “Face of Renaissance” and “Peak of Knowledge” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

Numerologists are confident that this precious crystal allows you to keep up with the times. The stone enhances the desire to go beyond the usual: to experiment, transform, transform, ruthlessly destroy the old and build a new one on these ruins.

Soul number 6

Numerologists say that people with soul number 6, and these are those who were born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month, are spectacular, attractive and artistic. They easily make new acquaintances, try to travel a lot and strive for a luxurious life. They know how to enjoy the moment, have an excellent sense of style and spend a lot of time taking care of themselves. Their mascot is as royal as they are – a blue sapphire. A symbol of wisdom, calmness and vital integrity, like harmony in its purest form. Sapphire brings everything into balance, helps you think through important decisions and draw the right conclusions.

In the photo: “Pacific Ocean” ring from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

Soul number 7

Numerologists say that people with soul number 7, and these are those who were born on the 7th, 16th and 25th of any month, love nature and will not miss the opportunity to once again be in the fresh air at any time of the year. Looking at them, you might think that they are introverts who seem secretive and unapproachable. However, this is not always the case. They reveal their secrets only to those whom they consider congenial.

In the photo: ring “Symbol of Immortality” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

According to numerologists, the moonstone will tell you how to find yourself and your true calling. The stone will help you accept the situation as it is, and not drown in the world of dreams and fantasies.

People with soul number 7 strive to comprehend the laws of the universe. Moonstone will help them get to the bottom of things and teach them to read between the lines.

Soul number 8

About people with soul number 8, and these are those who were born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month, they are said to be calm and balanced, serious and responsible. Having set a goal for themselves, they persistently pursue it, despite numerous obstacles. These people do not look for someone’s help or workarounds, do not cheat or manipulate. If something doesn’t work out the first time, they don’t give up, but simply change their strategy.

It will be much easier to achieve your goal under the auspices of yellow sapphire. Numerologists believe that this particular crystal helps you move in the right direction, engage in large-scale projects and build a dizzying career.

In the photo: ring “Sound of Spring” from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

Soul number 9

Those who have a soul number of 9, and these are those who were born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month, are lucky in everything. Sometimes it seems that these people assess all situations from a bird’s eye view. They have large-scale thinking, know how to analyze and are unusually far-sighted. However, these people can be quite straightforward and categorical. Pearls will help you become softer and see the positive in everything. Round or baroque mother-of-pearl can prolong youth, preserve beauty, impart wisdom, enhance softness and charm.

In the photo: the “Longi” set from the Maxim Demidov jewelry house.

Numerologists recommend that people with soul number 9 choose the type of activity where they can demonstrate their management abilities and the ability to bring everything to fruition: business, military affairs, politics, jurisprudence. However, we should not forget about personal happiness.

All precious gems are worthy of attention. Their natural charm and bright tints leave no one indifferent. Multi-colored crystals captivate hearts and add charm and a touch of sophistication to the image of their owners. Find your unique talisman among the rich variety of precious stones and jewelry.

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