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How to choose a talisman stone by date of birth?

In addition to being a source of aesthetic pleasure, jewelry often acts as amulets. These are invisible assistants in business, and precious stones are talismans that bring happiness and good luck.

How to choose a talisman stone

Talisman minerals are chosen according to several principles. Some stones patronize certain professions, others protect those with social status, there are amulets stones for zodiac signs, and there is even a classification by name. But the most accurate and error-free choice is, of course, by date of birth. To find out which stone is a talisman for a particular person, it is necessary to take into account many factors. A talisman is not just a talisman, it attracts good luck and happiness. Many stones have their own “professions”: some give creative inspiration, others attract good luck in business and commerce, others bring love and family well-being to the owner’s life, protect against negativity and the evil eye. Therefore, the choice of jewelry with gems depends on the purposes that you entrust to the future amulet.

Selecting a stone by name

  • ruby is ideal for people with the names Alla, Pavel, Vasily and Varvara – it patronizes strong, passionate natures, attracts love, harmonizes family relationships;
  • Alisa, Christina, Galina, Nikita, Vsevolod, Oleg, Timofey, Emilia – your carnelian stone – helps creative people, reveals talents, gives success in business, protects from the machinations of ill-wishers;
  • Garnet is recommended for Tamars, Alexanders, Semyons and Antons – the stone gives the owners sincerity, loyalty, resistance to stress, protecting them from hasty decisions;
  • Ekaterina, Nadezhda, Alina, Nina, Sofia, Tatyana – rose quartz protects you, it attracts money and promotes career advancement, protects you from betrayal and the machinations of spiteful critics;
  • Lyubov, Albina, Alexander, Vadim, Alisa, Zoya and Emma can safely wear jewelry with lapis lazuli – it helps keep emotions under control and helps in financial endeavors;
  • The names Valeria, Lydia, Maria, Regina, Varvara correspond to amethyst – it relieves anxiety and emotional distress, gives peace and tranquility, drives away depression;
  • Marina, Diana, Irina, Albina – patron of pearls, gives inspiration and spirit for creativity;
  • Blue topaz will become a faithful friend for Xenia and Alexander; it attracts luck and romance;
  • Nadezhda, Anna, Timur, Olga, Nina, Andrey, Inna, Tamara will become luckier in the company of amber;
  • citrine takes care of Andrey, Georgy, Ilya, Leonid, Nikita, Mikhail, Valery, Daria, Anna – the mineral promotes the development and revelation of hidden talents, imparts wisdom and strength;
  • emerald is a talisman for Julius, Helen, Catherine, Elizabeth – a stone of mediums, relieves evil inclinations;
  • turquoise is addressed to Natalia, Lyubov, Elizaveta, Igor, Artem, Emilia, Larisa – attracts good luck and success, heals and restores mental strength.

To find out which talismans are suitable for a particular person by date of birth and name, you need to take into account his profession, spiritual properties and other nuances – this is the only way to choose the ideal talisman.

We select stones for talismans and amulets according to the zodiac sign

A horoscope is an excellent assistant in choosing a precious companion. Astrology recommends choosing stones according to constellations and decades of birth.

  • pomegranate, bull’s eye, ruby, sardonyx – will calm the hot temper of Aries and help make informed decisions;
  • for those born in the first ten days (period from March 21 to March 31), hematite, jasper and agate are recommended;
  • the second (March 31-April 9) corresponds to amethyst and garnet, instilling restraint and tenderness;
  • The third (April 10-20) decade corresponds to ruby, sapphire and diamond.
  • ruby topaz and jade, moonstone and tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst and agate;
  • Taurus women should pay attention to jewelry with red garnet;
  • onyx and aquamarine are suitable for men;
  • those born in the first ten days (April 20-30) are suitable for aventurine, agate, carnelian, quartz, and jasper;
  • in the second decade (01-10 May) – jadeite, coral, turquoise, chrysoprase, opal;
  • third (May 11-20) decade – diamonds, topazes, sapphires, tourmalines.

Gemini’s patrons are:

  • citrine, emerald, agate, moonstone, amethyst;
  • Taurus ladies are ideally suited for jewelry with beryl, garnet, rock crystal, chrysoprase, alexandrite and pearls;
  • products with sapphire, malachite, aventurine and obsidian will bring good luck to men;
  • those born in the 21st decade (May 31-XNUMX) are suitable for emerald, opal and agate;
  • in the IInd (June 1-10) – heliodor, yellow topaz, alexandrite, zircon and citrine;
  • The third decade (June 11-20) corresponds to rock crystal and white topaz.

Cancers have many precious patrons:

  • jasper, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, rock crystal and especially moonstone;
  • Pearls, opal and emerald suit Cancer women;
  • for men – emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, onyx;
  • Cancers of the 21st decade (June 01-July XNUMX) are shown aquamarine, blue sapphire, moonstone, rock crystal;
  • the ambitious and domineering disposition of those born in the second decade (July 02-11) will be smoothed by topaz, amazonite, chrysoprase and peridot;
  • for the third decade (July 12-22), it is better to choose ruby, heliodor and amber.

The stars advise the following talismans for Leo:

  • garnet, carnelian, pyrite, citrine;
  • for women – green peridot, citrine, rose quartz;
  • for men – tiger eye, red garnet and black onyx;
  • for the 23st decade (July 03-August XNUMX): red jasper and jade, rock crystal or carnelian;
  • for the second decade (04-12 August) – cat’s eye and opal, as well as jadeite and citrine, plus amber and onyx;
  • III decade (August 13-22) – topazes and sapphires of any color, garnet and ruby, tourmaline and emerald.

Gems for maidens:

  • carnelian, malachite and amethyst, jade or pink and yellow opal are ideal, as well as rock crystal, striped and colored agate;
  • For women, the stars advise opal, onyx, jasper, garnet, amethyst, pearls and sapphire;
  • sapphire, carnelian, jasper, lapis lazuli, dark agate are favorable to men;
  • for those born in the first decade (August 23-September 01), moonstone, purple amethyst or aventurine, plus rock crystal and jasper are suitable;
  • The second decade (September 02-11) corresponds to emerald, citrine, pearl, tiger eye;
  • III decade (September 12-22) – products with sapphires, garnets, topazes, emeralds.
  • aquamarine, lapis lazuli, turquoise, agate, emerald, amethyst;
  • for women – diamond, moonstone or lapis lazuli, add garnet and emerald;
  • for men – sapphire and zircon, aquamarine and chrysolite, opal is perfect;
  • I decade (from September 22 to October 02) – turquoise, quartz, jasper, malachite, lapis lazuli;
  • II decade (October 3-12) – amethyst, zircon, tourmaline, topaz, opal, emerald;
  • III decade (October 13-22) – topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby.

Scorpio is advised to choose the following minerals:

  • opal, labradorite, black agate, coral, sapphire;
  • for women – aquamarine, carnelian, alexandrite, hematite, garnet;
  • for men – beryl, ruby, tiger’s eye, and tourmaline;
  • those born in the first decade (October 23-November 1): aquamarine, serpentine, topaz, garnet;
  • second (November 2-11): sardonyx, turquoise, cat’s eye, rubellite or ruby, coral and definitely tourmaline;
  • in the third (November 12-21): moonstone and emerald, amethyst, red garnet or blue topaz.
  • emerald, obsidian, amethyst, zircon, tiger’s eye, chrysolite;
  • for women: rubies and sapphires, amethysts, topaz and emerald;
  • for men: amethyst, obsidian, turquoise, zircon;
  • first decade (November 22-December 1): emerald, citrine, amethyst, lapis lazuli;
  • second decade (December 2-11): turquoise, ruby, zircon, topaz;
  • third decade (December 12-21): peridot, blue and yellow topaz, emerald.
  • opal, malachite, tourmaline, agate, onyx, obsidian, carnelian, turquoise, rock crystal;
  • Rauchtopaz, jasper, tiger’s eye, malachite, ruby, carnelian are suitable for women;
  • for men – obsidian, chrysoprase, tourmaline, obsidian, onyx;
  • for the first ten days (December 22-31): rock crystal, dark agate, jasper, tiger’s eye, malachite;
  • second decade (January 1-10): peridot, onyx, carnelian, opal;
  • third decade (January 11-19): ruby, tourmaline, opal.
  • amethyst, obsidian, aventurine, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, zircon or rose quartz;
  • Aquarius women are recommended to wear garnet, pearls, topaz and moonstone;
  • for men – jade, topaz, and obsidian with tourmaline;
  • stones of the first decade (January 21 – February 01): onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, jade, pearls;
  • second decade (02-11 February): amethyst, onyx, sapphire;
  • third decade (February 12-19): alexandrite, garnet, aventurine, sapphire.

Astrologers predict good luck in company for Pisces:

  • amethyst, opal, pearl, peridot, aquamarine, rose quartz;
  • “female” stones: opal, pearl agate, aquamarine;
  • “men’s”: sapphire, pearl, peridot, amethyst;
  • talismans of the first decade (February 19-March 01): moonstone, freshwater and sea pearls, carnelian;
  • for the second decade (March 02–11): heliotrope, opal;
  • third decade (March 12 – 20): diamond, emerald and certainly sapphire.

Now it is much easier to choose jewelry with precious stones and gems that will help in all your endeavors and serve as a talisman against failure. In our online store there are suitable options for any names and zodiac signs.

And the best part is that you can now buy jewelry at an affordable price from any city: we ship goods to all regions of Russia.

A natural stone It is considered an excellent gift both for loved ones and for yourself. This is both beautiful and original, and at the same time you have the opportunity give the necessary energy person, based on his date of birth. Such a gift can truly be called individual, because to choose the right gem you need to make an effort and choose the one that can best characterize a person, his internal energy and reconfigure it in the right way. In addition, absolutely any natural stone is so exclusive that it can even change fate its owner. It is for this reason that its choice must be approached with all responsibility, and not as the choice of an ordinary trinket.

Scientific stone selection

The following science will help you make the right choice: astromineralogy, as one of the areas of mineralogy.

The fact is that absolutely all stones are connected with certain planets, and they, in turn, with people and their energy. It has long been proven that every planet influences every person in one way or another. And in order to make this relationship easier to track, it is best to study the affiliation of each zodiac sign with its stone.

It is thanks to the date of birth that you can calculate which mineral is suitable for a particular person. A suitable talisman stone will help a person to reveal his inner potential, will be able to emphasize his strengths and, conversely, weaken unnecessary and harmful qualities.

In addition, you can choose a unique amulet for a gift in the form of a natural gem, which will protect against negative energy and protect you from outside troubles. Each stone has unique properties, transferring the energy of the planets to a person and thereby enhancing their influence.

Which stone is better to choose based on your date of birth?

If you want to develop strong qualities for yourself or a loved one for whom you are choosing a talisman, and at the same time weakening negative qualities, all stones should be selected by date of birth. In this way, it is possible to bring positive energy and good luck into a person’s life and even destiny. What you should pay attention to:

  • If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, you might want to look into jewelry with opals, topaz or rubies. Another very good solution would be a necklace made of red corals.
  • Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of each month can bring good luck and success with a cat’s eye, opal, pearls or jade jewelry.
  • The most harmonious minerals for people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th are considered to be coral, amethyst, emerald and topaz.
  • The most powerful gems for Fours (those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st) are diamonds, opals, garnet, aquamarine and sapphire.
  • If your name day falls on the 5th, 14th or 23rd, it is better to choose jewelry with diamonds, zircons or white sapphire, which will become the best amulet for you.
  • For people born on the 6th, 15th or 24th, it is better to give preference to jewelry inlaid with beryl, emerald, green opal, peridot or aquamarine.
  • Born on the 7th, 16th or 25th? Take a closer look at moonstone, opal or pearls.
  • The best choice for those born on the 8th, 17th and 26th will be opal (gray, brown and dark red shades). Also, all shades of lapis lazuli, onyx and sapphire will be advantageous.
  • If your birthday falls on the 9th, 18th or 27th, then minerals such as amber, sapphire and, of course, diamonds will bring you good luck.

Gems by day of the week

Knowing your date of birth, it is not at all difficult to find out the day of the week on which you were born. And thanks to this, you can also accurately select the ideal natural stone for yourself, which can attract positive energy into your life and give you luck, love, or even become a reliable amulet. Really, choosing a birthstone based on your birthday week – a very popular method of selecting jewelry today. And it looks like this:

Monday For those born on Monday, it is best to choose all white and light shades of beige and milky. It could be pearls, moonstone or opals. Tuesday

For “Tuesday” people, the ideal color will be red – rubies, corals, red lapis lazuli.

Wednesday Wednesday loves blue and cyan colors, so it is best to look for stones in these shades – from aquamarine and turquoise to precious sapphires. Thursday The best association is pink and purple jewelry. It can be charoite, fluorite, amethyst and some others. Friday “Friday” people will find the most reliable and powerful talisman in green. Minerals include emerald, chrysolite, chrysoprase, tourmaline or malachite. Saturday Saturday – black gems. At the same time, smoky quartz is considered the most powerful. Sunday If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades.

Choosing jewelry by zodiac sign

1. Aries The unique and high spiritual potential of Pisces can be further enhanced by wearing jewelry made of alexandrite, citrine and sapphire. 12. The most harmonious combination for Pisces will be amethyst. In addition, moonstone, opal and coral are suitable for a water sign. 2. Taurus Taurus should take a closer look at pomegranates, which will help improve not only their well-being, but also their appearance and physical fitness. Opals will be a reliable amulet for representatives of this sign. Also suitable for Taurus: agate, alexandrite, onyx, aventurine, turquoise. 3. Gemini Clear quartz or chalcedony will help Gemini avoid many problems. And beryl or chrysoprase will bring good luck. 4. Cancer For Cancers, the ideal match will be an emerald, which will constantly inspire its owner to new achievements and achieve success. 5. Leo Leo is truly a royal sign and requires royal decorations for itself. The best choice is sapphire. Also, opals, amber, jasper, corals, carnelian and cat’s eye will bring success to representatives of this fire sign. 6. Virgo Virgos are incredibly pedantic and thoughtful people. Therefore, jades, onyx and yellow topazes will be the best companions for them. 7. Libra If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades. 8. Scorpio If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades. 9. Sagittarius If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades. 10. Capricorn If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades. 11. Aquarius If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades. 12. Pisces If you were born on Sunday, then take a closer look at gold jewelry with gems of the same golden hue. The most ideal are carnelian, amber, and topaz of golden yellow shades.

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