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How to cleanse a stone of foreign energy?

Precious stones come to our home in different ways. We buy some ourselves, others are given to us, others are inherited or even come to us by accident. In any case, the gem has been in several hands before us, at least in the hands of a jeweler and a seller, which means that the stone could already have absorbed someone else’s energy – other people’s emotions, problems and moods. Most often, only he knows what events he witnessed.

Noble stones accumulate energy

  • 1. Don’t count on quick mutual understanding. The stone must get used to the new owner, tune in to the same wavelength as the owner. This takes time.
  • 2. The new stone must be cleaned in order to erase the energy and information trace of the former owner from its memory.
  • 3. After cleaning, you need to let the stone rest and recuperate for 7-10 days, then charge the stone with sunlight or moonlight.
  • 4. You should lovingly care for the stone and periodically carry out cleanings, the frequency of which depends on the method of use (wearing as jewelry, healing procedures, meditation, etc.).
  • 5. Sometimes you need to give your favorite jewelry a rest without wearing it for several days.
  • 6. It is advisable that the gem does not know the hands of others, especially during the period between cleaning and charging.

An attentive owner of a gem will immediately notice a change in his stone – a change in color or dull shine. This will mean that the stone is tired and needs rest and cleaning.

How to rid a stone of accumulated negative energy?

The best cleanser is water. It is useless to take chlorinated tap water or simply boiled water. The water must be living – spring, artesian, river, melt. We carry out cleaning of gems in the last three days of the lunar month, since on these days the power of the stones weakens, and their energy field more easily part with the accumulated information.

So, we lower our stone into a glass vessel with water and leave it for several hours. Then rinse thoroughly under running water. After the “water procedures,” the gem should be placed on a torn green leaf of a plant next to a burning candle for a couple of hours to dry and replenish with living energy. For the next 7-10 days, the stone should rest in a place where no one will disturb it. Closer to the full moon, the stone is placed overnight on a window exposed to moonlight or in the sun for several hours. Charged with lunar or solar energy, the gem is ready for dialogue with the owner. The stone will generously share its magical power with its owner, help in healing procedures, and protect in difficult life situations.

What should you pay attention to when cleansing stones of negativity?

It must be remembered that turquoise, rose quartz and amethyst cannot be charged with sunlight, as they fade under the influence of the sun, losing the beauty of their color.

Often recommended in various sources, cleaning stones with sea salt (in solution or dry form) or ice (freezing) is not suitable for all gems. Salt can ruin the polishing of the edges of a piece of jewelry, change the physical properties of the stone, and the temperature contrast during freezing and thawing can lead to cracks and chips. It is not recommended to clean malachite, turquoise, opal, onyx, amber, carnelian, pyrite, lapis lazuli and many others with salt.

The method of cleaning with fresh water followed by charging with moonlight is the safest for most stones. The gem can also be charged by placing it next to a rock crystal crystal.

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Any natural stones require careful handling in accordance with their purpose and character. So, for example, pearls need to be worn periodically: if jewelry with pearls sits too long, the stone becomes dull and inconspicuous.
It’s the same with any other stone: they all require appropriate timely care, which will not take much of your time and effort, but will undoubtedly prolong your friendship with the gem, and also preserve its beautiful appearance and energy potential, which it will generously share with you. you.

Choosing a time for cleaning

Cleaning must be carried out urgently if unpleasant sensations arise when wearing the stone, for example, you are shaken by emotions, you get irritated too often or feel heaviness. Also, be sure to clean stones that were recently purchased. After all, you don’t know what kind of energy the previous owner of the stone or the craftsman who created the jewelry possessed. The exception is amulets and jewelry consecrated in a church or donated by pure people (for example, saints).
The optimal period for carrying out the stone cleaning procedure is considered to be the last 5 days of the solar year. This means that the Sun, having traveled the entire zodiac circle, has arrived at the last sign of the zodiac, and is currently completing its movement in the sign of Pisces, preparing to enter the constellation Aries. As a rule, this period falls within the range of March 16-21. However, to most accurately determine the days suitable for cleaning, you better check the date of the Sun’s exit from the constellation Pisces.
In the last days of the solar year, it is best to carry out energy cleansing with water, since Pisces represents the water element. Water will wash away from the stone all the energy impurities that were attracted to it during the previous period.
When the Sun enters the constellation of fiery Aries, endowed with pronounced leadership traits, the subtle body of the stones can be cleansed with fire. Fire cleaning is allowed only for so-called “sun” stones. After such cleaning, the stones need to be charged, for which they are left in the light for several days.

Stone cleaning technique

When cleaning, it is customary to separate the minerals and clean each type separately.
Cleaning by fire carried out by making circular movements with a lit candle over the stones in a clockwise direction. To enhance the effect, you can read or record prayers or mantras to the Sun. Of course, cleaning will be even more effective if you use a church wax candle.
During water cleaning Gems are washed under running cold water. It is good to take water charged by moonlight, for which it is left in a container on the windowsill overnight. The ideal charging time is during the waxing of the Moon. If you were unable to charge the water, hold the stones under running tap water. Cleaning will not work in standing water; the water must flow from top to bottom.

Charging the stones

If you want the stones to serve not only an aesthetic function, but also increase your attractiveness, health and inner strength, charge them periodically by placing them in sunlight or moonlight.
Some stones are neutral in nature, while others have a solar or lunar character. For example, pearl is an energetically “lunar” stone, and the energy of amber is solar. This is especially true for stones used for healing, as well as those that you often wear – after all, they share their energy with you, due to which their own energy level is depleted.
Some stones, if not charged in a timely manner, can turn into “vampires” that drain energy from their owners. In this case, when wearing jewelry with a stone, you may feel a loss of strength and fatigue.
Pollution Prevention
In order for the energy field of the stone to resist external negative influences as best as possible, and also not to transmit negativity from the environment to you, try to exclude contacts of the stone with other people. This is especially true for diamonds and other high-energy stones. Any stone establishes a relationship with its owner, especially if you have owned the stone for a long time, and this relationship must be preserved and maintained.
If you don’t see anything wrong with another person trying on your product with stones, do not give the jewelry in your hands and do not allow it to be removed from you. You remove the product yourself and then place it on the table. There is no need to place stones where you sit – on chairs or sofas. You should also only take stones from the hands of other people from the table.
It is best to store gems in bags, allocating a separate “house” for each type of stone. Any natural fabric like silk or cotton works well for bags. The bags can be folded into one box or placed in different boxes.
Relationships with stones, like relationships with people, are best built on love and respect. Follow the rules for caring for minerals and treat them with understanding and care – and your stones will certainly thank you.

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