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How to determine what kind of wood furniture is made from?

The noble texture with elegant growth rings, combined with ease of processing and durability, are constant advantages when choosing wood as a material for making furniture. Our workshop has a special attitude towards wood species, because it is, first of all, a material that gives natural beauty and inspiration. When processing, each product is given great attention, and its natural pattern and shape are taken into account when creating unique furniture with its own individual character. In the Aviva workshop, boards are dried in Italian ovens, as well as high-quality finishing coatings from German and Italian companies Borma, Sayerlack, Herlac are applied. Thanks to this, it is possible to preserve the original texture and color of the product in any conditions. All you have to do is make the right choice, and we will try to help you with that.

Choosing wood for furniture

    Pine The light scent of pine needles has a beneficial effect on the air and mood in the room, and the light structure of pine with a contouring ornament of growth rings is an excellent choice for interiors in ethnic, rustic, country and even loft styles. This is an ideal solution for kitchen facades. This species has a beautiful brownish heartwood with lighter cream sapwood, which is centrically divided by annual circles. With age, the intensity of the colors intensifies, thereby increasing the value of the tree. During the painting process, pine perfectly absorbs dark tones – hot chocolate, dark caramel or other noble shades of brown. The breed is easy to process and has a high degree of resin, which makes it resistant to moisture, and also has a bactericidal and antiparasitic effect. Pine is a soft wood with a fairly low density of 0,52 g/cm³. Therefore, we recommend choosing denser types of wood for the manufacture of chairs, armchairs, and the working surface of dining or cutting tables, since pine is easily deformed, and chips, scratches and other damage may form on the surface. It is also not recommended to cover the surface with light enamel, since over time, due to the special texture, oil drops will appear. Pine has an undeniable advantage – affordability, which is why it is so in demand in the production of cabinet furniture.

Exclusive designer furniture made of natural wood in the Aviva workshop

The wood species presented to you have a high quality of processing, and the delivery and storage of materials in our Aviva workshop is carried out in compliance with the necessary quality standards. All pine furniture is provided guarantee 5 years, and from oak and ash – 25 years. By choosing us you will receive a free exclusive design project of a future product using 3D modeling technologies, which will allow you to imagine future furniture in the interior of your room. Specialists will conduct a technical assessment of the design reliability and durability of the furniture, and prompt production and delivery will pleasantly please you! If you want to place an order or ask a question, call us (see contacts)! Furniture is traditionally made from solid wood. Despite the emergence of various artificial analogues, natural wood remains in demand in furniture production. And wood products are in wide consumer demand. People value such properties of wood as: strength and reliability, beautiful appearance, environmental friendliness, and the possibility of various processing to create an original design. However, not all types of wood have certain consumer properties to the same extent. There are rocks that are harder and more durable, and there are relatively soft ones. In addition, wood varies in moisture resistance and tendency to crack. The pattern of different types of wood also differs. It is from this that we can, first of all, determine what kind of tree is in front of us. But the difficulty is that wooden furniture is often painted, and then there are fewer opportunities to determine the type of wood. The online furniture store Vira Mebel offers a large selection of wooden furniture. Our consultants are always ready to tell you what kind of wood the furniture you are interested in is made from.

How to determine what kind of wood furniture is made of

It would seem that the easiest way to find out what kind of wood furniture is made from is to read information about the product on the website. The specifications must indicate the material. However, in practice, sellers do not specify what specific wood the furniture is made from. Therefore, information must be clarified when contacting the manager. Most often, furniture is made from the following species: pine, beech, birch, ash, oak. These types of arrays differ significantly in both properties and cost. So, pine is softer and cheaper. And oak and beech are the hardest, most durable and most expensive. And here is the second way to understand what kind of wood the furniture is made of – by its price. If the price is low, pine wood is probably used as a raw material. It also happens that cheap furniture made of birch or pine is passed off as beech or oak. That is, sellers inflate the price, but do not specify the type of wood. Therefore, you need to ask managers about the material before purchasing. Or use other ways to identify wood: by appearance, surface structure, properties. If the furniture is not painted, you can determine the wood by its pattern and color. Each breed has its own pattern and characteristic color. For example, pine is golden, birch is lighter, and walnut has a gray tint. Oak can be both light and dark, and even red. Another way to determine wood is by weight. The fact is that different types of wood have different porosity and density. This affects weight. Let’s say pine is quite porous and light. Oak wood, on the contrary, is very dense and weighs a lot. To distinguish porous and soft pine from hard wood, sometimes it is enough to gently press it with your fingernail. There will most likely be a small mark left on the pine surface. There should be no marks on hard wood. Determining the type of wood is also possible by the surface texture. It can be smoother and even, or, conversely, porous and rough. For example, ash has a pronounced texture. But oak often has a rougher surface. Due to an increase in purchase prices for materials and components, the cost of some goods may not be relevant. Please check prices with the operator. We apologize for the inconvenience! furniture store Moscow, st. Svobody, 29, 3rd floor, “Furniture of Russia” shopping center wholesale sales office (no showroom) Today, 17.06.2024/7108/24, the assortment includes XNUMX furniture models from XNUMX factories: wardrobes, walls, beds and chests of drawers, sofas in stock and to order. Delivery: Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny-Novgorod. Confidentiality Agreement Sitemap © 2024. All rights reserved.

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  • The measurer provides samples of materials and colors.
  • Consults on fittings options and possible configurations.

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