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How to determine whether carnelian is real or not?

NATURAL stones. How to check carnelian and coil for fake?

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In some places in the review there will be photographs of poor quality, since they were taken a year ago. Sorry. Photos of the stones themselves will be clear.

I’m a big fan of natural stones. Ready to buy everything. I believe in the magical properties of minerals.
I can determine the name of a stone by looking at it. I have a collection of stones, but at some point I wanted to have bracelets made of natural stones. I started scouring the Internet to find a store with stones.
I read the reviews. So what is next. And then I found an online store that had no reviews. Having seen beautiful beads there, I ordered some types of stones at my own risk. And also waxed laces. Link: [link] The cost of delivery from Moscow to Novy Urengoy was 250 rubles. On the website, the minimum order amount is 1000 rubles, so I took just enough to first make sure that there were no fakes. After 6 days I received a package. Parcel type: 1st class parcel. The parcel looked like a registered letter, in a large paper bag.
Let’s get the contents: Whole package Let’s divide all the contents into 2 groups to make it easier. Let’s start with waxed laces. Waxed cords Very beautiful, bright colors. On white there are small ones in some places yellow stripes, as if from glue. But it doesn’t matter, there are few of them and they are small. It’s hard to say about quality. The laces work well, but they fray sooooo quickly. For example, when trying to insert a cord into a rose quartz bead, it frayed and a piece fell off. I put the laces 3 starsNext are the beads themselves.. I took several types of beads. The most necessary things for me were serpentine and carnelian. Carnelian is my favorite mineral. I took faceted beads; they shimmer beautifully in the light and are easier to work with. Now I will tell you how to check carnelian for fake: I carry out the test at home. I’ll say right away that these methods do not provide a 100% guarantee. But you will be 98% sure.
Carnelian is a hard mineral. 7 hardness on the Mohs scale. This means it won’t be so easy to scratch it. 1) Take a needle
2) Try to scratch the carnelian with strong pressure

  • If there is a clearly visible scratch on the stone, you can rest assured that this is a fake. If there are no scratches left on the carnelian, this is a natural specimen.
  • If during the scratching process “chips” are removed from the carnelian, it is a fake. If there are no shavings, the carnelian is natural


Checking the coil for counterfeit:

1) Take a candle/lighter/match
2) Place the serpentine bead on the needle
3) Bring the coil to the fire (I advise you to take a candle or lighter)

You will notice that after 10-15 seconds the bead turns black. Wait a little longer. After 20 seconds, remove the bead from the fire. While burning, the bead should not become covered with bubbles (This indicates a fake). Then let the bead cool (so that you do not get a mini-burn). And go to the washbasin. Try washing off the black deposits under water. Rub with your finger. If you managed to wash off the “dirt” and the stone remained in its original form, congratulations, you have a natural stone in front of you. If bubbles appear during combustion or you are unable to wash it off, it is a fake.

Well, in the end, I’ll show you other stone beads from this store

Eye of the Tiger.

The stones are very beautiful, the slightest movement and new facets of color open up.

Eye of the Tiger. The camera does not convey all the iridescence of this handsome man.

Eye of the Tiger

Pink quartz.


И agatik kids.

Also incredibly beautiful.

One verdict:

I recommend the store. But you shouldn’t buy laces there. You can also find in the catalog a bunch of accessories and all sorts of creative tools. Be sure to stop by, at least just to have a look.

Natural stones delight me. Just think, nature put so much effort into creating small pebbles. The insane beauty and grandeur of the Mother of these miracles makes us admire this world and the power of nature

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