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How to determine your stone by zodiac sign?

Pisces (lat. Pisces), born between February 20 and March 20, complete the zodiac circle. The zodiac sign belongs to the element Water, which is about emotions and intuition, and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, which leave a certain imprint on the character of Pisces. Representatives of the sign are overwhelmed with feelings, have a great need for love and are ready to sacrifice themselves, completely dissolving in their partner. Excessive empathy often prevents these people from realizing themselves in life; they are often overcome by melancholy and deep melancholy due to the constant search for hidden meaning. At the same time, they are endowed with enormous intellectual potential, caring, very sensual and generous. Stones selected according to the zodiac sign will help Pisces to show their best qualities and experience fewer problems due to negative traits.

Stones suitable for Pisces

Since Pisces is a water element, translucent and transparent stones of all shades of water and light ones are suitable for them: moonstone, aquamarine, aventurine, topaz, amethyst, belomorite, selenite. It is also worth taking a closer look at pearls and gems of the friendly earth element: coral, lapis lazuli, heliotrope, cacholong, tiger and hawk’s eye, jade, chrysoprase. Amethyst is very suitable for representatives of the zodiac sign, since the stone reveals the inner potential of the owner, helps to make the right decisions and find balance. The mineral also develops creativity and promotes personal growth in Pisces. Aventurine will give energy and promote spiritual development, dispel depressed mood. Among the precious stones, emerald and sapphire are suitable for Pisces. The first will help representatives of the sign relax and calm down, find peace of mind, and warn against wrong actions. Sapphire will help you achieve financial success and your goals, lift your spirits, and prevent you from getting your head in the clouds. Moonstone (adularia) will help to successfully withstand stressful situations, suitable for women – representatives of the sign. Hairy (rutile quartz) gives the owner creative thinking and helps to achieve success in any field. Aquamarine will help Pisces become bolder and more assertive. The mineral will give the owner weight in the eyes of others, will arouse respect for him, and will teach him to take care not only of others, but also of himself. Lapis lazuli will bring success in business, including financial, it is also a stone for spiritual development, ideal for those who strive for renewal, helping these people to open new horizons. Coral, like a sponge, absorbs negative energy and helps the owner make the right decisions. Opal will protect against deception, preserve family happiness, and develop creative inclinations. Rock crystal enhances the positive qualities of the representatives of the sign, helps them develop their rich inner world, and helps maintain optimism. Pearls will give longevity and attract wealth, creating ease of communication.

By date of birth

The talisman stone is chosen not so much by the zodiac sign, but by the date of birth. Thus, the birth period of Pisces is divided into three decades: · From February 20 to February 28 (29). Planetary ruler – Saturn. People born during this period are characterized by daydreaming and capriciousness; they are not afraid of change. Favorable stones for them will be such stones as adularia, amethyst, aventurine, jasper, and tiger’s eye. · From March 1 to March 10. Jupiter influences. Pisces of this period do not accept deception, dream of praise and popularity, and have a sense of self-esteem. These people are excellent analysts and romantic natures. Their stones are hairy, pearl, coral, opal, heliotrope. · From March 11 to March 20. Patronized by the planet Mars. Those born in the third decade are sociable, do not like it when people enter into arguments with them, place increased demands on themselves and others, set high goals and achieve them. Sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, aquamarine, and tourmaline are favorable for them.

By year of birth

It is equally important to pay attention to which stones are suitable for Pisces according to the eastern horoscope, that is, taking into account the year of birth. People born in the year of the Rat should have a moonstone and an emerald in their arsenal. According to the eastern horoscope, representatives of the sign – Oxen – will be brought success in business by the tiger’s eye and jade. Astrologers recommend that Pisces-Tigers acquire an amethyst. Pearls will be a talisman for those born in the year of the Rabbit. Dragons, like Snakes, should turn their attention to chrysolite. For those born in the year of the Horse, aquamarine will become their assistant. For the combination of Pisces and Goat, emerald and adularia are favorable. People of the Year of the Monkey are advised to wear opal. He will also call on the Roosters, according to the eastern horoscope, to remain cool-headed in force majeure situations. For Pisces-Dogs, pearls will become a talisman. Those born in the year of the Pig will benefit from moonstone.

Talisman stones for women and men of the zodiac sign Pisces

For Pisces women, a stone suitable for their zodiac sign, or rather a mineraloid, is pearl. It is believed that pearls help preserve beauty and youth, and improve health. Therefore, it is best to give preference to pearl earrings or a necklace. Blue and blue topaz will also help the fair sex to remain attractive. An excellent choice as a talisman for women born under the twelfth zodiac sign would be aquamarine. It will become a source of energy, giving the owner calmness and cheerfulness, and will give self-confidence, which will allow her to achieve her goals. Opal protects the owner from ill-wishers and envious people, and does not allow her to give up in case of failure. Moonstone will help you find harmony with yourself and strengthen your intuition, which is already well developed among representatives of this sign. Coral will bring good luck to Pisces men involved in the financial sector. They should also pay attention to a stone such as blue sapphire – a source of inner strength and confidence. Such a talisman will help the male owner achieve the desired results in any business. Amethyst can cope with the softness and pliability of men representing the sign. The mineral charges its owner with energy, gives perseverance and courage, and helps to believe in oneself. The stone will become a reliable amulet for those Pisces who are trying to understand their place in this world and determine their life goals.

What stones will help Pisces in different areas of life?

To harmonize this or that area of ​​life, you can enlist the help of minerals. For example, in love affairs, pink and white pearls and amethyst will become assistants for Pisces. The latter will help rekindle fading feelings, and they also believe that it can evoke love for the giver. By the way, pearls help to gain financial stability, just like sapphire. Amethyst and rutile quartz will contribute to creative personalities in self-realization.

The healing properties of amulets stones

Lithotherapists believe that each of the zodiac signs can use the power of stones for their own benefit. Thus, among the Pisces stones, amethyst has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps to banish insomnia. Pearls also act as a talisman for the health of Pisces; moreover, they prolong the life of the owner. Jade also has a healing effect on the body. Unsuitable stones for Pisces It is believed that the energies of the representatives of the sign are not very consonant with the stones of the elements of Fire and Air. The following are considered unsuitable: Astrologers do not exclude the individual energetic compatibility of a person with a particular mineral, therefore, even if your favorite stones are on the list, you can wear them without fear. It is worth remembering that some stones do not have any effect, and therefore can be worn without restrictions. We are talking about synthesized crystals – cubic zirconia, Swarovski, etc.

Talisman stones of star representatives of the sign

Actress and famous representative of the Pisces sign Sharon Stone, who celebrates her birthday on March 10, has a passion for pearls, appearing at social events and red carpets wearing a necklace and earrings made of white, black, and silver pearls. Singer Rihanna, born on February 20, loves bright stones, so her collection includes a lot of jewelry with sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts. The R’n’B singer has the same birthday as supermodel Cindy Crawford, who also loves a string of pearls around her neck and also loves sapphires. Receiving congratulations on February 23, actress Emily Blunt demonstrates the best fish stones from her collection – luxurious Paraiba tourmalines, aquamarines, sapphires, emeralds.

How to choose and wear a talisman stone for Pisces

It is important for Pisces to know not only which stone suits them according to their horoscope, but also how to make the right choice. In this regard, there are recommendations common to all zodiac signs that should be taken into account. Thus, esotericists do not advise buying yourself a talisman at a pawnshop or accepting jewelry that has already been worn by someone as a gift. The reason is simple: minerals and metals absorb human energy, and in this way negativity can be adopted from the previous owner. To feel your talisman stone, it is recommended to carry out the following test: pick up a sample that you visually like and, with your eyes closed, try to feel the vibrations from it – positive ones will, accordingly, indicate compatibility. You should not continue to wear a ring, pendant or earrings if the stone in them is cracked or crumbled. Such defects will contribute to the outflow of positive energy; the talisman will work against its owner, and not for him. The talisman does not necessarily have to be a decoration; a druse, an unprocessed sample from a fair, or a ball will do the job. Rock crystal balls, for example, are often used by esotericists. There are also separate recommendations regarding Pisces. Thus, even greater energy returns will be provided by jewelry made in the form of symbols favorable to the zodiac sign. This is actually a marine theme – fish, shells, anchor, trident. and also, oddly enough, a narcissist. For example, such a gold pendant with sapphires will bring good luck to representatives of the zodiac sign. Buy gold and silver jewelry with suitable Pisces and
other zodiac signs with stones
in the online store of the Moscow Jewelry Factory. What stones are suitable for Pisces according to the zodiac sign Which stones are suitable for Pisces Talisman stones for women and men of the zodiac sign Pisces What stones will help Pisces in different areas of life The healing properties of amulets stones Talisman stones for star representatives of the sign Like R. Help in achieving goals, protection from the evil eye, giving strength and energy, preserving youth and beauty – this is what the talisman stone is capable of. But only if it is chosen correctly. Stone talismans are not ordinary minerals. The magic of space and the elements of the Earth are combined in the mysterious energy of crystals. This is the reason for the wonderful transformations that occur to the owner of such a talisman. In this article we will talk about how to find your talisman and which stones match your zodiac sign.

Selection of stone by element

  • Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). This includes all clear, shiny stones. For example, zircon, rock crystal, moonstone, white opal;
  • Air (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini). Translucent gems of light, pastel colors are considered airy – chalcedony, milky quartz, chalcedony, cacholong;
  • Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). This element includes opaque minerals that have an even and dense color – malachite, thiocyanate, jasper;
  • Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). The talismans of this element are iridescent stones or those of marine origin. For example, opal, labradorite, alexandrite.

Selection of stones according to zodiac sign

Now let’s look at which stone to choose based on your zodiac sign. Astrologers believe that the magical properties of minerals are influenced by the position of the Sun, Moon and all planets. A stone of a certain zodiac sign receives appropriate vibrations from space, accumulating powerful energy. That is why for a long time there has been a tradition of choosing jewelry according to date of birth.

So, which stones suit your zodiac sign:

  • Aries. Representatives of this zodiac sign are impulsive. They will benefit from minerals that block negative qualities and enhance positive ones. Good amulets for Aries would be zircon, labradorite, amethyst, and rock crystal;
  • Calf. Representatives of this sign received high intelligence, determination, patience and resourcefulness as a gift from their patron planets. However, even they require energy storage. Neutral minerals will help in this: jade, turquoise, onyx, rose quartz;
  • Twins. Above, we have already told you which stones are best to choose for representatives of the air element – these are translucent minerals in pastel shades. Geminis are characterized by frivolity, sociability, and friendliness. Amulets with beryl, rock crystal, and agate will help them make their desires come true;
  • Cancers. They are characterized by mystery and silence. It is difficult to get close to Cancers because they are closed off from everyone. Astrologers recommend purchasing talismans that will help them open up, become more sociable and less self-critical. Successful minerals for them would be chalcedony, carnelian, heliotrope;
  • A lion. Representatives of the element of Fire need everything that matches them. The temperament of assertive Leos is combined with amulets that direct their strong qualities in the necessary direction. Amber, alexandrite, sultanite, sardonyx are well suited for them;
  • Virgos. Virgos always want to meet the expectations of their environment and benefit from almost everything. The amulets will help them achieve harmony. Lucky stones for them are jade, amethyst, agate, rock crystal;
  • Scales. In finding balance and tranquility in life, rose quartz, agate, labradorite, and rhodonite will help them;
  • Scorpion. The most powerful zodiac sign in terms of energy. His aura is powerful and mysterious. The amulets should match the character of Scorpio. Opal, ox’s eye, tourmaline, and aquamarine are good options;
  • Sagittarius. These representatives of the zodiac circle are distinguished by determination, enthusiasm, rich imagination and creativity. Rhodolite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and apatite will help them strengthen these qualities;
  • Capricorn. He is characterized by hard work, responsibility, and a penchant for analysis. Helpers in proper coordination will be tiger’s eye, garnet, rock crystal, chrysoprase;
  • Aquarius. The character traits of these representatives of the zodiac circle are considered to be calmness, optimism, and willingness to help. Jade, turquoise, amber, jasper will help them strengthen their energy;
  • Fish. Pisces are characterized by cheerfulness and activity. Talismans with chalcedony, selenite, and mother-of-pearl will help them demonstrate themselves in the best light.

And most importantly, before choosing your stones, you need to listen to yourself. If the talisman is actually yours, then after looking at it once, you will experience joy, a surge of strength and bright emotions. If this does not happen, continue searching.

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